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she screamed for help as she was being attacked. the next door neighbor heard that he called nine one one. of them but. he told them that he heard his neighbor she had screamed for help and he heard like a choking he said. the police arrived within twenty minutes they not done the door but no one answered. the next day when shannon didn't show up for a lunch date with her brother shawn he drove her apartment building. for lucy and it's neighbors came down and answered the door and sean said i'm trying to reach my sister i can't reach. the guy i just would pale so my god i called the police last night they went running up the steps they broke open her door and she was laying
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naked on her bed. by the time we got voted off even though the police were swarming the radley apartment building and they let us know immediately that she had been attacked and that she had been murdered. we were beginning to face the fact that part of us had died and i mean it hit us very quickly. i just remember how prince that we'd be able to gather to get through this. that weekend they attended mass.
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when we got to the lord's prayer. say the lord's prayer out loud was a real confrontation but forgive us our trespasses as we prove that others were trespassing gets to. i had to abandon something i had been saying. often probably thoughtlessly thousands of times over my over my life. and if anyone would have asked us well what would you want to do if you if you ever found who did this i didn't i just why be so angry i want to i'd want him dead to maybe i don't know i never had this happen it was just so painful. eight days later that she burst buried their twenty three year old daughter. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. it's a joy to be cross it's like the forest three of them all the people that i'm interested always in the lawyers in this. case should. matters financial while i don't buy any i cost on a futures. think of another five. as a sort of financial future not russia. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic development only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical
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time time to sit down and talk. to society do when someone commits a horrific act of violence. for centuries seeking justice was a community affair. and disproportionate blame fell on the poor mentally disabled and people of color. in the eight hundred some capital offenses were targeted specifically at slaves the stablish in the racial bias that continues today. executions reached a historic peak in the one nine hundred thirty s. averaging one hundred sixty seven per year but then in one thousand thirty six. a gruesome execution caught the attention of the media. on aug fourteenth in owensboro kentucky. the thea was publicly hanged by
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a white sheriff many thought but dio was innocent. one new york times reporter wrote ten thousand white persons some jaring another's best of saw prayerful black men put to death today and davies county's piton gallows. the outcry over rainy by. he is hanging did not put an end to capital punishment instead it drove executions behind prison walls out of public view. state officials built death houses and institutionalized the practice. it's a death by far it's a scripted death in the beginning it was hanging it was not only hanging but it was public and so you see the crowds come in and bring in a picnic lunch and celebrating then we moved from hanging to the electric chair and then we began to hammer the horror stories that happened out of the electric chair
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. and then has been a move to lethal injection and lethal injection is likely going medicinal so that we'll just be putting them to sleep. but not everyone agrees. the idea that they should go out in an opiate haze that it should be a pleasant that is absolutely perverse the debate about the death penalty has become increasingly polarized and politicized we want a system that's where we want a system that respects the dignity of human beings the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying and there was just no way that we hadn't and that we want some people kill with an attitude so callous heinous sadistic that they have forfeited their right to live i believe in
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a turn of one and that is when we execute this person we know he will never kill again why is it. that the death penalty really comes down to in many cases just where you live who your d.n.a. is we cannot recognize injustice when we see at people of not being treated fairly and people not getting a fair shot you can be critical but you can be critical of the idea that the government has the right to kill. and also hold passion and concern for victims maybe in some books of justice the person for this act deserves to die but do we as a society deserve to kill them. today capital punishment largely falls to the state in which the crime was committed and laws and methods vary widely. most states use lethal injection but some still use gas chambers. the electric chair. hanging.
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and firing squads. carrying out the death penalty is intrusted to specially trained guards like jerry givens. of the sixty two executions the jerries conducted thirty seven were by electrocution and twenty five by lethal injection. lethal injection is considered the more humane form but for jerry that made the job of killing another person a lot tougher. when you talk about execution and electrocution is a button you push and washing push a button. to cut through i was in in the car and the cat comes out and that's all i had to do was to push a button. but when it come down to death by lethal injection you have seven
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to. a chemicals. for flushes and three deadly chemicals that is inserted into this man and my self as the executioner i'm at the end of it's a rant i'm pushing the poison. down to tune into the body so i'm more attach to this person then it is pushing a button then release and then they let the current flow by itself fifteen days prior to an execution the condemned would be moved to the death chamber where jerry and his team worked. all nine of us were executions and reprotect a good execution that's what we stood by. the preparation was mental as well as physical we practice and practice and practice prior to execution.
