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and thinks this minute. everything to the play for national pride hanging in the balance top teams today mexico and belgium are all facing group rivals on saturday in the world cup here and russia will be across all those matches and follow the found trail to. be was. coming to town fans to see the other games because we're in the world cup so that's what we wanted to. root for us to do in months away from football for the top stories this morning a powerful photo on a time magazine cover seen as a damning indictment of trump's immigration policy is discovered to this leading. british royals to send all souls were a former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned in march try and give
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her southern english city a boost the locals about the unsolved spice. just after ten am saturday morning here in moscow this twenty third of june sunday again here today a great day them for the football good morning for me kevin now in this is our. day ten the end of the world cup seeing teams from group f. and g. getting ready for their second game spells religion is he will be the first to clash saturday the spot tag stadium in moscow belgium and leading the group with england after they beat panama three nil she knows are struggling with zero points right now though next as any potential find out that's no stoppin however for this supporters they didn't really fired up on them. just let me say. it was time for our rock star bar chop good to you and i can sorry about that take . our.
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the load. of them was just ask each of these in fact it was me showing that i am definitely not a game to see. him speak out i must be one there cannot be a seat on. the. t.v. . series the world over the air and. the the what do you think about tomorrow's game you know the citizen is on i just hope i just love the players would be up to it as
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a some of the players will come up to the standards of the other fans this year we have a big night here we came from lone ways or you know we support asked james we go alone through z. as him which is so publish come through with the same enthusiasm we have to do it. makes to stir baby make it up and we're going to have the answers we're going to be a pound of and we're going to go to the next round baby sixty tinnies years eric and maybe the ring this is it there we go baby yeah we go but quite before we get there before we get on the side of these games and on this let's recap day nine from a world cup stadiums up in some petersburg and also in moscow with neil harvey and former demo goalkeeper peter schmeichel. the things i've really been having to help in the going to be action and the third and final match of the day i say because a switzerland.
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i think this is one of the best games we've seen so fine sense of excitement and action it was very much and so and stuff in serbia they started off really well they had a massive massive chance meter of each had a free had it within four minutes and it was a great save by you and somewhere in there and that's when all you think now swiss would have been won by that but no the next minute exactly the same thing happened but this time michel it put the ball in the back of the net souls with serbia was one nil up and then it just started to go into and switzerland very slowly got into the game and here we are here we actually see this is the goal and it is
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a great head by me troops but. cheer should have been warned the second time in a minute but he's letting the truth having it having to have a header and in that close off. switch that had an awful lot of the ball didn't seem to be able to put an end product on it serbia it looked to have more of a cutting edge to completely turned around in the second half it seems that some just got stronger and stronger and they just kept going plucking away eventually they got the equalizing goal and what a goal that was by the way a shocker from from moscow who hasn't had a great a kid has a shot now look at this for a finish now you would think the goalkeeper should say that. all of us come to a crowd that has gone through the crowd and. that was from that from the shaquille shot the way was blocked it had so much spin on the ball so when shaq ahead he hit it with a spin so the ball actually curved away from the goalkeeper and through
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a crowd of people he couldn't see. and the ball actually got stuck in the net and the t.v. cameras didn't really pick that up but i found it look. the put out and i looked at the slow motion and it did so well and that they never actually curled around the ball that's almost how much spin there was on the ball and that no one i mean no goalkeeper would have saved that that was some finish that and from that moment on switzerland they were and they were thinking we can win this game the last five minutes of the nine feet they were putting so much pressure on and so against the second theme looked a little bit tired then this half and this is better ninety minutes here which is in switzerland they say he is that big a star you know you wouldn't want anyone else to have that chance and he put it the way to one and there are still six minutes to play of that game and the drama just kept going you know it was it was really a fantastic game and we turn to three hundred simon all day and he specially in the group d.
