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twenty seconds to your park business program exhibition urban. suburban forum dot com. headlining now a street in central moscow becomes the unofficial heart of the world cup crowds of fans keep the party going. or. from the parties to the pitch all the match analysis and predictions you will need for the world cup for mounties told. them like not be expecting. it in the. room they were killed it's a little too familiar with south american. and other news a possible meeting between presidents trump and putin fires up the media room and already expressing dismay. hello from moscow this thursday june the twenty first.
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headline news a little later in the program first though it's day eight of the world cup in russia and our special coverage of the tournament teams in group c. a day of getting their second games underway so live now to our team in central moscow. to the special. i'm tryna. be with you for the. opening just about two minutes or so ago yes and we're also going to share with you some tips on how to get the most out of the festivities came in russia. rather die . and we can actually see they can we're having
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a look at the match over there so you got denmark against australia over there in some are so so far we look like we just have an an early chance they're coming across but they also use that are going for denmark but we've got no score so far yeah a must win game of course for sure there's nobody. coming out of that group of course and would do would do well to get a point as well of course off with their wind gauge rule playing a little bit later as well so they're empty handed after losing to france what do you make of the shots that offer to look out that was really interesting is always watching the australia france game is how do how much australia press france i mean i have to say i have to make a confession here to say that i draw in france and in the sweepstakes so i'm sort of really rooting for the french bottle they were actually quite disappointing in the fact that like so many of the big teams actually in the early games they've struggled haven't looked at the opening draws that would have to put in the spain germany i mean what a shock that was nobody predicted that mexico would do so well you know to say france they made this very slow start the australians they really held every
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morning and i just feel just one task really sort of a walk there holding on to the french and and it wasn't really until paul popper sort of doing what he can do in flashes of brilliance that he doesn't show to consistently this season managing to get a deflected shot that just went over the line i mean when you looked at the goal line decisions i literally saw it was by an inch everybody that was watching the game literally led forward into the screen to see just how close it was a very narrow bit to the side and they used to go it alone is of course about gold in the b.o.r. technology for one of the first penalties that they have that's been something that's really been a major impact in this world cup using the how many half a dozen times maybe that's been used in fact more penalties i believe awarded than in previous thought it was put together in the first week or so so it's been quite a goal shower from penalties on that using that are also quite it's going to be simple it's quite contentious still v.a.r. it still is a topic of debate as well people saying well it's been used in circumstances that's proved that yes mistakes have been made but also he would say this being england fan. i mean harry cain probably had a couple of shots for
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a penalty as well to do speaking of hurricane and other stars you know this really has also been a foreman perhaps slightly on the performance for those coupons to get up so much before the game we're talking about the messy there were now of course you can see the underperformed as such the hat trick obviously goes against spain and the winner against american yesterday but these two players they have been contained all the time haven't they they have scored some goals but they've haven't really performed as much as perhaps we were expecting especially if you look at messi and messi of course dragging argentina through the qualification process he's going to really have to perform in this upcoming game is the too many shots of argentina going through i think the thing about the world cup is you really have to hit the ground running and it really is key so when your matches you could see by sort of the english reactions as well and also if you could see by the german fans and the mexican fans we're looking at that particular match you realize just how much something is on those opening games because also we were looking yesterday i mean portugal they were under pressure as well they really needed to get those three points which they did because they'd had that i mean day two or so it's added an
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extra spice to the world cup in the fact that the big teams as they were so many of them the favorites starting slowly there's only really been belgium who had that sort of convincing victory in terms of numbers which is made for a much more exciting world cup add into that as you said v.a.r. and the penalties and also the fact we've had more free kick goals than we've had in any other well cup so i thought the station would be yes the thing is that it of course got the game covered for you you don't need across one of these actually and some are for that class has been covering up the build up to the game let's take a look at what he's been getting up to. the markets is simple in this one if this trail you lose they are going home they will be qualifying for the round of sixteen things a little bit rosier for the danes if denmark win unproved will have a massive upset leader against france by beating and then it is denmark who will qualify for the last sixteen stage but i've been meeting lots of people just in a row in this stadium here. a lot more straightly infanta house he said i think
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they're in the top ten off tickets sold for this world cup troubling thought of milds you can imagine just how vocal they are it's also a bittersweet time for some you wait your whole life to qualify for a world cup then you get injured in the first game that was what happened to f.c. copenhagen midfielder william quist on the way to this live position i actually met some relations of his his parents in law unfortunately he was severely injured in the match against piru he had to sit two rapes broken and. punch it so he was actually returned to denmark to give us a prediction to they score. their dream yet training. russia good some are we just going to do so we need to sort of experience or there's lots of all these on the straight that have been due to die so it's gradually building so result pending tonight i think it's going to be a good one today a tough game are you going to do with these. extra time going to two on not just
