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july seventeenth twenty second do your part business program interactive exhibition urban. suburban forum dot com. day eleven the world cup in any second now senegal and. we've already seen seven goals in the early game. between england and panama. i. less than a minute away from now the tournament seeing some two million fans come to celebrate football but one brazil fan goes viral over his new found passion for russia. yellow blue. and among other stories the united states pulls out of the u.n. human rights council accusing it of extreme anti israel bias and being a cesspool of hypocrisy. from global leaders and rights groups. hello
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from the new century moscow i'm calling for a full ninety minutes ahead of the week's biggest stories as covered right here plus the best of the world cup this week at kickoff time again from match to in today's fixtures. for your russia twenty eighteen update. good afternoon to everybody. lots of goals. and lots to talk about never far away either. pleased to say alongside me will be throughout this competition we've got. just. come from this one please go. on the pro attacking the sony chairman is over the two big attacks and one of them it was the. close to be
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a big chance for those who to japan foot but came in the way and it ended up in what i spake i expect the call to show similar things as they did not for his game or they could organization very aggressive. the way they line up it was full at the back three in midfield and then three. true and one up front. it's it's a very attacking minded way of playing in japan we saw that quick players and worked really hard but actually played really well in the first game but i mean with three minutes into this game now it's all senegal that really. really want to take you know the this game by the scruff of his neck and and start on the good foot i think it says a lot you see members of the japanese royal family setting up for this month you can just imagine the excitement it's generated the one expected to be colombia and it's this is what happens nations get behind the team if they get
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a good start gets momentum absolutely yes and you know japan having that good start it really is something that means an awful lot to do to the country the thing is that people before the world cup people did leave japan any chance and it was it seemed that would go back without any points and they killed no one really knew about colombia where they have a history in the world cup and of course poland who has a good. walk up history as well. they would go through for that group but it's you know it's like everything in this world cup nothing is a given you know it's it's so exciting and a lot of people will be rooting for senegal because the way continues for an african winner of the world cup i think the furthest any teams have a gold was actually senegal i've got this right in the quarterfinals so there's a whole confidence i suspect who will get behind senegal already. did it seems if
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they start to show potential as if they could go far in this competition absolutely and i think. because there's never really been a better team than the cynical these team that the went to the quarterfinals. the whole cons and africa always gets some some automatic sympathy when a team is good well we had it as i said earlier on with nigeria ninety nine a. four years ago is gonna. and this time that one team that has impressed us is in senegal but now you know one thing if you play your first game really well you know another completely other thing is to play your second game in this at the same level now everyone's seen you now they know exactly what to expect can they go and do it again. five minutes then for the game is still nil no we don't know for the next maybe ninety minutes you know these two teams both when they're at the faces they can play with some confidence this passage element of freedom you might think very different for the late game coming up later teams that
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lost unexpectedly poland and colombia they're playing resign ahead of that clash we spoke to. i'm going to say super dedicated fan i think that is a fair description of this person from the u.s. because they seemed almost a hundred and fifty world cup matches over the years here despite the u.s. not even qualifying for the shias championship so what do they make of russia twenty eight. organizations very good they get us through security get us to the games very socially which is unlike other countries that i've been to other world cups. my grandmother was originally from russia so it was a good reason to come here and see russia and to visit but also because i know that many of the cities are. here so beautiful i wanted to be able to come and see
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it. there is no tense political relationship at the world cup people get along i meet people from iran russia from egypt we all are here because we find joy in the same thing in the joy is watching football and i don't i've not heard wouldn't exist seeing anybody everybody rushes to sexually cause they didn't vary how for a toss it's actually been a wonderful experience. so we had so many goals in the opening game of today that sent peter off to sit down and watch this japan sunday go one someone has to keep an eye on the action not only encounter it was a very good day for english fans after hurricane inspired england notes of
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a six one victory against panama but how more funds they would have to be disappointed after the nation's school their first ever go to the world cup. thank you yeah. yeah even the sound of all managers faces a picture a little like a christmas tree with go do some solace that it's taken from the seven goals to talk about your own peter knight the action. if you just put your foot to the floor you can probably feel those seismic traumas coming from me no. dropping the funds
