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i hope everything goes smoothly our team will be on top know so la will frighten us if we're going to lose today we got out of the a cup so we have to get voted so today i'm how muscle has going to be in the game today on the news with you when you we game i hope we win today and at least repeat the last game school. russia. and in st petersburg where the matches being played tonight the hermit's has museums residence or a cat hole the keel has made protections for tonight's game as a save in both foodies even from the feline is going for russia against these you don't have any practice takes a very very patriotic out there i think good form i have to say selected on form of to protecting victory self russia of a saudi arabia and iran of america killie's was on top form as well in the confederations cup someone else i hope is on top form in st petersburg and he catching up with a gyptian fans all they were great they got confidence that most law will do the
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business for them was happening that. well with news coming through in the last hour or so that mohammed is start seeing that game there are many of these gyptian fans who are feeling very positive in particular one pointing out to us that without mohamed salah egypt just struggle to school goals and so as far as they're concerned he is really the talisman of the team and so he'll be giving them a new dynamic going forward and also perhaps making those russian defenders and fullbacks think twice before they od now the two teams will go into this with very different mindsets the russians it will be very confident after that very heavy victory over saudi arabia and very favorable goal difference after that while for egypt they have to go through they have to get the three points and so they. i'll
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be pushing forward and tried to get an early goal and if possible this could open up space at the back now as for the atmosphere you probably see behind me thousands of these fine streaming into the pieces by a stadium they've been doing so for the past few hours and. yesterday you got to catch up with some of the play a little game with regards to some of the famous landmarks which off though take it here in st peter's by. this thinks this pops one of the most iconic symbols of ancient egypt but this one is actually located here in st petersburg. the head of that game between russia and egypt we're going to go out and ask some fun if they can tell the difference between those monuments in russia and the ones located in egypt. ok so this russian that we're having to measure that
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green. that's actually. this is egypt russia well if you will right well let's see if. because of the community. if it's in egypt this would be a little. surprise to some russian. agents the feeling i saw somebody during the interview is this is this in russia or you this in egypt. no it's russia. yes this is petersburg i'll go see i know he gives you the. national ocean. but i was a close game there were a few tricky ones in that but a dramatic win fiji on the streets of st petersburg let's see what happens on the pitch but the two sides to me. and i have just just this peter schmeichel here in the in this chair doing in moscow just on this inside the stadium obviously the.
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going to be a massive amount of russian fans have you got any idea how many egyptian fans will be inside the stadium. well we've seen thousands of them of course the first game here was iran against morocco and as the fans of those countries started to stream to the other cities we started to see it increase in. it egyptian finds him actually i've seen many of them of course they are outnumbered by the russians but up to five or six thousand at least in very good voice it has to be said many of them very loud many of them again will be feeling boosted and confident by the news that mohammed set up although perhaps not much which. is evening for the russians as well they'll be confident as well they've got out it's on the goal of a very talented playmaker he's been linked with a move to also the recent days in the premier league so both sides really quite going into this with quite some confidence and. it was raining quite
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a bit it's still quite windy but that said to me has adopted the spirits of either the russians or the egyptians in attendance even. thanks a correspondent in sapiens like me so ali hopefully you'll be off to the game to enjoy it now peter we've got the team. now a couple of surprises in there i would say certainly the first one to tell us about the strike a ferocious small of who did not have a good game again so you're right but you have to put that into context of how you're maybe not not a very good team i think he had one one pass in the game that was successful anything else he did was actually really really poor he was taking off and then zuba came on and so the manager has stayed with that suzuki starts again and he feel about the small office kind of the golden boy of the team coming into the chairmanship said one bad performance but they think one hunts and really do you have them but you only have three games i keep saying this you only have three games. to get it right can you imagine if you win this game today russian wins it
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is game today that system and six points which means entrance into the next phase of the tournament k. match in what sas going to do two to russia what's going to do to the team that kind of confidence so that the manager says he's thinking i want to win this game and zuko was magnificent when he came on his first charge was a header that ended in the back of the net and it gives the russian team another way of playing well everything doesn't have to come up to small of and he then has to do something and then the team follows here you have an option where you can play it up to him the midfield players can come up and support and get the ball which means less work in getting up to the other end and then. it was just as if the man of the match came on scored two goals is of course playing as good as you think you have to have to play because he's not a regular starter but he had obviously had a huge impact of this of six so you think he had to stop i think i mean i thought he was tremendous when he came on i'm not sure that issue he was disappointed not