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this trillion danish funds i can force you to have seen a lot of russian funds just with i take it's just coming out for a picnic having a day i got a big team here as well as the r.t.e. sponsors correspondent he actually met up with the local some more. to have their take on a modern day better than you. know me. so that is just some of the phone survey rounding the football of course on the auction just part of what's going on here at world cup twenty eight. we can bring you some breaking news that actually makes a difference from from global politics does it breaking sports news this time got a goal and not. morkel surely game just in the seventh minute perhaps a bit of
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a preview of what's to come christian eriksen well very well taken assist by your going to. assist from left into the penalty area right for the goal about twelve yards out no it's also the goal to be very confident taken indeed and perhaps a preview of what's to come soon absolutely i mean it's not man christian eriksen again i mean he's been pivotal to tell me he is the key player to watch the games only seven minutes and he's looking tough for australia now and we definitely have to win otherwise they're facing an early exit from the well here australia's fans in small ways have clients she's sixty eight years old she's been travelling to world cups for decades now and although she's a very committed fan she says unfortunately she's retiring this tournament will be her last. time happy to be. a lot. like. it. was not happy but she's not.
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just. sad i'm telling. you. and i have a small. suv but i wish it. was . as it oh. come on since the biggest party on the planet kicked off in russia and it's still going on trust me if you're trying to sleep here and there are still three mo weeks to go in the welcome so the city is hosting games across russia moscow here well of course as i have so many of the travelling files one particular streets become a bit of a beacon for supporters from around the whole world i was actually there for the russia qualification all mere qualification from the group parts you have to say fantastic atmosphere i've never seen anything like it in moscow you've been a while longer you probably haven't in fact many of the people i. spoken to my
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colleagues who born and bred muscovites they've said they have never seen quite the most fear that we have here right now people from all so many countries all celebrating the rush of qualifications as the russians as well. also the russians as well like no single call in london but one comes the week we call that so correspondent it was franco was working in the zone while i was there having a bit of rust he told us what that was like in that hot spot is that the look at his report. live from moscow a city of more than ten million people and i cannot believe how the world cup was able to retrieve all the map of landmarks in this city if you thought it was the kremlin possibly right square or the arbat street i'll have to tell you that this time you're wrong where best place to go in moscow might. just be that good is going. to have to satisfy the press where will the bottle i
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think in the box because dollars because i got on hugo last month got. like three three the street and the like someone i don't know on him you know you come in and i know said joe joe yeah so how do you find this street with the line i'll show you . now trust me you'll feel it when we get there. it is very tempting to stay on the right square but here we have to make a last. minute about this make clothes or the train i will never even during the one company. that has been here and make calls now there are no empty space on the wall. and
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that's. really. i. was. still oh. ok so. it seems like. to put it to me this sounds like nonsense was superior to the fact that it's true that was full of cars full stop the car. cut out of the top of the pick up. oh well over. think.
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you can. pull fans from argentina he faced croatia initially know if the running through de lay to have turned out in force here and even created a special challenge thanks i mean this russian soldier. i. have. well. will get the ball rolling it wasn't just a little bit later than i actually beaten. american opposition of course if you've
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got any predictions perhaps for this particular game you watch the last one well i would say let's take a while before i do that we will make objections let's listen to our co-host chose a very near history because he's been doing some predictions when he thinks he he thinks will win this one and then we'll talk about it this is a listen. i want to know. is a team with some talented experienced players in the best clubs in the world i don't think in that in the past two years there has been there for evolution for the next generation but they have still a group of players especially in the midfield players of the best we have in the world. as i wasn't in the. but that's in croatia has a team is capable to give up to give them a difficult. lot certainly his take i mean as i was jos i said that quite rightly
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cross over you start started to moderate right that it's. just a mention a few hours it's you know though that is the best defense in the world coming breech that they had an easy job against nigeria didn't they but i mean nigeria haven't been playing particularly well as we saw with the friendly before but this is now being built up very much isn't it about being messi and ronaldo between the two great stars of the world cup and the great stars of world football we've seen what christiane i were now there has done i mean the fact that he's on course for the golden boot as it stands for goals and little message but he just appointed me i mean in the opening match as well i mean he missed a penalty as well i mean it well not so unusual when it comes to missing penalties yeah this is the thing that everybody said that that's the point on these kinds of can you break the cd can you do well at penalties and also as i say they've ramped up this kind of this big play at issue in the world cup and in very much when you see how people are kind of competing it's their stage isn't it we've seen you know how. disappointed you see how certain teams have disappointed roger is he now is very much. under pressure they only got the one point though very much one of the
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favorites to do well at this particular how they did on the last one but it's always been a case of we can never say that messi was a great player like pele because argentina have never won the world cup and we can say that christiane our now though has dragged portugal through he managed to be injured and still drags them through to the european championships where it was for france to win so let's see whether or not he can improve international. money of course saying including those are just that a week or so ago this is potentially the last world cup all right i'll look for myself even allow the who's sort of fitness superman if you like i mean you watching it was a as a personal trainer from the physicality point if you use saw how wisely he plays how cleverly conserve his energy he's thirty three and they keep saying when they do all the tests when there's got the body of an eighteen year old well i would tell you would not you would you i mean he's got minimal body fat like seven percent body fat absolutely incredible but he does the way that we watch the way he plays if you're up on high we watch the game between portugal spain up in sochi and
