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like russian hooligans on russian hackers while in america. russian spy how many people are spying on you right now. probably like living down people are watching too much stock when you get the same misfortune that i see in japan. given. to. god only. i if.
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you think. oh i. oh. hello to. the atmosphere in the city amazing and you know where we are just in the most iconic place and in the city where of everybody's coming i can imagine so to two nationalities probably even more on the streets that mysterious fantastic that the city is beautiful the weather is amazing an amazing experience for me but now i need a little bit of work i need a little bit the for. but we will be back. we've got the force on the finals and
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final. day six will see colombia take on japan there's uncertainty over whether the colombians will field james rodriguez who was named the best player at the last world cup but he has not been seen training and then the final match of the first round of group fixtures sees poland facing senegal and russian on egyptian found securing of the clash between national teams that will be tonight it seems have already held a training sessions in russia and capital faceoff will take place some people stadiums and arenas that was built specially for the feet of.
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this will be the second match for both russia and egypt this world cup last thursday russia has five rushing of saudi arabia and the opening of electrified supporters all across the country egypt had less luck and. suffering at the feet of the hands of you who scored in the ninetieth minute so this is how things look in a group a right now with russia topping the group goal difference in today's match with egypt could prove to sized for the host nation a win would pretty much guarantee russia
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a place in the playoff. spot for tonight's clash we decided to put that knowledge to the test on some curious cultural. history one of the most iconic symbols of ancient egypt but this one is actually located in st petersburg. the head of that game between russia and egypt we're going to go out and some fun they can tell the difference between those monuments in russia and the ones located in egypt. ok so this is the russian. to measure. this is. fresh. well if you would write it. because of the community. if you did egypt this would be a little. egypt
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of bloom and some. years and years of business in russia or in this in egypt. no it's russia. yes if it is but of course no i.e. gives you the. national ocean no the first option but i was a close game there are few tricky ones that put a dramatic win fiji on the streets of st petersburg let's see what happens on the pitch when the two sides meet. and egypt hoping that team star and liverpool striker might have been solid will secure a victory for the country. who missed the game against uruguay due to injury is expected to be but. here's the story of one of the first in fact.
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manage it and then know how much of. a misfit all of it would i had thought down the thought of that concern old your new boss of course getting the control locking up for free in the zone of commons i mean i'm not a get my manager my because i may be a bit out of it or this gave. him an a for help because i mean i would have never put a come set up a command again not because i am part of a lot of the problem of the fifth ballot. throwing down with. days it thinking more. almost enough to be done to see i have to keep the thought of that almost all of the time the war on i'll let you cannot just give you any and then i don't want to spend the trouble to see you. get it for you alone can you put. it because that little pup on the phantom pool. had been in my youth something for definite also upon any
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price if you can i'm going to do what you put on it i looked at him in the cinema would you connect one and them two for the man had not a problem for good then with the off we stood and that's a game in the front and i don't plan how and how will. we get somewhat of out of the way and that's the. point i feel about all talking about the city. you know bush who we are the end of a book will. convert any of all of this matter of freedom in a place. because it couldn't have been also the. look for the moon i'll come fully even. thank you so i would anticipate in clearly building ahead of the match stop pundit joe's about a new makes his predictions for the upcoming. bush and egypt i think that's the match that's the message that is going to the
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sides fully funds for the. for the next for the next round normally they both would get three points against saudi she sees them match because you do what i think is a different level of experience than the. mental revenue for the for these level of competition so this is a big match russia has to stop selling because stalin makes the makes the difference and has to impose physicality as one of the most important points for the much.
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good politicians to do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to. let you go on to be for us to see what the full screen the more people get. interested always in the waters in the. first six.
