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tv   News  RT  June 17, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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kind of a slam when i had a good look at it and if. you know that. and i thought it a focal. short of a lot of the. show it was a lie. there's no need to say it's a winner but after the and this has been a busy busy with neither with russia and the unbiased news. you saw again and the source of info and there's a lot of soft they're going to the most. with i will you know. me and you. look enough over the muzzle of the skull of the slayer. fit.
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but her. fitness my blood. the devil i feel their pain this awful but yes a little audio. cassette player. but he was also about the machine gun and no no no no the joe would never know. he'd been wounded and moments of had not even been a minute. it is the law and if you know something of the book and had the issue of
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the car the given us a beautiful. little bit of. that been a good job but it did not evoke the last quarter but. the taliban coming out of. the levee with the money we give them and the stupid hope he does so when the people call the poor mr dillwyn army the old model they would upload to the front of the bill for them and then you go how do you call them sure you do millionairess little. show them the.
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kids. little going on in kim's almost does she don't consume the gel you've been talking to a little jellyfish there on the stand on the bus and in that equal distances on what he calls a still smooth path going to. his will don't be done to tell him to live the way that do those of putting in a song as it does so to us it all took the sitting on. the little guy.
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they're good they're going to go on ok good leave it to me the second i think that they were feeding a man a man so i feel i'm out of the next month michele norris and you've dealt with moments we know that i've decided is on my best my fantasy about that i thought about about how little going to leave. so it's not as adults i want to see them and have to bond i want to special for us a lot of them about going to follow it doesn't mean that i look at symbol of the fellow that is ready to call them up or come up with. the right things that will come with us. i mean it's possible to. slow down a little. yellow tell us about how long. it's interesting the police are saying this could. be looked at present course you
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can keep them all you want to know how long she has you know they you. know. i think i want to end his office file a big. i want to but i would i'm kind of the hot in a bottle in my hands when i said i was talking about the hundred fifty dollars i got in the last night and the whole coming to dinner baccy that's a friday you but i thought so i mean that's what that is off and and the much does a lot of this lady is. i don't know if you can t.v. in gaza. but there's some of. the town. you know i'm not a scientist we need to you can be in the lobby the judges and for the honey. i'm not going to do it we just immensely assented method and if he'll feel. sheesh
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i find i'm a bit of a hit which will come up in the end i think one of the things off enemies might get if the feeling to finally have an automatic was less than some little me time going to the point to find that. i'm the one they believe. it was first time for them to visit others will. soon be surprise for all of the things they're really has to do i was in the. this is we are still we have nothing now because we saw a lot of things. so there's always the old. the world.
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good morning. good morning. from the goddess thing and see it we've got a p.d.f. . that's what. the united nations needs. ok when you're going to take me to the money general of those who please. i was. you know. there was once again these going you're gonna take me to the manager of the zoo. grabber.
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even knowing this english right towards. english these words are. jotted vanished french or french you know french. the in.
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the at the. the a. the with. the outlet. the senior i don't follow good morning doctor something you're going to say good morning this is a pic of calling from they as like tickets of office. i'm good thank you how are you trying thank you i have some good news for you. technical assistance committee approved your candidacy for membership of. terri you are officially a c.f.m.
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now. you very much congratulations thank you thank you thank you very much you're you're not really what sort of gratitude. and i surprise i hope you are right you are going to get rid won't you. yeah it's been it's been quite a process and yeah i'm glad to go work out and that we can officially work together . you're here to work around. well jerusalem's who is going to be your mentor institution so they will be working with you for the coming five years to work towards the standards vic coupled goodall we should believe you'll be able to see a deficient of the bill of gum so you'll. show nothing to the outside of yourself below lung modern machine should begin to tell you it's usually must be awful to
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dig them out in. the can in this argument but if they want to say well the market value not will cause a lot of this is i need gunless of emotion a little me. so that allocate the box. she asked her eyes that would be. able to see them the. one. who. told me to enter a plea as it was the dream just dream. no it don't all. boys
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rule should rule and the famous all in the with. the chance in the life come one thing. to say i will not use it but the best. i will not there's a ticket. and for the mission work trip given the science museum. the science museum is one of the most of this is called bins does this take. i don't know why it's difficult for me this was a distinct mistake. for. three distinct this think this thing did this thing three distinct.
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thing. three distinct three distinct three distinct three distinct this thanked. think. this thing this. is. our no. two options were this year kind of wouldn't talk of. issues or look like ok. but here sure. these are the we don't visit a lot of these and they have. before
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the book and to. and to hear. and. over the past. few years. there's use it. to meet people just through to use. each. county road to do one. of the sort of police feeds set out to.
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meet. the fate that. this moment when i watch the film all of that to move through three months to tell me how. to. take a. cold and has. nothing . in terms of. the summer. long i'm going to fix up.
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the same. stuff for sixty six just. because of all the going oh. thank. mayor of coccidia and old the sixteen member out of stuff we send our good things to all a few did the best we are extremely happy to be bottle feed as a family and even if we could not but at this a bit we did not want to lose the chance to present a lot to do so welcome to.
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my family to meet. someone you know that many. i know. but i don't think i've been close to. going. on the phone because then the next did good things for a kid is a. and . when the. my uncle or the kid same compensate all boils down
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to a night nobody. can even open up because. it's not. going to. get the kind of. noise move on which i'd written on the bench about the movies because of illness and infant nicholson on the field in show mr sutton i must. say i thought the not so much because i was it was a tons of it was a few laughs so i must say. i.
