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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 19, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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any rumors about like russian hooligans or russian hackers to blow while in america . russian spying how many people are spying on you right now. probably living telling people are watching the film i stuck with him yes the same old sport and i see and they haven't changed and i. could cope with the deals that was i know better it.
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was a military ship. close .
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amazing and you know where we are just in the most iconic place in. everybody's coming i can imagine. so to two nationalities probably even more on the streets mysterious fantastic the city is beautiful the weather is amazing amazing experience for me but now i need a little bit of work and need a little bit of holiday but i will be back. before semifinals and final. day six will see colombia take on japan there is uncertainty over whether the colombians will field james rodriguez who was named best at the last world cup he has not been seen at training and then the final match of the first round of group fixtures seems poland facing senegal and russian and egyptian fans are gearing up
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for the clash between that national teams tonight teams have already held training sessions and russia's northern capital to face off will take place the stadium and arena that was built specially for the fee for tournament. this will be the second match for both russia and egypt at this world cup last
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thursday russia's five mil thrashing of saudi arabia and the opening of electrified supporters all across the country now egypt had less luck and game suffering a defeat at the hands of your goal i scored in the ninetieth minute so this is how things look in group a right now russia tops the group on goal difference and today's match with egypt could prove decisive for the host nation a win would pretty much guarantee russia of place in the playoffs. the files to send on some pages but for tonight's clash but decided to put that knowledge to the test on some curious culture rolled over on. the streets as perhaps one of the most iconic symbols of ancient egypt but this one is actually located in st petersburg. the head of that game between russia and egypt we're going to go out and some fun
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they can tell the difference between those monuments in russia and the ones located in egypt. ok so this russian we don't have to measure that. this is the. russia. well if you would write it. because at the beginning. if you did egypt this would be a little. indigenous to the beautiful and so i saw in the years that is this enough for you this in egypt. you know it's russia. yes it's a petersburg of course no i you give you the. national version. but i was the closest gave you a few tricky ones in the dramatic win feature on the streets of st petersburg let's
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see what happens on the pitch with the two sides meet. and egypt fans are hoping bad teams star and liverpool striker mohamed salah will secure victory for the country. who missed of the game against uruguay due to injury is expected to be much better here's the story of one of saddam devoted fund. manager then you know how much of. a misfit all of it would i had thought down the thought of a concern i know all your neighbors of course get their control locking up for free in the zone of commons i mean i'm not again mind i don't get my because i may be a bit out of it about this gave. him an a for help is i mean that i could not afford to put a come set up a command again not because i am part of a lot of the problem all three fit. throwing down with the way.
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they think. more. come up with a number for me the freedom to see and have a look at you for the almost all of that and for an awesome moment you cannot just give you any and them on the most on the sabbath you see you. get it for you alone can you feel. that maybe because of a little bit like a pub on the bottom pool. i've been in my youth something today that also upon any type of if you can i'm going to do what you put on it i looked at him in the cinema would you connect one and them two from the man hand out of sight of them for get done with the off we started and that's in the game and put look at the fun times out of clone hall and how will the problem with. a picket somebody go out of the way and that's the here in this is all that i feel i'm at all barking mad to see. your bush who we are the end of a book which. can but then you have this might have been
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a flaming. because they couldn't him and also the other half. of them are not for the moon not all completely but. so with anticipation building i had to stop and joe zamudio makes his predictions for the upcoming game. i think that's the match that's the match that is going to the sides. for the next for the next round normally they both get three points against saudi she sees their match because you know what i think is a different level of experience than the. men's already for the for these level of competition so this is a big match russia has to step up solid because while it makes the makes the difference and has to impose use physicality as one of the most important points
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for the match. your program continues and just to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to be close it's like before three of the more people. interested always in the water. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't go all. the way to
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get to shape out just because the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. it's good to have you with us today the united states and south korea say they will not hold joint military exercises which washoe jeweled aug north korea drills as host sold for an invasion last month you're young you can cancel the meeting with south korea because of the war games and more details here with alex he's so america. well this comes just