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it is good to have you with us today just twenty twenty past here in moscow the united states and south korea say they will not hold joint military exercises which were or just north korea drills they were hostile for invasion last month even canceled a meeting with south korea because of the war games he's it's a marathon has to. well this comes just a week after the historic summit that took place last week in single for which trump went back and forth on there was some confusion whether or not it would actually take place but just after the summit trump promised to cut back military exercises with south korea saying that the costs of war games are too high but given their tense history it's interesting to witness how dramatically trump has shifted in terms of his attitude towards kim in such a short period of time. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire fury
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rocket man should have been handled more time. this is very telling. that he was just going very very well. the white house also said that the drills would continue to remain a pause so long as the north koreans continue to act in good faith so it seems that there are no winners in this situation especially considering that trump is indeed keeping his word well at least for now so we'll just have to see what happens meanwhile came john has arrived in china for a two day visit it is the north korean leader third trip to china since march and the visit comes a week off to the summit with the whole trouble a former u.s. diplomat jim says the halting of joint drills shows progress is being made on the pins. this actually looks very much what china and russia have been proposing for
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many months which is a freeze for freeze or they stop their missile and nuclear tests we stop our exercises i think there was some trash talk if you will of the kind of thing we see before a prize fight the rhetoric has changed from kim's side as well he called trumpet old goat herders something like that but i think that was posturing on both sides i think the important thing about this summit is that it was focus on substance and let's remember the first thing one of the first things trump said after the summit is that he would be freezing these exercises which really provoke some outrage here and he even used the word provocative and people said oh you're accepting the north korean propaganda term. u.s. president has announced plans to establish a six branch of the armed forces dealing with space warfare a sphere current you have a seen by the u.s. air force a trump claims america needs a bigger presence in space as a correspondent caleb maupin explains the usa already has the army the navy the coast guard the marine corps and there's the u.s.
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air force but donald trump says that there's one potential conflict zone that's been too long neglected very importantly i'm here by directing the department of defense and pentagon to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces it's a big statement a new division of the u.s. military dedicated to waging extraterrestrial battles and when it comes to finding a name for it hollywood is full of inspiration. now the youth of tomorrow must travel across the stars to defend.
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let's see if we can get some new ideas from the streets of new york. could be anything to name call it spaceport us. base force us star elite force twitter has gone wild ever since donald trump made the announcement folks online are even taking a stab at designing the logo but here's a question who exactly will the space forces be fighting against you know up in the great beyond. it's not enough that we're fighting with everybody that loves us we're not going to fight in space. the and you know like the space. in the elevator probably but nothing else like aliens why it's got that you get a fine you know life you know outer space trump says this won't just be any intergalactic fighting force it will be number one when it comes to defending america it is not enough to merely have in american presence in space we must
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have american dominance in space so important now if hollywood has taught us anything it's that trump is going to have plenty of competitors. r.t. new york. has been six years since wiki leaks editor julian assange and to the ecuadorian embassy in london and he hasn't left since as son just told rescue refuge there to avoid being extradited to sweden of a sexual assault allegations in a case that was later dropped but he's still a wanted man in the u.s. on espionage charges. and i see a church going to look at the twists and turns of this ongoing saga. it's been a deadlocked case that stretched on and on today marks six years since the wiki leaks chief julian assange stepped foot into the ecuadorian embassy in london and has not left since that's over twenty one hundred days cooped up behind those walls the main reason his biggest fear us or tell you for reeky leaks exposing
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information that those running the show in washington would prefer to have kept under wraps. julian assange is engaged in terrorism he should be treated as an enemy combatant with uli should be closed down promoting indecisively this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law of the united states the guy ought to be shot i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death i don't want to do it illegally shoot the son of a wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons in these last six years
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a lot has happened the original swedish investigation into sexual assault allegations against a songe has come and gone international organizations such as the un have called his detention arbitrary and demanded his release concerns have been raised multiple times about his deteriorating health including in london courtrooms a son his legal team has made appeal after appeal for him to be guaranteed secure passage if he were to walk out of a quick dorian territory onto british soil but to no avail he's still wanted by british authorities for breaching bail conditions when he initially stepped foot into the embassy a songe worries if he walks out he'll be sent straight to the us is the. it is and has always been about the risk of extradition chain united states and that risk remains real nobody can credibly deny that risk in december julian assange was granted a quid or even citizenship raising his hopes that his story was finally going somewhere but that hasn't happened either ecuador's new president who took office
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last year has indicated that he's no friend of a song speaking out about politics while under his roof demanding that the journalist and publisher does not exceed the limits of free speech since march a song has access to the internet and other forms of communication have been cut in the us children said let's you and i have made a very respectful remark to mr a son's his status doesn't allow him to talk about the politics of any country let alone. it looks increasingly like julian assange just threatening to stay his welcome at the ecuadorian embassy which means the direction of this lengthy saga we'll head next is probably more uncertain now than ever and it's going to archie. thanks for sharing some of your choosing with us here at international plenty of headlines to come to the top of the hour but of course with the very latest from the big world cup twenty eight.
