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videos of child pornography assisted new york f.b.i. field director william after sweeney jr as a lead chilled to utterly retreat this nation and downright violated his victims as an employee of the cia sheltie took an oath to protect this country but he blatantly endangered by the transmission of classified information if convicted he could spend the rest of his life behind bars and washington national banks are to. explain to me again how one can steal property of the government when the people are the government and we live in a democracy it's like when you see signs that say u.s. government no trespassing and i'm like. i pay taxes i'm a citizen why are we here this is one of those things that i mean the child pornography thing aside to sit there and say this once again we're going after people who are trying to show the show the weaknesses and are in what we need this
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this was a i mean if this was really a threat to our national security every time they say this since nine eleven this leak was a threat to national security this could put us and yet. what's happened that's the who is hacking all these banks looking like it's the u.s. government right nobody. you know like this is is this idea it's the same you know it's no different than the scare tactics of anything it's you know my go back things are going to happen you have no army idea how many terrorists we've saved you from done it's always the thing too they always go back to that same thing oh this poor like you said this personally therefore it's going to destroy i mean fire is going to rain down from the sky the cia as we know it will crumble will never be able to protect our borders whatsoever all because the ground because it was a josh was sold to the twenty nine year old twenty nine years old gave a massive trove of information to wiki leaks and government and u.s. government hacking tools and that's something to it was fascinating to read this it was fascinating to know what the cia has its at its disposal like you know even the
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n.s.a. that we don't know who has or has not or doesn't share our views so it's fascinating when you see all this stuff and it's good because that's what our tax dollars being spent that's our tax dollars being spent and we need to know that as soon as i think what it says is that one if the cia is so great why the heck are so many twenty something year old able to walk in with a thumb drive and walk out with this information and get it all the way there and apparently at the same time be keeping stacks of child porn in their house but nobody at the cia knows that is a failure on their part don't tell me you're the intelligence gathering you know information when you didn't know that this guy had access to this computer took this stuff and sent it away and he was told it could have been anything and do you think god it's just leaking things that the american people should know about what happens when it's something they shouldn't what happens when it's someone who can see it's so easy and they're going to have to say i'm just saying oh you're so
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weird so weird where are you guys are going right now i mean that's exactly it you know in the end it just it is it's that thing of like look you know everyone uses these things to attack like. wiki leaks and things like that again i can't stress the slow our money paid for all of this we have a right to know and no soldier was put in harm's way i didn't hear about some platoon getting slaughtered because of shoulder the shoulder released all this information we never heard of and about the no individual her and remember we never actually used any of these right so i'm not sure why so he it was dangerous and his victims on all these things that happened then and oh my god where do you know how did all these problems he may have caused except go back to when it all came out they went oh that's nothing so it's either nothing or it's an obstruction of justice you have to decide these lawyers sabrina shroff had said back in may that her client was deeply saddened that he might face espionage related charges this week she says that with all the evidence is clear the public will discover what but
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he's hardly the villain of the government tries to make him out to be. which is why i would weigh this the idea of putting him as you know it's always he was with a hooker he might have been you know in the fifty's they called you a homosexual and now it's all of the porn and so i urge people to maybe go about the weird thing to bring up in this and suddenly to only come up now again if you people trading kiddie porn working for the cia you have a bigger problem and you need to fix it on your head not. just so people realize like according to the washington post back in twenty twelve the federal government has a good idea of how much we say is secret and the federal government is keeping petabytes that's a million give each of information secret every year that's an awesome amount of yeah that's also not a democracy exactly that is a dictatorship by the omission of information by hiding these things you are you
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are not allowing people to have the knowledge you are not allowing a free democracy you're not allowing free speech you're expecting people to have the correct opinion based on very little information and only be in for. yeah you can say that you have a properly functioning government a bay believe but that much of what they have needs to be secret had to abide petabytes that's absolutely ridiculous charge as we go break or watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we cover the facebook and twitter and see our poll show that r t dot com coming up we bring you the second half of job skills interview with ph d. as well the boss author of the new book the cartels do not exist so trafficking in culture and mexico state to watch the.
