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price remember st charles will cook were here three weeks ago in moscow brazil one eats a ham cuz exterminate them i went back to london footie martin's fourteen days to raise money for st charles from wembley stadium where we joined them to lose nicky stadium today and the boys say come on join. son freddie. just isn't sad and you are yes he still troll two was called game how are you feeling kilgore usually say you know you any. good so tell us very briefly about where you've been so far so the route was london brochures parish juric belgrade child rape. will cope and how you would wreck you've extolled call police put. it off going so to say the reception has been the most you can see
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the funds to build up from all sorts of contrary good will come for even are you excited he could really excite the whole world is it fabulous that the earth has moral mexicans who live in the argentinians because we came from boston and a lot of south americans you know love for revenge absolutely wrong in the world cup so if we just want to go and you go from here you get a quick conclusion a kid you know we've we're almost done for the dice so you can imagine how that usual saying if you're going to help you can be watching the guy you know it's like getting the guy who's like a really very very hopeful after you have a couple of days of full swing because he's always makes a huge huge congratulations chrysler money for street shows an incredibly important initiative which is suitable to feel these weeks ago things are the lawyers are just the smarter they are the old tell us hey we can find st charles st charles you know it's to charge and i don't come to all of the waves of a challenge forty games all the support and these guys are why he was. religions
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sold me like so. i just knew i was going to come on the school it's one of those things i was i was warming up behind the goal we're one nil down i was just thinking this is you know it's warm everyone's going to. i'm just bounce and ready to come on and i can't look and i was stretching but i wasn't really sure i was just looking at the bench think it was going to call me out. yeah oh. i was sort of out i was y. e n y n and it felt like because i thought ill give me half an hour and it just felt as if you're going to get me alone going to twenty or however many and it felt like and it's good to say until he actually but when i got. the ball just dropped and. hits and i went into the fall on and i was just score in vehicle has an ice and go in a we'll. get back into the guy because we were obviously of that's on was. to some spare and that's the squad at the time and i'm going to goal just meant so
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much to so me into so everybody else to to get back in the game. yeah you know. what was the last that you went on the internet knowing i'm not using these village is it safe to say. are you sure there's new music series there that all good maybe should do the baby doesn't come through his big. farm is it dead as part of the. those have to be.
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that was what i was. previously yes no they are being false form in a very useful member of the society. if you like. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star in the us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go to the center of the beach but how would you and will show the great game the greatest get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the
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following let's go. alone and just i want to know and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one come on don't appreciate me to just say the reno theology team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. we are on the way the team is in fact volgograd maybe was was the son. of the. u.s.
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not me i. believe it was ok i. was. delighted to be. here with the guardian for the first question how do you find the tournament so full on a friday enjoy the football and have enjoyed moscow i mean you come here on a stranger to this country you've come to know what to expect. from a space picture express and has been right i think so want to be. a member of your family was stalling grad so it's very personal for you as well you know my grandfather in the in the world that he survived he was actually viennese from
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vienna he was taken care of by russians and i'm from there the reason i'm here is because he she survived starling right which is not a mind blowing personal story so i'll certainly be paying respects and be feeling a bit mind blowing by the whole experience to be on. let's start with you jeremy why did you come to story is just mean the fun shouldn't go. of your first impressions brain oh it must go on and then well the ground is being ever been safe and what you experienced being men of color in russia so faulting these people rather than about any problems like it's been like a guys expect anyway and i used to write up people being friendly to you olds pointed out you know. funny i feel like you get the phone right before anything and then they willingly go through yes come on a very. private very famous man in england all still fun c.v.
