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he actually i think says look i've got china at my back but right now this is really high politics and high drama does it appear to you he was summoned to jenin absolutely larry you know the north koreans don't like the idea that their vassals but the chinese are trying to reinforce that impression because this was a breach of diplomatic protocol the chinese should have returned the visit a long time ago they didn't do it and so now what i'm sure the north koreans are pretty upset but there's nothing they can do about it because china is a big power they are on their border and you know they do give some benefits to the north koreans but i'm sure secretly in pyongyang they're not very happy what effect does the two hundred billion the new terra's have on all of this. that's a great question i think it certainly complicates matters you know in the past u.s. diplomats tried to stovepipe matters with china trade on trade you know south china
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sea south china sea you don't use one to leverage the other but right now you know the chinese don't think that way and obviously president trump doesn't think that way i think it will complicate matters but it also may make things better because it shows the chinese that they've got to come to terms with the u.s. you know see jumping is personally responsible for everything in china these days because he's accumulated so much power the chinese know that they can't win a trade war if the u.s. is determined to see it through and that's what see jumping in a very precarious position at home he was in trouble over the c.t.e. sanctions that's the embattled chinese telecom maker that the u.s. imposed on that company and it's very good for see personally that the u.s. gave him relief now we've got even a bigger matter that puts him in jeopardy at home does china want denuclearization of the korean peninsula. in an ideal world i think that they would prefer that
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because north korea with just a few nukes does neutralize china's position you know the koreans and the chinese have been fighting with each other for two millennia but on the other hand they don't want to see north korea a friend of the united states and so i think that they would prefer north korea with nukes if that meant that they were at a thorn in our side also we know the chinese have been supplying crucial equipment and technology for north korea's ballistic missile program and components in quitman a material for north korea's nuclear weapons program so that's an indication that china is really fueling this in a very dangerous way and denuclearization has two different definitions the united states says as north korea gives over the lives of all up north korea says u.s. troops so removed from south korea china may have its own definition of what they were what is your definition well my definition is that the north koreans give up not only all their nuclear weapons they just surrender them but they also dismantle
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the infrastructure used to create them and it also means ballistic missiles same thing because the blister missiles are a threat to everybody both long and term long and short range so really this means defending north korea completely but as you point out the chinese and the north koreans they they view the term literally differently what does north korea want in return if they do that. well they very much want the u.s. off the peninsula our twenty eight thousand five hundred service personnel away break our mutual defense treaty with south korea they would like in all possible worlds for us to get out of japan as well and you know the north koreans in the past have actually defined denuclearization of the korean peninsula to include the u.s. giving up all its nuclear weapons as well so north korea has a very broad definition of that term you recently wrote in the daily beast
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a piece in titled is trump heading back to fire with conjunction what do you mean well i think that although things are sweetness and light right now and although president trump says these nice things about kim jong un and says north korea is no longer a threat to the world i think the north koreans are going to take a very long time to drag out their feet on all of this and i think that essentially this is going to upset americans and so i could see the united states getting back to the point where they have to use harsh rhetoric and also harsh provisions like increasing sanctions so this i think is going to get worse before it gets better president trump gave away much too much at that summit is giving incentives for kim not to cooperate with the united states so i don't think kim will cooperate he's going to try to get away with it and now he's got china at his back he probably has russia at his back this is going to be high stakes drama and the united states is
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going to have to go back to more sanctions more rhetoric in other words the things that got him to the bargaining table in the first place didn't you say that you thought trump had won that initially and then gave it away. yes well i think that if you look through the middle through the end of last month the north koreans were making all the concessions president trump was very much in the driver's seat but when it came to this month i think the north koreans have been the ones scoring all the wins because at that summit the north koreans came up with a joint statement which was very vague you know president trump should have used that summit as a way of getting firm commitments from north korea because just by shaking hands with kim we handed kim a very big when we handed him a legitimization that solidified his shaky position back home we should have gotten something in return we really didn't and top of all that just trump incredibly says look we're not going to have these big large scale joint exercises with the south
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koreans that was an enormous win for the north koreans and for the chinese and you know i'm still scratching my head over that one gordon is always thanks so much for your time both thank you larry american one nine hundred sixty eight was a year of assassinations deep divisions and good mornings about black white relationships a presidential candidate came on the scene and focused many of his campaign speeches on healing those racial divisions we'll never know if he might have succeeded because he was brought down by an assassin's bullet of course i'm referring to robert f. kennedy his son bobby jr has a new book out about his father and his famous family and we recently spoke about that and about today's tumultuous political landscape the book is entitled american values lessons i learned from my family here is that interview watch your wonderful
