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and it's how it's happened. this is our team international and our special coverage of the biggest football event of the year the fifo world cup final match on thursday. put in a stunning performance to beat argentina leaving the south americans on the brink of a shock exit from the world cup. i . and football followers from all over the world make a central street in moscow the unofficial heart of the world cup with festivities already in full swing. in other news
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a potential meeting between donald trump invited me putin is to be discussed during the u.s. national security advisers visit to moscow next week. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us now day eight of the world cup in russia has come to a close as we continue our special coverage of the tournament teams in group c. and d. have finished their second games so now to harvey and peter schmeichel in our world cup thank you for analysis.
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welcome to another beautiful white knights in st petersburg the finest rushes. and white night ahead but a dark day for all gentlemen football tina found trust me on this look away now step away from the t.v. come back in five minutes you do not want to know what happened to tonight's show i shed three argentina will. see. this. piece montel you watched it with me and it was a bit like watching a horror movie a disaster unfolding before us. i'm not sure i agree with our knowledge and tina specific oh yeah but why why do we care so much about argentina we should praise
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croatia for what they did tonight and what they did in the first game now we talked about the big play is you know the big c. the big stage when when you come to these events like the world cup the big players they perform and messing who is a big player didn't turn up again like you didn't do in the game against iceland a very very very rough game very hotly played a lot of tempus tempers flaring surprisingly enough only six yellow cards no red cards we were actually betting on that and that would be at least one because that was the way it was being played. i think the referee and you know about the much off from was biggest and did ok i mean at times it was it was a little bit too much that he was allowing but at the end of the day every. one got
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through the game and you know the only ones that are really hurt. can tina and that's completely down to their own performance. pretty much all the talk coming into this game was that knowledge and tina needs it not just wanted needed to win and it all unraveled in just a horrific fashion let's just look at the winning goal and the goalkeeper of argentina really like i mean this is what course if you don't think that put pressure on that everybody i mean they must play from the back i don't understand their cup and their bags you know. that big mistake now if there was some element of self harm about that first goal self-inflicted no questions about the second moment what a strike from lucca muggeridge i i was going courage in watching games pass i didn't think he could score from here that was dynamite did not write for. the big players they turn up to these tournament's look at marge which is a big player and he's child of that was his second gold and so on and the second
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really good goal as well this was one hundred ten but getting there was a lot of other tension between the teams and not many icons in the first all but then they started develop as argentina became more frustrated and then we saw some pretty even tick tick tackles going and i think ultimately should not have had a you know i think he should have been sent off the he made an incredible shot to see the i.c. racquets he's on the floor the referee is always blowing the whistle to do that you know that's that's really naughty and fortunately nothing happened and it might be one of these things that if i would look back on retrospect and for i'm not completely sure about the rules in this tournament normally when the referee has already dealt with that meaning giving him a yellow card i don't think there's too much to do afterwards but hopefully they will because that tackle there was definitely out of order and it's dangerous anything could have happened. fortunately nothing in the sort of situation because
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it's not applied to the moment you want to see vall used to things like boundaries that is he just too much of a judgment call in the moment lead to the right i don't want vox to be used very much in football we've got to be fair to all the vasa since all the referees it's still even though it is a world cup it's still a kind of a trial period it's a system that needs to be worked on in the referees and the vases and they need more experience so we are bound to see mistakes unfortunately those mistakes you know have increased the number of penalties being given in the world cup i don't think anyone we've got this off loyalties or the temperaments all how they like to see football i don't see i think anyone wants to see to use free fall penalties in every game if it's not what football is all about we want to see the players create the goals and then we've seen three absolutely beautiful goes today that is at least as a football fan and that is what i want to see i don't want to see football fans of
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football teams two or three or four nil on penalties and that's not right for me today well speaking of the fans we've had an almond peter all of a fantastic scenes a celebration here initially you know and get out of there what was already a fantastic weekend full croatia we spoke to some of those argentina in funds they were going to get them out of the way first they're disappointed but they always knew this was going to be tough we were in the so go for the it's always like this we always support the team. way we know that it's going to be very difficult and it was really difficult window before our eyes and gracious we know it was if you go by the will would like to support the team always but this is of course the story of true a shit tonight they scold not only three goals they played fantastically but go for a new commode rich is probably one we're going to be seeing for a long time and they still immense as you can see from the foundry mess. well the
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happiness is just hilarious oh yes. sure i don't want her what do you make of that we were expecting three zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero was the long room to what this really was i was watching a bunch watching this game in the fun fest just next to the kremlin here in michigan no good all it was packed in there thousands of people the vast majority of them with cheering for argentina at the beginning plenty of russian people would go involved with filling the the blue and white tell me that it's made its way over to russia from south america however when we saw during that game was really a lesson in how to win over friends and entertain people by the time not third goal went in almost all of those previously bob's been cheering for argentina well they changed over to the red and white chicks of true asia the paddle at the bottom a lot of the croatians did just great well frankly speaking initially i was for
