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they are. i germany saves face and restore confidence of a place in the next round of the world cup. to watch. so the big focus now the forthcoming england. get into the party. challenge. six. i think. i. knew a few of the big stories for most of the last seven days the u.s.
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withdraws from the u.n. human rights council describing the body as pious and hypocritical the move is met with widespread international criticism. but. migrant crisis comes to a head in spain where university students were forced to relocate from their homes to make space for refugee. very good morning for me kevin. this sunday the twenty fourth of june just after eight am here and every sunday moscow this morning the biggest football party on the planet and it's day leaven of the world cup in russia and all eyes are on the england panama encounter just mentioned that's going to open sunday's match. saturday so previous world cups. in germany beating sweden two one with last minute
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free kick off to one of the german players who sent off belgium showed strength singh chewed museum in time five two and mexico defeated korea two one across all the action from a studio in central moscow. to. play and i am alexia rushes to actually trying to get my voice back from what i just saw on the screen in the green room i always almost lost my voice what a finish to the final match on saturday germany grabbed a very lightweight and ninety five minutes despite being down to ten men off the board saying was sent off sweden had taken the lead against the reigning world champions but it has ended two one to the d.m. on a shaft oh yes it wasn't something else just after the hof i'm not on a twenty minute rebuild his way into the box before producing a few flaws. in the german goal to give sweden
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a surprise lead one now germany came out battling for the second half and equalized only on the forty eight minutes remark or roy's stabbing home across from super warner inside the area one one but as time appeared to be taking away for germany to get away no seriously taking away fifteen minutes of extra time i'm stuck tiny christ with a free kick to keep me very much in the tournament with a frankly stunning free kick who out unbelievable really. yeah. hope that's the last game that germany has in the group against south korea will be easier on them and terms of psychological pressure. this is a big win for them you know the capitulation in the first game against mexico which was a surprise i mean they were probably hoping for draw there. if you are reigning world
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champion and you step into your first game all eyes are on you you never ever brought up the germans that's what i say right off the german secret cell that half time you know they're trading one nail. really interesting what you hear about how to tell them in the dress code that must be fascinated mediately bring in on another strike in my ear go miss the old good chap mario gomez was probably a hundred years old now but he was had one of the best chances in the game as well he had a bomb with with a with a beautiful header yeah and came on later hit the post didn't pay or that's that was sent back and if he did you also i think maybe they played the chance but they didn't but they did and they they left late ninety five minutes but they're still pretty much in the game andy hello there again spectacular comeback for germany the obvious question was it like inside the stadium and what yourself or you're shaking when i saw that goal when. i tell you i should be sitting down right now i can stand up for much longer it was an amazing game is an englishman i've seen germany
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all i saw at a world cup i always get through to that have to stay just tonight i really thought they'd get booted out i didn't see perhaps how did hang on and even when they came back to one one always thinking to myself you know what that still means i have to beat south korea and this something has to happen. against mexico perhaps not get a victory a point there and then right at the death you know what we've seen it so often that a great player tries to go dying doesn't a in the last minute of of a match it to see if they can get that chance of a fun strike it go and watch it go it was and what a celebration to the whole stadium erupted i have to say both sets of fans were fantastic tonight banks of yellow eight aside one and then and a massive german fans singing all the way through they were fantastic on balance when i say on balance i think germany did deserve that for as much as it has me to say they were great they never gave up they had all the possession in the first half didn't panic at half time came back i go but i do. we go back in the driving
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seat. sweden i think would feel slightly how would i say unfairly treated perhaps in the first half because they had two great chances they took one but marcus but i'm sorry i felt that was a penalty. he was sent off for a second yellow offense later on in the second half i thought he had been down in the replay i don't know why the referee didn't ask one perhaps i'll be talking point i'm sure for days to come but germany have done it haven't they as usual they've done it so how are the swedes feeling right now are they too are broken or you expecting a big party and such and on the last not sure they've had time to digest what all this means in the table but when they do they really they will realise they now have to beat mexico i think by more than the germans will beat south korea now and you know you don't even have to know a great deal about football to know who's got the better chances so my money i'm afraid now is on germany to progress at the expense of sweden that's how i see it i'm sure many of them will think say to you but i love the hope they've always been
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smiling all the way through i mean i'm trying to gauge some of their faces i haven't seen enough of them by imagining they're not that happy they can't be can that they've seen it snatched away at the last minute they're what a shrike from tony creates i mean what's a goal at the end in a fantastic celebration a delight to be in that stadium i don't know what they put in the bulls down here maybe it's the sort she see yeah but we've had so many colds at the stadium right at the death to you if you want to see a good game of football come just because it's certainly working three games out of three all of them fantastic a lot of guys said that we have not the best harmony in our team but today we show that we have a great harmony we have a lot of spirit in our team and so yeah we're very happy and it's difficult to see any positive things now but we have a chance in the last game and it's makes me want to win this one and see the next stage but also a list that has obviously right at the end had ramifications for the group itself.
