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people say the face is pain to tell you because if it will tell them that this is. a no no but you can be of them in on it which includes seaver it's very fierce and full to be nice. to play fair in the way the pasting i found to be doing in the fun is nice in the united nations to pulling sounds that have come it's a russia for this world cup it's been amazing we're coming to a fan fest to see the other games because we're in the world cup so we that's what we want to do it's great it's so that's one place where to watch the game it's plain cold beer hot weather it's awesome bunch walking around the city trying there were nice russian food basically that's a nice name it's a great place but we just went to the kremmling. really good sort of historical place and now we are young you just get out experience so meeting people and letting about of a country it's amazing you just find things in common with everybody from around
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the world. but while some teams have already had their world cup dreams dashed this week including costa rica and egypt and south korea one nation through to the next track is france form a front strike a democratic a shared his thoughts with r.t. and what the coach did they show can lead his players to make tree at this tournament. you know we achieved our objective of winning the world cup back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight this team is still under construction and they would have to win this cup to make any comparisons and that is that said it's a very interesting squad with great players and an experienced coach their collective football is very good and they have clear ideas in a competition as short as the world cup those are important aspects we were the first to be afforded the chance to win the one thousand nine hundred eight world cup and the european championship at the same time spain eventually also managed that feat but we were the first ones most importantly we. gave
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a clear identity to friends and the generations that came after and i think this current generations can be traced back to that we have very important players playing in the best leagues and with the best european teams i believe that's a great foundation for winning the world cup when. we are almost wrapped for this hour at our red square studio but before we go we can actually show you that goal scored by germany on the forty eighth minute quarter marco royce dortmund now a beautiful pass from the left side from werner caused a bit of a scramble inside the box and royce was there to apply a very cool finish to almost threw up the back of the net and take the pressure off them as well you can see it visibly on the left can you the fact that they've actually been used to get a goal back germany only on the cusp that it was looking like the biggest upset eighty years in well cup history but the germans the swedes now it's one one let's see what happens that well meanwhile our coverage from the studio will continue at
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the top of the hour as we said off final match tonight in germany as are said that precious equaliser in sweden early in the second half block of royce some time from close range anyway that some of the excess heat minutes or so left in that one will also be going live to sample the atmosphere in such a place as part of our special coverage of that country. for us i can now make sure you come back. president kweisi is case store of value and will continue in the price reaches equilibrium point let's call it a hundred thousand for claims or you'll be seeing more used as a medium of exchange some point becomes a unit of account as things are priced into. quite as money disappears.
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in the slots it's just a closer. look from the mike before the game number two against. i call him i said listen you should get the special award. to be grace and i'm not from a broken i'm part of i feel the team. after the success that we're all day to feel the confidence right now and they can pull it. welcome back when i go to other world news this saturday marks two years since the
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u.k. voted to leave the e.u. and in london there's been a huge anti bricks at raleigh with campaigners saying the move is not a done deal and that people must make their voices heard. britain is due to leave the european union in march two thousand and nineteen but the government is still struggling to hammer out an agreement with the block the ruling conservative party locks consensus on a number of key issues including over postbox at custom arrangements with the e.u. as a result of the uncertainty a number of big businesses are warning they could pull out of the u.k.
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it's also been predicted that this year the country will see its weakest annual economic growth since two thousand and nine there was also a pro bragg's that rally in london earlier with thousands reportedly gathering to demand a speedy exit from the bloc we spoke to the u.k. independence party leader gerard batten who was at the demo he says it didn't receive much media coverage and the progress sentiment isn't being all but ignored . by just coming from a march in a rally of progress march in the valley which was held outside the b.b.c. and sky and i t.v. studios at millbank but funnily enough nobody came out to means of years or filmed it as far as i know they're not given much probably city to the other side of the argument the argument that says we had the referendum we reached a decision and now we should have left and we certainly should be leaving as soon as possible but mrs may doesn't really want to leave she's a reminder she leads a government and a majority of the house of commons who don't want to leave and they haven't really done very much for two years they've gone about it in completely the wrong way he said of keep asking the european union how we can leave they should be telling them
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the european union how it's going to work there's no such thing as a hard brooks or a soft there is leaving the european union and if you want to know what that. it's like all you've got to do is to look at every other country in the world that isn't a member of the european union it's not complicated they're trying to make it as complicated as possible. the white house has taken a swipe at the media for taking an image out of context and using it to attack the trump administration's hardline immigration policy but as caleb often explains the misuse of photos to push an agenda appears to be happening increasingly often they say that a picture is worth a thousand words powerful images hit you in the gut and they pluck our heartstrings but they can also be deceiving take a look at this cover of time magazine the little girl in this photo has become symbolic of the trumpet ministrations policy of separating undocumented children from their parents here's the original photo and here's how the photo has been used
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in mainstream media i could sit here all day and tell you about president trump's new zero tolerance immigration policy or i could just show you a single picture this one no one image has come to define the policy more than this one it shows a two year old honduran girl crying as her mother is passed down. as it happens the girl in the image was actually not separated from her mother unlike lots of other children her father in honduras has confirmed that you can imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my daughter it broke my heart it's difficult as a father to see that but i now know that they are not in danger they are safer now than when they were making the journey to the border so cue the clarifications retractions and updates from outlets like the washington post that ran with the this little girl was taken away from her parents story the father of the little
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girl told the washington post that the child and mother were not separated us and honduran officials have confirmed the father's account to other news organizations . actually both sides of american politics are guilty of doing this they find a very powerful image and they run with it no matter where it came from take a right wing blog drudge report they're generally supportive of trump's immigration policies they found this photo and said that it was immigrants crossing the us border actually this photo is from syria take this photo of a child in a cage posted by a journalist to raise awareness about the plight of migrant children even though he admitted he didn't know where the photo came from still trying to find a source for these photo soit on the facebook friends timeline but looking for confirmation has anyone seen it elsewhere well it's not hard to establish that the child was participating in a protest it's a mock cage now there's one photo that circulating around that actually does show a child that is actually in
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a cage jon five year old obama speech writer tweeted it out with the words this is happening now well actually the photos from twenty fourteen and it was happening then with obama presiding over it now children were actually being separated from their parents and the outrage was in response to a very real policy from the trump administration but it's important to take a deep breath learn all the facts and not let every sensational heart wrenching image be taken at face value of the pop and r. t. new york. legal and media analyst lionel told us these latest cases illustrate just how far journalistic standards of fallen when you have organizations news organizations that don't merely. obfuscate the facts or exaggerate or do anything to give the wrong impression or are biased but when they lie when they show pictures that are five years
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old or pictures that aren't what they appeared to be or pictures of children who are not on the company that's called. that's a distortion it's not well it's truly fake nudes that's a global update for now our world cup coverage continues at the top of the hour with our team in central moscow bringing you all of the updates on the germany sweden game taking place right now in sochi with around twenty minutes left in the game the score is holding steady at one one.
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usually when we have brought about a situation that in a conflict we be it me or the three decides to go see a first people to rush into the u.a.e. do they devote departure and as soon as we depart before the sudden is to late the so as to the budget. you. guys are this is the kaiser report another special edition late breaking news max we are wrapping up our time here at money cons in dublin or kaiser report and espanol.


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