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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 22, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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well but i thought that brazil did what they had to do high emotion high intensity and i'm very happy with the result was so good it would make you know how i need to make it i think it played very well. they're going to play a better game by game because i think there is a treaty leave area to them and on the. hopefully resume when they walk out i gave him a chandler throwing you know it was going on a round hole at us. ill seki chia. well we said the b. goals in this particular go on in the let's say you scored thankfully my concern that the this would be the for us they'll nail is now down the drain so sabia scored beautiful across from the right by descent outage of southampton and ice on the meter beach finished it with the back of his head and nothing that the swiss keeper could do about it it's one mil to survey after the fifth minute right now it stands minute and so it's on the fact just had
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a really good chance but will keep you updated on the score not a game where he lies much more open than we thought he was going to be definitely and we thought he's going to be defensive it looks like he's going to be a crack at anyway meanwhile no no games are actually here we must stay for today but you wouldn't mind that moving around the city center and also understand that you do see your fans behind me and you can even hear it now as a safe on the street that literally is just behind us it's being dubbed the street every lights and it's being plenty of cholera and atmosphere the. i. know we're staying here on top of the the force he doesn't get here to the fans warming up their voices before the match against belgium on saturday i'm going than i am relishing the calm way now we saw the crowds of them passing by us and also long ago and now we can actually hear that.
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well while the argentinean contingent in the russian capital have seemingly put that crushing defeat against croatia behind yesterday that offering classes to everyone and the key players nature to brush up on rough footwork for the next game as well now he called ska street that street of light was earlier taken over by the icelandic vikings who have their own special way of inspiring their team and eager to stun have played along. in the brand themselves vikings and they've invaded the russian capital in full force iceland deployed almost ten percent of their population to support the team at their first world cup i. was in the game against the mighty argentina that ended up in a big upset folio messy and the rest of the nation the blue shirts shouted themselves hoarse it was time when i joined them.
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was that it was. i. was through. the was kristen and code folk weren't at home in a city with roughly forty times the population of the entire country the place getting here is like nothing we've ever seen before the snow has the games it's about this it's about own admission our own d.j.'s this is why you will come right here in. the new the time i've spent with iceland's chanting cool one thing is obvious qualifying from one of the groups of death doesn't faze the vi. kings and
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even if they don't win the cup they've already won everyone's hearts because done the oxy. oh well there you go there the that the famous viking trap and didn't help the ice the national team rallied today as i lost two nil nigerian super eagles looks lively and perhaps deservedly got their first points of the tournament the africans nasik second in group d. behind proration nigeria open the scoring to a forward with most of c.s.k. moskos shortly after time although as he moves through the shot most accident the clatter of the ice line the defendant i cannot see good son in the back of his head with a need for me so that doubled his tally with a simple finish after breaking trail i'm glad i didn't see that happen to know i so looked out and the way back into the game when they were given a final it's a big deal to sigurdsson looked nervous stepping up to the spot and put it well over the. yeah that was decided by v.a.r. as well meanwhile those football fans who couldn't make the trip to russia have had
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to console themselves by kiki keeping up with all the action in that home countries and a group of english friends are doing exactly that to find a great way to get several thing to international feel to get.
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i am. we've been through instructor told once before and so. called we spread it around the stuff a lot so this one we just thought we'd talk a little bit different but we're going to begin by. recruiting the seeing pots of money that we keep seeing with meeting people from difficult to like the country. and it's kind of it's humbling and i think you connect with all sixty more than anything you have to do.
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now let's talk about group f. with some big games coming up this weekend including germany that's sweden manchester united boss jos a marino has been predicted and who will be coming out on top. germany and sweden. germany is obviously a very strong experienced team that knows better than anyone. how to win how to be competitive streak in the interesting team tactically very well organized i don't think they have enough delon to attack to create performance to germany's feel they will try to set up. a game with woods solid defense but then again that's in german they will get this response.
