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it's total ten like it in the article. but that the end of the game they couldn't hold up they played well but i thought brazil did what they had to do high emotion high intensity and i'm very happy with the result . make you know how i need to make it i think it played very well. they're going to play a better game by game because i think there is a treaty very to them and. hopefully resit when they woke up i gave him a chandler throwing you know it was really cool let us. take each she hung. no games are scheduled in moscow for today although we can hear very loud stuff coming from the tunisian fans down there in the city center show you can actually hear it now but it's actually everywhere around the place now the street not so far from us we've been dubbed the street of lights and there's been plenty
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of color and atmosphere that. the. chinese has found have been warming up their horses before that match against belgium on saturday conway then actually going to that game but while the argentina contingent in the russian capital have seemingly put a crushing defeat against gration yesterday behind them they are now offering. force course they are now if you play us in that you will have to brush up on their footwork before the next game go. on the kolkata street was only a taken over by the icelandic vikings who have borrowed special why are inspiring their team is one offs from finding out. the brand themselves vikings and they've invaded the russian capital in full force iceland deployed almost ten percent. so of the population to support the team at
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the first ruled cup the was. in the game against the mighty argentina that ended up in a big upset folio messy and the rest of the nation the blue shirts shouted themselves hoarse it was time when i joined them. was it was was. it was it was. the was kristen and cody focal point at home in a city with roughly forty times the population of the entire country the place getting here is like nothing we've ever seen the fog the snow has the games it's
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about this it's about the own admission our own d.j.'s this is why you will come here in. the new the time i've spent with iceland's chanting cool one thing is obvious qualifying from one of the groups of death doesn't faze the vikings and even if they don't win the cup they've already won everyone's hearts just done a doxie was a good piece the drum that i sing with the fans i think we should form a band anyway ticking off and just in on the now is friday's last game with switzerland against serbia in group e. now let's take a closer look at the teams how fast is the swiss team during the world cup and twenty two and switzerland got the better of the european champions and eventually win as of that world cup spain and roll on eight yes they have made an impressive stock in this yesterday against brazil earning a draw which was a big disappointment to the white house but yes also i don't say as a side looking at that particular. see we are thinking to yourself how is it that
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their ranks in three six in the world they're always solid they're always there they can defend they've got gold anyway moving on this side of that serbia is just their second appearance as a world cup as an independent nation talks to before the former yugoslavia and in that first day they beat costa rica and that currently seconding griffey having played one game less and they take on switzerland in russia's most western city in kaliningrad new build stadium for this tournament.
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so what is this game all about put it in simple terms it's a last chance saloon to switzerland to make it out of the group on this one point with them three points with serbia they won the first game and they plea to equal in terms of what they can provide i give it a try something to hear like you didn't you say that you thought this was going to be the first nil nil is that right long before the tournament i thought so and switzerland has a nil no written all over them i mean we haven't had joined twenty five games i had a suspicion that iceland nigeria game may be maybe the for us malcolm in the sounded that was a different great goals you did but honestly and it comes to serbia and switzerland they're so equal in so many ways both very defensive both have the brawn and the back line event of a tour looking in terms of serbia then also be looking at switzerland as well the entire kind of solidity that happened on which they've built their team that they don't with the school that much do they but they are on between seven zero but coming up with that had it so you stunnel the brazilians and i want to happy about
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how i think he scored that goal as well but there is a bit of flair isn't there when you're looking at the t.v. you're also looking at math it was also the key point here is the new guy the double barrel guy from last year the one that's coming straight said again and again if you don't use my favorite guy i think he's the future big star of europe i think it will mean for lots at some point i mean to a much bigger club with all due respect a lot so but me the reach up from has been fantastic you know a good system in the premier league and and also for his country as well as i think it's fourteen goals in seventeen starts as you say yeah he's been he's been on fire . i eating good as well so they don't like to add that little bit of flair as well so i was switzerland's they were sent to the grind out those results and the countries who is complaining that people underestimate them because of that because they didn't have that kind of thing but let's see how they do a good surgeon at some of the tables where like one of the ramifications now there are indications a simple brazil four points on the top of the groups are the only three obvious they came last switzerland and costa rica they're pretty much on their way out of the store to make the list something completely reckless happens which you know how
