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you can argue with two games six points that this is this is proper propose to fix if tournament playing stuff he told and play your best game in the first game of the six you don't peek in the who face you know just try to get through the coup face and then you progress from there so you know we know we know the qualities of the euro grind seem we always name will come on ian and then suarez because players in there can score goals so as long as you have this this kind of quality up front would always make the results you always scold them. i. know we did but much. like you have somebody out there when somebody. was so ideally tough and leading. and i think you know what it's like.
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they did that five months. finally. next wednesday that's when they would be to good much today voting today pitiful this when they kind of still would. not. even. nap. but look toward one to nixon. and good luck to sell you an a.b.m. mix for you. so odd expect your whites play better and they now have a free game which i think is very important they now have a game win where they can experiment a little bit and get the things that are working can't them right and it's not going to cost them most a game against russia do you think russia will do this experiment they. are still.
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it's a sense of is always changing what he thought was he was going to play with in these championships. one of the changes were obviously made to an injury that has worked really well. and then he made this big change with those who were up front and this small of on the bench which was very brave for the paper paid off for him i think he's kind of kidding he's eleven right now. i don't know if russia has peaked and they've played at the highest level we've scored eight goals which is incredible in two games start added by a bios and i hope not i mean it it really is important that the whole host nation. stays in the tournament for the sake of the tournament and for the for the the atmosphere and for for for for people as hosed to still have a vested interest in this so. i just wanted to say you talking about you know the vested interest in how successful host nation kicks of a great atmosphere russia are all playing today you still hear the whole mess and
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some chancing coming from from from down there the atmosphere everything. is annoying me but now to what actually is fear remains still fun testing and that's just one of the questions about the atmosphere here that was put to the full fee for chief joe so i set the blacks and put a very formally chosen set blatter who said that we can't partridge in our studio earlier. as you arrived last night did you manage to get much sleep with all the revelers action the streets of moscow you see after day big tree and domestic big three of russia. until four o'clock in the morning into a hotel that's a bus if that is the tough to vs could put clothes on the floor to witness at the arrival this second victory of the russian team qualified for the next round and everything is open it is that she's made it a very very i think sort of very open. and it's always
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a good thing isn't it when the host nation as a world cup has such a good start and told me this was the elementary this was the best start ever because it's my eleven sold. ten i was in a very actively here and i guessed the the first match of the organizing committee of the of the host and that's important and just like an even more and now it's all gold it's all gold needs success ensured for the whole competition and also it benefits the country as a whole doesn't it if he keeps it not only a psychological base also an economic boost as well absolutely and you know what is important also that this world cup russia where they have been the you saw it say. so many doubts about the organisation will the abilities and so on what will happen it started it started it started there for whom it.
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and especially in the stadium because of wonderful amens in this age of football is good is not good at the best because in the first round you have to look a little bit of good to see both and you see television audience international russia is now in all the world in all the world by television on the visual and this is very important how do you think that we are has had an impact on this while competing is a positive thing to think it's a negative thing by same good it is it is not yet totally and ready to be introduced in a vote because the we are it would be good if the. in the let's say the referees get the television referees should always be just same group. because now they change every match and you know when the referee.
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according to the also think game it is always said if in the old piƱon of today if it is in the opinion of today it is that there is no one feel sophie to approach the days of the air and these must be that is most speed prove it because there are some doubts and. lead seeing that in the future it will not create problems let's go back to the gate and let's get back to it all those matches that are coming out which is that we've looked at the the i think they're being fixed is there we get the results i mean do you think let's get let's get a prediction here do you think he's going to win the world cup the winner of to find him after you know it's easy to say that it's easy to say that that you see now already at the very beginning of one of the big teams of his nose and then depending if they finish first in the group or not then everything can change there because it is a plan which has been established that number one should always win at the fifty's
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not the case then all four of the possible solutions are now or. wise words from. a former fee for presidents in his eighty's who by the way at the moment is either banned i don't know banned the suspended from football but this tournament is already proving that football indeed is a unifying force after the shot of a fan celebration went viral. which is a crowd of rival supporters lifting a man in a wheelchair as they watched the game in the fan zone took place on the first day of the world capacity of the sentiment the funny see that was twenty five year old egyptian a sound said pete he came to russia to support his national team and he shared with us the story behind the photograph. it was an amazing experience a lot of people are saying it was because of the they were helping me. to watch the
