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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 20, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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thing that they don't want to see because that makes you and then that makes the new york times the guardian the b.b.c. all of them. run against their own government if they point these out that humiliates their own government position charles i have noticed that what scant coverage there is on the cable stations the iran card is always almost always played first ok and there is not the there isn't a willingness to admit that our serious war crimes are being committed and i'd like to point out the the who these also have been accused of that in all fairness but this is a very tragic conflict. again not you know what is the endgame here because i mean we're just reading the stats i mean this is a country a humanitarian situation that is winding down very whiney out of control in a very serious way i mean cholera i mean something that is virtually wiped out in
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the world this come back when there benjamin's there and there seems to be no out cry whatsoever from the media i mean it makes them culpable go ahead charles. or if there is outcry as you've already kind of hinted at it's at a humanitarian situation that seems to have risen out of nothing but this is a famine that there are hundreds of thousands of children not in education but there is as you say for the second year running now the danger of a cholera epidemic breaking out as if this is got nothing to do with the fact that this war has been visited upon this people by saudi arabia and its allies but particularly of course what's missing from the western media coverage is that this war this assault on this country as you point out one of the poorest countries on earth and facing terrible predicament for its people that this assault on this country is enabled totally by britain america and france particular britain and america in supplying the weapons that are being used against the yemeni people and
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of course study after study from independent organizations from monitoring groups human rights groups as well as the u.n. itself have shown repeatedly that there has been almost no care taken to prevent civilian casualties we're talking about the humanitarian situation that is largely been caused by the blockade that is in place that is preventing medicines and food surviving as we speak even fighting going on of course the assault has been launched on the major held port by the saudis and. again with british and american and french not only material covered by providing the material it's the logistical support the intelligence the refueling and arming capabilities but the weapons themselves but also diplomats and propaganda they're not to can pop a gun to her for example it was britain france and america that blocked the swedish and it's initiative a few days ago to actually call a ceasefire and that was actually virtually absent from u.k. and u.s.
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media coverage and one other aspect which is quickly mention what the catherine mention and to support what she said. it's interesting about the iran you mention always being brought up but in three years no actual hard evidence has been shown whatsoever even by those that claim that iran is back into the tubes to prove that i'm going to get a job i'm going to jump in here and we have to remember that in december of last year the pentagon admitted it had troops on the ground we're going to go to a short break and after a short break that short break we'll continue our discussion on yemen state with r.t. . guys
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are. looking forward to your mention of the. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. welcome back to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you
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we're discussing the tragedy no newseum an. ok let me go back to catherine on skype in brighton well as we've already pointed out on this program when you put it quite definitively in the first part of the program. the people of yemen do not want to be occupied they're proven over the last three years to be quite resistant to that even though the casualties are high in every single way there has never been any doubt solid documentation that iran is helping militarily or any in any kind of meaningful material way so what is facing the saudis in the usa in the in the emirates i mean it doesn't. have a land invasion in occupy it i mean the people of yemen have shown do themselves to be quite resilient to the onslaught that they have experienced over the last three and a half years go ahead catherine. well yes i mean historically yemen was nothing they
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did intend that you know the ultimate in power actually you know gave all been allowed yemen to have a great degree of autonomy and it really goes to show that you know the really good at brushing up on the history bearing in mind that yemen is actually a neighbor when it comes to you know immediate trivia i don't think it's going to happen because now with that i mean even the south of yemen might actually give up and actually open its already kind of done that already you know open up itself to you know the u.a.e. and saudi arabia a very much doubt that their north will give up because you know they all are very different people together and full of very obvious reason they understand about solidarity i would mean an entire genocide of them because saudi arabia is very fair in its approach and has made sure that you know the law of the resistance movement in general and northern yemen globality has been label and you know the title and therefore should. the obliterated we tend to forget this you know this idea not just that you're getting victory what they're trying to do it's a ninety eight an anti you people because if they're really just standing there
