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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  June 17, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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and when teams feel and know that they're going to arrive in two quarter finals of the finals in these crucial moments they prefer to be just good enough and not stupid so maybe that's a point ok well what was simply good and now half was that goal wasn't from catania i think you can see the highlights of it now. lovely strike just on the edge of the ball. on the bridge when the ball is. serious. if you start celebrating when the ball left just food not when the ball hit and you knew it in strange to score a lot of goals like that from that of the exact positional maze that is active that position something as i have a favorite position. also because in some areas they put their feet many many many many times during the game and philippe is since liverpool times
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will sporting lots of of it was my play when i was seventeen. not really my play my player but he was coming sometimes to train with with the first super talented boy and then you have a fully developed in an amazing way sure wouldn't practice something like that at training players do it yet when the when the players they know. very well that's something they try to be very good and it's right to develop some specific talent they have and philippa knows for sure that this is a fantastic position for him sometimes you know a vocal used to play on the left and when he was playing on the left he was never in the line was always coming inside to reach these positions in the national team they have this possibility of him playing on the left but the whistling on the left neymar so you play you on the on the right you play in the middle or you don't play . so he plays in the middle or through the middle and i think he's very adept it's
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the qualities he has show so what about switzerland what the writing from here then sort of get out of the sport they can put in by brazil i think they have just to wait for their chance and not be extra emotional or don't feel that they can arrive in the second half and. put brazil against arose because they don't have enough creative talent for that they play the way they have to play the manager is very pragmatic he's very. controlled emotionally always qualify the team for the final phases based on on on that fragment that i think you have you must have when the talent is not amazing every brazil player that is on the bench would be a fantastic player in the switzerland national team and that's a point i have that luxury so as far as brazil are concerned you think they'll go
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small ghosty think they're quite happy to have slightly going down hasn't they feel it is in the pocketbook is never in the pockets when the result. is one you so icing do you try they will try to kill you. but. kill it in the controlled way i think he's a bit of. brazilian european coach. you can see probably no cussing me at all and sometimes polina can see me to fill in and deem you all together he likes the midfield triangle with. people with experience to keep the ball you never secures him disappear from the space in front of seals. and. they are solid they start from. the basic principle of have we have to be solid defensively and then these three four players. you have in the back all the others on the bench we have
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enough to to keep it's all a single is it will do it but in the why of. course is when you mention the manager that he say how much credit she can give him for what's happening tonight and in fact ligi even asian brazilian saying you know i think you will. i. maybe i shouldn't say it but i have to say that i think as a coach you develop yourself much more when you are a club coach why because you train every day because you played two three times a week and national finn coaches they don't have these day by day makers. they have a different kind of job that we have so when philip codes he goes to the national team. goes very well prepared and there was all his life coaching the best clubs in brazil playing to be champions in the brazil around
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which is a very difficult league he's mature i think he's fifty something years old he's probably in the best moment. of this career and the goals with that experience for the national thing improves the team. he resists to a very difficult press which is the media in in brazil you forgot the little beads . the philosophy is of the old times because all primes are exactly that all times and ticket that pragmatism the three midfield players in position to very experienced center backs and then of course young people creative people fast people in attacking it is what you see ya go and mirror and blows because the mirror in front of them is falling and sometimes fernandinho starts with a solid base sure i can be anything. second half why is it now and i you came to
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our studios from the region he stayed in because he watched united against mexico that shocked result has many people are saying mexico really deserved it me saying i think so and the first half they were fantastic my my question to my friends next to me at off time world can actually go keep. these dynamic. because they were not just good defensively they were very strong in counter-attack they had people like a lot. of those various run and mazing because they were compact to the fans but then they were exploding to the country back in the second half of course. they went a little beats a little bit down then. was already made a few changes to defend the result he brought the team back when he pulled marcus and they started playing with five in the back with mark isn't that ever in front