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will pay many years ago for years five years it's been growing the voice of often finds problems with those troubles with english well robbie we are in the song here full day on the full got trouble what trouble is we no trouble of in if the five days are coming probably not coming since first thing a lot can say is like the russian people have been so welcoming and been a fake welcome as well they've been genuine about a great song and the way it was being filmed in jamaica you know me as a surprise at a welcome when it's a dynasty funds move around the world to the for ethnicities in colas we're seeing the mexicans come fertilizing the previous thirty thousand chance i'm going to said africa the couple why does a poll england to the time go kenyans the senegalese are with are you surprised at the welcome i'm not actually stand because what it was i came over the march with also places. and again you know there was a lot of tools is going to trouble me some back and i came to that game and it is
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no trouble we could surprise the fans been so great the local people sorry continuity is going to be right to the hospital it's a show we can do in a minute and when people get together they just one up for this is come you know as you said when i came up on a plane to speak from mexico these people coming to have fun is a trip on our time for a lot of the country enjoyed himself to see coming but actually going to be all right i've been really taken aback by how noise has been often with his might be better snow and more listen to what he. is going on and explain to come to the next game really how can england today finally come we can't we see you don't. brazil following prime scribed three we can aim to win is the oh yeah we always say he's a good omen for us very good away i mean also spain and portugal would have annoyed they would tell you see why i think if you can be in play without no fear just
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going to those games just so you know we can play like how we doing the premier league we can do something we can all find almost semifinals to be like winning the world cup for us we wouldn't see me go but i think you know played without being asked i want to see. well as you countries. it's the highest thing you can do in terms of obviously. you know you want to play for the club you want to play the national you want to make it to the team and then obviously brought it up. as international football so you want to represent your country where you know where the ship where the badge obviously a massive ambition for any player to play for his country or world cup as well. so we're left back at one of the world's biggest football clubs with the pressure that brings very difficult as it even exists the senior international sabrina
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survives and has been most difficult with. nothing if you can read the game and you've got good football and crying. and you know the awareness and space on the pitch enough a good stead you your opponent as well. as one of the. you can sell for the game to be honest you know it's hard is going to be tough because his wing is defended and is an awful. game and you know walk out once go for once defend. as is much to come with the help of. the month club level and nothing off taken so it will do our good season and. bucking the sport. enough it was. you know of not low but since and it's a few fans are saying seen a lot what's happening down the left i'm sorry it's always you as a royalty left saudi player how difficult is that and how aware of you should be
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the needs to go down the outs or different to get crosses in the box school goals other thing is just difficult so. they left us thoughts on i went to come and saw it all when i go outside for my shit with we've got planned offering if you look at saturday's game it's not the amount of loss that we might in. the wops ition. was just pushing the first off. they have to make you know if you could. somebody has got to go out there if call somebody knows that you know far left and chance to and then. runs but the man just spoken about it was spoken about in the house and everybody knows where it's been on the pitch where it's a cover from higher up the pitch and off chance possible people need to be in the pops but you know this is sort of our communication a movement off the ball one if you communicate over on the pitch and off it will help us to. i'm very excited growing up as
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a kid you want to play in in the best of them and see it as a best players in the world and the world cups at the top of that list because you know it's for your country and. it's a bit several you know we're all excited we're looking forward. here we're very and to go and do you really loyal move the joke is in the camp to keep you know it's in public. yeah i think it's impossible for everyone to be happy every single day. we're normal people i think you have days when you're stressed out or when you know feeling as good as he was a day before. i think growing up in the youth teams hearing then i start to go to one of those and you sort of get used to it and you know they sort of build into that is that important now because obviously we've seen the seven things knowing things in the twenty's all of success and a lot of you guys may bring catapulted into the first thing is that that experience of bringing a y. with groups stand you in good stead for world cup tournaments i think it plays a big part is. like i said we were a young squad if you take
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a twenty one year old away pool for a month level or the guys you know kind of a negative effect back say i think we've got a great team and we will go on really well and you know we're excited. not to be excited when you've done so well cuts pay for. we're trying to build as a team and i think we're progressing really well when you know the manager said one thing we need to do better. control games and. when we are in front and not panic and the game against nigeria you know that they switch will mission and as a group we found out what they were doing and we try to solve as a team in knots i think what you need to do as a winning team because you're going to come up to come up against great teams in the game and you know the man just plan mind to work and you thought it on your shoulders it was a group of players. thank
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the he was at had had he wasn't our who he was at that had
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he was you know what's russians often running. before you know it's a big game for ourselves for months and it's a comment on that i want any content to take but i thought you said something we just started very well in the first twenty four minutes chauncey's when missing disappoints the. computer in a very different kind. well i think if there was one thing from the night that we would look back on. and like to do better it would be that ruthlessness in front of goal but the pleasing thing for me was that the runs and the movement created those opportunities and if we keep doing that then we will score goals just keep taking these milestones. mentality to strike going to. yes well it may from here is just
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a lot of pressure from the outside but for me it's about. i want to prove myself on the big stage what very hard to hear and this is what this is what you play for. years for so delighted to have. a couple goals and win and most importantly so i'm just going through that for us a little bit so we got to chat we got to. how recal england. against. whom.
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that's sort of the. goal though. they don't commit to a sloppy corruption in the u.k.
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that's what people respect the paper that the most corruption bottlers of corruption or the concierge of global banking corruption and they do a fine job at it but they don't do it they're in shantytowns. the trumpet juggernaut continues on all fronts is he remaking the western world or merely isolating the u.s. also is north korea coming out of the cold and much much more on this edition of crossed. please.
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quote. day five. absolutely packed with. victory. by. russia clash with egypt in a game that could decide who will make it to the playoffs. and other developments around r.t. international the u.s.