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lead. little. little leg. exercises financial survival guide. when customers go buy your do some place. else well reducing lower. that's undercutting not what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy. ph d. and author as well those of all as they are both the cartels do not exist drug trafficking
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and culture in mexico is challenging the official narrative surrounding drug cartels and the governments that hunt them down recently sat down with of. let's discuss his new book and the holes it's creating and the official legend surrounding the courthouse today we present the second half of that fascinating interview where shannon's avali get into what we know and don't know about the official story surrounding cartel then take a listen. it's a fascinating issue you mentioned chopra really i want to go back to that momentarily you said that basically you seem like you sort of dismiss chapal as far as his influence and power as a sort of drug lord that came up from being a sort of image of the you know his back story but he was more like a sort of a tough guy within. a kind of like al capone type of guy right now comes up and basically takes over as this major drug lord and then we assume that he was so feared that he could even break out of jail and pose a serious threat even you know they were talking about you know he could pose a threat to trump for example but you're you dismissing his ultimate influence and
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power. and i did not doing so out of pure expect you lation i mean if you if you follow. the main events surrounding his downfalls he's many folds at least you know you will find many contradictions between you know the official discourse claiming that he's seen oh this drug lord you know as you mentioned that you know at some point in his organization controlled drug trafficking in more over fifty countries of the world right. and who apparently you know surrounded his skin self constantly with with guards up to three hundred armed guards accompany him everywhere he would go and then he says he's downfall in the most precarious way the first one of the second the second time he was captured in mexico that happened three days after president obama visited the end up in the. still current president and to get into and talk and discuss about his policy on national security
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and almost as if pressing the ticket and it was telling president obama look we think we can handle this we've got this. three days later chappell was captured without any gunshots produced and then. the third time in final time he was caught as you as you know came in the most humiliating fashion right after this interview with sean penn and actress mexican actress kay that gets to you he was detained. very easily hours before rolling stone published that article so there's a lot to be said about the timing of this captures and if and the e.c. i guess axis that the state show would whenever it decided to capture it chop wood that's just first the first thing that i would say but the second thing is the most important argument that i make in my book is that there's simply no money to be found right under his name and for his defense and on his accounts right and that's
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something that is very puzzling right because a lot of. pundits would say well you know he's very skilled in masking you know the money and they versifying and in hiding it but you can never really then that and the fact that he is extradited completely powerless. and basically vulnerable to whatever u.s. authorities and you is justice would want to do with them so this man who held the most powerful empire you know criminal organization in the world suddenly is without any power extradited in the band and then and then the story gets even more twisted right currently for example the da and u.s. intelligence is now selling the. still the most powerful organization but also that the school you know and it us into a new generation school card bill it's also in the game also controlling drug trafficking in overt and other countries and then it will set us are still so of
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course an international organization again controlling drug trafficking in three or four other countries they tell us also that the one that cartel the juarez cartel also. of money and movement of money in flows of money and all over the world and what is really interesting to me is is to how to accept that you know the possibility that these organizations can basically distribute the world among themselves a world of drug trafficking and very peacefully go about their business say for example controlling the drug trade in north africa but they cannot somehow find that peace in mexico and they must fight each other for this very precarious territories in the truck on in the state of get out all right and in places that you know do not matter much if you're controlling say for example the flux of drugs in new york city. so there is it's very it's very difficult to make peace with what you hear in the news and it's been coming from official discourse in what reality
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shows you once this drug lords are captured one thing for example that that was noted immediately when sean penn did that interview with chappell i don't know if you remember but. using a cell phone answering some of the questions posed and it took him a few days to do that because they couldn't find a translator for the questions written in english into spanish for him to be able to answer so this man who supposedly controlled this men's empire that had a foot in fifty three countries that had accounts that launder money every they could not have available to himself a translator for the questions of champagne and there's many contradictions we can go on and on on how these characters are made basically of official discourse that it's never been verified the same happens for example with the famous article from forbes magazine claiming that a chopper was one of the richest man's richest men in the world and what you would
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see in that article is that it's based on pure expect you lation and of course some of the u.s. intelligence you know how many how much money it's made in the directory but of course assuming that somehow he controlled a monopoly on drugs and so that is and that is basically that many and among many others the contradictions that i work on. absolutely and so i mean i get i think the argument you're making is ultimately these cartels can exist without the state ultimately supporting their infrastructure and this is an argument that we've seen from critical journalists across the board that say look the drug traffic is largely controlled through state apparatus is intelligence agencies are aware of it allow it condone it oftentimes the traffickers and dealers are really the ones who are being escorted across the country whereas the migrants who are maybe caught in the border trafficking drugs are sort of small time players what is your take on trump's efforts to sort of you know to curtail the immigrant who are draft
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trafficking in drugs and sort of as he calls them criminal activity what is the purpose behind that rhetoric we see this is the most fascinating thing they have drug trafficking as a national security threat in mexico at least it's a very recent invention you know before the year two thousand nobody thought or even imagine drug cartels to pose any real danger to civil society. or to the federal or state governments before two thousand what you would see also not only in the media but even in novels and fail in in music in any cultural object being produced about the drug trafficking is that you would have this these organizations were actually very precarious the work cartel was not even in use you know before heavily news before you know they were the year two thousand and most imagination in most public opinion about them was that you know they led very precarious very difficult lives you know the often threatened by the state after two thousand what we see is the transformation the radical transformation of this
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discourse and the of the drug cartel that's the national security threat comes directly to the mexican government from the u.s. . in. and this is what i'm discussing in the book on the one hand you know the first objective is to circulate this military is a gemini you know from the u.s. . into mexico in the very same way they did in colombia and they still do in colombia specially now with the election of and second you know for deprivation of natural resources that we discussed so most of what we think about drug cartels then really comes from this discourse and this t.g. operational. selling of the drug cartels some sort of a national security threat and this of course explains the insistence on the part of president from to keep talking about this organizations if they really pose any sort of an immediate threat not only just to mexico but of course to the u.s.