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each of us knew our jobs sign it and we never allow ourselves to get that close to anyone you know we train for that we train this way you don't get that close to. the day of the execution twenty four hours prior to that we we have a call a death watch. a guy will act differently because he knew that this is the last everything. this is the serial way to condemn sperry's. this is where the warden really is don't want this clergy person. i sit with him. doing this course of the day they condemn is given a shower his last meal his last visitations. by six
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o'clock our preparations were stopped until the inmate is placed to death. at home in new hampshire karen and her family were slowly recovering from their injuries. not some much for wasm physical abilities things like. specially for me my rose colored glasses you know. just the reality. that. people are. different things are not the same. when even with one and i. are.
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working through things and i'm working through things and. it had been six months since the bombing and karen had not yet seen her good friend celeste who was with them at the finish line and lost both her legs in the planning. initially i. i couldn't bring myself. to do that. because i felt. celeste and sixteen others lost limbs that day. ron was one of the lucky ones doctors were able to save his leg but the trauma and pain still lingered. we're going to have to work for a long time to get to bear new normal whatever that going to be. after months of deliberation attorney general eric holder announced the u.s.
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would seek the death penalty. the defense will argue that zocor was pressured into it by his older brother that he was a popular well liked college kid led astray. you know it's going to be held responsible and i agree and i and i am to believe that. but i also thank you. just can't stupid. karen son was the same age is the car. didn't seem like such a hard decision when it was abstract. you know i've got family and friends who are very religious and don't believe in an area that i have others who just say. it's the right thing to do they're so sure.
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i don't know that it's right for me to make that decision to take someone else's life. in philadelphia shannon's killer was still on the loose. the she worst pressed for answers but the police had none. it's just like you're in a coma you mean you're just like walking through something but you you don't know exactly how you're going to deal with them how am i ever ever going to get through this. this is tremendous sense of loss and you know for some time i could visualize sheila go walking through a door squawking in the house and walking through the door seeing our doctor and she told me. she was so kind and generous and loving
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and helpful and she always would come to us and say mom dad i have to make a difference sharon was. living many things she had a tremendous appetite for learning everybody loved shana everybody loved her she was an extremely loving daughter. in their grief vicki and still turn to each other and reached out for support. just takes time and doesn't you know everybody goes down a different path in a different time line to this journey toward healing to begin attending support meetings for families of murder victims. there they saw the devastating toll of sorrow and anger. the father of one of the murdered daughters we know well took his first drink and he never stopped for a year and then she lost his job and marriage. but well just daughter was one of one hundred sixty six people killed in the timothy mcveigh bombing of oklahoma city
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. one night about a year later he woke up in the morning and he had this dream and his daughter julie was there telling him dad had he murdered me are you going to let him murder whole family. also saw the high price people paid for putting their lives on hold as they waited for an execution. we start finding out what murder victims' families go through if you decide to say look i want that man executed it would take fifteen twenty years as much longer for it actually to happen and we just saw the effects that this had on these family members we saw destroying their lives. underground.
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get a phone no i don't have what was the last thing that you went on the internet no i have not used to these village is it safe it just. i sure there is no music ters there and they are all going to be sure that the baby doesn't cover his service because. one one one one one one question or don't want to know we thought. is dead as part of the deficit to get. the boy. that was what i was. previously. yes and no they are being false fall in love where he was to member of the society . he lets. on.
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whether the object is he should be. one of the people so he be in luck because. that's pretty much what i mean i well me and i don't know but that's mostly. what i was losing. a few moves. in school i'm.
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only interested in the prison instead of instead of a watchman. from a christmas of. winter with him and oh is that and there have none he moved can you. hear me shall i.
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day five of the world cup. action packed with england pulling off a last minute two to one win over. the three. i. could ultimately decide who will make it to the playoffs. did other developments here on the u.s. south korea say they will console joint military drills.
