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series. very very impressive and how you ever got to love soccer as an american i don't know talking about the english media we've got family here and i'll get to you sam welcome your correspondent for gold dot com no isn't that going to win the world. no probably no no you know you accusing only english press of being supporters because i think that's the best use we've had all week with the league team sheet and whether they should support the team or not so it's an interesting interesting it's not really that. we've talked this is a week ago and i would talk when the and play the first game but this is actually the first time in all the time that i've been connected with england where the expectations have been reasonable you know just going to well so young see and then obviously winning against tunisia that changed yeah now we are winning it we're bringing it home and it's largely fuelled by by the media and that's why i ask you
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do you think do you think this team going team can win. i think some of that was fueled a bit as well as the chinese are winning obviously today by the fact that the other big teams the favorites had enough such a great start obviously off for spain by pretty well but they got the drop was a lot of different difficult start germany as well and seen are obviously from so looking so impressive so at the same time as that you had england doing ok if they are maybe and so if you're asking me if you know the big teams are not so i'm quite arrived yet so maybe they've got a chance but i think they'll come up short i think they played ok today scored six goals you can't say fairer than i think there's deficiencies there that against break it seems so what do you think of the shortcomings in this it has to be say a very young team is twenty five years i have you know what you're saying the shortcomings i think still when they do play a big team when the pressure is really on maybe we'll see against belgium the semi the next round. well we'll really see what they're made of they've been
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a little stodgy in the preseason while the pre-tournament friendlies against the big teams find they want to learning curve and they you know they're improving now bob just think today there was a tweet from spanish during this game by the gays got a lot of criticism but he said you know they didn't play too well between the lines they weren't finding many spaces and people said look they won six one talking nonsense i actually think it wasn't far wrong you know they didn't actually create too many chances in and around the box fondling god goal was a great example of that but you'll need more of against big teams in the good at the moment and having possession just around the defense and jordan henderson head of all is really has balls over the top and simply said so often they need to improve. their that some of the more expected nations the ones you would rank classically as the favorites no one's really sort of standing out out of those so far it's opening up opportunities and i think the funds have picked up as a lot of countries now think they they've got a chance i mean what have you made of all the the found gatherings that we've seen
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particularly in moscow quite something yeah it really has been in overseas similar and here in st petersburg you know a lot of fans of nations who are playing in st petersburg but if we come anyway to get a look at the city on the world cup. you know a lot of mexico fans peru funds as well obviously brazil here the other day i think they really clicked into gear in the second half of the way they could be on to something good but the fans in general if you just hear for a good time and this is normal for the world cup this is generally how it goes yeah i think so obviously we heard a lot before the tournament about russia people weren't sure about coming but everybody has come as far as arkansas as an excellent time it's been the same as any other world cup where fans go to have a great time and the best thing about the world cup which you don't normally get over top of it is to gather you know you got to mix your friends brazil fans proof and germany france everyone all mixing together having a good time and that's a unique thing about the world cup and this one's been no different to any other. you watch germany sweden yesterday i did i looked at one of the one of my. the
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total and so far what you think of germany you know the thing is i think they deserved to win that game i thought they they played it really sensibly they create enough chances they know that a really good chance he probably should've scored it came right down to the blood brazil the other day in terms of how they did it and they moved the ball side to side their intention and even with time and voting went off they kept at it i think that's really admirable and i'm hoping now for the sake of the tournament of today could play brazil hoping they make a call now and you know they find their best selves because in the first game we didn't have that and you know the world cup made strong teams like germany to go fast but i thought they were good yesterday and in the end more about going. just to just go through those teams to argentina or at least is what i would expect is how well take this because. you know technically they're still in in the competition their stories going around now that the argentina players may be picking their team and that the coach is effectively been he's just he's just now ordinary money he's been put on the sideline do you do you believe that because