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before we go short. on the score in the serbia switzerland game it's still one nil aged minutes gone but obviously will be back with more information out of the game progressed as he said we'll be back with more commentary on today's going to at the top of the hour as richard said serbia currently survive that goal just one goal strike alexander richard richard giving them the early goal after five minutes however a long way to go anyway if you want to keep up with all the goals and the headlines right across the world cup download our am check out. when i had to go over to the carriage for more of your global news. well hello again from the r.t. news center i'm neki aaron with the headline news now the hard won two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal is now on the brink of total collapse to wrong says it's
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losing faith in europe's ability to salvage the agreements that are following america's controversial withdrawal in may and to be accorded iran curb its nuclear ambitions in return for the easing of sanctions with more details of his policy or when iran has warned that it may soon exit the nuclear deal that is known as the joint comprehensive plan of action we are hearing from the rainy and deputy foreign minister who says it is clear that the future of the deal now hangs in the balance i told the conference today the jason is and then turns to unit because it has lost its balance as a result of the u.s. withdrawal from the do you the iranian deputy foreign minister was speaking to the press in vienna where the remaining signatories are meeting to try and salvage what at the time was termed a landmark agreement but what we are hearing from taran is they are insisting on some kind of assurances from those remaining signatories in the most notable among them be. in europe that they will be amendments put in place to offset the negative
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impact of washington with feeling it is better to me that the american president and donald trump decided to deal with the deal that the signal is making it was a deal that companies created. in one of the worst that america had if they signed on and since his election campaign he promised that he was going to find a cure not only has he written in the form of studies also announce that his we are facing sanctions against iran and at the same time has evolved to come down even harder on the islamic republic and this is despite the fact they're all grooming as they're doing so could have dire consequences now since then europe has been scrambling and trying hard to convince the iranians that they remain committed to the deal but what we certainly hearing from to iran is skepticism as to whether or not europe can offer something of real interest and what this essentially means is that the prospect of iran withdrawing from the nuclear agreement is becoming ever
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and ever more imminent we got reaction from political communication professor foe i designed the tauron university he says there could be very serious repercussions if the deal is completely abandoned. it may actually lead to a war that both iran and europe are interested. in but if the agreement is. after us with the. conflicts you already have in the middle east are going to increase and i think the reason foreign minister talked about. him and he. is basically going to push europe to actually work harder to make sure that. iran is able to state what iran has been saying is that you can. sanctions or you can.
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nuclear program. limitation but you cannot have both and limiting its nuclear program and have sanctions at the same time you cannot have your cake and that's basically iran's argument and. people in iran hoping that europe will actually do what they need to do. a prince of wales and his wife the duchess of cornwall took a trip to the english does he have souls bring this friday charles and camilla's visit was aimed at lifting spirits in the wake of the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter in march and as a spiritual kind of reports we aren't even souls very we're almost four months ago now became the epicenter of this massive scandal that took over headlines all over the world where former double agent surrogates paul and his thirty three year old daughter uit were found slumped on a park right here in seoul very and indeed all of the attention all eyes were back to so very today as the prince of wales charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla
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have been paying a visit indeed to boost the syrian city spirits and really help it out on its way to what's being described as recovery but some of the locals we've been speaking to here seem to have a little bit of a sense of thirty one. comes to this whole saga already people ok. but i think they'll forget. it takes almost never have but. we keep on coming back on the news. will be some of the guys go over some people will start out with i think it will take people a month but it is building. i've noticed a rhyme the time well sort of coming back it will also at the same time some locals we've been speaking to here in so very have basically told us they have some suspicions about the approach and position the british government had taken on this whole case. i mean.
