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tv   News  RT  June 23, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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july seventeenth twenty second so right to your part business program interactive exhibition urban. suburban forum dot com. everything still to play for national pride hanging in the balance top germany mexico and belgium all face group rivals on saturday at the world cup here in russia will be across all those matches and follow the found trail to. be. coming to town fans to see the other games because we're in the world cup so that's what we wanted to. wait for football in other news this saturday lunchtime a powerful photo on a time magazine cover seen as an indictment of trumps immigration policy is discovered to be misleading. british royals to send all souls pretty were a former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned in march try and give the southern in this city
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a boost to locals about the unsolved spy saga. here in moscow this saturday the twenty third of june sunday again here in the capital and delighted to say so another great day of football ahead welcome to the program i'm kevin owen and this is r.t. . the world cup seized from group g. and f. getting ready for their second games. the first to clash on saturday in a few hours here at the spot stadium in moscow belgium now leading the group with england after they beat three nil it is either struggling with zero points. and that's not stopping their supporters getting fired up. our starboard chapter or two and i can say that. i'm finding this place
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down. all over the the. load the was just as he puts it easy to see that it was mad at. me and i had to get the issue of the whole. than i was on the air cannot be seen on. my. t.v. like. the. suit all over all over the all over the. the the what do you think about tomorrow's game you know the that is it was on i just hope i just hope the players will be up to it as a sign of the players who come up to the standards of the fans this year we have
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a big night here we came from our own ways or you know we support our teams we go alone through z. as him which is so publish come through with the same enthusiasm we have to do to be a food makes to school baby make it happen we're going to humans are we going to be part of a we're going to go to the next round baby sixty tinnies years erica maybe the reason this isn't a regular baby well may the best team win now before we get the saturdays games in and it's less recap day nine of the world cup.
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oh. yeah despite
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a disappointing day for ice some fans are there to feel as he has and i was intended but. it's ok we're here on the big states in the vehicle arena having fun and the biggest party own earth and where when when next the next game and argentina where when nigeria and we will qualify through the round of sixteen and then russia has surprised us all by its hospitality and how everything is easy if we get around easy i just got kissed by too late this will say it but i'm so sorry i'm so. you know you're just wonderful to be here it's a little bit more if you could just turn down of them all but they're just a little bit they took even our sun production for we could burn through the arena . i mean i'm i'm i'm well done to say the least. meantime mexico faces south korea the. southern russia you may remember mexico's
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amazing victory of a current world champions germany in the previous round so three are clearly the underdogs but nonetheless they've got a slim chance to get through to the next day for the tournament you spoke to the captives the mexican take. it yes well now i feel driven it's like i'm playing at this championship for the first time we have a very good team and we can change the course of football history in our country the fact that i'll be playing for the national team and the boys and getting a chance to make history is a sort of motivates me. to be on it playing in the confederations cup it helps us understand what to expect when times are stadiums not a lot of travelling between the states and to be frank i really hope i make sure we finally make the step you are separated from victory in the wild card very kind of that our expectations will finally be realized i mean. thousands of mexico fans are here and they are in fact some of the most visible and loudest of the championship
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we went to look at what it took for some of them to logistically get all the way here to russia. thank you. good people united by the north it's doing women little bit differently involved in the community part and the music just isn't what it was for me so we want to be specific i mean look.
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the part where the last part of the wedding is part of the learning you're in the funny. funny cause of it ok and i think you can. get something out of even a living because it could be simply almost impossible to know something. that i was . in the field of the book. which if you're going to write generally is if you don't set out. with something that we believe we will face value which was that outfit going to. buy our book under the. banner. year long trip well here's our guy jamie already in russia cheering for his team on a train bound for the much on the bus stop on the seven russian we'll be keeping you up to speed on all of this invention. now those german fans are going to be on
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the edge of their seat for the clash with sweden in salt she down by the sea tonight they definitely need a win after the surprise to faithful mexico if germany lose they're going to buy in serious danger of nearly exit sweden is already ahead with three points. so it's been a great talking to send some very nice beer and everything else being very nice and you're going to explain raise up. everything make a surprise. to be a very tight game but i think this freedom with people means she also germany will for. her really cross to germany. so i was it going to go well let's see what our premier pundit expects from the upcoming battle. in germany and sweden. germany is obviously a very strong experienced team that knows better than anyone. how to win how to be
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competitive in the interesting team tactically very well organized i don't think they have enough delegates in attack to group performance to germany's feel they will try to set up. a game with good solid defense. and they will get to three points. all will they not everyone agrees with the predictions of one of the world's best football managers who is this this is push up the road salt cheap early nudged sweden for victory over germany in saturday's game some carrots and. three cities will be hosting much as on saturday but what do the fans get up to between the games good christian or all of it went to another host city.