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you can see how he effectively conducts the game he doesn't do so much tracking back to conserve his energy for those pinpoint attacks and obviously made very much the most of his chances i mean you know you've got a penalty he converted it you got a free kick you got one one time to play golf so yeah and then of course he got that extra goal that telling god to get that first victory for portugal so now it's time for messi to see let's put the argument actually on ironically going just a few years back in history it was march two thousand and six when messi scored his first ever goal for argentina and that was against croatia oh well so. it was less than a little step back in history well i've got my better ask to be maybe on a one one draw but we do have some other predictions as well. for myself and take this time we've got. the octopus penguins power as well and now we've had cleopatra tapir of all things a piece all over has been picking up some of the hot tips you should certainly people look out for. animals predicting results at big football tournament has become as. kerman places great goals and some for growth. this time around we've
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seen a psychic elephant in stuttgart the wonderfully named mystic marcus a pig in the united kingdom but here in the new nerve good old they've got their own animal iraq it's a beastly i'm not too familiar with the south american she's called cleopatra and she already came up trumps for the swedish she predicted that they would win against south korea that did come true right here and she's going to now predict not only the the outcomes of the game between argentina and croatia but she's also going to protect the much between england and panama it's played on sunday so let's have a look and see what we can expect if she's going to be right this time it seemed like the taper was picking croatia first then and a complete turnaround very firmly went for argentina could be a prediction game tonight oversee the fans from croatia i'm going to hope so but i was argentines need that win if they're try and get through to the next round we
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keep an eye to see how she picks. game but there are some allegations that perhaps they could have been a bias in the tapirs choice and that argentina croatia on the tape you deserve originate from south america. will thank you for from peter and the tapir there just a quick score update over from some are it still denmark one australia n.l. christian eriksen the children sense and fantastic play by the danes but still australia seem to be fighting back and they need to win that game i mean also playing this thursday is france peru they start in under three hours time in the catching back which is about two thousand kilometers east of moscow.
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through fans already out in force in the city like other nations of course have been giving bit of a cultural twist to russia's unofficial world cup some. actually means to be a song about you but actually it's a song from war to russia to do with the victory in the great wall around the girl waiting for a husband to come back home from the fighting very much beloved by russians farmers something this song at these sports events but obviously is now a little bit of a south american list as well for. the stream team six years now since the roof qualified for the world cup tens of
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thousands of fans turned up in russia to cheer their country for this tournament prove mark their first day with a frustrating one mil loss to denmark they were some promising signs those are in the game for them so it's not all bad at all. you can see the french fans now on the train heading to you consider where the team will take on proof moscow time just about an off hours time now france of course reached the european final two years ago before losing to portugal and twenty years since they won the world cup on home soil after a wait and see whether that's a good omen or not over oh yeah i mean it was quite a key point really for france because they were expected to win the year as well and they. and as we know portugal came along this sort of style last sunday and this is very much seen as the whole new sort of golden generation of french football you painted by did a show of the coach they will obviously lead france to victory all those years ago i can't believe it was twenty years ago that does make me feel old already if you
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can remember that but as i say this this entire crop of french players they've done so badly in south africa they've been complete turmoil then of course they decided to change it round they've got fantastic facilities the cliff on time without stooping loads of players through and of course all the household names who had creation who's already scored as well who managed to get on the scoresheet the everybody knows it's very much a talismanic play for france but there is a kind of muted expectation in france they're not massively confident that the french team are going to do it as i said got them in the sweepstake and i'm really hoping that they do this they seem to be going actually of course was the leader of this endless pressure on the the golden generation the the previous you know becky was a lamppost zero as it was going close but never quite made it and you know it's now similar to a similar kind of thing and the problem is of course that the pressure is now one also did a short two to bring through this generation because you know what happens if it's the team to do well then obviously the manager has to go on of course to distinctly to be said it's on the side of peru will assume in seven games haven't won in five or six games against european position in fact their last win against european
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opposition was a believe in the seventy's or eighty's going to scotland so quite a while ago and asked we said for the last game although they did say they did lose that game of course the penalty shot turned down as well or missed seventeen shots on goal they had against denmark and then establish that is at the crowds as well and if you see so many fans as well around around moscow wearing that famous the famous sash the one of the iconic shirts of the world cup he's actually brilliant to see the peruvian fans and also so many south american friends also in moscow and also the other world cup venues have been amazing game still to come in the meantime it's still one denmark australia twenty third minute twenty fourth minute being played we'll give you an update of course as those calls come in. next hour with updates on the game happening right now let's turn to all showing signs of a comeback that has to be said since being behind so maybe we'll have some breaking news for you with a little. cold and is next to the global news just off to the still bright
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little. little. little little. little . twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest good people. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach.