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match but we were actually just celebrating for the opening ceremony and all these guys i just met and we were celebrating the end scene and all of a sudden i find myself up in the air it's crazy we haven't really had a lot of luck but other than that i think the atmosphere over here is amazing and people are great everyone is so friendly you can you can really feel the love from everyone around you i think sports in general gives you an opportunity to create so much more to live a different life every obstacle is an opportunity for you to step up and just enjoy life more and. live life to the max all right anticipation is now building ahead of thursday's match between argentina and croatia croatia surprisingly for many now tops group d. after beating nigeria the south americans and talisman leo messi really need a win after unexpectedly dropping two points against new comer. the argentina team arrives on wednesday and nizhny novgorod where the game will
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take place with fans highly excited by messi as a rival or two world cup co-host. shares his thoughts on the upcoming. issue. is a team with some talented experienced players actually in the best clubs in the world i don't see that in the past two years they've had enough revolution for the next generation but they have still a group of players especially and that means field players of the best we have in the world. but that's in croatia has the team is capable to give up to give them a difficult match. stock
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market manipulation by insiders. by regulators like. all the f.c.c. is doing here is see what you can look up on urban dictionary what that means all they're trying to do is cover their tracks so that when the lawsuits happen they can say oh we were aware of it we warned against it we're on top of it but they are
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aiding and abetting the regulators or captured the regulators or venal the regulators. are right welcome back you are watching our team international switching gears to other news around the world this hour donald trump has signed an executive order preventing the separation of children from their families on the us mexico border. that he created and that begin with that follows a barrage of criticism of the policy which has been in place since april. but going to have strong very strong borders but we're going to keep the families together i didn't like the site where the feeling of families being separated is a problem that's gone on for many years as you know through many administrations and we're working very. ordered never gratian it's been. this left out in the cold people haven't dealt with it and we are dealing with it step by step the u.s.
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president however said the so-called zero tolerance prosecution policy on the illegal border crossings would continue the fact of the policy i have seen is that children whose parents are charged with illegal entry are separated from them and held at special facilities. i. know number of protests broke out in major u.s. cities over the issue demonstrators held up images showing children being kept in prison like conditions and crying it all comes after the investigative nonprofit organization pro publica published audiotape purported to be of children crying at a detention facility run by u.s. customs and border protection some harrowing sound.
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i'm. sure for the. people who. do it is. a right you are. well some claim that there were actually similar cases where migrant children were separated from their parents during president obama's tenure however those were much rarer and as some claim it did not constitute a systemic policy as opposed to the one promulgated by the trumpet ministration. i to discuss this issue further was cross live to denver volatile human rights and labor lawyer thanks for being with us here on r t international. i've been
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following the situation of the beginning it's just mind boggling to wrap your brain around it on any level but so the u.s. just announced its exit from the u.n. human rights council in the last twenty four hours following the council's criticism of the us separating migrant children from their parents but today trump signed an executive order supposed to end the separations. policy which he created in the first place it doesn't seem like a bit of a reversal for the white house i mean do they even have a coherent policy at this point well. i mean what happened was there was just a massive. outrage based on what was happening and. he gave in to that which is good. so one republican senator from oklahoma has even said that russian bots are to blame
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somehow for the controversy by sowing discord among americans. russian bots are blamed for a lot of things what's your reaction to his claims. this is nonsense people in this country from all walks of life were to this even right wing groups they focus on the family were upset about it the catholic bishops conference was upset about it i mean because this is an outrage just policy you know i'm the parent anyone who's a parent the idea of our kid being wrenched away from us it's terrible it's not acceptable we didn't need russian bots to tell us that that's just ridiculous. kind of keeping with us or russian bought them or not being a russian bought actor peter fonda who is known for being an activist in many ways he went on a twitter rampage over the immigrant family separation. called for ripping barren trump from his mother's arms and putting him in a cage with pedophiles. now that seems pretty harsh have some of these
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reactions to the separations gone a little bit too far. well obviously no one should call for a child to be put in with pedophiles and in fact in this case we know them a lot of trauma was against us aussie you know convinced to go against it but it the same time i understand equals being upset about it i mean there's nothing worse than taking an innocent child from their parents and this was just by out of sadism there is no policy behind this except to punish these people. who are coming from your very difficult circumstances so i understand the emotion behind certain. this claim or it's the same so-called cages for children being used by federal immigration officials to detain child border crossers were used to allegedly by former prop bomb administration. obviously not
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so widespread why is there so much outrage now is this just a case of one of mr asian going too far. well i think this separation the family is death thing went too far and i think that's a big part of it but yeah there is let's face it there is a double standard i mean obama was the deporter in chief peter ford three million people more than every president of the united states combined to see trump to ports and people and yes obama was putting people in cages in fact we saw the picture went viral that it democrat tweeted of the kids in a cage it turned out to two thousand and fourteen under obama but there is a double standard people were ok with this when obama was doing it and they don't like trump so they're not ok with him doing it and that sort of partisan. position is baffling to me of something is wrong it's wrong whether obama does it does this