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i'm not saying that he should do will surely you could also look at it would it. keep things a bit quiet. it wouldn't make it to this country could be the americans. but you know. we need two events. and we can really comment on that until we see all the if the well if you remember all of this kick started on march fourth when sergei scrawl and yulia were found on a park bench they were taken to a hospital it was later announced that they have been poisoned by a nerve agent that was dubbed not a truck and mediately all hands pointed to russia the british government if you were paul said it's highly likely that moscow was behind this they said that only russia would have the operate of means the motive and the a source of being able to get their hands on all the chalk so they blamed russia immediately they expelled diplomats it became the biggest diplomatic route between russia and britain certainly in decades while that whole time russia for saying it
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had nothing to do with the attack they said they would have any motive for doing something like this and have been denying all along having had to do anything to do with this point something while asking to be able to participate. in the investigation that actually is still going on all of these months later we do know that hundreds of detectives have been working here examining as many as five thousand hours of c.c.t.v. footage here on the ground and so it's very yet we're still waiting for kind of official investigation results to be announced and of course again you have made it well out of the hospital and are feeling better and actually not many very people seem to know where they are at this point the russian envoy to the u.k. told is that russia will continue to push to be involved in this group investigation. i sent a letter today to prince charles he visited souls agree and he supported the people of those very but i sent him of that explaining oh position i wrote
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that russia has nothing to do with it and that's exactly what we said officially to the british government i said that we are demanding the access to the investigation we're demanding the excess to be russian citizens and we want to know the details and with we want to know the truth so far everything is under this secrecy. is done on this secrecy and we don't have any access so all these things that i wrote to the royal family you know the two brief. prince charles and you can better understanding you know what is the russian position that. unfortunately we don't have any access to the investigation so so far no information we didn't get the substantial. answers from the foreign office on the questions that were put. to the british side. we don't have access to russian citizens. rethink what we have
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seen this is on the t.v. the interview i mean the interview i'm quite sure that the british stand on this position. and the sli so one day we will get the access to the russian citizens. the sooner the better to continue the political pressure. as we understand that. more british allies from the west. asking to preserve evidence. so some time ago the few months when they made joint statement in support of the british position so they believe britain in their words today it's time to. explain the evidence and. the first signs of that kind of mood in germany but i'm
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quite sure the other countries under the pressure of the public opinion in their countries have to do the see. the way we talk to each other on the internet has elevated way beyond just using words now we deploy m o g z gifts and of course names which borrow heavily from movies and t.v. shows but they're now under threat from the legal overseers who are getting tough on copyright infringement especially online as donald quarter explains. the internet as we know it may soon radically change at least in the e.u. with memes facing an axe a stench real crisis as a result of new copyright laws that might kill them off. or.
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a group of european parliament members are pushing for a new rules they would see platforms censor information to avoid copyright infringements now article thirteen is one of the more controversial of the plan would have platforms install filters to check all the information users upload onto the internet what we're seeing here in this particular instance is this goes against what is the very much the. social media in particular where it's user generated and many uses. of the general is taking snippets from schools it's taking. photos on the home. using those in the. now article eleven or the link tax has also garnered criticism it would see online platforms paying news publishers
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a fee just see if they link to their content now this is already been tried both in germany and in spain failing miserably in both instances and with this new e.u. copyright proposal seemingly on the way there are still a lot of questions as to what actually constitutes a taxable link and what if the government uses it to crack down on freedom of speech while seventy alarmed internet experts including the founders of the world wide web and wikipedia have written a letter in protest by requiring internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the continent that their users bloat article thirteen takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of bintan it from an open platform for sharing and innovation into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its uses. and alarm bells have also been ringing at the united nations human rights council states an intergovernmental organizations should refrain from establishing new arrangements
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that would require proactive monitoring filtering of content which is both inconsistent with the right to privacy and likely to mount a pre-publication censorship for the proposal to become law the e.u. parliament will have to vote on it later this year and its critics are dead set on slaying this bill which they say would transform the internet into a tool of surveillance and control donald quarter r.t. berlin. well those are the headlines for this hour join us again at the top of the hour for the latest and well news and of course the well.
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greetings and salutation. for those of us on the good steady diet of fast food pizza deliveries i've got some rather terrible news for you according to the c.d.c. if the food itself doesn't kill you it's packaging will along with certain fabrics and stick cooking pans and firefighting foams most commonly used on military bases this week the centers for disease control released an over eight hundred page report that the trumpet ministration has labeled a public relations nightmare according to prop up the environmental health study details of warns of the health dangers from a family of chemicals known as per floor kill substances or p f a s p fasts recommending an exposure limit for one of the compounds that is ten times lower. and what the u.s. environmental protection agency has maintained is these safe threshold and seven times lower for another come down in the same family and just to make you sleep
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even better at night the chemicals in the study have been linked to little things you know little things like thyroid disease liver damage decreased fertility hormone suppression and our old friend cancer a lovely and apparently scott pruett's new and improved environmental protection agency in the white house were none too pleased with the report and according to politico sought to head off the study from being released because according to an e-mail from an unidentified white house aide the public media and congressional reaction to these numbers is going to be huge the impacts the e.p.a. and the defense department is going to be extremely painful. i wonder if fear of all those deadly chemicals in our household items is the real reason behind e.p.a. chief scott pruett's reported security bills clocking in over clocking in at over four million dollars scotty boy all right let's find out by watching the hawks.