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the fact that about point we were looking at the table and he was going to look really different to this now the germans if you can see that first points on the boat three points they were looking at i mean having one which meant effectively that future was really out of their control wasn't they were looking on other results as well but now it's looking decide if you better and of course as we said they've not got a play career who obviously got nine points that what they're also looking at mexico is to beat sweden to ensure that kind of out of trouble on a rainy cycle as it stands that that's probably the two more likely results that we would have considered looking at those great would be fluting i mean that doesn't look at least the unpredictable although we're looking at the games itself themselves i mean that was very close call especially when it comes to the germans . let's talk about the game which was one of the kickoff today at six pm moscow time mexico playing against south korea and they essentially made themselves favorites to finish top of the group running out to one witness against the asian side in the city of rostov on don well
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the deadlock was right given the twenty six minutes from the penalty spot mexican congress they were converting it to the referee had blown up for a period handling the area no need to they are on this one envelop by me not going away and then the man who is very well known a mexican to charlie thought how vietnam does drain two minutes into the second half received the ball inside the area then got inside one defend leading the goalkeeper then your post a double mexico's lead beautiful to nil but south korea they did grab a consolation and that was done in some style as well so that talisman sunshine may deepen into stoppage time we can sort that rasping shot tipping p.t.p. over the goalkeeper but as we say too little too late what it's on the absolutely no mexico france and it's one of the reasons why i would personally want them to progress further responsible in the world cup they're here in the thousands they are some of the most visible beautiful some bros and rest mass and traditional outfits and also the loudest at this world cup.
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it was. illegal geez only guy was belgium against tunisia i was lucky to be at that game and watch belgium qualify for the next round they put five bastar not so helpless to be sure they still managed to get two but rather the cock when adam has outscored a brace each securing the five to victory about him sitting pretty on top of the group with six points to two wins from to having peace in panama first match three now watch chain is they are now relying on panama to cause an upset as they take on england on the sunday and here are the highlights from an early age in my strength
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the thing with. the through with. my thinking of the theme. of the. earth with the thank you b.b.q. with my. being with you before.
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i. it was the. muslim very happy belgian found safe fighting finished and actually if you say you were that guy what did you think my first thought was. you know they were all that is missing about belgians that the golden generation the golden generation but every time they come to a big tournament not quite there and also the not quite the belgian public they're not expecting a great deal out of well they were expecting today because they were in full voice but the point about the generation being that maybe this generation has finally come of age because they're almost immaculate in every line especially the front line the front line is nothing short of a racist to braces head and i was out finally hitting the stride at that at a major international tournament romelu lukaku i know stan called him or one of the
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opposite us is a big fan and he was unplayable today if not was it only for his little injury that he picked up was confirmed by the manager about them a genius i think you could have gone on scored a hatch they could easily could've demo as well have done maybe a poker but four of them went different directions including the keeper or the postal and you can score for several chances but defensively that's maybe something that takes work even though sense about pairing off there where old and younger don't get their play for the kind of club talking him and actually the next game that belgium plays against england so i caught up exclusively with the out of it's on going. to ask him about what's it like to be playing against his team mate. is going to be a special game because you know so many players. who want to be good to play again some friends said the station. calculated not so much result. why so we just go into every game to win it we'll see where it
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gets really playing with eric and now you be playing against harry king do you think it's going to be difficult for you because you know him well you know he's playing yes there is always difficult that is all we have for day ten of the world cup in russia and water day it has been we had last minute drama amazing goals and emotions running high on and off the pitch. usa. i saw the tournament supporters from across the globe when they found it on official fans in the heart of moscow. was. i. i i i i. i i. i i i i i.