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action nigeria against iceland. very popular mice lens and it won a lot of founds and there was a lot of confidence i think from their own supporters going into this game gets nigeria but it was a surprise let's check out the action this was the first goal and it was for an x.-men movie forty nine minutes. forty seconds well. and then early days and you know what i loved about i could reason this much talk about calm on the ball some people you know may have snatched an opportunity he was playing like it was a training game with his finishes yet i finished this to school actually could end up being top three and in that in the championship i think he is coming credible go across came from victim osis it was kind of high for him a lot of stuff i guess would have died stifled in the head of the just put his leg up to this guy took the ball down and very calmly volleyed into the top corner i
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thought of puta full goal to score the second goal as well very calmly again. you know a long ball up he took a very good first charge and then obviously one who plays one with a goalkeeper you see sometimes seventy five minutes he actually hit the crossbar as well so it's pretty close to getting a hat trick really our colleagues in moscow alexei you know shift you guys that. they talk to one of the guy have a hot ice and friends who witnessed his t.v. news tonight you're fortunate and despite that result was pretty healthy we're here on the big states in the vehicle arena having fun and the biggest part feel nerves and we're where we're in the next game and argentina where we're in nigeria and we will qualify through the round of sixteen no doubt that's the spirit that's the spirit now there's a man who's being very positive way liking your attitude they're gonna say let's have a look at it man it's i sense
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a first world cup we know how you did it the year is being issued let's not guy that basis world cup in russia living up here expectations in russia has surprised us all by its hospitality and how everything is easy we get around d.c. i just got kissed by two ladies who say it absolutely. and you know it's just wonderful to be here it's a little bit warm if you could just turn down as a moment so just a little bit then you would feel a little bit better well speaking of warmth we were unable to be at that game i mean we come visit all the caves but from here on the screens it looked like the atmosphere inside the stadium was pretty pretty hot what was it was that the case what did you feel a stadium. like a south. like we were sitting there being char broiled and. given our sun protection before we could enter the arena so we are i mean
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i'm i'm i'm well done to say the least. the load. and let's start with that decision where not actually notified the penalty. that we haven't seen this with with in the world yet now again the players are appealing to the to the referee to go and watch the replay. system it takes about ten fifteen seconds to tell the referee also or vice a referee to go in have a second look he did and let me praise him for doing that because then he saw that the name was play acting and he's trying to cheat and gave himself a penalty that he didn't deserve he didn't destroy anything up until that point
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other than a yellow card for doing that unfortunately the referee didn't do that but two minutes later he did give him a yellow card so you can argue that a name which should have been off the pitch and not playing the last game name i have to say he's a he's again like i i believe he were in two thousand and fourteen he is a disappointment he he hasn't got what right now do has on what messi unfortunate hasn't showed us yet but has shown us in previous tournaments what have you kane you know all these big players we always talk about neymar comes into this tournament as the biggest everyone says that this is neymar storm and so far all we've seen is bad behavior it's diving it's it's it's not a lot of quality football that he's delivered so far i think they need to they need to really up their game if they any hope of winning the world cup but it is and we've we've talked about this show off me of this discrete phase it's all about
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getting through they don't have to turn on the challenge is not pacing yourself he said this they could be for now things and still when it pads didn't pick. quickly deny not even get out of the group so you can pace yourself too slowly sometimes i think. so faces south korean rushed off from southern russia a member of mexico's amazing victory over current world champions germany the previous. career there clearly would be underdogs but still they got a slim chance to go through to the next stage before the tournament we spoke to the captain of the mexican take. i feel driven it's like i'm playing at this championship for the first time we have a very good team and we can change the course of football history in our country the fact that i'll be playing for the national team again getting a chance to become part of mexico history motivates me the most to be honest it's all playing in the confederations cup it helped us understand what to expect in terms of stadiums not just in love travelling between the states and to be frank i
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really hope i make sure that we finally make the step separated from the big three in the world cup and that our expectations will finally be realized. thousands of mexico and so here are some of the most visible the loudest of the championship we had to find out what it took logistically for them to get here to russia. everybody who knows if telling women
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a little different is involved i mean you want a foreign leader in terms of discussing maybe it was for me something we want to be specific i mean look. at the photo where the last part of the wedding is part of the wedding you're in the funny when someone comes in for the look and i think you can move things to get something out of even a living. color that seemed almost the feeling of something. that almost. a distinct feeling of the film. which if you know you want to buy it generally is if you don't sit around. in the phone with someone you. know we we we will see if i will wait for the power to. find out but i'm going to.