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certainly they're in a desperate particular i do believe i do believe that first of all because i think it's birch our who is the national general manager he says he is apparently spoken to one of his ex teammates from a six and he's told the press that that's what's going to happen they're going to pick the team you can see that after the game on thursday because surgery where as far as auto shows i'm concerned he doesn't get a great pep guardiola but he's very diplomatic whenever he talks about it but he was asked about some poly after the game the other day just looked at the press and said let him say what he wants and he walked off and for surgery to be the open about a manager is quite telling i think and i think the pressures really got to the mall there are things are really for me if you think i went over well once going on strike was eight years ago before the tournament started a little bit different but law protect against back from spain the day before the tournament started so the world cup just for these kind of things but for argentina you know a lot of the officers all speaking to for the tournament said look we're hurting we're victims we're going into this tournament and when if we've done that before from a. position of weakness we've gone really well and they were kind of hoping that
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you know the ship would transform a place it's not often that sold a railroad plane full front by the way they did it again and i think i mean we could talk portugal control spain but obviously the big story that they are lucky to get was sacked before the two days before the first game playing portugal of gold seems you know how you think they they and their financial he had to he's handled that difficult situation. i'll suppose we'll only know in a few more games time awful they were really good against portugal you know that was a kind of freak result a dodgy penalty no i don't heard of a mistake and they were again he didn't play against portugal they played again from the future and it was really like that although you're picking up on a terrible mistake you know what a way to go i thought awful if i could really well and you know considering everything that happened they stick to their game plan they did what they had to do came from a goal down to go up you know reacted setbacks as you can so i thought yeah they're still looking for you know draw enough but obviously they lost their first game in
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two thousand and ten and went on to win it then against the run they looked a bit more shaky fully and if they want to probably didn't play as effectively as they could have it would be interesting to see them against morocco tomorrow and then in the next round but you know they'll probably get if we can work sure whilst i think they will i think they will think and then i noticed you know yeah i think they will last for may i still think spain are the favorites just because of that they go so much experience. you know international level they want to a lot of those plays want to but they've got you know rounded boston the players you know what it takes and i'm not really sure whether too many teams can manage themselves but maybe spain haven't been whipped into shape by look at said we maybe they can take that forward a message in the groove and it's off you know but the problem some polish has so for me i'm hopeful i'm hoping this bank can go a long way and finally there's a long way to go a lot of action still to be played from what you've seen so far by that but quite a lot of goals a lot of us are just so wide open i don't know he's going to be. qualified.
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atmosphere seems to be very positive fans seem to be having a good time you're confident you know this is going to remember is a good world cup i hope so i hope so i remember probably by this time four years ago in brazil it was a great group stage but in the knockout stages came around and it all tightened up a bit as it's natural of course teams to want to lose say unfortunately when teams are in the mindset they go bit more defensive so i'm hoping that's not the case read a few days to the day open to little russia egypt game when it looked out it was a few just mediocre matches both think the argentina games really kicked things off since then we've got a lot of great games i'll just say a lot of things still on the side of late goals as well although a lot of it is real i was all i enjoy the tourney greaseball so much yesterday because i just thought germany got my rewards i want germany to stay and i want to play brazil in the next round if at all possible and those are the kind of games you know it could be france argentina germany brazil in the last sixteen you know those are the kind of games that will probably decide if this is going to be a classic world cup or not some place it's thanks thanks so much for coming and
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independent analysis something from gold dot com we are hoping for more goals ourselves into the second half of japan senegal and you said you think. six minutes into it and then the senegal they've just had a very big chance it's a new guy they didn't play the first game. who had a shot from the true just outside the box and it just went outside the post so they could have been up to one on the potential then for more goals and we will bring the ball to you next time we're here at the top of the.