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to make the down the property can go to win the world cup now peter england six a number of walls and well england about how much they they hope to believe today could never imagine a school this many thoughts despite the fact that they got all these goals despite the fact that very case could only the third ever vining them play in a world cup at the jefferson gary lineker despite the fact hurricane is now leaving the golden big i said right now that. there's one goal that was more important of this it was the last one i went to panama philippe below in the seventy eighth minute pizza to take us to discuss a white significant well. it's significant because belgium as it stood. there played two games they got six points and their goal score was eight six two now at this point they didn't were leading the group so they obviously playing the second game they would get the six points and at that time the colts going to say two one so when philip is going to score this goal. he quit the band and then you
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know and this is significance in terms of who's going to win the group so who's going to play the run us up from the front page and who's fucking them up to who's going to play the winners from group h. essentially because he's in the dungeon level on points level on goal difference level on goals scored and you can get a stiff looking bookie would you believe it they both got to you know not see it so they are at the moment completely all square this take you three so the goal action says the big defender got to be the borrowers of england goals and this thing and it worked really hard on a set piece and the referee today was very very unsuited to the putting down the wrapping and the holding and that's been the one or two sort of situation where you stop this corner kick from being taken and no one looked at the johnstone's and no one the exploited the pick because you're looking at harry kane and. harry maguire
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the two big guys the two strong strong guys and then we have for me a little bit of doubt about the penalty and that's jesselyn god who were who got. pushed appalled and what you don't even know to be completely on freak up and see and harry came he stepped up and what i don't see that was and you think it's a bit brave attacking would also put it out there no doubts about the finish again father slightly disappointing isn't that we were hoping for more contribution from the i think i think what happened with here is they actually checked it and they showed that the referee had made the right decision. the one goal that really had no dispute about it what's the weather came in the thirty six minutes this was all just feeling god and it was quite some finish this is one where you can do nothing but pick it out of the back of your first goal the england score from from all right and it's it's it's a cracking this is you know this is jesse lingo all over this he's got he's done
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this for manchester united for many many occasion and he's a guy that has he's got the knack of turning up at the right time scoring important goals he's not everybody's favorite player this is it's weird but he isn't in the forty's minute and this time i actually believe. that this is it that this is one of the best goals. after goals that we've seen in the tournament clearly of. the training pitch the way the roll the pulled out the cross everyone was ready everyone made the right. right movements and it was just very very good to. have a very briefly bring you a gold update because several have been battering japan for the opening eleven minutes of this encounter and you catherine back and they have just scored senegal won japan you know more details to come and meet on a lot of fans have been expressing their affection for russia in many different ways. during the work collection we see so far the brazilian found found himself
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becoming famous up to somebody recording his passionate display of love and his fluent use of some choice words in russian and that's an earlier. i. thought face looks familiar it's because it's right along side me for myself where first of all go you came here to follow the world cup so yeah i came to follow the world cup to follow brazil wanted to fine oh yes. and by the perspective of the fans i'm doing ok i'm journalist actually and i just using the weekend and the head because i wasn't in the atmosphere of the match but i am quite serious man when i want to so i came here by day ninety mean this is a company that when i want to show the perspective by the fans and then doing it
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and i just say some words to russian people that there was a recording me and this realize it but it is gaining. proportions if you go to to reach for example yesterday i received a feature that a girl tattooed my career. on boston yes well there are worse places. places but no no just just just by but the people doing produce with me shirts with my car to get through with my face in terms of the people you're traveling with are they having a similar experience first of all the brazilian thought that the russian people and we people in close people and it's just a few taxi drivers in moscow actually because we are loving you guys you are loving really very loving ryszard we are we are really enjoying russia and. it's a surprise for me i'm surprised with how warm you. how do you tell it's
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a few for example. before became famous some people text me. and maybe i can write you from the airport to the center so it's ok when i came to the airport here instead but there's a book that people with with my draw with. they they invite me to go to a to do you know to go to to do it city tourist but i'm here to wanted to so i doing this and the work when i have time on going to go make a social media video and swear this is obviously the secret to success. here no blue. forty minutes played in the a cancer rain a eighty senekal one japan no saji i'm on it a little pull forward getting to go on the eleventh minute and looking oh minutes for japan all senegal if they're all more goals we will tell you all about them will be your any goal action we bring you an update at home often see it that.