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to magic in any case service would sell and. i very tight tight matched up with the i would probably go for serbia yes i think they have enough to match maybe a one mil victory in this game but we'll see twenty one zero zero nine pm in the beautiful city of kaliningrad yeah i mean i'm with you i think looking at those particular school i would've said i'll go for two one because we don't we've had a few one mills have we have the last few days in the goals of start to crank up again and as i say with some of that flair with so i believe in those suits and you can see that much i think because they know the so much on it i think i'll go for it definitely will see now with the world cup getting huge amount of attention on social media one british fear has found himself in hot water over his comments on twitter lord alan sugar who is also the star of his b.b.c. show the apprentice and former football club chairman was forced to apologize after posting the following tweet with reference to the senegal squad. with the offensive tweet showed the team with photoshop banks and sunglasses and should be making
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reference to binge selous after the backlash he took the tweet done by said he still thought it was funny he eventually apologized saying he had no intention of offending anyone now the b.b.c. has issued a statement pointing out that sugar has apologized and saying it's right he has done so but many people including some of the senegalese officials are demanding the b.b.c. to sack him the minister counselor from the senegalese embassy in moscow told us that the world cup should be a time for promoting unity not spreading offensive right. stereotypes. we were very choked and we were very surprised that in these twenty first century such ideas can be expressed in that he can apologize but i think that. we such a things we have to we don't have to joke it's very important particularly after the nice results of senegalese team in this match. to respond the world
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cup is great for people to leave each other to make peace to play but not to to make this kind of jokes. who will be back with more commentary on today i think avatar they are and some analysis is that he expects a lot gets going in around forty minutes from now so if you want to keep up with all of those and the headlines right across the world cup in dallas i am catching up on the sort of.
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i disliked it just a closer. look from my before the game number two. i call and i said listen you should get the special award to be based on a broken arm part i feel the team. after the success of. the field the confidence right now and they can. make its manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the class is to protect themselves. in the final merry go round let's be the one person. in the middle of the room.
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hello again from the aussie news sense i'm the carrow with the headline news now the hard won two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal is now on the brink of total collapse to wrong says it's losing faith in europe's ability to salvage the agreements us following america's closure botia withdrawal in may well under the accord iran code its nuclear ambitions in return for the easing of sanctions with more details of his policy are. well one has warned that it may soon exit the nuclear deal that is known as the joint comprehensive plan of action we're hearing from the rainy and deputy foreign minister who says it is clear that the future of the deal now hangs in the balance i told the conference today the. terms of
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unit because it has lost its balance as a result of the u.s. withdrawal from the do you the iranian deputy foreign minister was speaking to the press in vienna where the remaining signatories are meeting to try and salvage what at the time was termed a landmark agreement but what we are hearing from taran is they're insisting on some kind of assurances from those remaining signatories in the most notable among them being europe that they will be amendments put in place to offset the negative impact of washington withdrawing it was back in may that the american president donald trump decided to ditch the deal it's a deal that the several years in the making it was a deal that campus created. one of the first being that in the week ahead they signed on and since his election campaign e-commerce the group was going to hear from the guild not only has withdrawn from it so he's also announced that his we are using sanctions against iran and at the same time has to come down even harder
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on the islamic republic and this is despite the fact there are rumors that doing so could have dire consequences now since then europe has been scrambling and trying hard to convince the iranians that they remain committed to the deal but what we certainly hearing from taran is skepticism as to whether or not europe can offer something of real interest and what this essentially means is that the prospect of iran withdrawing from the nuclear agreement is becoming ever and ever more imminent we've got reaction from political communication professor throw out is there are the toronto university he says there could be very serious repercussions if the deal is completely abandoned. it may actually lead to a war that's why both iran and europe are interested. but if the agreement is. with the. conflicts you already have in the middle east are going to