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argentina until the very last moment i was sure that lionel messi was going to prove himself in this championship since one although had already scored four goals but it was a failing game for messi he didn't manage to score the croatians did great we wished him luck in the next round but we will support croatia kind of all of his for them today yeah i don't. know who they were really friendly with us i don't know why but the russian people treat us really really good so i'm really happy about yemen as a kind of i said i was initially supporting croatia i really liked gratian because i think they the croatians are the brother is a russian people you know i didn't support argentina frankly though i am the feelings are impossible to describe such a big group of friends lots of gracious came here to watch football it's an indescribable feeling of comradery argentina has lost i see they have a very strong team but they haven't been able to. the together we want to thank
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everyone who has come here to you by thank you very much as an issue you know third phase in love with croatia well the city is a new look because they'll be back here it seems for their second round match and i think they'll find a little movie grades a new heights of thought is in not fun faced when they do. i want to pick up other paid more talented pizza joints are trying. on a wonderful story that are people fans wanting to swap should just wonderful atmosphere and someone swapping it for tickets i have to ask you what's the best show they use what do you have one little story. so when casper was a kid obviously he got all the show so and it's funny kept them all and funny enough those kicks on the back of most of them and then obviously the manchester united goalkeeper showed as well but i got a picture said to me this is a couple of months ago my grandson in one of those shirts and it's a manchester united shirt for my first year but only here when i meant tonight it
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was still playing with the this and they changed to. and they play with that he does now he's got this vintage should if you would like i did fits him i actually saw it when i got the picture that was cast but that's magnificent thank you for sharing let's get right up to date with group c. class for say france and perri second game of the day and the score was wall nil to france at half time. i. don't but i'm very grateful to everyone who has come here to support us it's incredible they've made it all the way from peru to russia unfortunately we didn't achieve the results we wanted despite the fact that the team played well and had good chances during the game just you know use you know we had to play with the intensity and aggression in order to get there is all we wanted we need to continue step by step from here we are really happy with how the game when it was
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a we were playing through that we say many of their fans. every for the france game i says to denmark they had a joy against australia that needs denmark on four points and then a straight ahead we have to go so it's all about you do actually a really good action from him chipset over the goalkeeper and papa becomes a youngest frenchman in the world cup the most important thing is the qualification and that's done these memories are unforgettable. we have one that's the most important thing the party is on and the world cup continues. france and denmark they play in the aleutian he on the twenty six and on the twenty six as well australian peer group play so what the situation is now is that denmark as you can see got full points that kind of will be completely irrelevant if they
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don't win against france or at least get a job because australia with a win over pirouette to get to four points as well and since a stray and lost and i hate this is why gets triggered they lost to on two fronts. i'll simplify if if denmark loses one no just to give you an example then one uses one no stranger wins one there then they would be unfold points both of them and that their score scores with australia would be three three so this three goes for three against denmark would be to score and two against and that means australia will go through on this one most gold gold yet so that's only needs a one no result in both those games and a massive turnaround it ended one one democratic a very early late walk to finish from christian here it's not i'm not sure if he does need. in the senate gratian but the. again as he did against france he stepped up to the right to take the penalty and he put it past michael
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which on. quite familiar with unfortunately you couldn't save it and the end result was that one. now st petersburg will play host to one of the world cup favorites brazil which plays costa rica on friday at three pm local time and the brazilian team recently arrived in st petersburg they were met at the entrance to their hotel by crowds cheering fans many of whom were russian celebrating the friendship of the two countries and their teams game between brazil and coast we go will be a chance for the five time world champions to put one foot in the knockout rounds and artie's world cup co-host just a merino has been predicting who will take the spoils. brazil in costa rica costa rica's not just the team that did well in the past world cup is also a team that is very stable and just watch them to play
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a friendly against scotland and i know a well organized but the force of brazil is full of dozens of creativity of that and i mean. brazil is going to have many problems to get this report. we just now passed since the biggest party on the planet kicked off in russia and there are still three more weeks of the world cup to go with eleven cities hosting world cup games across russia moscow is a hub for many of the traveling fans on one particular street has become a beacon for the supporters from around the globe. it's the unofficial fans or. i'm from moscow a city of more than ten million people and i cannot believe how the world cup was able to reach for all the map of latin marks in the city if you thought it was the kremlin possibly right square or the arbat street i'll have to tell you that this
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time you're wrong. are you going. to satisfy the press where was taught in the box because those people who called got to go it was funny got. like. three streets and the like someone in the know you know said joe joe. so how do you find this street with the line i'll show you. now trust me you'll feel it when we get. it is very tempting to stay on the red square but here we have to make a life. going to. make clothes for the same.