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i i. i we. write songs for the day sunday we go england. in group g. and then japan clashes with sun they go out and catch the last match of the game with colombia but all eyes on that england kind of much money of betting on hurricanes teams we just heard last week england delivered late with three points against delivered by the captain of the current standings. leading with six points that england may see that shift after sunday's game and she was here in panama both driving behind with zero peter all of this in one of the host cities grow a little over four hundred kilometers east of moscow where we are just morning. will face. still there was.
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still. the air thank you or like the. thank polly made me and fans of descended on nizhni no good on the part of maintenance numbering me wish that i've seen so far we did do as we got them together for a little before it's back to my little pieces can be a challenge here in michigan if good at this time the room has a simple one person from each team does the keeping up the rest of the team they have to keep singing only keeps doing well a team a singing counts it's a simple establish competing for england we have banned me from any newcastle you castle ok with the team behind you that's me you. would have run out of a. six
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cylinder. thank god i'm still not as decent value ninety six competing thank you i was thinking thank you thank you thank you thank you. sixty thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you this is this. thank god friendship there we go cause that's your perfect day but barely thank you very much a piece meal was thank you you didn't thank you this name lives busy in this game. it doesn't get any less fun. it's amazing how you end up missing out the world cup just milling around in the fans some of them seeing one of panama's greatest ever play is the first player to school. palin amiens in
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a knockout tournament tapir going to thank you very much. i'm going to reduce it to this tell you do you expect for the game tomorrow and how much of a big thing is it for panama to be here in this world cup then i don't know her personally down there tomorrow we have a great surprise in the banner said. we're going to be very strong against english class this winter. but. even the biggest of footballing optimists would say that it's going to be a tough task if parliament i got into overcome this english side one thing that perhaps could play a factor is the way that the heat here in new york get out of this absolutely ready sting we're talking to local people here they're saying it's quite unseasonable even for the summer time here it was in the high thirty's throughout the day we're hearing it in the direction like flashy decreases how it was feeling england had to
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put up with the flow isn't very good to us. well you know there are a level of perhaps it could be just thousands of fans from panama or flock to russia we caught up with one special guest to sing a bit taken aback by the climate here. what do you think about russia we spoke about what a wonderful city we are in what's your impression yes russia russia your backyard close to come here because you think it's very cold however it's so hot that you want to put on sunscreen and go some bath you guys it's so hot unbelievable it's even hotter than panama despite the fact that it's very hot in panama and we're very positive there are so many facets have come here from panama to support our team with fill the holes ted you met the match with belgium. so let's look ahead let's see what our top pundit thinks of england's chances today.
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well. the country will be waiting for a. match not for the good reasons but for the better reason this has to win and to win is normal but in these catastrophic the people in the. meantime cast mugs goalkeepers at the beach in the so the russian resort but it's great they're there for a training session with his team mates is what he posted online about it to you based on not plexi results for the world cup if you compare snapshot of the. conditions they got rather stay with us for a comprehensive world cup coverage on our team throughout this. massive event.
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i strongly believe that the jews that if you keep use of the money drive you say it's in the russian federation a lot and they want it and i strongly. i hope that the visions that have existed in the countries will be overcome and that the two companies will be able to have a strong cooperation a lowing the international system what if there is no way in which an international system like always can work with all to solve its cooperation between the two most important for the. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted.