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bytes are many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy like great so what more chance for. me it's going to.
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guys are this is the kaiser report a report that drills into your mind impregnate your soul with the truth. that is very bizarre but we're still here at kaiser report college to report over there what a hole under the this one that's why i had to cover it up punched my fist through the wall when i heard about something egregious happening in the banking system that raccoon that climbed to the top of. the issue that you know zap somebody with a raccoon stun gun by the way. and espanol as well because we love our spanish speaking audience that's right. well you know i just have this headline this first headline because i liked the way it was written really new york
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times the rich are planning to leave this wretched planet. adios amigo get out of here i like that i'll tell you this we won't miss them the rich nothing the rich are drained why because not that they're rich but the way that they got rich you see in the past people got rich by doing hard labor not hard labor but by by doing stuff innovating innovative in creating industries creating products creating value you know this class of rich people is just wrong so yeah they're just financier's or ponzi schemes all bernie made up is to bernie madoff class bernie madoff is just one of a million. game operators and if you flush them all down the toilet in the world to be a lot better off well this was about some sort of fifty five million dollar trip on a philip stark designed tails and retro futuristic designed space shuttle that they're apparently going to leave the planet so where we won't miss some will be very happy if they go away people start to study designs
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a lot of stuff into. hotels that if you go to a film start design hotel stuff particularly comfortable like the bathroom for example is shaped like an inverted pyramid of the still place to put your toothpaste and so here you are on a spaceship with a bunch of other tops. about i can't put my toothpaste anywhere and they get into a vicious fight they kill each other they all die and outer space stark amongst them it would be good well speaking. of people getting rich and a very illegal sort of wrong way here while we've been in ireland we have gone to where some of the stories that happened they came trump some minutes you know just about falling off a raccoon making it to the roof of. somewhere in america well david drumm guilty verdict all you need to know in two minutes banker faces potentially a long jail term on conspiracy to fraud and up to ten years for false accounting he's the fifty one year old former banker of anglo-irish we've covered this story remember he fled to the us i think back in two thousand and eight two thousand and
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nine as the crisis was unfolding in the bank was collapsing and they needed a balance from the taxpayer here and he fled to boston thinking he would escape justice as every his friends here were you know being charged with stuff well they actually date him back from the u.s. and now he's just stood trial and he was found guilty by the jury of twelve or thirteen people on the jury and he's been found guilty of fraud they found david working in a suit along goodman from better call saul was where he was hiding out. with like what i introduced to the show that the rich are planning on leaving this wretched land and the planet of course is wretched because of the likes of david john because of the likes of warren buffett because the likes of bill gates because the likes of ron in our economy because of the likes of lloyds r.b.s. j.p. morgan citibank through each bank every single bank you can think of that is very big and powerful well we are wretched here on this earth that they. on fleeing and
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if they flee perhaps we can recover again like a phoenix from the ashes that they have left behind the jury of nine men and three women convicted the one time bank chief executive over a series of circular transactions made anglo's deposits look seven point two billion euros larger than they were in september two thousand and eight he was also found guilty of false accounting in december two thousand and eight when the bank published misleading information to the market showing those fraudulent deposits in the bank's annual financial statements he was found to have conspired with. willie mcateer and john boat to defraud depositors and investors by dishonestly creating the impression anglo was healthier than it was of course we had in america john chorus line who did similar based on what you're reading there in terms of making his bank. his brokerage look more sound than it was and he did not face any jail time. in the circular transaction. of course circular transaction or accounting fraud is the modus operandi for just about every
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bank in the world a bank clerk for it because it was grievously done and they're very bad at hiding their fraud here in ireland because they're so used to committing fraud and getting away with it that they don't even bother committing fraud. in a way that would be obvious but there are so corrupt here in ireland that they did it in a way that was very. well it was actually a little bit more. the reason why it was so obvious and somebody actually recorded his phone conversations telling them to hide all this bad debt and to make it look they were called the anglo tapes he was recorded on the phone and in that conversation he refers to the central bank in the financial regulator as that f. ing shower of clowns down in dange street so that's probably why if you upset just like bernie madoff went to prison because he stole from the wrong people here he's like calling these guys clowns and that they should just give them money at the