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usually when we approach about a situation within a conflict we the enemy with a straight decides to go see the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do their departure and as soon as we depart. so as to the budget. argue. venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their commies are in freefall
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those are peripheral currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the pound enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have then adoption rate in those countries won't spike as well as a way to store a value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. welcome back to the new center of moscow and call them by with some of the other headline news covered here during the week the united states with through from the u.n. human rights council on tuesday with top officials in the trumpet ministration castigating
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the international body accusing it of rank hypocrisy and political bias president wants to move the ball forward from day one it is called institutions or countries who say one thing and do another and that's precisely the problem with the human rights council. as president trump said at the u.n. general assembly there's a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations that some governments with the greatest human rights records said on the human rights council for too long to human rights council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias of washington's long had a troubled relationship with the un human rights council united states has frequently accused the body of being biased against israel while not being tough on other countries that it seems as authoritarian israel welcomed america's withdrawal deal with prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a courageous decision but the head of the human rights watch says the only reflects a commitment on the part of the united states to defending crimes committed by
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israel or the u.n. secretary general expressed regret over washington pulling out the u.s. envoy to the organization claim that there was no other option is right groups blocked attempt to reform it is unfortunate that your letter sought to undermine our attempts to improve the human rights council you put yourself on the side of russia and china and opposite the united states on a key human rights issue the united states will continue to be a rural leader in calling for human rights for all people and enforcing international attention onto mass atrocities. is now gone down well in europe with many officials there reacting angrily and stressing the council's importance in tackling global abuses the united states decision to withdraw from the human rights council is regrettable brydon support for the human rights council remains steadfast today's decision risks undermining the role of the us as a champion a supporter of democracy in the world stage the european union will nevertheless
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continue to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms whether in multilateral for around the world also by cooperating with us whenever possible the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative says america's decision undermines its claim to be a country that respects human rights. this is american withdrawal from human rights council deflection of how serious the problem is with that arms administer action which has become totally biased to israel and is favored in those very interested even to the american interest and i think withdrawing from such an important human occurrence are low cuma votes counsel. undermines all the claims from the side of the american administration cared so much about human rights that is very dangerous very grave situation it has undermined completely the ability of the united states to play at all in any peace in the future and it is definitely
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affecting the repudiation of the american administration and this is also linked to many other issues but on the issue of human rights this is going to be a very serious loss for the american policy. american withdrawal comes as the administration tries to quell the fury caused by a policy of separating undocumented migrant children from their parents on wednesday donald trump signed an executive order reversing the policy which is prove one of the most divisive and controversial of his presidency so far so much so that some government officials have been targeted by activist. trump administration officials have been sending babies and other young children to at least three. three tender age shelters in south texas wars and medical providers
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because. i know we're not nazi germany all right but we need be careful not to move in that direction this is not who we are in america he is taking america to a dark and ugly place is there anything you wish the senator can do the policy was launched in april and so more than two thousand children separated from their families protests broke out in a number of major u.s. cities over the issue younger then intensified off the recording was released appearing to show children crying at the detention center. for. people who.
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are on the department of homeland security says more than five hundred migrant children have already been returned to their parents but it's not yet clear how the trumpet ministrations going to reunite all the families since some of the adults have already been deported at the peak of the crisis the issue also took on a religious dimension this kind of explains u.s. attorney general jeff sessions created a firestorm when he justified the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents by. a bible passage from the book of romans that was signed. gave to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to a phase of the government because god is a dying or dying the go for it is for says the mainstream media had a field day don't break god into this first of all i don't think god pick jew
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because i don't worship what amir puton and the only thing in the bible close to this is a king threatening to cut a baby in two and he was joking so it's not a lol and also the bible isn't the government documents from my policy perspective he wants will be starting green eggs and ham saying we must keep children in a box we must keep them with the faux should we really be surprised about biblical justification for policies last year it was revealed that the white house is holding weekly bible study classes the classes are led by ralph droll injure the founder of capital ministries based in washington d.c. capital ministries has been operating for over two decades preaching evangelism to elected public servants since our founding in one thousand nine hundred six our vision has not changed to evangelize elected officials and lead them toward maturity in christ it turns out of the man advise in the white house on matters related to the almighty is a former basketball player with a bachelor's degree in geography now he has no background in public policy or