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for invasion. but they're all worlds top stories and the very latest from the electrifying world cup welcome to the program here on the international. day five of the tournament saw england beating tunisia in volgograd but their picture e was far from straightforward to england until the ninety first minute to seal the win with a header by captain hurricane ultimately saving the day at the aussie team was joined by star co-hosts peter schmeichel and i just the united boss enjoys
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a money keeping an eye on that game and monday's other match. been watching the first half they have made the first week in south korea nil nil who's got the upper hand she said i don't think sweden is a favorite to win this match would you expect a tie game then today yes or no i wouldn't be surprised if south korea were in so much i. mean on england the final game tonight in a different group england has the players as a tactical system if you play against an inferior team creates them problems so i think england has more than enough to win that i.
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belgium they take on panama what you make in this game then what should we make of panama i would consider them one of the teams that if they get the points what an amazing. what an amazing achievement for them and if they get the points what. a match this is for belgium all humans to lose. to lose two points against one i'm sure i. i . i i i. i feel very very happy for the england boys because if they hadn't got there the next
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couple of days would have been charitable for them they would have been crucified by the that the british media and i'm not sure that they go completely free because the second half was awful one of the things that of course we've seen in this world cup are the big guns not quite doing it and only did it they labored to a two one win but that got three points on the board that cannot be said for argentina it can't be said for brazil a lot of other teams so when you put that into context it's a good when it's a terry because at the end of the day it's all about three points and. one man he did do what he was on the field to do was hurricane. hurricane is in the right spot had simple. ninety minutes and thirty seconds to help the team so that this is the definition i think amazing amazing feat amazing experience. i spoke.
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to get out of emotional games. well you never know it's going to go so great to score early and then i really don't know if i'm to i'm ok with a tiny awful and it's just about comics at times it delayed and i made it difficult to talk to him but. we've always just said that then if there's one thing from the night that we would look back on and and like to do better would be that ruthlessness in front of. the pleasing thing for me was that the runs and the movement created those opportunities and if we keep doing that and we. school goes by very impressive with very impressed with kramer so. enormous responsibility on his shoulders to not only score the goals but also lead the team and. i'm saying no he's a by the way kind of behind it if we're going to hear that or the drums are starting and then one their game volgograd peter all of our is done there for us peter just when we thought it was over a last minute winner how delighted i mean when funds where you are belief which is
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i think as we can now see extended the happiness people have very very pleased certainly england fans very pleased with that when. the largest body of england found the loudest crowd of english fans was right behind that goal and it's behind that goal we hurricane school that went on in that ninety minutes. that's really good to know i even found yet there we go what's it been like how you found the i was going to be honest. how does show i was told don't bring your phone because they'll tuffy into you i mean you could ever figure. i would say to people so go and find out for yourself you know the politicians we let them get on them do what they good today because their agendas and i just want to come watch football people like this for sport of football russia the movement for want to see an opening at the seeds for
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sale house and really one. good on them is doing well we decided to come and we came in and we just found people to be super friendly brand new stadium fantastic atmosphere fantastic people. have to say to today's events have been very impressive very loud very vocal and when we do you want to are really very sort of thought to be there to those mark know hopefully the second helping of the second game finish the liberty is i think your best in the team is underneath that before the game that being that british media reports other media reports of a. the plague of fly in volgograd which it threatened to the struck the game for players and also found so like how bad was the during the day absolutely horrific you know during the day horrible i was swarmed with them i went for a routine this morning and when i washed my when i went in the shower afterwards i think i washed about two or three thousand of them out of my head they died out in the evening thankfully i don't think they played any part in the game but during the daytime games in boulder they could well be so little child.
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they've done a pain but not say that's the game in the next time paloma get expected to win but then it's all about belgium yeah because belgium didn't start the best but they came out on top quite easily in the end they did what i had to do today they beat them three nil yeah ok looks comfortable at the end but but then again both of them are one of the dark horses one of the maybe favorites to win this tournament people in general think that they have a fantastic squad but it's to the you know it's a long long way to go away but they're looking all right so far three know the women the bike well in the first five days of this world cup is going fast peter is that five days in that we have seen the big boys fail to impress underdogs like iceland a run securing some at big scalps on the two million fans who flock to russia to
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witness the action well they have been left disappointed. ok. any rumors about like russian hooligans all russian. while in america. russian how many people are spying on you right now. live in
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cleveland the mistake when you get the signals put i see in the pentagon. cut the deal that was i know getting. the flu.

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