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increase and i think we've. talked about the basic. human being. is basically going to push you to actually work hard to make sure that. iran is able to state what iran has been saying is that you can. sanctions or you can. nuclear program. limitation but you cannot have. limiting its nuclear program and have sanctions at the same you cannot have your cake and that's basically iran's argument and. people who are hoping that europe will actually do what they need to do. the prince of wales and his wife the duchess of cornwall took a trip to the english city of souls previous friday charles and camilla's visit was aimed at lifting spirit in the wake of the poisoning of
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a former russian agent and his daughter in march and i see a chicken reports we are indeed in seoul story which almost four months ago now became the epicenter of this massive scandal that took over headlines all over the world where the former double agents against paul and his thirty three year old daughter uit were found slumped on a park bench right here in seoul very and indeed all of the attention all eyes were back to so very today as the prince of wales charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla have been paying a visit indeed to boost the syrian city spirits and really help it out on its way to what's being described as recovery but some of the locals we've been speaking to here seem to have a little bit of a sense of thirty when it comes. so this whole saga already people ok. but i think i'll forget to say it takes almost never having your temper for you keep on coming back on the news. you'll be some of a place in the grass cover some people will start with i think it will take people
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a month but it is building back up i've noticed a rhyme the time well sort of coming back it will also at the same time some locals we've been speaking to here in seoul very have basically told us they have some suspicions about the approach and position the british government had taken on this whole case. i mean. i'm not saying that he. knew we. could also look at it would it i mean. things a bit quiet. it would it may be this country could be the americans. but you know i think we need to events. and we can really come and see if the well if you remember all of this kick started on march fourth when paul and yulia were found on a park bench they were taken to
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a hospital it was later announced that they had been poisoned by a nerve agent that was jobs not a truck and mediately all hands pointed to russia the british government a few reports said it's highly likely that moscow was behind this they said that only russia would have the operate of means the motive and the a source of being able to get their hands on all the chalk so they blamed russia immediately they expelled diplomats it became the biggest amount of ground between russia and britain certainly in decades while that whole time russia for saying it had nothing to do with the attack lee said they would have any motive for doing something like this and have been denying all along having had to do anything to do with this point something while asking to be able to participate. the investigation that actually is still going on all of these months later we do know that hundreds of detectives have been working here examining as many as five thousand hours of c.c.t.v. footage here on the ground and so it's very yet we're still waiting for kind of official investigation results to be announced and of course so again you have made
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it well out of the hospital and are feeling better and actually not many very people seem to know where they are at this point the russian envoy to the u.k. told is that russia will continue to push to be involved in this group powell investigation. i sent a letter today to prince charles he visited souls agree and he supported the people of souls very but i sent him all that explaining oh position i wrote that russia has had nothing to do with it and that's exactly what we said officially to the british government i said that we are demanding the access to the investigation we're demanding the excess to be russian citizens and we want to know the details and with we want to know the truth so far everything is under this secrecy. is done on this secrecy and we don't have any access so all these things
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that i wrote to the royal family you know the two brief. prince charles and you can better understanding you know what is the russian position on that. unfortunately we don't have any access to the investigation so so far no information but we didn't get the substantial. answers from the foreign office on the questions that were put. to the british side. we don't have access to russian citizens. everything that we have seen this is only t.v. the interview i mean the interview i'm quite sure that the british stand on this position. and the sli so one day we will get the access to the russian citizens. the sooner the better to continue the political pressure. as we understand that. british from the west.
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to presume every. so some time ago a few months when they meet. in support of the british position so they believe their words today it's time to. explain what other evidence. i see. the first signs of that kind of mood in germany but i'm quite sure the other countries under the pressure of the public opinion in their countries have to do the same well those are the headlines for this hour we'll be back with the latest news on the world cup at the top of the hour in the meantime stan collymore has been juggling football and what moscow has to as a host city. right
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we're also starting five. has no signal. it's not going to talk about. just you right after the mars explorers one who would have their. record. to say. ok let's. welcome to sophie and co-op sophie shevardnadze and today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas. pedal.