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to be named in the opening game starting line up and he came on with that emphasis of showing the manager but you made a mistake and he did play for really really well and he scored two goals which i think is very important but also this is a player who plays in spain so he's you know it's important i think for any team that you have some kind of influence coming in to it gives a different dynamic that dynamic and he's played what real madrid valencia villareal survey and so he does think of a lot of critics who have a lot of experience and he's worked on the coaches like it goes in the ring you see this this guy he knows you know he was he was born into football and you know i've had the pleasure of traveling a little bit with his dad and you know good. so you know it's a football family he knows about and he's traveled and i think that is important because he brings something from the spanish sneak into the team and that didn't pay i think was evident in the first game it was all done to get it to go and shoot back. if this thing goes i have to say as well i like that approach i've seen it in
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previous world cups when i manage it goes with form someone could emerge in a world cup he wasn't even a regular starter and become the star of the world cup but it happens time and time again where. you build up that takes you from qualification in europe at least it is either top or november and then that the work begin for the manatee things about his team he has maybe three four five maximum matches to to get it right and he built it up it ends in a way that sometimes you understand it sometimes you don't know when the first game is played something worked something didn't work and then he corrected he might have made a substitution that really changed the way the game was spending out and he's going with that and that's clearly what she says of the soon here he's going with nearly how they finished the game and i think it's only right i think he started really well with putting up the steep and it's a brave decision it is a brave decision to leave small about regardless of how poor he was in the saudi
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arabia game. if he gets it right or wrong today if they lose today he would be criticized for that brave decision peter says but we both agree with it it's going to be fascinating see if this works out what forty minutes to kick off the fans have been flocking more than two million have come to the country for this entire competition moscow has been greeting them with a very warm welcome we we've seen it every day the streets been flooded with songs and dancing some of the streets and it's quite hard to navigate your way through that because i missed the first six days of the tour of really established an amazing atmosphere here beautiful it would be so good i never realized if it is going to the fans of really little capital the colors of the national teams. i would have made a second so you know was pretty funny today right because. i know i'm in a hotel where i have to walk all the way through the position street and it's been difficult every day i'm sure to get recognized a lot but today just fifteen twenty me. i mean this before i was leaving it was
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pouring down with rain so today it was relatively clear but the stuff i wasn't oceans of people and their children should do because of the rain but they're still having a good time and now there's no rain it's actually quite pleasant and the usual party we have just over there it's going on it's amazing to be out on what i love just finally the world of politics riddled with divisions here we call these people from countries all over the world and everybody's just existing on their own little friends everyone's you know we all support for but we're all family as well as the overall china it's happened every year in the criticism for brazil the distances the fans had to trial the stadiums were not going to be ready in front of us so much criticism and then once people got there they loved it and that's the same thing the same feeling i have here that people really have a good time ok forty minutes to go till kickoff so many russian hopes going to be riding on this result i don't want to lose it easy need something should be
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a lot of passion on both sides join us for the latest at the top of the hour. but. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the on the big get accepted
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or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to be president. that's a good way to be for us this is what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. quest. welcome back to the program and we look at the news nasa with don't trump and to establish a six branch of the arms forces dealing with space wolf is carney overseen by the u.s. air force travel claims america needs a big presence up amongst the stalls. reports the usa already has the army the
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navy the coast guard the marine corps and there's the u.s. air force but donald trump says that there is one potential conflict zone that's been too long neglected very importantly i'm here by directing the department of defense and pentagon to establish a space force as the six branch of the armed forces that's a big statement a new division of the u.s. military dedicated to waging extraterrestrial battles and when it comes to finding a name for it hollywood is full of inspiration. now that you through tomorrow must travel across the stars to defend.