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kind of thought here's our guy already in russia chamfer a shaman a frying pan for about the last off and on the shelf of russian for keeping up to speed with his adventures because she was only game in the lab bringing the story. german fans going to. edge of their seat for the clash with sweden in sochi tonight down by the sea they definitely need a win after the surprise defeat by mexico if germany lose they'll be in serious danger of an early exit sweden is already savory ahead of them a point. that's been great for going to say some very nice and everything else being very nice if you have anything to raise. with because it was to be a very tight game but i think the speed it will keep the field she's so germany was for. rusty jorma. how to game well
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let's see what our premier pundit expects from the upcoming battle. germany and sweden. and germany is obviously a very strong experienced team that knows better than anyone. how to win how to be competitive in the interesting team tactically very well organized i don't think they have enough delegates in attack to cripple for us who germany is for they will try to set up. a game with. a solid defense. and they will get the points. prediction there for one of the world's best football knowledge but not everyone agrees with just say push the rabbit what little of their right as nudged sweden for victory over germany in saturday's game. will be right going to be wrong we'll
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find out soon enough. three cities will be hosting matches on saturday but what do the fines get up to the games with peter all of it went to another city these new know who are all right. thanks. the fan fest as being the focus for a lot of big celebrations during this world cup but what to do when you're in. in between the football the cool opportunities to pick up a few things nice especially if you have the plague of t.v.'s fashion sense is
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myself it seems like some talk out. loud. so we think. what do you think yes no yes. i'm thinking maybe. and despite being here initially a little bit of this even a chance for me untold to transport myself by of these one second. all the way. all right to the luzhniki stadium disco. that is very cool. looking around the inside it's inside of the luzhniki you know right now brilliant hero and that's very cool. technology terrifies me. and this all types of ways to bring tola to the funfest of course and see just down here people getting their faces painted
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tell no cause of it what's your name opposite. me no no but you be up to me on it which inclusive it's very very sinful very nice. in the way the best thing i found to be doing in the fun fest is me seeing the united nations and pulling funds that have come here to russia for this world cup it's been amazing we're coming to a fan fest to see the other games because we're in the world cup so we that's where we wanted to illustrate it so that's one place or to watch a game and explain the cold beer it caused whether it saw some fans walking around the city trying the nice russian food basically that the nation is a great place and we just went to the kremmling. really good sort of historical place and now we are enjoying food will you just get out experience of meeting people and learning about of
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a country it's amazing you just find things in common with everybody from around the world really. so for us to get all the headlines as they happen on our up if you haven't got it downloaded. right here on the t.v. side of things tonight more in-depth analysis from the people who really know what we're talking about all here on r t international but the rest this morning's news headlines are coming up after this short break. president clients use case store of value and that will continue the price reaches an equilibrium point one hundred thousand per client or you will be seeing it more used as a medium of exchange at some point that becomes a unit of account as things are priced in bitcoin as money disappears.
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so. there's lots of just of closer. is about from the right before the numbers to. see if. i call him a socialist and he should get the special award for. the creation from a broken down part of the field the team. for the success. of the field the confidence right now on the big. three kevin i mean this is r t let's take a look at some of the headlines this saturday morning now in the white house is just the media who are distorting the facts to discredit the administration's tough
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immigration policy it's after a major magazine published an unrelated but nonetheless powerful photo on its cover to slam trub next as khaled maupin explains those similar cases are becoming more frequent on both sides of the debate. they say that a picture is worth a thousand words powerful images hit you in the gut and they pluck our heartstrings but they can also be deceiving take a look at this cover of time magazine the little girl in this photo has become symbolic of the trumpet ministrations policy of separating undocumented children from their parents here's the original photo and here's how the photo has been used in mainstream media i could sit here all day and tell you about president trump's new zero tolerance integration policy or i could just show you a single picture this one no one image has come to define the policy more than this one it shows a two year old hundred girl crying as her mother is patted down. as
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it happens the girl in the image was actually not separated from her mother unlike lots of other children her father in honduras has confirmed that you can imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my daughter it broke my heart it's difficult as a father to see that but i now know that they are not in danger they are safer now than when they were making the journey to the border so cue the clarifications retractions and updates from outlets like the washington post that ran with the this little girl was taken away from her parents story the father of the little girl told the washington post that the child and mother were not separated us and honduran officials have confirmed the father's account to other news organizations actually both sides of american politics are guilty of doing this they find a very powerful image and they run with it no matter where it came from take the right wing blog drudge report they're generally supportive of trump immigration