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with just belief and the tradition and you know forget to bits about this shit in casualty and on to found out they know collateral damage you know this how do you have to be a war to pick locks and that image on civilians because he was the people to rise up against their resistance movement not understanding that the resistance movement in itself it's made out of the people that led to me think that a lot has given by the people of god like it's not being created at ups and they feel a victory for their by definition impossible their people will not allow it but in the meantime we facing a catastrophe of people equal proportion because northern yemen is being based in mated for only one reason is that these people decided to be free in their own land in their own sovereignty so the real question is are we actually winning in western countries to defend a nation in such a thought to be i'll actually get up and for all rights to all who own sovereignty and own democracy because they think that what we doing but allowing
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a country to look for to declare war on another in yemen exactly let me go back to mohammed in i mean considering the i mean we see some kind of peace overture process with north korea about nuclear weapons and then we got to go in the other side of the world we have around and considering the cast of characters that surround president trump i'm not hopeful at all and what's going to happen when it comes to iran i have a distinct worry that they're going to use this humanitarian crisis given the way the media works is going to say this is a ranch fault because of iran's involvement and that's just another of the box that is checked in this an agenda that looking at regime change in iran punishing around more sanctions eccentrics cetera and this is when they'll pull out the pictures this is when they're going to have the crying mothers and the skinny babies that's when they're going to start showing those pictures they have them all saved up in archive and that's when they're going to use it that's my supposition ok go ahead
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mom. i think it's quite obvious that what is i'm different in this part of the world is the saudi israeli alliance and their relationship with the white house and the united states political regime in general or in the case for example just. recently we saw another airstrike on book camel in the east of syria where either the americans or the israelis bombed iraq he and syrian forces that were fighting isis so but this is something that the western media won't touch why because it's in the interests of the israeli regime it's in service of in the interest of the americans to keep syria unstable and to strengthen israel that is the criteria through which everything is judged and in the case of yemen we see the exact same thing because yemen as opposed to saudi arabia the people of yemen are supposed. to saudi arabia they don't want to legitimize this resistance so they have to find
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a scapegoat and the scapegoat is of course iran whether it's in gaza whether it's in syria whether it's in iraq everything is iran and it's i think it's very racist the way in which western countries ignore and west the western media ignore what's happening in yemen which is the greatest catastrophe so far in this century and. but on the other hand i think what's important is that the saudis are losing the war in spite of all the propaganda in al what data the saudis have been unable to capture the city they've been unable to capture their port they've been they face serious casualties we have from according to the resistance in yemen the americans have a command post and border and maha in support of the attacks
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we know for example that al qaeda in yemen as the head about. they said last year that they are fighting alongside the so would be the. u.a.e. backed forces which is not strange because that's exactly what happened in in libya al qaeda was used overthrow as up and look at look at libya today just the fighting right now that's been taking place over the last few days or why or what we saw in syria and of course in syria the western media likes to say that president assad has killed hundreds of thousands of its own people in reality it was obama and his allies that are responsible for these deaths and in yemen if you notice they always say for three and a half years now they've been saying ten thousand people have died and when reality hundreds of thousands of people have died but they try to downplay the casualties in yemen to try to hide them even though hundreds of thousands of people have died from cholera from starvation and other sicknesses preventable sickness and and whereas in iran and syria they were trying to inflate it despite the fact that they