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let's see if we can get some new ideas from the streets of new york. could be anything to nail a space court u.s. . space force us star elite force twitter has gone wild ever since donald trump made the announcement folks online or in. taking a stab at designing the logo but here's a question who exactly will the space forces be fighting against you know up in the great beyond. it's not enough that we're fighting with everybody that loves us when i'll go to fight. and less space. in the elop it probably. means we're going to find you know why outer space trump says this won't just be any intergalactic fighting force it will be number one when
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it comes to defending america it is not enough to merely have in american presence in space we must have american dominance in space so important now if hollywood has taught us anything it's that trump is going to have plenty of competitors. r.t. new york. a full a cia software engineer is facing challenges of a what has been described as the largest information leak in the agency's history prosecutors claim that during his time at the cia joshua schultz an old fully obtained information on its intelligence gathering capabilities he then allegedly provided it to an organization that ported to publicly disseminate such information and while the indictment does not mention this organization by name the whistleblowers lawyers said the prosecution was looking for any links between him and wiki leaks the f.b.i. believed that mr schultz who was involved in that leak a sport of their list
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a geisha been obtained numerous search warrants for mr shoulder spawn for his computers and other items in order to establish the connection between mr shelton and the wiki leaks leak. schildt worked for the spy agency as a software engineer for six years as a result of this investigation he was arrested last year on child pornography charges so far he's the suspect behind the leak of more than eight thousand classified documents named by prosecutors if convicted on multiple charges schildt faces over one hundred years in jail he's believed to be the source for wiki leaks vault seven it's described as the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency about seven exposes the hacking tools used by the us government and wiki leaks said its source was looking for a public debate on the controversial use of such tools patrick henson from twenty first century wired dot com says the case against the whistleblower is aimed at
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intimidating athens. and so this this does send out a chilling message to any potential government was so blowers that you will be pursued by the government and that under the letter of national security you well very little of defense this conversation seems to be around how in the u.s. press it's all the cia needs to secure its hacking tools and that seems to be the main thrust of conversation not about what why and how these tools are being deployed in for what reason and i think that's where the conversation needs to be if you look at what was revealed in vault seven one of the real revelations is is that the nature of the hacking tool in other words the cia has the ability to to hack and leave finger false fingerprints in other words make it appear that somebody else had carried out the hack and this is absolutely relevant in terms of
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the whole russia gate conversation. round up international stories on both cup highlights from that i'll be back at the top of the hour with more. z's says harlan kentucky. we've always moved them boys you can walk very fanny's leave. a ko money since he was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's
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happening it's happened. for a world cup twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure come out you have to go meet the center of the beach with all we with you and we'll show you all the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. to a low i was just i want to you know and i'm really happy to join that to for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciated me to just read the review beyond the team's latest edition to make up a bigger certainly better jersey book.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from here in washington d.c. thank you so much for tuning in and hanging out with us i'm bart chilton coming up normally conservative groups in the united states opposing a republican president are opposing the way donald trump is handling his trade wars we'll get the latest from trade expert alex heil a bitch in toronto and china expert caleb moppin from our new york studio plus we talk kryptos with the c.e.o. of zap dot org nick's spannaus and it seems that the auto industry news is jammed up with so much going on including a terrible tesla accident incident we'll tell you about and you're going to want to hear what the car coach has to say lauren fix first we take off with
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a few headlines. leading the news today corporate earnings are set for a significant slowdown after your market bull run of profit growth earnings grew at twenty five percent in the first quarter of the year while a growing number of analysts expect it to taper off in the coming quarters perhaps down into the single digit growth per next quarter factors in the mix that produce the forecast include the fading of the financial sugar rush delivered by the trump tax cuts the prospect of further trade troubles and the federal reserve's clear signals to expect for interest rate hikes this year some on the other side of the debate say the historically low unemployment shows the u.s. economy fundamentals are still very good we'll see which forecast prevails. as us mega banks seem primed to pay out record dividends the federal reserve is prepared to release a guidance on exactly how much they can put in the pockets of shareholders without
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endangering the nation's financial systems barclays research says the twenty two. largest banks are expected to pay one hundred seventy billion dollars in dividends this year if that level is reached it would be the largest dividend payout since the financial crisis of two thousand and eight the shadow of two thousand and eight looms large as the first around the federal reserve famed stress tests on banks will be announced this week the first round looks at whether a bank can handle a crisis the second round looks at the bank's capital management plan which includes dividend payouts and judges whether the bank's plan can move forward the tests were post two thousand and eight reforms meant to give clear warning of systemic risk and prevent another crisis or even financial collapse analysts at top market watching firms do not expect the dividend plans to receive much pushback from the federal reserve under the new leadership of chairman jay powell. president donald trump's trade policies are now coming in for criticism from two pillars of support for his republican party on friday both the business roundtable and the
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u.s. chamber of commerce raise red flags over the impact of chinese retaliation and the prospect of further escalations the business roundtable a group of corporate c.e.o.'s posted a statement opposing president trump's recent imposition of tariffs on fifty billion dollars of chinese imports to the u.s. walks pressing sympathy for some of president trump's complaints about china's trade policies perhaps the round table opposed what they called quote the administration's misguided focus on temporarily reducing america's trade deficit with china through goods purchased the trumpet ministration previously attempted to float a package of supposedly chinese promises to buy more from the u.s. as they gain from a confrontation only to see if chinese the chinese deny such commitments the chamber of commerce president tom donahue tony similar line saying this is not the right approach and in that regard we now move to a trade war and today we focus on china as we were just discussing and the united