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to go right to be close this is like a book for korean people. interested always in the water how. to. fix it. right away from the next ten minutes or so let's recap some of the big stories of the last seven days in the world of news and they'll choose day the u.s. withdrew from the u.n. human rights council. peo and other u.s. officials castigated the international body accusing it of had poked recy and political bias. president dr wants to move the ball forward from day one his call that institutions are countries who say one thing and do another and that's precisely the problem with the human rights council as president trump said at the u.n. general assembly there's a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations that some governments with the greatest human rights records sit on the human rights council for too long to
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human rights council has been a protector of human rights abusers and assessed for of political bias for europe lashed out at the u.s. decision to leave the un body british foreign secretary and dubbed the us decision regrettable and said the u.k. will continue to support the human rights council the foreign affairs spokes person in turn said the decision may undermine america's role as a country defending democracy and rights across the world she went on to add that the e.u. will still nonetheless cooperate with washington defend human rights whenever possible israel though welcome to u.s. move prime minister binyamin netanyahu called it a courageous decision against the hypocrisy and lies of these so-called un human rights council some believe the u.s. withdrawal is a result of washington's close relations with israel indeed there's also been reaction from the u.n. secretary general who expressed regret at the u.s. decision a top rights group says it reflects washington's policy right now on the israeli palestinian conflict the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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accused rights groups of blocking reform of the body it is unfortunate that he led assad to undermine our attempts to improve the human rights council you put yourself on the side of russia and china and opposite the united states on a key human rights issue in the united states will continue to be a war leader in calling for human rights for all people and in force in international attention on to most atrocities we are happy to work together with n.g.o.s that share those goals but not with the ones that undermine them general secretary of the palestinian national initiative mustafa barghouti says the u.s. withdrawal harms its credibility on human right. this is american withdrawal from the human rights council reflection of how serious the problem is with the arms administer action which has become totally biased to israel and it is favoring those very interested even to the american interest and i think
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withdrawing from such an important human. rights council. undermines all the claims from the side of the american administration cared so much about to moderates that is very dangerous very good if the tuition it has undermined completely the ability of the united states to play at all in any peace in the future and it is definitely affecting good reputation of the american administration and this is also linked to many other issues but on the issue of human rights this is going to be a very serious loss for the american policy. elsewhere as the migrant prices continue to unfold across europe students in the spanish city of accounting were forced to move out of their dormitories to make way for refugees that were on board the rescue ship aquarius and the way the ship arrived a week ago now in spain after being turned away by italy and malta it sparked a diplomatic standoff it was carrying more than one hundred migrants rescued off
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the coast of libya the group of about twenty students were reportedly given twenty four hours to find new accommodation the mother of one of those students says it was unfair to kick out his son though she said it was paid his rent while adding that it's very doubtful that the spanish prime minister for instance would leave his residence to accommodate the migrants he's not the only one upset by the move. refugees come here with no money and what next what do they get that they hold for support from our government but they won't see us helping people is great but not when the country is in crisis. and i do believe it is a good thing to shelter people like me but he victim students especially during exams is wrong. this is horrible that the students only receive twenty four hours notice that's not enough time to find another place to stay. i feel for people who are forced to lose their home says come here but it only thing that spain is ready to welcome so many it says is their first to see if. they paid their rent and have
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a right to state in that interest that there's a footnote to this authorities in the valencia region say the students were offered alternative places to stay and didn't have to pay anything experts we spoke to shared their view on spain sensation to open its ports to that migrant ship the reason is very simple it was the reason you prime minister which is a socialist prime minister who wanted to. really make a difference with. oil he wanted to. kind of satisfaction with his public his voters so we know that leftist motorists are more open. to. accepting this move i know it's a good move what do you say we are one people all the others are populist and you see. but i heard. you started your attitude in the
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future because i'm feeling the public opinion is not at all positive toward uncontrolled immigration. is spain had to be careful with this is just to think about the consequences of the season the first one if spain. he's able to work on the number off in the run of the possible number of immigrants able to get to spend the following moment this is not only for spain and for all digital band you know these are good just thought this is. but did your band union and the spanish government need very long. in order to find real solutions for these problems it's a twenty idea or most of the sunday morning they're just some of the stories that made our headlines and our team for the last seven days and kevin owen here in moscow saying thank you for watching and enjoy a great day of world cup football ahead.
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usually when we have brought about a situation really in a conflict with the enemy or the great decides to go cia the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do their departure and as soon as we depart this force is suddenly it's delayed until as do the budget. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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oh. this is a border checkpoint. and pakistan where these children are returning to pakistan with their families. this is probably the first vaccination they've ever had. in two thousand and fourteen they becky standing army launched a full scale operation in one of the most dangerous and problematic regions on the planet their projects if to bring north waziristan back under control.


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