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at the bottom. like you know that i got. it's. rather on the watching the hard sciences are over and that's and nothing every every single thing to show you. these these that are currently bills are while and now they're only kind of scratching the surface they're still all the experts are saying we need to study these things deeper because like the effects they're having a lab rats and things like that. are going to be just as bad as humans we've seen these and i mean this is gross stuff and this is a thing that you can't kind of quite understand because so many other countries and
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places around the world even in the united states before there is this idea of studying something before you allow it to be put all over the place and it makes you wonder if the you know it's a kind of chemical as you said military bases and things like that it just makes you wonder how much they knew the people in charge and how much was done to save a dollar here and there and you know it's interesting when the when when bluto the anonymous kind of white house aide move the e-mail exchanges that were you know someone covered and released and they're saying like oh you know this could be really bad publicity and all this will be wrecked what about the poor person dying of like you know cancer who because of lack of handling and being near their sons i'm certain he's not too happy about the publicity in his own life that he's dying . i mean and and like you said over death right kind of the same thing really publicity is a heck of a cheaper than death so deal with the publicity because the medical expenses
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are going to be huge the e.p.a. actually began to temporarily monitor public drinking water systems back in two thousand and thirteen for people and these people just compounds under the safe drinking water act the agency found that the two most common people compounds were present roughly one percent one percent of the nation's public water supplies affecting roughly one hundred different municipalities now flashforward twenty sixteen just two years ago harvard researchers estimated that based on that on that data some six million americans got their drinking water from sources that exceeded the e.p.a. health guidelines now with the story as it comes to so it all falls together now with the story today this report that was just released we suddenly realize that that's actually you know the we know. now the kurds are too high and that the minimal risk levels for just or were exposure of the two chemicals are actually to
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seven times lower than the threshold right will be dangerous that means even more people at risk than the six million they've already that's and cry i wish i could say i'm surprised but news flash breaking news flint doesn't even plain water. and the fact that the flint water crisis can come and go so quickly and with no action either from the president from congress when when that happened it's it's sort of amazing that we live in a world that is that i mean they want even protect their own they were targeting the active military members of bases from this kind of stuff right because they're just i mean they're they're tools they're not people i mean that's how you dehumanize them fire bunch of people is hey we're going to do these things that we're going to put you on really i mean we've heard about the burn pits we've heard about p.t.s.d. and now we find out that the defense department is going to face to face is a major contamination risk. more than six hundred military sites six hundred
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military sites so who knows how many people are in each of those due to these chemicals being used in fire fighting foam but it seems that it's really only fire fighting from that's the kind that they're using there so congress had at least that you said reported to congress that one hundred twenty six water systems on or near military bases were also can cannonade and that fast food the huff post reports of a warning to the paper published allow another paper published last year of a viral mental science and technology letters journal had said that the recent testing of four hundred food and beverage containers some twenty seven fast food chains across the country identified detectable levels of flooring which scientists say is a likely indicator of p f a s or p f c's and about forty percent of the sample so. what's your food's wrapped in is what your food is made out of is poison the water you wash it down with this poison and if you're a military member and you have to put out
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a fire point. yeah it's toxic we will go outside more a little higher if you're old this is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. less than two hundred some one percent that's how much the white population the united states has declined in the last year with deaths of white citizens outnumbered birth rates across half the country and whether it's so aside drug overdoses or diseases of old age some wonder what this could mean for the future are to america's actually banks has the story. for the first time in u.s. history more white people died than were born and twenty sixteen data shows in twenty six states whites are dying faster than their being born between one thousand nine hundred nine and twenty sixteen the number of white births fell by ten point eight percent that stands at just over two million researchers suggest the reasons for this decrease are the great recession
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a drop in fertility rates because people can't afford to have children and a rise of mortality rates as most of the white population is aging and dying of natural causes while others are dying from drug overdoses. a demographic at the university of texas at san antonio and a co-author of the report says it seems that white people going under the fifty percent of the population mark might be happening a few years earlier than projected some of the states most affected by this shift are oregon california arizona new mexico florida north and south carolina pennsylvania maryland and michigan researchers are predicting by the year two thousand and forty five whites could drop well below fifty percent of the population while the white population is decreasing the census says minority populations are steadily rising and twenty seventeen the hispanic population rose to fifty eight point nine million up two point one percent from twenty six.


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