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border as violence supposedly spills over. and so what i'm arguing here is of course not to deny that drug trafficking can be an issue for especially for social health and for policing purposes but it is not in the it's never been a problem for national security in the field if we think it is it's only because it's been circulated insistently from the part of our government in mexico and in the u.s. with this two objectives in mind that i discuss. absolutely that's all to thank you so much for coming on and joining me today really appreciate your insights thank you so much thank you for listening. while you can be snug as a bug in a rug when it comes to smarts bugs always seem to get the short end of the stick or bottom of the chute for that matter but all that may be changing thanks to an incredible new experiment involving honeybees and the concept of zero yes french and australian researchers have discovered through greater than and less than experiments that the honeybee it may indeed inhabit rarefied air within the animal
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kingdom as being one of just a few creatures on earth capable of understanding the concept of zero or nothing adrian dyer a researcher at our mit university in australia and a co-author of the new study exclaimed we've long believed only humans have the intelligence to get the concept but recent research has shown monkeys and birds have the brains for it as well what we haven't known until now is whether insects can also understand zero but this is of course old news to any kid who is a fan of buzz that the honey nut cheerios i mean after all are true is nothing but those little tiny whole grains zeros. right there they will zero zero zero that's a great a bowl but i'd like the bees actually would know you know they're flying up to this because they know like ok there's nothing there that general that after they've begun under it we know a lot of analysts can understand one two three how much of something but not going to recognize nothing is usually there's the thought that it takes higher
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intelligence so that's a big deal it was worth or the others are still pretty good to remember everyone in this world or about the real love the love so it goes well i love you i am a robot and have a lot less keep on watching those hawks look great. one of the more so can be and what because. this mean what i mean i well me and nothing . but the fantasy of. the rich who. moved.
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when i was a. dumb move to move to. the school of. ole industry and run into these images and say oh well what. about someone who's been in the. winter with them and is that and there have none he moved can you hear me. so that's most of.
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this day seven of the fee for world cup in russia europe wide just beat saudi arabia one nil in rostov on don that means the host nation russia makes it through to the knockout stages the first time in more than thirty years. also on wednesday european champions portugal sent the first team packing from the tournament after beating morocco one nil. we talked to the former fee for president sepp blatter who announced russia as the host nation back in twenty ten about his impressions of the current one. this was the best start ever because it's my eleventh's world cup and when they arrived yesterday i saw a little bit is my world cup. in the news ease states are condemning the
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u.s. decision to withdraw from the un human rights council saying the move may undermine washington's role as a champion of democracy. is eight pm and you're watching r.t. international live from our moscow studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program the whole week has passed since the biggest party on the planet kicked off in russia but thankfully there are still another three weeks of the world cup to go for all the details as well as the latest updates less go live to our special studio in the very center of moscow.