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of them he brought the team more to the back but he's playing against germany and germany has on the bench people like mario gomez like julian bond like mark or else they have all these guys to come in and it was predicting back so in the end of the game we had a little bit of luck a couple of occasions a ball in the post but they're playing against the world champions and i think until now we can we can say mexico are the ones to celebrate not just an amazing historical victory but also the fact that they're not very far from qualified because the other two opponents in the group are they going to win against germany i don't think so ok so you going qualification from the screen germany and mexico mexico give a big big big step of course if they lose the next two matches three points is not enough but i think now they have they have everything in control when you beat when you beat the team that i see. nobody else is going to be in the group phase you
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have these three points in the pocket and now you have to want to play i think the mexicans unless they celebrate too much. they are going to do it ok great well look jones i thank you ever so much we'll let you take your say for the second half and if you're a shiite in the meantime it's because i think we can have a look at the mexican fans because my think is that way their. policies beginning after that great result they got over the current world champions of germany so i see green then that makes confounds flooding into the streets here in moscow in moscow in celebration of that shock when the whole just in a and it was a hard for victories they were saying their fans have been dancing and singing and drinking their house to seismic monitoring network in mexico city apparently even reported a mini artificial earthquake apparently caused by intense jumping i'd like to see the sources on that as you can see maske a stunning when i was a world cup winners just in russian capital into a big big party you can hear them celebrating from the studio and earlier i
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discussed this shock results a with a former denmark peter schmeichel. from mexico were fantastic they say face horizon so quickly didn't i cause germany all sorts of problems they for sure found a way to play against germany they defended. the last twenty minutes is a bit desperate and they defended the what they did was it played them so well that really read where all the weaknesses were and in behind kimi so right that's a lot of space and that was exploited and that when they were up to the gold as well having less than i actually typified had a play didn't it all the way through the match pretty much let's have a look at that goal and i think we can run it just talk us through it thanks. for. your attention for. twenty two years a very interesting. school for seventeen. well.
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he's tubed by many people to be a world cup star and in his first game scoring this goal but he was exploiting. germany's back defense that they didn't find the incredibly but i mean i've i've never seen germany play it was almost the problem and why was that such a problem having a quick winger like that on the left why was he causing so many problems for germany germany had a lot of the ball they lacked so much imagination pushing this and thus the ball the midfield players like they did take part in in the end defending the transition and then the counter attacking from from mexico and i was sort of dissing jim in a hey but it was plenty of effort in the second half wasn't i mean they were throwing everything as much as they could anyway today the saving of the game went on the more yes but germany became when they were trying to win the ball back and then the next game play is very very clever in the way he defended and i see how shifty he was outside the stadium today on the machine you caught up with
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a few of these mexican fans and psyching up the atmosphere saying. i wasn't there and i jubilant mexicans not only they essentially outnumbered the german fans maybe three to one they were also maybe five times louder in the stadium itself. ah. when the gold went in us sat in the media area and behind the glass we had a large lot of mexican support as the bee is went up in the air they started dancing one guy even lost some brando in that you bill ation so the atmosphere coming from the mexican fans was absolutely surreal to mexican fans as you mentioned have been camped out in moscow for the past four or five days very much jubilant some of that was climbing on top of trucks and dancing and singing also looks like a question should read out. wrestling masks different national costumes and all
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such we've seen them all today here in abundance as well. but now having a major shock to the wise a major victory for all that for their team you can only imagine that they will just go on a complete rampage of happiness in central moscow so if you are in moscow i assume the place to go right now would be somewhere around red square where the mexican fans will be celebrating all night's rest assured and i think we should feel sorry for a one time high german fan who he didn't check b.c. often simple boarding a plane and flying it's a russian that's a russian state he travels two thousand kilometers all the way from stood on the track so he spent a month on the road arriving in passing time for the match accompanied by his dog only to see the scene lose to mexico and we have to say it was a very very you know pointing to him and performing his
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a love it is doing nothing but. i'm seventy years old my tracks. used other transport would be too easy i'd learned nothing about the country car. but we saw you need to be very intensive on the roof of the field the joy visit filling me taking this is such a sense of. i
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really feel sorry for this fellow so if you are in moscow you see a guy in a truck to you know stop him and give him a hug i think he deserves. i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would also blame him for not caring about american public opinion even more because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response
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none the less what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal. welcome back to our national hero thomas k. studio with me cheeta and time for our top stories of the day the leaders of the u.s. and north korea this.


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