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policy is wrong or right interesting to hear thoughts thanks for being with us here in our international denecke of all of the human and labor rights where thanks for if it's thank you. and it does for me i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more news you're watching international stay with us. for. the iranian ayatollahs have become much more aggressive after the nuclear deal . twenty fifteen the only way to stop it is with russia and the united states work together what i think we share in common is much more than what separates us and i believe that the united states has realized that russia has legitimate interests in the middle east and before you know during the cold war and in it even after the cold war it was like a zero sum game. join
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me everything on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics sport that's less i'm show business i'll see of that. this is both of us broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. i'm part children thank you for joining us appreciate it the organization of petroleum exporting countries opec meets in the end on friday but today will give you a sneak peek at what to expect on policies and prices with oil trader in the founder of greenberg capital david greenberger and as there is more media merger news we
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take a deep dive look at a definitive media disruptor net flix with the host of the big picture here in r.t. america hollings talks plus in the wake of a recent report by the u.s. social security system trustees will ask kevin question of the center for economic policy research what could be done to change some of the different forecast on the financial demise of the program all that ahead but first we get to a few of. the family separation issue is again dominating the news today and condemnations of the policy pour in from many quarters including the business world and earlier today president donald trump said that he would quote sign something to end the practice tech related companies were in the forefront of the growing backlash with microsoft employees organizing a letter to their c.e.o. demanding an end to the company's twenty million dollar data processing contract with immigrations and customs enforcement the list of big names in the tech adin out tech sector denouncing the policy now includes tim cook of apple it on must of
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tesla and other key c.e.o.'s including that of google over and cisco meanwhile the lead official implementing the policy of de facto kidnapping homeland security secretary kristen nielsen felt the wrath of public backlash here in washington actually just a block away from here if she attempted to dine out at of all places a mexican restaurant laughter evening was confronted by protesters before she abruptly left. and filling out a headline that broke as we went to air yesterday mcclatchy reported that the number of unaccompanied minors the trumpet ministration has lost track of is around six thousand up sharply from the previously reported fifteen hundred lost in this case means sponsors who were given to children did not respond to cell phone calls which is pretty troubling and while the executive order to end the family separation issue as just been signed by president trump the details are currently unclear we're going to have more on this on immigration the business impact of not
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just us immigration but other global immigration issues on our next program. australian telecommunications company telstra has announced that it will be slashing more than eight thousand jobs over the next three years most of the jobs are expected to be from middle management and about one of every four executive positions the company has been facing increasing pressure as the industry has become more competitive with the company already preparing to sell more than one point five billion dollars in assets by twenty twenty and that's not all chevron is making waves off australia's coast as it finished the construction of two massive liquefied natural gas plants the company spent more than eighty eight billion dollars in order to build the plants and order to produce more than twenty five million tonnes of l. and g. this move will make australia the largest export or of ellen g. by next year overtaking qatar investors shareholders are joining privacy advocates and urging amazon not to sell facial recognition technology to law enforcement
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nineteen investor groups that brand themselves as socially responsible and manage a total of ten billion dollars an amazon common voting stock say the technology called recognition that spelled with a k. could create legal liability for amazon the investors also alluded to a threat to privacy rights that led three dozen evison groups including the american civil liberties union to send a letter in may that demanded amazon's growing web service division stop selling the. ology to law enforcement the advocate said the technology could effectively eliminate the freedom to walk down the street without being surveilled in an over police community especially those in communities of color is it suppressed freedoms of speech freedom of speech by identifying protesters. and on friday the off the opec the organization trying out for income countries meets in vienna to discuss whether or not they're going to continue their
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production cups with cuts with other countries namely russia and to have more on that sort of prognosticate on what's going to happen and what it may mean on policy and prices we had the founder and c.e.o. of greenberg capital david greenberg thank you david for joining us or good to have you with us again my pleasure bar always good to see you and so after we had these cuts what are they been in place for another eighteen months or even longer at one point six million barrels a day and russia was the big kahuna that joined opec it looks like they're on sort of pace to get rid of that in fact some say that if we didn't see an end to those. production cuts we could see one hundred dollars barrel of oil but you're a former are you still trade but trade a lot for at nymex on oil for years and years and i always appreciated your advice over the years was that the commission david but how do you see things going forward. well it's interesting for some of your newer and younger viewers what we need to realize is that we're just seeing opec be opec and we've played this out