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it's another beautiful evening here in the heart of the russian capital it's been a big day on day seven for c r seven i am absolutely to be alongside peter schmeichel fantastic shirt and it's great to have you inside it yeah i think it's nice it's a beauty it looks fantastic with the backdrop and then the place tomorrow so you're calling patriotic and it's already. very place for us if we play them i play australia tomorrow at three o'clock and quite looking forward to it that's going to be one to look forward to that said back to the moment as a result just then you had a nice nap during this game didn't you are going to saudi arabia not that one not that we're now seeing that we're supposed to again you know of course although i do think one particularly brilliant this is you're going to argue if you want this is
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how the great looks now it is a significant result if not then the training is the main stuff russia through this is history first time union russia maybe three to the knockout stages of a world cup and your wife kind of scraped through with this as we predicted all along that saudi arabia would dominate you reply is not much to. say russia first and first and foremost it was. just play last night the way it was over do you feel comfortable with the changes that. the manager made take the they paid off and they they won the game and i can tell you the party here and in most. after that was incredible and it's been going on for in fact all day and it will continue now because now you know that i started the site but we always thought that your goal right from this group was was a team to beat and in all fairness that they have there through as well don't
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forget that. but they have played in the two games they played awful but sometimes this is what the world cold call was all about scrape through the group stages and then you turn on the at the chime in and then our faces and now it's a straight one russian yorker i play it's a straight up game for the first position in the group russia and can do the job to tobacco score but. it's going to be in now the game with that we're going to watch in about yeah about an hour's time between ron and spain would have so much significance because now we can see the pattern of that group because obviously the it's a portugal spain rank group that russia and europe i pad within the next stage so and let me just put this in now neal here. i said to me and i'm going for you those were your words yeah i'm going for iran versus russia in the next day in the next naming. but either portugal all spain won't go through that's
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a big statement that well after what you sort of portugal today this is the game we fell asleep. quite possibly the european champions they were awful again they were not good and spain spain is easily the best team we've seen but what spain did manage to do was to beat bush on the rinaldo not portugal but christiana rinaldo he was he was also in that game scored three goals a game in the three three if you remember and today it took him four minutes to prove get again that he is the most productive and most effective player in the world he scored one nil he was at the end of. the cross but the way he got to that cross was incredible and the game stayed one no that was in the. fourth minute by the way also because i think it's a little bit later a bit more about the the political game and the events fame let's just see things go from the year of one much because this wasn't an attractive gave an amazingly saudi arabia as i said as you predicted post-race and this was the guy always
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change for players to pizza the spanish pro he's only had two games with saudi arabia before the world cup he came into his job in november he made four changes one of them was the goalkeeper of the goalkeeper the change so the new goalkeeper he started with that mistake and that left the boat full force was who reacted well and got the ball in the back and it stayed like that for the rest of the game but i have to say it was two different saudi arabia teams that we saw from from the russia game to this today they actually passed europe right more possession most shots on goal you know and we will talk and it's sort of the last fifteen minutes we're told hey yorker i could be dropped with you because if so you're a good score i could not see anything in the euro one seam that could change the pattern of the game that will playing and that means that you know you're stuck in what you're doing and that wasn't working and saudi arabia was actually in in many ways busting your gries asinus would you call that a schoolboy ever did you ever make one of those where you comfort and missed the
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crossing together a missile to you know how do you know you'd never know now and to me that never happened even on the head and you didn't when you were a kid all the time that's why you never became a goalkeeper so he was the second choice i tried to think what number three choice might be maybe we'll see him the next but we have to remember with saudi arabia is that in qualification they they they had the same coach that was at the guy who's actually coaching. australia now. but from so so he was there from fifteen to seventeen september seventeenth they decided to sack him then they employed someone else. two months in the job and he got sacked and then he came in and he's only had two games with the team to get it right and you know. you can you can argue that he wasn't completely sure about the team in the first game and he got more shoe off for this game they played ok for this game and you know i hope they win the last one because a little bit of joy for them and a really good manager in
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a very very difficult situation slim proved that they were actually a pleasure to watch all the time think they were better. ok with russia recording their second easy victory to push past egypt on tuesday you can imagine how moscow celebrated we showed you plenty pictures of it that's for sure that the entire capital of a ship before was a bust even though we were joining in the noise up here and then you went down there absolutely straight after that yes so everyone was staying out all night some visitors couldn't get a proper nicely not me among them was former fever president sepp blatter who shared his impression of the tournament with us. as you arrived last night did you manage to get much sleep with all the revelers action the streets of moscow in the city of today victory and domestic the big story of russia. until four o'clock in the morning in the hotel that it's impossible to sleep but up to this was good but it was a wonderful to witness at their arrival this second victory all for russian team
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qualified to for the next round and everything is over now it is actually it's made it a very very open to a very open going back and it's always a good thing isn't it when the host nation as a world cup has such a good start for me this was the elementary this was the best start ever because it's my eleventh's world cup. i was very actively. against the first match of the organizing committee of the of the host dead simple and just make it even more and now it's all well it's all gold needs some says central. for the whole competition and also it benefits the country as a whole doesn't it if he keeps it not only a psychological base also an economic boost as well absolutely and you know what is important also that this the bulk of russia where they have been the most so
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all that say. so many doubts about the organization will the abilities sense on what will happen it started it started it started there for whom it to and especially in the stadium is of on the full are meant to disable football is good is not good at the best because in the first round to have to look a little bit of good to see both in d.c. television audience international russia is now in although both in all the world by television mondal bizzle and this is very important how do you think that they are has had an impact on this well cup you think is a positive thing to think it's a negative thing i say mga it is it is not yet totally and ready to be introduced in a vote because the we are it would be good if the.
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