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guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the. great. game you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. us for. this special one. meets the review. the latest edition as we go. from the all to new center students in the spanish city of l.a. county have been relocated from the public again the commendation to make way for refugees who are on board the rescue ship aquarius on the ship been turned away by
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both that sparked a diplomatic standoff it was carrying more than one hundred migrants rescued off the coast of libya spain stepped in and the humanitarian ship docked in valencia and the mother of one of the students who was forced to leave says it was unfair to kick out her son who always paid his rent while adding that it's very doubtful that the spanish prime minister would leave his residence to accommodate migrants and she's not the only one upset by the move. if that person refugees come here with no money and what next where do they get it their home for support from our government but they won't see it helping people is great but not when the country is in crisis . i do believe it is a good thing to shelter people in need but he victim students especially during exams is wrong. this is horrible the students only receive twenty four hours notice that's not enough time to find another place to stay. i feel for people who are forced to lose their homes to come here but i don't think that spain is ready
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to welcome so many refugees it says is their first decision says this to you it is they pay their rent and have a right to stay and that is that our footnote to this the authorities in valencia say the students were offered alternative places to stay and didn't have to pay anything with me now is italian journalist. is there a danger that spain's humanitarian gesture might now just backfire as far as the locals are concerned. yes of course this is the sentiment that everybody in many european countries. i mean there is a huge divide between what some governments would like to do on immigration and what the ordinary people are feeling in the streets in the cities and now even in that apartment and this is something that explains why this so-called apocalypse moments are so popular there is a level of integration which is possible and eleven which is not sustainable and
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the feeling that we have or although europe used. the reasonable level is being a reaching over past and people are now really fed up so i guess the. decision from the spanish government is not as popular as many media would like to say that have been holding things towards migrants and your of those faces some of it's been very misguided do you think that the situation is making that even worse. all yes i mean this is an exam so let's see how it goes on the fact is that eternally is a now taking a very key position and you can be sure that there will not reopen before the thought so which means that it really does not want to remain. the only country who basically accepts was forced to accept the migrants are wrongly beyond tunisia and this is something that is really. new for european
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policy and i guess that e.u. will have a very very tense meeting in a couple of days in brussels you know where i guess some macro. concerns chancellor merkel did not understand really the message because there's a sentence and that is now is provoking. that is that the mission across. france and germany would ensure that they because that is how to register the national get its own country can be thinking back as quickly as possible to the contrary where they would be reduced to that which means that if somebody arrives in italy then he goes to promise to germany you can be sent back to eat and which of course which is something that you believe that does not want and this is something very very serious this week that he is not anymore the count you were
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going to accept every think at any price that he said enough is enough and you know about has to change and a lot of people watching for italy's next move as well we have to leave it that genocide thanks for your thoughts on the. speculation about whether there could be an impromptu meeting between president putin and donald trump have the media room a milf working overtime our correspondent i guess they have been taking in the latest headlines. well rumors abound the imminent meeting between the presidents of the united states and the russian federation dog donald trump and vladimir putin at a time when relations are historically low perhaps even worse than they were during the cold war and one of trump's senior national security advisers john bolton who is very very much a war hawk and one of the most militant officials in washington he's coming over to russia.


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