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thanks. the fan fest as being the focus for a lot of big celebrations during this world cup but what to do when you're in. in between the football of course there are opportunities to pick up a few stephenie's especially if you have the plate of t.v.'s fashion set. says myself i could simply some talk i'm thinking of it. or we think. what do you think yes no yes. i'm thinking maybe. and despite being here initially looked about this even a chance for me untold to transport myself by you these one second.
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all the way. around to the luzhniki stadium disco. that is very cool. i'm looking around the inside it's inside of the luzhniki right now our brilliant hero that's very cool. technology terrifies me. and this all types of ways to bring tola to the funfest of course you see just down here people playing the faces paying to tell you the cause of it what's your name the puzzle for. me no no but you could be up to me on it would you consider it's very fearful very nice. to play fair in the way the best thing i found to be doing in the fun fest is missing the united
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nations are pulling funds to come here to russia for this world cup it's been amazing we're coming to a fantastic city other games because we're in the world cup so that's where we wanted to illustrate it so that's one place which was again a sprain of cold beer it caused whether it saw some fans walking around the city trying the nice russian food basically that fit nation is a great place so we just went to the cramming a really good sort of historical place and now we are you enjoying food will just get out experience of meeting people and learning about of a country it's of a. isn't it just fine things in common with everybody around the world really yeah yeah everyone see you know top producer and d.j. paul oakenfold save the tournament two he's going to perform for fans and catch a couple of matches for himself he says we got a chance to chat with him in moscow. well i'm here in russia to put
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a glove club we've also got some very excited about i'm also here with d.j. a few of the fans so i'm the same somebody from when gardens and then i'll be coming back for the following on. to chair of the previous challenges moscow is without doubt very much of a culture from the. local people scrutiny of guys and one of the things i'm. some great question of. people smiling russians this my father but maybe because the country is doing well that seems to morrow. very much so i mean russia very saw it to be traveling prove the contrary i was just great to be part of the world cup.
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get all the headlines as they happen on our up on our side out call it right here on the t.v. tonight more in-depth analysis from the people who really know what the talking about all here international about with the rest of this sunday's news headlines is lunch time after the break. so. there's lots of just of close showed us all to music from the right before the game number two against the p.g.a. . i call him a socialist and you should get the special award for. the creation amount from a. and i'm part of build the team. for the success so. they feel the
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confidence right now and they can go. usually when we have brought about a situation where we have a conflict. be it me or the three decides to go see the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do their departure and as soon as we depart before the late so as to the budget. this will do this saturday the white house is just studies the media for distorting the facts to discredit even the administration's tough immigration policy itself
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for a major magazine published and related but nonetheless powerful photo on its cover to slam trump as column open explains the next similar cases are becoming more frequent on both sides of the debate. they say that a picture is worth a thousand words powerful images hit you in the gut and they pluck our heartstrings but they can also be deceiving take a look at this cover of time magazine the little girl in this photo has become symbolic of the trumpet ministrations policy of separating undocumented children from their parents here's the original photo and here's how the photo has been used in mainstream media i could sit here all day and tell you about president trump's new zero tolerance integration policy for i can just show you a single picture of this one no one image has come to define the policy more than this one it shows you to move on during life as her mother is bad.
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as it happens the girl in the image was actually not separated from her mother unlike lots of other children her father in honduras has confirmed that you can imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my daughter it broke my heart it's difficult as a father to see that but i now know that they are not in danger they are safer now than when they were making the journey to the border so cue the clarifications retractions an update from outlets like the washington post that ran with the this little girl was taken away from her parents' story the father of the little girl told the washington post that the child and mother were not separated us and honduran officials have confirmed the father's account to other news organizations actually both sides of american politics are guilty of doing this they find a very powerful image and they run with it no matter where it came from take the right wing blog drudge report they're generally supportive of trump immigration
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policies they found this photo and said that it was immigrants crossing the u.s. border actually this photo is from syria take this photo of a child in a cage posted by a journalist to raise awareness about the plight of migrant children even though he admitted. he didn't know where the photo came from still trying to find a source for this photo soit on the facebook friends timeline but looking for confirmation has anyone seen it elsewhere well it's not hard to establish that the child was participating in a protest it's a mock age now there's one photo that circulating around that actually does show a child that is actually in a cage john five or obama's speech writer tweeted it out with the words this is happening now well actually the photos from twenty fourteen and it was happening then with obama presiding over it now children were actually being separated from their parents and the outrage was in response to a very real policy from the trump administration but it's important to take a deep breath one all the facts and not let every sensational heart wrenching image
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be taken at face value in the pop and r. t. new york. these latest cases just go to show them how low the standards of journalism of full and recently when you have organizations news organizations that don't merely. obfuscate the facts or exaggerate or do anything to give the wrong impression or are biased but when they lie when they show pictures that are five years old or pictures that aren't what they appeared to be or pictures of children who are not unaccompanied that's called or lying that's a distortion it's not well it's truly fake new.