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a week after the historic summit that took place last week in single for which trump went back and forth on there was some confusion whether or not it would actually take place but just after the summit trump promised to cut back military exercises with south korea saying that the costs of war games are too high but given their tense history it's interesting to witness how dramatically trump has shifted in terms of his attitude towards kim in such a short period of time. north korea best not make any more interest to the united states. they will be met with fire fury rocket man should have been handled more time. this is very telling. that he was just going very very well. the white house also said that the drills would continue to remain a pause so long as the north koreans continue to act in good faith so it seems that
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there are no winners in this situation especially considering that trump is indeed keeping his word well at least for now so we'll just have to see what happens meanwhile kim jong un has arrived in china for a two day visit it's the north korean leader's third trip to the country since march or the visit does come a week. the summit with trump and former u.s. diplomat jim trust says the idea to hold joint drills which was initially proposed by china and russia did not go down too well with some in washington this actually looks very much what china and russia have been proposing for many months which is a freeze for freeze where they stop their missile and nuclear test we stop our exercises i think there was some trash talk if you will of the kind of thing we see before a prizefighter the rhetoric has changed from kim's side as well he called trumpeted old goat herders something like that but i think that was posturing on both sides i think that would be important thing about this summit is that it was focus on
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substance and let's remember the first thing one of the first things trump said after the summit is that he would be freezing these exercises which really provoke some outrage here and he even used the word provocative and people said oh you're accepting the north korean propaganda term. it's been six years since wiki leaks that is a julian a songe and at the ecuadorian embassy in london and he hasn't left since a songes sought refuge to avoid being extradited to sweden of a sexual assault allegations and a case later dropped but he's still a wanted man in the u.s. on espionage charges seize an associate churkin a looks at the twists on tons of this case. it's been a deadlock case that stretched on and on today marks six years since the wiki leaks chief julian assange stepped foot into the ecuadorian embassy in london and has not left since that's over twenty one hundred days cooped up behind those walls the main reason his biggest fear us or tell you should for weiqi leaks exposing information that those running the show in washington would prefer to have kept
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under wraps. his song is engaged in terrorism he should be treated as an enemy combatant with uli should be closed down permanently and decisively disguise a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons in these last six years a lot has happened the original swedish investigation into sexual assault
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allegations against a songe has come and gone international organizations such as the un have called his detention arbitrary and demanded his release concerns have been raised multiple times about his deteriorating health including in london courtrooms a son his legal team has made appeal after appeal for him to be guaranteed secure passage if he were to walk out of a quick dorian territory onto british soil but to no avail he's still wanted by british authorities for breaching bail conditions when he initially stepped foot into the embassy a songe worries if he walks out he'll be sent straight to the u.s. this time. isn't has always been about the risk of extradition to united states and that risk remains real nobody can credibly deny that really in december julian assange was granted a quid or even citizenship raising his hopes that his story was finally going somewhere but that hasn't happened either ecuador's new president who took office last year has indicated that he's no frown of
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a songe speaking out about politics while under his roof demanding that the journalist and publisher does not exceed the limits of free speech since march saunders access to the internet and other forms of communication have been caught in the us to the office of us you have made a very respectful remark to mr a son's mistake this doesn't allow him to talk about the politics of any country let alone ours. it looks increasingly like julian assange just threatening to stay his welcome at the ecuadorian embassy which means the direction of this lengthy saga will head next it's probably more uncertain now than ever and it's going to r.t. one. u.s. president donald trump has announced plans to establish a six branch of the armed forces dedicated to the protection of american interests in space he claims the current us presence in space is insufficient is r.t. correspondent. the usa already has the army the navy the coast guard the marine
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corps and there's the u.s. air force but donald trump says that there's one potential conflict zone that's been too long neglected very importantly i'm here by directing the department of defense and pentagon to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces that's a big statement a new division of the u.s. military dedicated to waging extraterrestrial battles and when it comes to finding a name for it hollywood is full of inspiration. now the youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to defend. because.
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let's see if we can get some new ideas from the streets of new york. could be anything to name call it spaceport us say base force us store elite force twitter has gone wild ever since donald trump made the announcement folks online or even taking a stab at designing the logo but here's a question who exactly will the space forces be fighting against you know up in the great beyond. it's not enough that we're fighting with everybody that loves us we're not going to fight it space. and less secure no space. in the all of it probably not but nothing outside aliens winds are going to find you know life in outer space trump says this won't just be any intergalactic fighting force it will be number one when it comes to defending america. it is not enough to merely have
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in american presence in space we must have american dominance in space so important now if hollywood has taught us anything it's that trump is going to have plenty of competitors. r.t. new york and more of your worldwide news headlines and your latest world cup footy action in about half an hour right here on this. manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the find. the routes to.
