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tv   Documentary  RT  June 18, 2018 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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with a bunch of americans very good against france so in this moment the smaller teams they know how they can compete against the better teams and they do it in a very pragmatic way it's very compact very solid. great for pros playing the lean mean and trying veterans and it's great for the fans teams we can have a nice confounds seven join cells here in moscow and see how the swiss fans are doing and rough stuff there will have to be a break in some in rostov well at least for the next couple of hours the brazilian fans are telling me that they don't understand how they were able to defeat switzerland and the first game of the world cup the match was very very bad press you didn't play very hour in the second half go for all switzerland was not. was not allowed the and now we have to wake up the guys in red are absolutely psyched and they're telling me that this draw is like
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a victory for them yet i really lost my voice we had a really good game this like and winning the championship already so thursday we really. miss expects that we equalised we have been disappointed that we didn't win. but after what i saw earlier on sunday i'm sure that the fans of she will go but i will get back to party mode very quickly. because. we're in rostov on don southern russia but i'll tell you one day this place feels more like the copacabana beach in rio perhaps but as they accept up via phone is it feel like rush hour more like brazil this is more like brazil i know but it's a wonderful time wonderful people the. well to be here in russia soledad that's
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good have fun does it feel like rochelle or brazil here now that's totally brazil here mate it's warm everyone having a good time some it's brazil in russia right now. the globe like this. pretty much all over the place and i'll tell you what i started feeling even when i was on my way to rostov on the air play. well finally i can see that the way it stands are trying to catch up as well have a long. year in rostov on don how are you feeling here it's very nice and the people. to us here us like a family near football family you know we have put the family.
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this is a good one. rudy the vibes are absolutely amazing. i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would only blame him for not caring about american public opinion
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anymore because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response nonetheless what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal. with politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. to go to the press this is what the full story of the more people get. interested always in the water.
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this is art international welcome back to the program and the biggest story of the past week the leaders of the u.s. and north korea hailed their historic summit as a success donald trump and kim jong un agreed to establish a new relationship between the countries gagnon pledge to end its nuclear weapons program in exchange for six security guarantees although no timeline was given plus washington promised to end its joint military drills with south korea. we have developed a very special bond. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states they will be met with fire and fury and have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place you will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea rocket man is a sick puppy. a frightened dog barks louder i will surely indefinitely tame the
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mentally deranged us doted with fire. this is tree is proven over and over again and visitors can indeed become friends both very honored to sign the document thank you. so the today we had a new story meeting and decided to leave the past behind so we're very proud of what took place today and it worked out for both of us far better than anybody even predicted it's an honor to be with you.
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world powers were quick to respond to the talks china said history was made at the summit south korea also held what it sees as a new way forward and the e.u.'s foreign policy chief said the meeting showed that they remove all of nuclear weapons from the korean and install uninstall was achievable japan though said pressure needs to be kept on the north until concrete steps towards disarmament are seen. well the thing up or summit saw trump promise to guarantee this north carolina gang might have reason to remain wary. explains what's not to like a new nuclear disarmament deal potentially one less country with nukes where all bets are off all of us and we have this truly historic moment on film you can. get.
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so why does kim jong jr seems to suspicious could be anything poison assassins or trump just waiting to backstab him the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal come to think of it america's nuclear deals to seem to last exactly as long as the incumbent president take the rainy and deal brought obama his partner has worked on it for years so much work so much effort just for trump to tear it all up don't forget obama negotiated the arendelle one of the worst disasters the dumbest deals ever negotiated except don't feel sorry for obama just yet
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george bush his predecessor also struck a nuclear disarmament deal with gadhafi the two leaders discussed this agreement should help to bring a painful chapter in the history you know two countries closer to closure. it worked gadhafi gave up his nukes and what does a bomber do well he goes and bombs gadhafi is army alternately allowing the rebels to gruesomely murder him we came we saw that he died. it's almost like something out of game of thrones and we aren't even done bush in screwed over bill clinton stop and roll back north korea's potentially deadly nuclear program we'll continue to implement the agreement we have reached with that nation get smart it's tough clinton had worked for years to make a deal with kim jong un's father to prevent then north korea from making a nuclear weapon and bush tore it up as seems to be tradition
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north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving its citizens states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil trump is one for tradition in fact he has a habit of tearing up documents memos papers when he's done with them he had a bunch of guys at the white house whose job it was to piece back together the people as he shouldn't have torn up literally had to spend hours per day. piecing together the puzzle taken and here we are generations of presidents generations of the trail double crossing and deception and it seems that hasn't been lost on kim. a nine year
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old british girl has been placed in rehab over an addiction to online gaming her parents say she is playing for ten hours a day without taking a break i. i. a game in question is the online multiplayer survival game fortnight which has taken the world by storm one hundred players are dropped onto a virtual island but only one can make it off it's incredibly popular with over forty million downloads since it was launched last july but the parents of the nine year old are calling for its ban we had no idea when we let her play the game of the said victim nature or the impact it could have on her mental health this is a serious issue which is destroying our little girl's life and someone needs to
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step in to ban it before it becomes an epidemic. the developers behind fortnight have yet to comment on the incident it's not the first case of gaming addiction the world health organization has already classified the condition as a mental disorder and said many are addicted to video games we put the issue up for debate with psychology expert gina loudon and former hacker john safa. son he's fourteen and. she plays for him and i see him played a lot the great thing about as i see him interacting with kids all over the world there are lots of ways to communicate with people around the world other than video games and our children are losing a little bit of a site as to what's real and what's maybe virtual i think video games are paul of all coaching now the story that broke recently of annoying your old was how to have because of being on formula we don't blame the parents i don't blame the children but computer games on bond i just don't see the use of them i don't see how they're