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father bobby kennedy was assassinated fifty years ago. are we more or less divided now than in sixty eight when you were just a little kid. i think the eight divisions are more systemic because they're economically rooted i think one of the big things that happened as a country a is are these giant between rich and poor or the hollowing out the middle class. and and then the the giant tsunami influx of money into politics and the effect and it's something that i. you know i spent a lot of child of america and one i was in there almost all of those were military and this is. characterized by
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a big gap between rich and poor and when that happens the role of one political party becomes to protect the perks and privileges that the wealthy class and. in order to do that you have to pull or as a population you have to use all of the alchemy is demagoguery to point to people who are the enemy of israel and polarizers and so i think you know there were issues that divide us in the sixty's drugs that was going on that was civil rights . were genuine disputes about idiology and they weren't really rooted in class divisions i think they become much more intractable when they're rooted in class divisions would you say it's worse now i would say. it's very family the kennedy family given so much been a part of the american scene for so long do you think you were raised with an idea
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of service. all of that public service you know it was all it was all around because you were in what you were. as i talk about a book we were in the immersed in political campaigns we were surrounded by people who were all driven. i purposed i had a sense of purpose i did i made a trip and i had to in sixty five with my father to europe and we went to france and germany and griese and england and we went to we went to italy and to poland which was then a communist country where we were disinvited we don't want you here and we went anyway and the government blacked out our trip so there was no mention of it on the news as in fact we went to an orphanage with presents for the orphanage for the orphans and all the orphans were moved there by the government because they didn't
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want to have any contact with the people of the us through word of mouth the knowledge of our presence spread and when we went to the cathedral in krakow. for mass we came out there were two hundred fifty thousand people in the air in krakow square and many of them had somehow got ahold of these little tiny american flags and waving at us and they were saying they lifted our car literally sang this song called stole a lot which polls only sung to their most popular heroes and leaders and ever been sung by a crowd in the communist era. and was very deliberate in all of those kind of crowds in every country and to comment as an uncut minutes people it was very clear to me that people were hungry for our leadership. and they recognized america's
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moral authority they wanted they wanted to our leadership knew the difference between leadership and bowling but kennedy's a raise with that. i'm not going to what i'm saying is it was all around us you know that it was a privilege to lead a purposeful life. and i think you know my eight people say to me you know are you doing environmental advocates in your other. to me it's a privilege to live life and to be in. it to do something in a try to. make something benefit of the world stay right there more of my interview with robert kennedy jr after the break.
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right now we're all set to start in five guys. has a signal. he's not going to talk about. just me right after the arse explorers one who wouldn't there be. born a rocket. yourself. welcome to sophie in pelham shevardnadze and today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas. rocket i'm.
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going back to politicking and here's more of my interview with robert kennedy jr environmental attorney activist president of the waterkeeper alliance and son of the late u.s. senator and u.s. attorney general robert f. kennedy is another kennedy on the horizon your nephew joe kennedy. he's joking with you the third from us to two says he's sometimes mentioned as a dog course for speaker of the house. post. i haven't talked to if he's interested in oh he's a. he's a he's a genuine leader oh i wouldn't be surprised at any level of success he's he's got it as he has it reeked where is your party the soul of that
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which is close a good breakfast that way if your party goes left left you're going to lose you have to. if your father or alive he'd be in for gresson right you support as have been your progressive can the progressives win the national lead. don't they have to come together with the center of the democrats. are enough to be. democrats ought to be dealing i think if there's. i think the party is going to be penned in on whether good leaders who are. or are talking the truth and who are reminding americans about what this nation is
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supposed to represent. are all part of one enterprise and are i think those. you know those are issues i mean listen my father left and he brought people like other he he he and you know that that last train i took with him when we brought him from. penn station and he or anyone station washington do you say that would two million people and. or white people and black people and rabbis and priests and. nuns there were people in military uniform and there were hippies hide it and radical militant radicals and every kind of cross-section of people they were all people who participated in his campaign and. who believed
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who were made to believe they were part of something that. would allow them to step out of their narrow interests and do something that he was a great leader for years after my father died. those the demographic data show that most of the white people that interact voted on nine hundred seventy two not for george mcgovern who is aligned with my father but rather for george wallace. segregation. and everything. and it struck me that it has been reinforced many to understand that every nation like it and been has a dark lighter side in the easiest thing for a politician that has to appeal to our readers self-interest our fear our anger our bigotries our prejudiced stuff that will trump i don't think it's much more
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difficult but often more successful who remind americans that we can advance ourselves the people even our poor brother is absurd to make sure they are souls. you. have a three hour meeting with. the man who killed your father served and serve him is that in the book now why did you meet with him. and that because. i had a i had been urged by paul was if others close it and political as it was a united auto workers official who are recruited say as the. united farm workers he was a civil rights advocate it was absolutely trusted other he worked on my father's california campaign and when my father was. first. he was