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were in reality the side that was responsible more than anyone else let me go to charles in london we ought to point out also that a number of international aid groups are leaving yemen because of the humanitarian crisis being there to help but it's getting to such a critical point that they can't even protect their own people or to stay with charles in london b. i looked at how the pentagon has reacted to all this they say that they are slowly targeting al qaeda on the on the arabian peninsula does that cut me it does that does that make any sense to you i mean they say but it seems to me that if they're giving logistical support than i guess all these al qaeda people are in wedding procession is all the time ok i mean it doesn't make any sense to me at all go ahead charles. you know america and britain often they're playing a double game they will say one thing in public and in private they're doing something else for example i would say that they urge restraint on israel that they urge restraint on saudi arabia and then behind the scenes it's clear they're saying
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that's all you're going to hear from us here is the next check for the next weapons load that you're going to use to carry out these humanitarian atrocities in the night in yemen it's absolutely clear that the one of the main reasons why al qaeda in iraq is still a problem for the west is because it instability in that country in the same way that isis came out of the instability created by the west or at least largely fostered by the west in iraq and syria and now of course also as was pointed out in libya and so and then of course notice how in syria the existence of isis on the ground even though that is waning largely as a result of being crushed by forces such as hezbollah the iranian militia sudden russian air force and so on that the presence of isis is then used by the united states and britain as a justification for having troops and a presence on the ground and that's there's probably some element of that in why the americans are still active in yemen but the main reason is to support the saudi
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onslaught the saudis have proved again and again that regardless of the massive amounts of military capability they have that in terms of actually putting that to use they are not actually that competent they should be today and therefore they're largely reliant on western logistical intelligence and other support but let's put something as well throw something into the mix here for example three within the last three years britain's arms exports to saudi arabia they quit equate to something like ten billion dollars. half of all britons arms exports yeah go to one country saudi arabia and that's on top of the massive saudi and incidentally also qatari influence that these countries have on the city of london in terms of of ownership. stocks and shares companies and also real estate and let's not forget as well the massive flotation that's coming up of the large part of the saudi sovereign wealth fund the oil fund that is going to come up in the next few months
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for which london and new york are absolutely falling to to achieve the flotation on their markets and so to support saudi arabia for britain or at least the elites running britain and america as well when you look at political donations to the ruling elites running these countries the role of saudi arabia like israel is absolutely vital and the sad thing is that they put on one side the massive lucrative gains that are to be had from continue this relationship is toxic relationship a country like saudi arabia on the other side is the suffering and the deaths of the creation of a humanitarian catastrophe which is largely not being reported in the west and certainly isn't being reported as anything in which britain and america are complicit. in this a lot are part of what you said charles it's just it's just shameful it is utterly shameful and having the media cover because of stock prices oh my goodness catherine there are reports that the pentagon is hesitating
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a little bit with the last major port who day. because they know if they cut shut that if they allow the their merits to capture it and shut it down then the humanitarian crisis just gets excel aerated somebody somebody in the pentagon is a little worried about this that's just reports i read last forty seconds of the program go to you catherine go ahead. i don't know if they really worried about the humanitarian catastrophe i think they're actually worried that they're going to use you know these bottles for this because i don't think the resistance movement really allow it to who and they would throw everything that they've got against it so i think it's more to do with you know having to do is very publicly very geo strategic you know a seaport in northern yemen rather than be carrying full for humanitarian crisis because this crisis has gone on for three years and millions of people have already suffered and all in it continue to suffer so i don't think that washington is very you know by civilian suffering and casualties i think it has more to do with a new thing very publicly
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a very important battle for yemen because you know if pointed out doesn't fool do. more than just the wall. and saying in the briefing catherine i have to jump in here we've run out of time many thanks to my guest in london brighton. and thanks to our viewers for watching us here nor to see you next time and remember crosstalk . good. to. see plenty of. good. stuff. doesn't it.
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get a phone you know. what was the last time that you went on the internet no i'm not using me these village is it safe because. i sure there is no actual music ters there and they are all going to be sure the baby doesn't gloves or his that is the . one. who was going to support the one and we thought he is dead as part of that was a given piece. of work i was. previously yes and no they are being false form of where he and his family member of the society. have been.