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every year for really the past thirty years the impressive thing is that they've actually held it together over the last eighteen months and pulled some supply off and got the bump that they were looking for but the infighting has always been there and what we're seeing with the drama between iran and russia and saudi arabia we've all seen before and you know if you look back in history and what i think will happen is they'll probably come out to some sort of an agreement they'll give some sort of minimal raise but the question's going to be like it's always been throughout history is who cheats and how much yeah there's been a lot of cheating in the past it seems david and particularly when you see iran's production which may go down i note that india said they're going to continue to get iranian oil and stuff but it may happen if iran does lose some production and who fills that in let me ask you though about a couple of key players that you mentioned russia you know russia was part of this deal there they are one of the top three all producers with the saudis and and the
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u.s. they're pretty critical component of these cuts what are they doing it like it or not russia is the main player on the world stage in this debate on that between making the g seven or g eight or however you want to look at it but russia is going to want to pump as much as they can because they need the money right now and it's a good way for them to bring it in so i think russia is going to pressure very hard to get these limits raised one of the other members previously fairly significant but not so quite as much of late as venezuela and lot of people don't even know venezuela part of a part of opec to this not in the middle east of course but with all their political problems david are they pretty much a person out now. this well is one of the most incredible stories that is absolutely not being covered anywhere in the world i've gotten video and pictures from friends there were there last year about the rioting in the streets and everything that's going on and their infrastructure is absolutely crumbling and
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even at these oil prices that's a bump for them which you would think would be good the problem that they have now is between their ports falling apart their mechanics on their wells falling apart they're down from one point four a day to one point two a day and they're worried that they met even go under a million barrels so even if they wanted to be a major player they just can't because the country itself is imploding and the infrastructure on their oil is imploding so they're basically off the chart as far as being a real significant factor because even if you said you could they could do five hundred thousand barrels more a day they can't give they can't get it out if this is a means that and how about the demand side david have strong demand assume that's going to continue for the next few years sure war and seasonally strong the man anyway and you know as well as well as you know worldwide things are good economies are kind of humming along so you know i don't see the demand dropping off that quickly unless there's a major world event which right now things seem to be going pretty well well let me
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ask you about world events there a little bit and i don't know the answer to this one so i'm pleased to have your take on it but do all these trade wars the tariff talks eccentric do they have any impact on oil prices or on the oil industry in general. i don't really think so first of all for american oil we don't export that much to begin with listen we're far better than we were when we heard zero so that's just going to be a small impact but i think what is going to happen with the trade wars is that time now that it's kind of like your tariff against my tire of cooler heads will prevail in six months to a year you're going to see everything just not work itself out but they'll be deals that are made and will be arrangements made and i think you'll see the pressure really but i don't see it you would have seen it already you know in as far as a major spike and we've had a nice move but it hasn't been anything you know goliath type of a move on the way up yeah and i want to ask you a general price question before we have to go but you know we did see. it trading now around sixty five or sixty six but it was up you know from the seventy's and
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brant was trading around seventy four bucks today that's down from the i think it peaked over eighty couple weeks ago and gasoline prices in the states the current prices to eighty eight per gallon that's down a bit from a week or month ago but but still up from a year ago where it was to twenty eight so what do you expect going forward for sort of the rest of the year david well as you know i've been a bear my entire life and energy is but i felt seventy five dollars oil i mean oil when it was at one fifteen and then i felt the same way when it was at thirty five i think we're coming out to a pretty good equilibrium and you have to remember the world didn't fall apart when we hit one hundred one hundred ten there was some stress and the world and flourished were to an outstanding amount when we were thirty five so while we are up a little bit we're still so drastically lower from the all time highs that the economy can handle that the people can handle in the world economy can have one so i see a stand around here in a very tight now or arrange for the next year so you don't you don't see it go in one hundred at least. no i just don't because i think they'll be so much cheating
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on the way out that it's going to have natural sellers going on the way out there would have to be a major major disruption or a major middle east conflict between iran and saudi with some major tensions to get it back up there because you're going to have natural selling all the way up on this market david thank you for your time david greenberg the founder of greenberg capital c n x time thank you. and the long standing component of the dow jones industrial average index general electric has been booted and replaced by walgreens boots growing up i recall standard bearers like g.e. and international business machines i.b.m. is always some of the dow's biggest stocks the move is somewhat of a landmark in that the dow began all way back in eight hundred ninety six and with g.e.'s departure now none of the original companies remains as part of the index and time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return we take
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a deep dive look.


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