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britain said to the throne of his wife we don't know mirelle building trip to souls parade southern england city were a form of russian double agent and his daughter of a poisoned in march london maintains it's highly likely that the attack was carried out by moscow and this is to check the reports. of the attention of wife will back to source three times the prince of wales charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla have been paying a visit indeed to boost the syrian city spirits and really help it out on its way to what's being described as recovery but some of the locals we've been speaking to here seem to have a little bit of a sense of fatigue when it comes to this whole saga already people ok. but i think they'll forget. that six almost never have been you know temporary but for the kids from korea back on the news. will be some of the guys go over some people will start with i think it will take people months but it is building back up and i have noticed around the time sort of
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a coming back it that whole time russia for saying it had nothing to do with the attack they said they would have any motive for doing something like this and have been denying all along having had to do anything to do with this point in in while asking to be able to participate in the investigation that actually is still going on all of these months later we. do you know that hundreds of detectives have been working here examining as many as five thousand hours of c.c.t.v. footage from locals we've been speaking to here in seoul three have basically told us they have some suspicions about the approach and position the british government had taken on this whole case that russia. should it would be this country could be the americans. but you know i think we need to events. we can really comment on that until we see all the yet we're still waiting for kind of official investigation results to be announced and of course so
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again you have made it well out of the hospital and are feeling better and actually not many very people seem to know where they are this point. russia's ambassador to the u.k. told us that moscow will continue to push for more involvement in the script to get a shoot. i sent a letter to prince charles visited souls agree and he supported the people of souls very. humid explaining our position. russia's had nothing to do with it and that's exactly what we said officially to the british government i said we are demanding the access to the investigation we're demanding the exists to be russian citizens we continue the political pressure. as we understand it more british realise from the west. asking to preserve evidence to meet. the support of the british position.
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it's time to explain you know what are the evidence and i see the first signs of that kind of mood in germany but i'm quite sure that the other countries under the pressure of the public opinion in their countries have to do the see. the b.b.c. is announce that the days of comedy sketches dominated by white male and elite educated comedians are now over long gone they say suggesting that seventy's legends like monty python wouldn't make it to the screen in today's britain the broadcasters are build a string of new comedy programmes fronted by female and ethnic minority comedians. if you're going to assemble a team now it's not going to be six oxbridge white blokes it's going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world it's about how original the voice you have rather than what school you went back in the late sixty's and
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seventy's multiparty said they're trying to as many as ten million viewers per show in the u.k. no for their surreal brand of humor their movies or even banned in several countries they've been called the beatles of comedy and their influence reverberates course even today but you what i want to institute a few things might give. you an encyclopedia salesman now you might have a model of log will let you when your son i mean start the p.d.s. i want my mom artist want to come in ransacked the flat honestly probably is now in charge of p.d.s. non-eternal. part of the original john cleese hit back at the b.b.c. it is only it is style them. this is head of comedy puts monty python's the lack of originality down to earth that of education and race is bias we were remarkably diverse for the time we had three grammar school boys one of and gillem though not actually black was
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a yank and no slave. so what the public think about this we asked people in london if they still want to post and how to play santa days world younger generation who grew up in a completely different time looking back and judging comedy but today's standards if you can really do that it's such classic t.v. and the likes of. how it was you've got all those classics that we've had in the eighty's of the seventy's they want to keep going because they are timeless pieces of. what you might find funny somebody else may not find coming in so it's really about listening to both sides and to speak to the cause and accommodation with it the whole point of a joke is a joke has to have a bug you know and you have to be able to be robust enough. to get the humor isn't serious get political correctness discuss whether it's funny. or leave you without thoughts coming up to day twenty seven in moscow and but with the latest on the football other updated sensitive news headlines in just about thirty two minutes
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time here in moscow it's kevin owen saying thanks for watching r.t. and have a great day wherever you. evarist
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. we're.
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going to welcome to worlds apart russia may be basking in the glory of the world cup for the moment but it comes on the heels of many debilitating sporting traumas from the doping allegations to the suspension of the entire paralympic team in the last year of winter games. football how did this country regain its respect in sports and get the ball rolling again to discuss that i'm now joined by legendary soviet and russian hockey player just off it he said it's tough it's great on a talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you now russia usually takes pride in being a great nation but i think we are much humbler when it comes to football i mean and here we are securing two wins in the world cup and hosting what many describe as a relatively well put together tournament what gives you more joy so far the
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quality of the game or the quality of our going to zation i think the. world cup itself when you're organized so she huge. should realize and this is the france for the people in the first place and a woman come from around the world to enjoy the game. its success of the game itself especially. the championship let me pick up on that because i think the russian national team has been the body of many bitter jokes that reach usually center on the point that the players get lots of money but don't work hard enough how is it possible that the team that has been disappointing for so long suddenly all of a sudden become so spectacular says historical. of close showed the national team is a good friend of my before the game number two.


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