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and so see i play golf. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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another day and yet more world cup shocks switzerland hang on for a draw against the five time champion brazil in moscow. job or rock star for the next two hours tonight brazilian fans are shocked there. was once one one one this one stands are obviously delighted and mexico got the day's first unexpected result beating the reigning champions germany one nil in moscow.
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i. i i. you're watching all to international live from studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program and it's been quite a day at the world cup here in russia with some shock results dished out to two of the favorites in the tournament switzerland held out for a cracking one draw against the five times champions brazil in rostov on don and early america mexico snatched a sensational victory from the current holders of the cup germany right here in moscow we've been keeping an eye on the action with our co-host manchester united boss joe is a marine year and former denmark goalkeeper peter schmeichel. the costa rica's the school the one male and it was a terrific story to see because i was in the sixty. third state so mark
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i. actually called fantastic the constraints horizon so quickly that i called. germany all sorts of problems they for sure found a way to play against germany they they defended. people in the last twenty minutes is a bit desperate they defended people what they did was it played them so well that really read where all the weaknesses were and in behind kimi sorites that's a lot of space and that was exploited and that way and then they were up to the gold as well so having less on actually typified how they play i didn't like through the match pretty much let's have a look at that goal and i think we can run it just talk us through it said thanks. but the. sense of. twenty two years of very. strong seventeen goals. he's tubed by many people to be
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a world cup star and in his first game scoring this goal but he was exploiting. germany's back defense that they didn't fit the incredible i mean i've never seen germany play it was always the problem and why was that such a problem having a quick winger like that on the left why was he causing so many problems for germany germany had a lot of the ball they lacked so much imagination pushing this and lost the ball the midfield players like they did take part in in the in defending the transition and the counter-attack in from from mexico and i was sort of dissing germany here but it was plenty of effort in the second half wasn't i mean they were throwing everything as much as they could anyway today deceiving the longer the game went down the more desperate germany became and they were trying to win the ball back and the mexican players very very clever in the way he defended chefs he was outside the stadium today on a machine caught up with a few of these mexican fans and psyching up the atmosphere it's.
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just not there and there's not. jubilant mexicans not only they essentially outnumbered the german fans maybe three to one they were also maybe five times louder in the stadium itself ah. when the goal went in we were sat in the media area and behind the glass we had a large lot of mexican supporters the beers went up in the air they started dancing one guy even lost his some rare zero in the jubilation so the atmosphere coming from the mexican fans was absolutely surreal the mexican fans camped out in moscow for the past four or five days very much jubilant some of them was climbing on top of trucks and dancing and singing also looked like a costume party some bread rolls wrestling masks different national costumes and all such we've seen them all today here in abundance as well.
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but now our major show to go wise a major victory for the for their team you can only imagine that they will just go on a complete rampage of happiness in central moscow so if you are in moscow i assume the place to go right now would be somewhere around red square where the mexican fans will be celebrating all night's rest assured. and i think we should feel sorry for one thai high german fan who he didn't check b.c. often simple boarding a plane and flying it's a rush it's a rush instead he travels two thousand kilometers all the way from stood on the track tell me spent a month on the road arriving in perfect time for the match a comedy five star only to see the scene lose to mexico and what we have to say it was a very very disappointing german performance here's
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a look at history and. i'm seventy years old my tricks are easy to see the use of the transport would be too easy i'd like nothing so i want the country car. the old to myself oh you need three are very expensive on the way to fill the joy visit filling me taking this is such just.
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i really feel sorry for this fellow so if you are in moscow you see a guy in a tractor you know stop him and give him a hug i think it is a. run for the gold sensuality case good thing i got brazil off to a great start and missed a terrific strike from him safe and it's a strike that we saying from the little man quite often isn't it i'm just talk us through this one just. cause we were speaking for you. favorite position. and these will. show that she was on the bridge the moment the ball. is useful because of us that shot and impossible for for for me to. go to go for it saluting i don't think is the drama for these big teams not to win the first match when i was in jena doesn't win spain doesn't mean portugal doesn't win . well for germany to do brazil doesn't mean i don't think is
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a drama for them i think they all know. i think they all know they're going to improve it's probably good for them to put their feet on the ground and these from the awful wood for the. for their country man also to keep to keep calm but obviously big football nations lots of expectations critics will come not my profile of of of pundits but of the profiles that. they will come strong immediately again and i think they all will qualify and the best of the stop teams will come in off as we know very good stuff for the underdogs hasn't it and they doing something in particular that they haven't done before mazing before football. i'm pretty sure that. johnny fontane always
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be pretty sure that people that really loves football and is not just focused on. support some team i think people these i'm happy i'm really happy with the results with the results today this is the beauty of football as switzerland a special player they don't have but the bookkeeper was all the child was fantastic let me feel this as we predict they will slowly afraid of each it was not. and work fantastically well for the team so the some of the far. better than the some of that in the future and in football these possible that these teams can beat. not. six out of ten times but this possible that you know in ten times is possible that they get three draws and they win one and this is a beautiful also to
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a very wood with mexico to reach early with with with phil and. with a bunch of americans very good against france so in this moment the smaller teams they know how they can compete against the better teams and they do it in a very pragmatic way a very compact very solid great focus playing in the limits and trying that chance if you will and it's great for the fans things we can hear the most confounds so we join selves here in moscow and let's see how the swiss fans are doing in russia have to tell you that there will be a break in some bar here in rostov at least for a few hours because obviously the fans from brazil they're disappointed they're in a state of shock they weren't expecting this kind of result they partied day and night and something we were saying all the time was meal goal which means a thousand goals but only one goal was.


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