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productive there is such a tendency to spend so much time on the computer at least that studies show that the more time they spend in front of a computer or on their phones the more likely they are to have depression and other mental disorders it's been says studies by the university of california for example in twenty fifteen well computer games are she being found tarnishing increased memory especially in three d. games there are many ways to increase memory certainly pen to paper or pencil to paper all sorts of memory games that you can play with a book think games also can teach that it's warm watching a movie that can be good to be a study being sensible you know if your kids on it for many many hours and there's a problem if a child runs a boss a couple times i was going to be a problem so it's just about more the rationing i think it's just sensible use of the toy interacting socially though is really important thing that children are
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losing you know they start to feel like their friends live in their computer when indeed those aren't real people those aren't real friends that are in their lives especially with children and they're in their young formative years for their brains are still developing with the increased risks of mental problems because of it i see no reason to you know make video games part of that when they're just all together not. a suicide bomber has killed eighteen people and injured forty five more in the afghan city of jalalabad it was the city's second bombing in two days and came during a holiday ceasefire between the taliban and the afghan government the bomb went off while a crowd of people were leaving the local governor's compound no group has claimed responsibility but suspicions have fallen on the terrorist group islamic state which was not included in the cease fire. facebook seems to be running out of options and its long battle with fake news the company has gone from human fact
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checkers to an automated system but now it's back to hiring real people double the quarter explains why in the never ending crusade against fake news facebook has come full circle it's now hiring so-called news credibility specialists to presumably look through and determine the fake from the truth it was the individuals with a passion for journalism who believe in facebook's mission of making the world more connected as a member of the team you'll be toast with developing a deep expert see in facebook news credibility program after media outlets picked up on facebook's new position the social media giant took down that ad re uploading it with a few tweaks and a new title news publisher specialist yeah that raises less questions but wait a second a person deciding what info you should get on social media haven't we seen that before this is just a system that they put in place that allows people to inflate news sports news into
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the tranny topics and and also suppress news thats the one in twenty sixteen facebook fired employees apparently after pressure over liberal bias in their trending feed every once in a while a red state to a conservative news source would have a story but we would have to go and find the same story from a movie neutral outlet. then they put an algorithm in charge but that didn't go as planned either with the technology accused of being ineffective and biased within days fake news started trending and they even recently shut down the feature altogether from research we found that over time people found the product to be less and less useful perhaps in deciding what's credible and what's not it makes no difference whether an algorithm or a person does it especially if zuckerberg wants his brainchild to be more than a one sided platform i am i am very committed to making sure that facebook is a platform for all ideas that is
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a very important founding principle of what we do well then problem solved no need for news credibility specialists after all donald quarter r.t. . and with stories based on unidentified sources getting bigger headlines in the mainstream media that all important job of fact checking is getting even more difficult but it still seems you can say what you like when you use those unnamed sources. the latest headlines from a same anonymous source this network. can't wash pool according to someone and they say in d.c. host i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the white house and donald trump's biggest complaint was that he's not allowed to watch porn in the white house as to see him go see him into a possible how. deeply into the fool's keeping trump down state actors broke into the d.n.c. undermined hillary clinton to help donald trump when. lives in
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a separate bedroom and trump asks. according to a book based on evidence you'll never see. according this i have no i spoke to people who spoke to the president. is that why she probably tried to dig her way out state you do the twitter expert suggesting just that security for millenia trauma proving that the white house sinkhole is actually hers keep. the wrong that's was molony on the verge of giving away or escape routes exclusive analysis by us and the experts state shooting for the latest news brought to you by. the russia world cup has drawn visitors from all over the globe and according to pictures appearing online travelers seem to be arriving from even further afield and this video shot outside of moscow you can see a bright white object tearing through the night sky it's really not a plane or
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a comet similar images were captured in towns and cities across central and northern russia sparking rumors of an alien invasion. they exist i knew them. a while finally returns i missed you. on the international but even. coming to the world cup twenty eight c. unfortunately for u.f.o. spotters the russian space agency has a different explanation the light in the sky was in fact a soyuz rocket which launched from the police states cosmodrome in the far north that's a roundup of the week's major stories and sunday's world cup highlights but i'll be back in about thirty minutes.
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what can got to most of them it's all to monitor these am. who did the. i'm going to do what the model number i'm going to do with your mother when you were allowed under one of the was enemy good talent and most of it is. more on tick down. the temperature on production work tomorrow. the moments that is where we go a chance to look up your soul who's having a part of our if you're about to go to an a or b. to ones all this in a war so chances are they're going to any of it seriously though. move on soon old orders over the phone. and yes i want more money out of a woman has received a call from over it's a good call noisy call government has had on software that will gain months ago so several years of a thaw slower so. the mother. who visit is soon to
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between if you don't. feel that you can do is it has any each incident for a few. hundred in a school which pretty. much reaching the city prove. to us that it's also going to matter to one. has little to nothing that. you are part. of the poor to dunk a school to go on not have conditions to cool with it but he would increase concluded to tell you saying it is like the only two. hundred in pop other than useful. opinion wasn't his that others pay money for the ones on the top of other than your papa i don't care much for. the all. i
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hear thing. complain i was you also. talked. to. could endure his talk in english or tossed it's own interest arms real or bunch more than what others in. uganda want to get or bush and others are going on . now. you know what i'm spouting off how about some how. about this one as well because i quote this is the case then your name is a song that you can't. just say. cacti. well just. try to pull it. back here to look.
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running and. then when the little men like don't work on your question. you don't know. they will get about what you know you want to. hear about it on the ice and we own the name on the name again. now another one is intended for when you put it could you know for the future it's a clue to the road and if no one can watch the news i stop there and you go through the thought of. it if. it. was. clear.


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