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i. mean he kind of them but if you don't think they're not there you can cut out. all across the western world the so-called melting pot is melting down immigration legal and illegal is probably the most contentious and divisive issue energizing voters in germany the government may collapse and trump has made this his signature cause can the status quo sustained.
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the stan collymore show this week concentrates on the hosts russia and sparrow hill overlooking the beautiful luzhniki stadium in the host. of one their opening two games at the three four world cup happy we're going to be chatting to mr football here in russia. we're also going to visit the great moscow state circus and a very special guest joining us we're going to be looking at perri founds fans who are in the world and giving you all a flavor from this week's. enjoy. we
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are here at the great moscow. the world cup well under why and of course as befits the great circus of the world they have a football fate that's going to look at the children as they all three see at this very special k. . i am stan collymore and today i am your ringmaster not quite. delighted to be joined they sort of fit fine figure of the artistic director one of the actors here at the moscow great circus and tell us about the history of this great place with forty five p.s. hold this circus a it was a field in soviet union it was the biggest circus in the world and it's still
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biggest in europe why is the russian fascination with circuses you remember lenin yes of course and he said that for us the most important. circus and cinema that's why this started to influence and they spent a lot of money for circus and it was really important and you know maybe because he was understanding that circus is international language art that's why you can bring any ideas heres a russian idea to all around the globe how excited are you to welcome the world. because obviously we know russia for its all its for its poetry for the bolshoi ballet for its sixty's how cool is it for five weeks to be able to show them classic russian and you know it's amazing actually it's amazing and they the greatest thing is to see the fans in our audience to see them wearing all those t.
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shirts with the flags and they're happy and when they when they see the performances are really friendly it's about all of us that we are coming from different countries we have different cultures different religions but we are all the same in the we are coming for the fun already it's all ok but it's quite dangerous but i'll make it so that it will be. safe for you but you need to be careful. don't be scared ok he's a good guy you can touch him. don't go to church or she's afraid of you. ok but just because you're new for him ok you think on clothes clothes ok thank you thank you ok we can show you. ok
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you can touch good. measure. ok. so i like it i've just had a time. so i'm still shaken after. bringing things down a little bit. michael michael how long have you and your family been involved in the circus like you're a hundred years involved in the circus so you should have some good experts oh yes . yes i think so so it's a world cup free show with some tricks. thanks so there's still the same with this it's a cold. world here's
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a list i thought it was great i think last guy here at the local fire. bush just a shit i see on the stone you just go as most men yeah chose to run for bull and all those responses you know all true but it's the community leader i just wrote from. national what is going to start happening might the church never opened the streets and i mean there was no subway to the world. when it's in your words and your thoughts on the church or is this sort of news or know someone is this simple request this you on this this is what you do stupid. things that show i'm still able to see if i'm on the come on the bombings just. to come on this is but not to seem to come on the computer you. thought it would be. easy just to.
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the police and then you might. not have a problem. we had a number of years when the scene. building thank you so much for joining us we finally here in this quite incredible studio overlooking spyro hill in the luzhniki stadium i'll be watching your stuff every night while russian is very glad it is learned i'm trying i'm trying very slowly brought up to do your presentations and all your passion your energy has been fantastic let's start the beginning fantastic start of the tournament well you'll thoughts on the ten days of the three full cup here in russia. i'm quite happy and i'm very happy that it's happening and i didn't come believe that they're going to believe that this is the district where when i was born this is my home and really and i started playing football here like there were
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a lot of beaches where children are playing our starts and playing football there and now forty years later when i'm standing here i still can't believe that is happening with me so it's kind of a fairy tale the level football in the opening games is impressive and i think that's in the next games it will be even better how important has it been for christiane a real treat for messi to misapply to get results for russia to start so well in the tournament it seems to be one of those tournament's where you toss a coin you don't know where it's going to land that's fantastic for the storm it's an yeah i agree with you absolutely and it's called that. for this moment scored no goals but i think you will be scoring goals afterwards then for me it's very interesting to see another star because we have ronaldo and messi but they are in their thirty's forty's already and i want to see the next number one in the world football and unfortunately in the first games.


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