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political science but he does offer his expertise on spiritual matters to those in power they are so teachable they're so noble their soul learned like jeff sessions he'll go out the same day teach him something else see him do it on camera the list of officials who have participated in ralph's classes is rather impressive you've got vice president mike pence you've got secretary of education betsy divide us you've got secretary of state mike pompei oh and you've got energy secretary rick perry all of them have sat down with. master ralph to learn about the good book many americans are horrified that evangelical ministers are influencing policy and even giving classes in the white house they think why are these religious kooks influencing the fate of the free world but there are americans who feel the opposite that's the problem with this country you people have allowed religion to become a part of political policy. your religion i don't care what it is has no business
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being in government it says broad get it right is own religion right is a freedom of religion that's what the country is zero based upon right freedom so the president is things he has his rights as well believe in just separation of church and state i believe religion should be kept separate from politics having other presidents done that in the past two i mean if they are religious then they are allowed to do that as long as it's not interfering with actual governing trump did come forward and put a stop to the controversial family separation policies he may have cooled his critics on that but in the process he seems to have opened up a new divide a divide about his administration's newly announced policy of invoking the bible to justify its decisions cable mop and r.t. new york. europe's also in turmoil over refugee policies in fact right now in brussels as a hastily arranged many summit underway france's president mccrone appeared to suggest on saturday that italy is no longer dealing with a migrant crisis but the new italian interior minister condemned that remark as
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insulting across also suggested fining you countries that turn their backs on refugees. just for my part i am in favor of having mechanisms that take this into account we cannot have countries that massively benefit from e.u. solidarity and who massively claim their national selfishness when it comes to the topic of migration meanwhile a rescue boat carrying more than two hundred migrants is currently stranded in the mediterranean after both italy and malta refused entry that same situation played out last week of course a ship that had rescued over six hundred migrants off the coast of libya was forced to sail all the way to spain in order to dock in europe but even there there was controversy students in the spanish city of l.a. county were forced to move out of their university accommodation to make way for the migrants the group of twenty students were reportedly only given twenty four hours to relocate the mother of one of those affected says it was unfair to kick out her son had always paid his rent adding that it's very doubtful that the
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spanish prime minister would leave his resident in order to accommodate migrants and she's not the only one upset by the move. refugees come here with no money and what next where do they gather their hopeful support from our government but they won't see it helping people is great but not when the country is in crisis. i do believe it is a good thing to shelter people in need but he victim students especially during exams is wrong. this is horrible the students only receive twenty four hours notice that's not enough time to find another place to stay. i feel for people who are forced to lose their homes to come here but i don't think that spain is ready to welcome so many refugees it says their third district is this to you it is they paid their rent and have a right to stay in that just a footnote to this authorities in the valencia region say the students were offered alternative places to stay and that they didn't have to pay anything we spoke to
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commentators about the implications of spain's decision to open its ports to that ship. the reason is very simple was the reason new prime minister which is a socialist prime minister who wanted to. really make a difference with. former prime minister growing want to. kind of satisfaction to his public voters so we know that the left. more open on the issues. except in this move is move to say we are you one people and the others are populists and. i hardly doubt an. attitude in the future because the feeling in the public opinion is not at all positive toward uncontrolled immigration is spain had to be
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careful with this is just to see about the consequences of the season the first one is spain is able to work on the number of possible number of immigrants able to get to spend the following month not only for spain and for all the european union this is a good jest or this is. but if you're a brand union and the spanish government need very long. in order to find real solutions for these problems. in fashion john bennett and found itself abroad in the debate over the micron crisis it's been facing a backlash from aid groups after the photograph of rescued migrants in an advertising campaign pictures of a rescue vessel filled to capacity were posted on benetton twitter page with a company logo attached the french aid organization responsible for the rescue condemned the move as inappropriate. military need never allow the use of these
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photographs for commercial purposes the dignity of survivors must be respected in all circumstances italian interior minister teo salvini reacted to the campaign calling it despicable benetton defended the those saying that it could help draw attention to the plight of migrants because provocative images were part of the firm's brand has been strong debate over the use of migrant photos before in twenty sixteen a bollywood actress and a fashion magazine had to apologize for a controversial cover photo the actress was wearing a top that had the word migrant refugee and outside a crossed out while the word traveler stands out the magazine said its intention was to address it xenophobia best to the former chief executive of the u.k.'s immigration advisory service told us that provocative campaigns like these can have an desired effect the people we see who are prepared to risk their lives going for across the mediterranean these are desperate people and to use them in any shape or form for advertising products is i think of.

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