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and south korea. joint military drills. for invasion. a busy day for. world cup football starts here on the international the beautiful game is electrifying fans across russia and the world. so day five of the tournament saw england beating tunisia in volgograd that victory was far from straightforward it took england until the ninety first minute to seal
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the win with the header by captain harry came saving the day the r.t. team was joined by its star co-hosts peter schmeichel and not just the united boss georgia but in europe keeping an eye on that game and monday's other match. say i know you've been watching the first half they have me over sweden south korea nil nil who's got the upper hand you think i don't think sweden is his favorite to win this match would you expect a tie game then today yes or no i wouldn't be surprised you for south korea when so much. moving on england the final game tonight in a different group has the players has a tactical system if you play against an inferior team creates them problems so i think england has more than enough to win to.
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belgium to take on what do you make of this game then what should we make of panama i would consider them one of the teams that if they get the points what an amazing . what an amazing achievement for them and if they get the point what. a match this is from belgium all young ones to lose. to lose two points against one i'm sure will. i i. i feel very very happy for the england boys because if they hadn't got there the next couple of days would have been terrible for them they would have been crucified by the that the british media and i'm not sure that they are come to go
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completely free because the second half was awful one of the things that of course we've seen in this world cup are that the big guns not quite doing it and women did it they labored to a two one win but the got three points on the board that cannot be said for argentina can't be said for brazil a lot of other teams so when you put down in the context it's a good win it's a terry could win because at the end of the day it's all about that three points and said one man who didn't do what he was on the field to do was hurricane off tottenham but they carry cain is in the right spot he's understands how you you know how this situation developing and he's in the exactly that spot because he is that good very impressive very impressive with i'm very impressed with how it came are so. enormous responsibility on his shoulders to not only school the goals but also lead the team and he's not saying no easy by the way behind it if we're going
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to hear that the drums are starting and then one their game volgograd peter all over is done there for us peter just when we thought it was over a last minute winner how delighted england funds where you are relief which is i think as we can now see extended to happiness people are very very pleased certainly england fans very pleased with that when it's reflected in the scenes we've seen here in belgrade the largest body of english found the loudest crowd of english fans who is right behind that goal and it's behind go away hurricane school that went out and not ninety eight. i was told don't bring your phone because they'll tuffy into you i mean you've heard everything. i would say to people so go and find out for yourself you know the politicians we let them get on the do what they good today put their agendas and i just want to come watch for pool report this festival of football russia at the moment we want to see an opening if the suits first really one. good on them is doing well this
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was a game they knew what they were going to win many of the england fans i think they felt they deserved to win it. nods can we go to you i even found england there we go what's it been like hope you found the i was going to hear nothing. how to show we decided to come we came in and we just found people to be super friendly a lot of the challenges of a hyped up in the press haven't happened and yet which is good so we continue to go all in because good wins and all and where you see what we get on sunday ice great you know aggression and england france france yeah it's a day where we are you know it's a football brand new stadium fantastic atmosphere is fantastic people. have decided to his events have been very impressive very large very vocal they will be a group to watch through this tournament the attitude of their funds who i think has been absolutely brilliant while it being here when we do want to are really
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very sort of brought to these are killers mark no hopefully the second level of the second game professional it is i'm here best of luck to you i knew that before the game that being that british media reports other media reports about a plague of flies in volgograd which had threatened to this from the game for players and also funds like how bad was the during the day absolutely horrific you know during the day horrible i was swarmed with them i went for a room this morning and when i washed my when i went in the shower afterwards i think i washed about two or three thousand of them out of a. they died out in the evening thankfully i don't think they played any part in the game but during the daytime games in boulder they could all be so little watch out. donna paid not say that's the game in the next time paloma get expected to win but
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then it's all about belgium because belgium didn't start the best but they came out on top white easily in the end panama not the best team have to say after a few times. belgium they did what i had to do today they beat them three nil yeah . looks comfortable at the end but they've been they belgium didn't play well but then again belgium i one of the dark horses one of the the maybe favorites to win this tournament people in general think that they have a fantastic squad just on not belgium have never won a world cup are they of the team at. the may break that duck and i actually add to that list of illustrious winners have won the world cup are they good enough to go all the way if you look if you go through the list of players you know you see you stop just every single player this is a teenager. what the problem posed to him very often is i suppose you must divide into two we've got a from each part in the got a french fry and at times the infighting between the two groups that's cause that
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it was all to be. not so good but. some of the manager he's worked very very hard of and claims that's a really good team spirit within them in the squad but it's to the you know it's a long way to go away but they're looking all right so far three know the win in the bag well in the first five days of this world cup is going fast peter is that five days in that we have seen the big boys fail to impress underdogs like iceland on the run securing some at big scalps on the two mil. the families here flock to russia to witness the action well they'll be left disappointed. oh oh oh. oh.
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oh. oh. you heard any rumors about like russian hooligans or russian hackers both while in america. russian spy how many people are spying on you right now. probably like a living telling people are watching me do my stuff going to get the same old sport that i see and they haven't changed and i. could cope with the stuff as i know better.


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