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scan there are no empty space on the wall and. this sounds like nonsense but actually. it's street it was full of cars full of them mark.
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god. well away from the jubilance and festivities though the tournament has seen a few dark moments british police have opened an investigation into a group of england fans who were allegedly seen giving nazi salutes in one of the host cities on this as he reports now from love them but an unfortunate incident seems to have unraveled in one of the host cities of the world cup in volgograd where english fans were captured giving nazi salutes singing hitler songs as well as shouting nazi slogans and this is now being looked into now it's understood that this unraveled following the england tunisia game where england are two to one and
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these chants were totally addressed rivaling top football club fans and the staff at this bar where this took place apparently have confirmed that english fans were in there they said they missed this moment because they were closing the bar at that point and we do know that british officials are indeed investigating what unraveled there we have heard from the national police chief's council in a statement to us they said that this support behavior seen in video is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated they have said they want to identify those involved and we've also heard from the english football association of also said they strongly condemn this kind of behavior and are working to take appropriate action. the nato secretary general is warning that political disputes and infighting or risk tearing the military alliance apart but speaking in london yawns stoltenberg insisted that preserving nato is in the interests of its twenty nine
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member states. these disagreements are real it is not written in storm that the transatlantic bomb will survive for ever but i believe we will preserve it. those comments and stop in berg's call for unity come ahead of next month's nato summit which will be attended by donald trump he has been a frequent critic of the alliance and it is feared the meetings could inflame tensions between washington and its part and some of the key points of contention are over trade attitudes towards a climate change and the future of the iran nuclear deal the nato chief has also said that he believes that within europe the use political orientation and shifting values could have a negative impact on the strength of the alliance despite the divisions though political analyst chris bambery told us he thinks the nato role in containing russia is enough to ensure it will survive this is not a defensive alliance anymore it's very much an offensive alliance particularly in
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regards to the russian federation because of that expansion i roamed russia's russian federation's borders the possibility of ukraine joining nato it's effectively part of that align alliance know the presence of nato forces in eastern europe the build up of nato bases rights of all in the southern as well as the western border of the russian federation this is a very dangerous game i think nato will survive on the balance because for the united states nato expansion to virtuous arone the russian federation has been very important and the been nato presence has been built on russia's borders so for that at least they're going to they want to keep nato up and ahead of the nato summit another crucial meeting may take place the white house announced that u.s. national security adviser john bolton will travel to moscow next week to discuss a potential meeting between donald trump inviting report an artist but i've got to break that down for us. well it was all rumors up to this point now john bolton
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has confirmed that he will be coming over to europe first perhaps symbolically to meet with european allies nato allies organizing the summit next month but then he'll be traveling to moscow now this is john bolton we're talking about one of the most hawkish and militants of u.s. officials and national security adviser for donald trump he'll be organizing the details of and again this is a potential this isn't set in said in stone yet potential meeting between ladysmith putin and donald trump that he does of the united states and russia two nuclear superpowers and you know the time the time is now there's a lot to talk about this terrorism is syria ukraine the united states has concerns about the poisoning of a former russian agent in in britain and of course alleged russian meddling in
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the u.s. elections will be a lot of you know frank discussion i'm sure behind closed doors but. the media has been well it hasn't received the news as well you would have thought that you know these two countries meeting at last now that relations are at rock bottom arguably worse than they were during the cold war you could argue that you know that makes the world a better safer place but pundits have gone into meltdown now arguing that you know any meeting with the russians will cause a law and dismay in europe and among allies and in the west that there shouldn't be any contact at all they also said that if donald trump first goose to russia to meet with putin instead of first going to the summit in in europe the nato summit that will send the wrong messages to already jittery european. allies so