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states to help us. we're joined by our t's correspondent alex moe hyla bitch a trade effort from toronto and from our new york studio artie's chinese experts caleb mop and thank you both for joining us fellas alex let's start with you give us some detail on what the business roundtable in the chamber are saying. to the same business people that were loving the tax cuts and loving the deregulation are not loving the tariffs against china so much because they say that retaliatory tariffs from china are going to hurt a multitude of industries in the states including manufacturing farming and of course consumers in general now we have one guy here and this man really stands out when his voice is heard i think we've got to listen we talk about gary cohn he's a former head of the national economic council he was working with closely with the truck been a straight and what he had said is that this was just last week that a trade war could wipe out all those booms that we were just talking about from businesses or for businesses from the tax abuse they were getting so this one
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cancels out the other talking across the board here when you're hearing from the business world in the states what people are saying is yes we do want fair trade with china we don't believe it's fair but at the same time putting us into a trade war with china is not the way to go it's just going to hurt americans as well as the chinese and maybe even the americans more kaleb put a finer point on what alex is saying there i mean that it's not necessarily the policies of the chinese that trump administration has a problem with it's the practice of these tariffs etc what are the legitimate concerns that you believe are out there with regard to china. well bart let's back up for a minute now the idea of a tariff in theory is to protect american jobs and american companies right that the idea is going to give preferential treatment to the domestic manufacturers protect american jobs but if you take a look at this tariff we've got over one thousand two hundred product lines from
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china that are being targeted take a specific look at what's being hit they're heading out of the devices involved in nuclear power they're hitting aircraft navigation systems these are things we barely produce ourselves here in the united states if you look at it this isn't exactly about protecting american jobs and it has a lot more to do with punishing china if you look at it you know president xi in china has been really pushing investment into research and development pushing new technology you know high level technology products trying to advance and he's reached out to the united states and said let's do it jointly let's have joint ventures joint projects to develop new technology and it's pretty clear i mean donald trump actually mentioned the made into a made in china twenty twenty five program when he made the announcement it's pretty clear that this is an intent to to kind of punish china for their investment into research and development essentially in the white house you know and in the trade council you've got peter navarro you've got robert litan hisor and these guys
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are professional anti china agitators before they were in the trumpet ministration and in politics they were giving lectures and talking against china they've made a career out of talking against china and talking against them on the global markets unfortunately it seems like our commander in chief has the ear of these rather fanatical individuals with an axe to grind but kaleb i mean they do still the chinese have stolen intellectual property and as a condition of moving to china u.s. companies do have to sell off give part of the companies to china i mean heck if we went to canada where alix's and the canadian said no you got to give us part of your country company we'd say that's bogus that's not happened so are their legitimate complaints like that. i think these are the issues that need to be negotiated these are the kind of things that president trump and president xi are working to resolve we've seen ongoing conversations about these issues but you know
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this this tariff i mean it's going to hit all of us here in the united states at the cash register when we go to check out at the supermarket if we have anything in our in our current that is made in china we're going to end up paying for the i want them aware that quick a let us move to alex alex why don't you talk as you look at this a lot tell us about what caleb say how's it going to impact consumers at the cash register. if you look at the big picture you talk about these tariffs is really a minuscule part of the trillions of dollars that are traded but when it comes to the consumer this is the trickle down that you'll see and it's for every day goods i look tronics t.v.'s like the l.e.d. lights that we use now in t.v.'s manufacturers in china there's a lot of goods i mean you're shopping at wal-mart or anywhere else prices will go up and guess what i think we've seen things like this before when prices go up even if the tariffs go away shops to want to drop their prices any more they get to make a little bit more a couple more dollars there and i say that's going to happen for sure but it's one of those things consumers need to be afraid of there's
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a bigger picture here though in the states it's not just what you're going to see what how much more and how many more dollars you're going to pay because of these tariffs tariffs cause disruption and especially when you have this back and forth constantly this retaliation the threat of a trade war you're disrupting markets period you're making investors nervous when you make investors nervous you're affecting your economy when you're affecting your economy and you could put it into a recession or if just growth itself would just stop so it could be some type of stagnation and he way that you turn it around it's not good for the people of the united states because you can have inflation and inflation is not a good thing if it's going to grow any more than it's growing it's then that's what something like this can do if you have a trade war and that's the worst case scenario yeah that's going to be bad for everyone but. even these type of talks di stabilize the market and that should be a nice major concern at this point we know this isn't happening till july the sixth though of course it could be the go she should but even talks like this we've seen
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the ripple effect up to now just with these threats that have come into place never mind tariffs actually going into place themselves and caleb talking about that impact and you have to consider the source here but richard lui the founder and c.e.o. of j.p. dot com that large chinese e-commerce company one of the largest online retailers by transaction volume in the country they say this isn't going to help the united states should we just assume this is coming from a chinese company and not be right but what's this point well if you hit an economic superpower like china you can expect that they're going to hit back now we've already seen a response in terms of tariffs our agricultural sector we've been selling food to china you know exporting our food they've been buying it well they've already been hit but now there is talk on the chinese side of hitting us in the energy markets right china is a top purchaser an importer of american oil american natural gas now there's.


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