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central bank needs to give them some money and. make them whole rather than them having to commit the fraud of protecting the circle of. family down down the pub just drunk and spilling nonsense to people talking about how the clowns on damn straight other regulate that's the way it's done in ireland for years and then finally somebody decided hey enough of these guys just ripping us off blind the economy is in freefall the housing market collapsed and bondo is still facing taxes in the netherlands but you know he's one of now many who've been sent to prison his his coconspirators have been sentenced to three you know many years in prison why has that not happened in the united kingdom you say that it's uniquely corrupt here but i would say it's the opposite that they've actually gone to prison. i don't say there are uniquely corrupt as i said they're very uniquely sloppy and corrupt here in ireland in the u.k. they've been corrupt for a thousand years and they've got it down to find signs isaac newton is like one of the most corrupt central bankers to ever miss grace central europe and they have
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refined it to a very perfect. sloppy corruption in the u.k. that's what people respect for them the most. advanced karate bottlers of corruption they're the concierge of global banking corruption and they do a fine job at it but they don't do it here in shantytown ireland that's why john course got away with m.f. global because he did it through london. and the corruption the lehman cross just went through and they didn't come through dublin or damn straight you know bernie madoff to do is corruption today the last place you want to do financial products because these idiots like you could end up in jail. going to jail because he's a moron so here's some more people who are going to end up in jail and i'm going to read this headline because we're at money and crypto comp we spoke at crypto comedy because a reporter conference report and not on the camera here's the headline shady i.c.a.o.
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issuers are taking bags. cash the border u.s. says securities and exchange commission chairman j. clayton speaking at a conference in new york said companies raising money through digital token sales shouldn't have any illusions that the government will treat them differently than firms participating in traditional stock offerings he added that the market deserves close attention because the f.c.c. has already seen examples of fraudsters fleeing the country after persuading u.s. investors to back their i.c.a.o. is nine billion and i say oh so far and twenty eighteen any idiot who tries to court cross the border with cash more than ten thousand is stupid because it's just going to be stolen by just saying if they wanted to get. over the border done successfully they should have gone h.s.b.c. master the art you know they have a special boxes they created for the mexican drug lords. billions of dollars and that even allegedly because you know the british people make you say allegedly before everything regulators but in fact h.s.b.c. has admitted it they admitted it to eric holder and they paid them
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a couple billion dollars the paid the u.s. taxpayer somebody i don't know where that money went where do those fines go anyway like. fill out the ground. to commit their fraud if they want to be walking the streets of london and shopping and yes you know if you're going to be a shady i.c.a.o. issuer you should do it through london because the way to do it the way they do but the thing i want to bring up here it was not this has been a big topic at money conference crypto kompas these i.c.a.o. and whether or not the f.c.c. is going to go after them but the f.c.c. chairman said something very interesting and he agreed with exactly what max keiser has said about what is wrong with the u.s. public markets it goes on to say clayton also expressed concern about the health of the public u.s. stock market as hot startups like technologies keep their shares off public markets he noted that the general public is unable to invest in an increasingly large segment of companies those awash in venture capital. cash and other private funding
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instead only the wealthy get to invest in them. this is part of the wealth and growing wealth and income gap you mentioned that share buybacks and then the likes of that only the very wealthy are getting to invest in these as more and more is taken private market capitalism. for the public to participate in equity and enjoy the fruits of the collective labor of the wealth of the nation and if those equities are being taken private or they never reach the market through private money then the average person is no longer participating in the equity of their nation the wealth of that nation is being withheld from them and you are rapidly approaching feudal stage of lords and service which is what of course the people in charge like a jeff bezos or a warren buffett desire they don't want active to just.


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