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if this meeting is indeed confirmed we can expect a firestorm among pundits. but with the issue of migration now a major fault line in european politics e.u. leaders are set to hold a summit in brussels on sunday in the hope of finding new ways of dealing with their crisis are too dumb a quarter has details. well the solution to the migration crisis is certainly at stake here and there's been a lot of debate between e.u. member states now recently in germany there was a standoff between angle of merkel and her interior minister horst see hoffer see hoffer wants to turn migrants away at the german border while angola merkel stressed a more european wide approach and this disagreement put the decades long government coalition here at risk and they only agreed to cease the hostilities until this summit coming up on sunday now ahead of this summit the e.u. commission released a draft document and it went over two points the first being stopping movement of
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migrants between e.u. member state borders and strengthening the borders of the european union itself as well as the coast guard but italy actually already said that it feels like it's getting the short end of the stick on this deal if we go to brussels to play the scripts who already written by friends in germany then we shouldn't even go we save the money for the trip now the german public is also concerned apparently three quarters of germans don't think merkel can find a european wide solution to the crisis according to polls and meanwhile hungary just passed a law that would criminalize helping migrants in need so it seems like no matter how many more meetings we have of e.u. officials those alone aren't going to solve the crisis meanwhile french president amanda micron has called for a fight against populism describing it as a disease is spreading across europe but came after he was criticised for not
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accepting the migrant ship aquarius which was also turned away by italy you can see them rise a bit like a leprosy only across europe in countries where with thoughts that would be impossible to see them again in neighboring countries. the real leprosy is the hypocrisy of someone who pushes back emigrants and then wants to preach to us about our sacrosanct right to ask for an equal distribution of migrants this is not be a way to solve the problem the probably should be solved from where they are coming from so we have to stop. the departure of hold of who is not a refugee because you know that this that these to tell us that the most almost the more than ninety percent of the people that is coming is not a refugee by these it is a migrant a just for the canonical carcass and this is not allowed in europe so we have to decide what we want to do we want to going on we do is a movement of millions of people that are rooting for something better or we want
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to have really the refugee and find another way to had them konami called migrants so we are going to put to you european union that problem what should we do we cannot going on in that way because is not fair also for those poor people that are. suffering because the hand of this model is very dangerous. well that does it for me i would be back with headlines in about thirty two and a half minutes you are watching our show international quite happy with.
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jungen and china's easy thing get cozy after the singapore summit that's going on take a look at that on this edition of. welcome to politicking on larry king only a week after president trump claims success in his meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and he even went so far as to say the hermit nation is no longer a nuclear threat to the world is to kim made a well publicized to china for a meeting was easy ending what do we know about that meeting and what does it mean for the agreement that came out of the signal for summit we'll talk about that with
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our friend gordon chang expert on asia north korea columnist for the daily beast he's the author of nuclear showdown north takes on the world he joins us from new york all right what do you make of that meeting in china gordon wrote larry this was absolutely stunning you know after the first summit between siege and ping and kim jong un that was the end of march everyone thought that siege and being would go to p.r. young to return the trip that just diplomatic courtesy but now we've had three times in a row the north korean leader has gone to chinese soil and this one so soon after that summit between trump and cam is really difficult to understand what's going on you know basically the chinese are saying to everybody look we control the north koreans and if you want a solution on the peninsula you've got to come to beijing now can he actually i think says look i've got china at my back but right now this is really high
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politics and high drama does it appear to you he was summoned to china. absolutely larry you know the north koreans don't like the idea that they're vassals but the chinese are. trying to reinforce that impression because this was a breach of diplomatic protocol the chinese should have returned the visit a long time ago they didn't do it and so now what i'm sure the north koreans are pretty upset but there's nothing they can do about it because china is a big power they are on their border and you know they do give some benefits to the north koreans but i'm sure secretly in pyongyang they're not very happy what effect does the two hundred billion the new tariffs have on all of this. that's a great question i think it certainly complicates matters you know in the past u.s. diplomats tried to stovepipe matters with china to trade on trade.


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