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commit the sloppy corruption in the u.k. that's what people respect the case for them the most corruption bottlers of corruption or the concierge of global banking corruption they do a fine job at it but they don't do it here in shantytown. greetings and salutations. in the business of moves one can often find a local story that while not affecting many outside that community or city
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represents the bigger problems or day level of a country your nation in minneapolis i think we've found exactly one of those stories the minneapolis star tribune is reporting that investigation by the city's office of police conduct review has found that minneapolis police officers have repeatedly requested over the past three years that hennepin county medical responders sedate people using the powerful tranquilizer ketamine at times over the protest of those being drugged and in some cases when no apparent crime was committed while officially used first starting in maintaining anesthesia ketamine also goes by the alias special k. and is highly popular in the raven club scene this is so short of a fax and full body high and oh yes it's it's also widely used as a date rape drug. so the police were ordering him teased to inject citizens with a date rape drug. that is the world we're living in according to their policy had
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a hand up in health care staff could administer ketamine if a patient is profoundly agitated on able to be restrained or a danger to themselves but according to the star tribune the report states that in many cases the individual being detained or arrested was not only handcuffed but strapped down on a stretcher in an ambulance before receiving the cademy so not words they were already restrained in custody that have to hold him down they were already locked up. but there is some pushback against the report and i've been in a mess medical director geoffrey iowa and minnesota poison control system medical director john cole dismissed all the climate was as reckless and incomplete telling the newspaper that the draft report will prevent the saving of lives by promoting the concept of allowing people to exhaust themselves to death. police abusing their power citizens being drugged without their consent by powerful
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pharmaceuticals while officials downplay the whole issue yeah this is america in a microcosm until we start watching the hawks. get the. real deal with. the bottom. like you that i got. welcome aboard the watching the hawks i am tired rope and sore and i'm having to listen joining us from minneapolis minnesota to discuss this controversial port on the minneapolis police in the mts youth academy noncitizens is that all right that's already making me i welcome welcome back. thanks for having me so
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i guess we'll start with just two people get an understanding of what's happening up there what what are some of the situations the that we know of where minneapolis police instructed him to use to use ketamine special k. someone and and do we know how rampant this is how often this was happening. well according to the draft report that was written by the office of police conduct which is part of the division of the department of civil rights for minneapolis. cases in two thousand and twelve number three and next last year they went up to sixty two and so there has been a significant increase in the use of ketamine for folks who have encountered e.m.t. as well as the minneapolis police department we are outraged that this has been going on that it's just now coming to the surface and we are demanding
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accountability it is absolutely outrageous that people who have not committed a crime or who aren't in serious danger are being drugs. by medical murray by medical emergency responders. at the request of police officers i mean that is just absolutely outrageous and as he said this is america. i know what i know about ketamine and especially and sort of you tyrrel you brought up about you know in party culture and all that is that it is incredibly dangerous it is an incredibly dangerous drug to experiment with and if you don't know someone's medical history all of that in a situation it seems really dangerous to how how dangerous is it and when you use like this what rights are being violated. as you just said to have
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a ketamine is extremely dangerous i mean it's also a horse tranquilizer in addition to being a powerful sedative and what we have seen in terms of the draft report is that some people actually had to be medically revived because their heart stopped beating after being given ketamine and many people also had to be intubated as a result of being given ketamine and i am glad that finally people began to speak up in april of this year emergency medical responders apparently reported to have been held from that they were being asked or being demanded by officers to administer ketamine to people and in some cases as emergency medical responders were on their way to the scene officers would request that they bring ketamine and it just to think about the risk to people's health to their safety to their very
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lives and the fact that the power of the police is gone on checked as well as emergency medical responders feeling comfortable and other times compelled to administer these dangerous drugs out on the streets is a. i absolutely agree just. i just think about all the people who were transported to the hospital transported to jail in the aftermath of having their civil rights and civil liberties violated and not really having any recourse number one being a potential criminal defendant means that it is less likely that you're going to have a voice within the system and it's difficult to get people's attention when you're saying that your rights have been violated and so as a result of this draft report which was actually leaked early to the star tribune we now have some information that we can work with to advocate to the powers that be that they begin to do the right thing and when you think about doing the right
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thing part of that includes an independent outside investigation of what happened a full accounting to the public and dramatic policy changes in the police department as well as the emergency medical responders and that's what i want to ask you next is what what is the official minneapolis police department's line on this story i mean it's pretty incredible when you look at it i mean do they have any excuse whatsoever what what what what what of it were were they standing were there what flying in the hell were they planning. well initially there was no written policy surrounding i mean there shouldn't have had to be to be honest with you it's common sense that police officers should stay in their lanes and not try to give medical professionals advice on whether to administer medication to people but of course that's what they were doing so once the chief of police madeira era dando found out about these reports of ketamine being administered to people
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he actually made sure that his department put forward a policy saying that police officers are not allowed to administer. any. dispense medical advice to the medical practitioners and so that was a step in the right direction now the question remains as to whether or not there will be any discipline any officers who are involved in this egregious conduct some of them should probably be fired because if you look at the star tribune reporting on this issue on these incidences they talk about the fact the fact that police officers would specifically request academy and also want someone would have a reaction one officer in particular said something about that person going down the k. home you know and just to think about. the fact that they didn't take the lives of
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the people seriously when. demanding that the person now administer these powerful drugs out on the streets they need to be disciplined they need to be held accountable some of them need to be fired beyond that there needs to be a retraining of police officers as well as medical professionals so that the lines are no longer blurred in terms of the different levels of responsibility and that they are focused more on the individual and not on maintaining a system that unfortunately oprah says people in circumstances like these now the mayor also issued a statement saying that police should not be requesting medical personnel to administer drugs to any suspects or any individuals and medical professionals should not listen to the police that was you know the right thing to say in that moment however steps could have been to.


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