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put. this is a poem bus broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart children thank you for hanging out with us you appreciate coming up today we have spoken on the program about the media merger madness and in use but today we look beyond the legalities and to the bottom lines of the companies the c.e.o. and founder of the stocks are mode joins us for some of the most intelligent insight you'll get anywhere plus new information about ethical lapses by members of
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president trump's cabinet including his secretary of commerce wilbur ross as surfer surface that is not good r.t.s. alex heil a bit give us the details on toronto and we take a look at real estate in the city of london as chinese and hong kong investors have slowed down their buying from some of the huge highs not long ago our chief correspondent tells us why from london now let's get to the stories topping today's financial and business as president donald trump less than ten days after he insulted the canadian prime minister justin trudeau labeling him very dishonest and weak has insulted yet another allied leader this time as general german chancellor angela merkel whom mr trump criticized related to immigration policies tweeting that quote the people of germany are turning against their leadership and stating that crime is quote way up in the country as a factual note the president is wrong in fact last year germany experience the
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lowest level of crime in twenty five years mr trump's comments clearly fall in our relatively new category of presidential misbehavior news and that mr trump himself has allowed a u.s. immigration officials the u.s. immigration officials to crudely separate children from immigrant paragould parents illegally trying to enter the united states which has justly garnered opposition from democrats and members of his own republican party and high. religious leaders are rally in opposition to the trumpet ministration policy is set for june thirtieth a couple of blocks away from here in washington d.c. yesterday audio recordings of crying children were released and heighten the strong hostility to the policy which to date has separated more than two thousand children from their parents when they were kept in prison like confinement canales evoking images of ghastly internment in japanese of japanese americans during world war two and in late breaking news reported by mcclatchy the trumpet ministration has likely
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lost lost six thousand children who knows what this means we just read the story but we'll have more on this in the coming days but what a repugnant and monstrous moral molé the trump of ministration has brought upon the united states and there is also news on this story as the business roundtable in the u.s. chamber of commerce have both come out in opposition to the policy of taking children from their parents the chamber's president and c.e.o. tom donohue published an official blog for the group titled separating children from families must end now donohue wrote quote let that sink in for a second our government is forcibly separating children including toddlers from their parents and sending them to detention facilities as a means of sending a message and influencing congress cisco systems c.e.o. chuck robins who chairs the business around tables immigration committee said in a statement the practice is cruel and contrary to american values good on those
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folks the two groups joined a chorus of critics that also included the united nations high commissioner for human rights who yesterday said quote the thought that any state would seek to deter parents by inflicting such abuse on children is unconscionable you bet big time what more on this in the coming days and specifically on the economic and business impact of u.s. immigration policy. and in the latest. presidential pronouncement on trade donald trump has threatened to impose additional terrorist another two hundred billion dollars worth of imports from china if china does not make one specified changes in their trade policies last friday mr trump announced fifty billion dollars of tariffs on chinese goods provoking china to retaliate financially and rhetorically white house trade advisor in china hardliner peter navarro served as hype man for the threat telling reporters china has more to lose in the trade war. and big
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news on the financial crime beat and this time the alleged perp is j.p. morgan chase the u.s. banking giant will pay sixty five million dollars to the c f.t.c. my old agency the commodity futures trading commission to settle charges that j.p. made false reports from two thousand and seven two thousand and twelve in order to manipulate a key interest rate benchmark to see if he alleges that j.p. manipulated the u.s. dollar international swaps and derivatives association fix or the is the fix by quote bidding offering and executing transactions and targeted interest rate products at the time of day when the rate was being set see if the season for us meant director put the fines in the context of other rate rigging cases such as those for rounding the london interbank offered rate or live or fifty c. is now a levy total of six billion dollars in fines in interest rate rigging cases and we covered this story about a federal judge who recently approved a t.n.t.'s purchase of time warner for eighty five eighty five point four billion
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dollars before the ink was dry on the judge's decision comcast made an all cash sixty five billion dollar offer to purchase to purchase twenty first century fox but fox already had an offer from desi now disney expected to increase their fifty five billion dollars stock offer with a little bit of cash added how will the bottom lines of these companies be impacted what might it mean for consumers and shareholders here to help us through it all as the founder and c.e.o. of the stock. swoosh the always insightful and ever delightful melissa are more or less a thank you again for being with us when we look at what a happy and time warner currently own it's pretty incredible i mean with a t. and t. there is directv cingular wireless all the phone companies like bell south southwestern bell and mirror attack among many others that i i can't recall and and with time warner there is that flagship time magazine of course warner communications the music and the cable that goes with it and then turner broadcasting think c.n.n.