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probably the first of two bullets fired or hand toward other. he was at the boat was most of. the. the and paul many believe has been convinced that certain hand did not surface but let's never reach me if my father knew that two shoes yeah that would. be and this is you know paul has been trying to get me in all for a decade in this case and i finally it was hard for me to go to him. and went and spend time with them and he had me the autopsy report which was a. you know the autopsy and he is the autopsy report an autopsy report there were seventy seven people and. every one of them says sorry and was
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always for other and he never got within three feet the majority. of always in front he according to thomas who is probably the coroner in america he my father for bloods the other were all fired from. a were fired they were contacts which means he barrel of the gun was actually touching my father's body and the trigger was polled what did. she came to the conclusion that sir and could have killed her were two shooters. what is certain sorry sir and believes. shooters did he have a connection with the second shooter no he isn't a memory of he's been consistent for forty years or fifty years and saying that he has no memory of what happened. so how did you spend most of the
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people i mean virtually all the all the psychiatrists who have examined him have said he's telling the truth not memory so what did you spend time talking about i i couldn't talk about what i was going to argue. can we have to solve that and it should be investigated if the earth never been investigated you know because and pled guilty he had a lawyer. was a lawyer who represented. a mobster who had been involved in the cia. and he and that attorney had urged her and to plead guilty and to avoid a trial in which his guilt you know that. it was a short paddle or a sentencing hearing in which the narrative was written and nobody ever and
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nobody ever looked at what was. there and evan six experts examine the other none of them could have come from. it came from a different oh clearly gucci come forward and say something. and in fact she was. a. district attorney at that time because he wouldn't because he was you know he was saying he is but what's could not have come from syria. and this was rehired under pressure japanese can energy and from other people i mean a good she was quite a guy in. the book american values support personal memoir part political history why did you write it.
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i wrote it because. over a thousand books. and my family had written what it was like from the inside and there's so much information. about my family you know stuff going from my you know my and a lot of it is land as it was a blue earth. that you know that my my grandfather had a relationship mobster earth that sixty's election you know on and on and on and all those things are. in the psyche of the on the american political and scapes that people. have anything to do and a part of this book is kind of straight record out looking at the facts. and some of it is. i don't have. my gift to my
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children and their hundred five kennedy cousins who who are part of our family and part of all the in of all to what it means to be part of our family and it was my attempt to explain our family's role in american history the last book is about your mother who's ninety nine right she just always she is wonderful she's amazing when i was a those women a sharp and you know a great storyteller really hill and she you know she's old hickory about ten years ago. and she now lives in palm beach during the winter and she's at the cape . spring and summer you praiser but you also say were times when her love didn't feel unconditional i had it all just relationship which i talk about with my mother from the time. and that really.
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and when i was young i couldn't see these really heroic qualities as clearly as you can where you met i was just you know i was rebellious kid i think. you know and like i own kids. our cars have six children an inch and there are constantly looking for evidence of hypocrisy or or whatever mean living in consistency isn't. challenging kids. and i think that's what kids have to bay i think you're supposed to parents are supposed to do it at a older age i did a very young age. you know early as i experienced as petty to tyrannize didn't make
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any sense and i spent a lot of time running away and doing things that and then i got drugs after. of course that inflamed the whole relationship so i was unable to see. all of these extraordinary qualities at other. and then i got sober are you know twenty nine years old and i've had six kids my own and i be and marvel at. how do you at eleven kids didn't. eat at all up on time for dinner with their hair brush their nails brushing their hair. and force everybody to participate in a single conversation or so i had bars are you know are illegal. and all of and you know forced to memorize poetry and. math every day at last summer sometimes
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twice a day. and you know you start to appreciate and you have kids. robert you're a great american it's a mountain knowing you thank you and the new book american values lessons i learned from my family is out now and available everywhere including for download thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my face world. put me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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all across the western world the so-called melting pot is melting down immigration legal and illegal is probably the most contentious and divisive issue energizing voters in germany the government may collapse and trump has made just
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a signature cause can the status quo be sustained for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous is a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure that come after you have to go i mean eight percent of the trip. and we'll show you a great game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. the special one. just like the radio. the latest edition to make up a bigger. look at. the
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final world cup match on thursday sees croatia put in a stunning performance to beat argentina leaving the south americans on the brink of a shock from the tournament. i . i. and football followers from all over the world make it a central street in moscow the unofficial part of the world cup with festivities in full swing. c.b.s. . plus in other news a potential meeting between donald trump invited me to put in is to be discussed during the u.s. national security advisers.


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