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policies they found this photo and said that it was immigrants crossing the u.s. border actually this photo is from syria take this photo of a child in a cage posted by a journalist to raise awareness about the plight of migrant children even though he admitted. we didn't know where the photo came from still trying to find a source for this photo so it on the facebook friends timeline but looking for confirmation has anyone seen it elsewhere well it's not hard to establish that the child was participating in a protest it's a mock cage now there's one photo that circulating around that actually does show a child that is actually in a cage john five or obama's speech writer tweeted it out with the words this is happening now well actually the photos from twenty fourteen and it was happening then with obama presiding over it now children were actually being separated from their parents and the outrage was in response to a very real policy from the trumpet ministration but it's important to take a deep breath learn all the facts and not let every sensational heart wrenching
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image be taken at face value in the pop and r. t. new york legal or media or our list long will told us these latest case is going to show the just how low the standards of journalism of recently folan when you have organizations news organizations that don't merely obfuscate the facts or exaggerate or do anything to give the wrong impression or are biased but when they lie when they show pictures that are five years old or pictures that aren't what they appeared to be or pictures of children who are not unaccompanied that's called or lying that's a distortion it's not well it's truly fake news.
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it was a throne of his wife of a morale building trip to souls breed in southern england the city was where a former russian double agent and his daughter poisoned in march led to maintain it's highly likely that the attack was carried out by mosco and this is the ripples . of the attention on wife about to celebrate as the prince of wales charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla have been paying a visit indeed to boost the syrian city spirits and really help it out on its way to what's being described as recovery but some of the locals we've been speaking to here seem to have a little bit of a sense of fatigue when it comes to this whole saga already people ok. i mean i think don't forget. it takes almost never having your temper but. it keeps on coming back on the news. some of the guys go over some people will start worrying about where they think it will take people or months but it is building back up and i have noticed
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a rhyme the time sort of coming back it that whole time russia for saying it had nothing to do with the attack they said they would have any motive for doing something like this and have been denying all along having had to do anything to do with this point something while asking to be able to participate in the investigation that actually is still going on all of these months later we do know that hundreds of detectives have been working here examining as many as five thousand hours of c.c.t.v. footage from locals we've been speaking to here in seoul very have basically told us they have some suspicions about the approach and position the british government had taken on this whole case that russia. should it would it may be this country could be the americans. but you know i think we need to events. and we can really comment on that until we feel we have to get. we're still waiting for kind of official investigation results to be announced and
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of course it's a good new way i have made it well out of the hospital and are feeling better and actually not many very people seem to know where they are at this point and this is . reporting there from my will cheery and southern britain and it's just after twenty eight days post ten the sofa now about the leaves of the football and the other updated saturday morning news headlines in just about thirty minutes from now it must go as kevin owen said thanks for watching out so you have a great day. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way who's going to be our coach . guys i know you on the us he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure come out you have to be the center of the beach with l.b.j. and do all the great the great the good you are the rock at the back nobody gets
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past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. the special one come all sorts of cliches meets just like the radio p.r.t. teams the latest edition to make it up as we go so i need to just say look. this is going bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part thanks for being with us coming up today as the existing home sales drop some of them are. the concern about housing affordability becoming
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a crisis we home in on housing with the c.l.o. of c.e.o. of deal b. financial debbie boyd and artist natasha suite plus artist alex mann hyla bitch will tell us about some troubling corporate malfeasance at home and abroad and president trump has nominated a new leader for the consumer financial protection bureau which is anti-consumer is the current acting director of mick mulvaney west bartlett naylor a public citizen and with the world cup fever going on around the globe how much does it take to host the enormous of that we'll talk about all of that and the economics of football yes soccer with our two steve christakis lots to get to but first let's hit a few of. the hits keep keep coming in the ongoing trade war with the tariff tit for tat earlier today the european union slapped tariffs on a strategically targeted list of three point two billion dollars of u.s. imports wielding a scalpel against trump's sledgehammer the e.u. term.


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