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plus the old school america online much much value is there so melissa what's going on with the companies and their stocks and what would a new merged company look like from a bottom line perspective. well the media landscape is definitely changing that's interesting because you had like you said these phone companies like eighteen nineteen telecommunication companies now all of a sudden they're in the real money the big big money everyone's seen on the writing on the wall is for content it's creating content and it's controlling the content and then charging to view the content and so all of these companies are trying to compete with the likes of netflix which is controlling the content as far as creating it and then airing it for people at a very cheap price because if you sign up for netflix you can pay fifteen twenty bucks a month and then watch brand new shows so the writings on the wall where these companies are feeling the pressure that they have to get in eighty stop right now is down time warner looks great since this deal broke and since the news came out that
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stock has really gotten a lift but eighteenth the stock is down obviously this is going to cost an enormous amount of money for this takeover but it's really changing the media landscape and look for fewer and fewer companies in the future as you were discussed about stocks and all the bits that are out for that because probably disney is going to put another bid out against comcast i don't think disney's as a certainly going to let this go well let's talk about that a little bit. as you're sort of pining for twenty first century why would be such a good get. fox is a great guy and it's a good question and here's why because of the studios because of creating the content because of twenty first twenty first century fox the movies that they've created the studios in california or she huge money in that so they want to own those studios to be able to create even more content and they want to get bigger and bigger and bigger and i'm going to be honest with you i think disney and fox is a good it's a good partnership you think about the simpsons that's on fox disney would own the
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simpsons franchise i mean it's just seems like a perfect fit but contrast once a piece of that they put in an enormous bid over the price of what disney was offering and we haven't heard from disney get this just happened last week at any day now we could hear something back from busy i don't think it's going to stand where it's at right now this stock right now today had up over f o x j is the stocks tumble ahead up over forty five dollars a share this could go to fifty dollars a share before all is said and done or even over that everything is shaken out here . pretty incredible i think folks are thrown up on the screen look at that number going up and up it's a pretty amazing ok let's talk about does the as a standalone melissa as theme parks go ticket prices are over twenty percent what they were five years ago and it's about one hundred bucks on average per day one hundred twenty during the holidays in peak times and disney just announced that this friday a day before the new picture appear attraction opens at the california location for
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a mere two hundred ninety million dollars you can get a sneak peek a day before plus that incredible two movies just came out last weekend and i guess you can tell who has a little one around the house and it opened at number one making one hundred eighty million dollars over the weekend but in the aggregate more so how is does the doing . disney stock is doing great again they got a lift from the news that when it came through before initially when they bid for fox the stock got a lift and even the stock looks great now it's in an uptrend it's not that far off the highs disney has really been capitalizing on this idea of creating new new creatures new movies new content new things to interest people disney has always done a great job with that with creativity now they want to expand they're going to own more of who they're going to i think sixty percent of hulu if this box a big goes through which is a big deal because you can watch content through hullo but also disney is pulling all of their programming for you to watch off of netflix by the end of this year so that's a big deal to disney's see is again the writing on the wall for viewing shows not
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only through television and movies but also in the internet and disney wants to control more of that charging for to view it on their or programming and that's why it is it is a good deal to buy to buy fox and they can again have the studios be able to create even more movies and pictures and that's where the money is so they can charge those prices to get to express more interesting to get at the parks or they have the characters they have the parades with the characters they make all the theme park and the rides with the characters that's what disney does really well so people pay for it they're following the money i want to look at. how they're doing doing that stock is down to it's very interesting the stocks that are trying to take over these companies with the exception of disney are down so. which is taking over time warner stock is down stock going to down trend time warner's up you have comcast that stock is down stock is a down trend since they put the bit in it's still down compared to disney.


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