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welcome back to the new century moscow i'm calling by with some of the other headline news covered head to ring of the week first of all for you the united states with drew from the u.n. human rights council on tuesday with top officials of the trumpet ministration castigating the international body accusing it of rank hypocrisy and political bias president wants to move the ball forward from day one his call that institutions are countries who say one thing and do another and that's precisely the problem with the human rights council. as president trump said at the u.n. general assembly there's a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations that some governments with the greatest human rights records said on the human rights council for too long to human rights council has been a protector of human rights abusers and assessed form of political bias washington's long had a troubled relationship with the un human rights council the us has frequently accused the body of being biased against israel while not being tough on other countries it sees as authoritarian israel's welcomed america's withdrawal with
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a courageous decision but the head of the human rights watch has said that it only reflects a commitment on the part of the united states to defending crimes committed by israel while the u.n. security secretary general expressed regret over washington pulling out the u.s. envoy to the organization claimed that there was no other option as rights groups have blocked attempts at reform it is unfortunate that your letter sought to undermine our attempts to improve the human rights council you put yourself on the side of russia and china and opposite the united states on a key human rights issue the united states will continue to be a rural leader in calling for human rights for all people and enforcing international attention on to mass atrocities it's not going down well in europe with many officials there reacting angrily and stressing the council's importance in tackling global abuses. the united states' decision to withdraw from the human rights council is regrettable brydon support for the human rights council remain
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steadfast today's decision risks undermining the role of the us as a champion a supporter of democracy in the world stage the european union will nevertheless continue to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms whether in multilateral for around the world also by cooperating with us whenever possible other reaction the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative says america's decision undermines its claim to be a country that respects human rights this american withdrawal from human rights council reflection of how serious the problem is with the arms administration which has become totally biased to israel and it is favoring those very interested even to the american interest and i think withdrawing from such an important human. rights council. undermines all the claims from the side of the
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american administration cared so much about human rights that is very dangerous very grave situation it has undermined completely the ability of the united states to play at all in any peace in the future and it is definitely affecting good reputation of the american administration and this is also linked to many other issues but on the issue of human rights this is going to be a very serious loss for the american policy. america's withdrawal comes as the administration tries to quell the fury caused by its policy of segregating undocumented migrant children from their parents on one side or tribes signed an executive order reversing the policy which has proved one of the most divisive and controversial of his presidency so much so that some government officials have been targeted by activists. now. her. trump administration officials have been sending babies
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and other young children to at least three. three tender age shelters in south texas wars and medical providers because. i know we're not nazi germany all right but we need be careful not to move in that direction this is not who we are in america he is taking america to a dark and ugly place is there anything you wish the senator can do the policy was launched in april and so will the two thousand children separated from their families protests frog out of the number of major u.s. cities are the issue of an intensified off the of the coding was for me as the parent to show children crying at the detention center. or for. people who.
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do. the u.s. homeland security department says more than five hundred migrant children have already been returned to their parents but it's not yet clear how the trumpet ministrations going to reunite all the families said some of the adults have already been deported at the peak of the crisis the issue also took on a religious dimension as kind of more open now explained u.s. attorney general jeff sessions created a firestorm when he justified the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents by invoking a bible passage from the book of romans that was signed. you to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans thirteen to. the government because god is
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a dying or dying the government for his purposes but mainstream media had a field day don't break god into this first of all i don't think god picked jew because i don't worship what amir puton and the only thing in the bible close to this is a king threatening to cut a baby in two and he was joking it's not a lol and also the bible isn't a government documents from a policy perspective you want as will be starting green eggs and ham saying we must keep children in a box we must keep them with the faux should we really be surprised about biblical justification for policies last year it was revealed that the white house is holding weekly bible study classes the classes are led by ralph drole injure the founder of capital ministries based in washington d.c. capital ministries has been operating for over two decades preaching evangelism to elected public servants since our founding in one thousand nine hundred six our vision has not changed to evangelize elected officials and lead them toward
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maturity in christ it turns out of the man advise in the white house on matters related to the almighty is a former basketball player with a bachelor's degree in geography now he has no background in public policy or political science but he does offer his expertise on spiritual matters. to those in power they are so teachable they're so noble their soul learned like jeff sessions still go out the same to teach him something else seen him do it on camera the list of officials who have participated in ralph's classes is rather impressive you've got vice president mike pence you've got secretary of education betsy divide us you've got secretary of state mike pompei oh and you've got energy secretary rick perry all of them have sat down with pastor ralph to learn about the good book many americans are horrified that evangelical ministers are influencing policy and even giving classes in the white house they think why are these religious kooks influencing the fate of the free world but there are americans who feel the
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opposite that's the problem with this country you people have allowed religion to become a part of political policy. your religion i don't care what it is has no business being in government it's his prerogative right as his own religion right is a freedom of religion that's what the country is zero based upon right freedom so the president i just think he has his rights as well believe in separation of church and state i believe religion should be kept separate from politics having other presidents done that in the past two i mean if they're religious then they're allowed to do that as long as it's not interfering with actual governing trump did come forward and put a stop to the controversial family separation policies may have cooled his critics on that but in the process he seems to have opened up a new divide a divide about his administration's newly announced policy of invoking the bible to justify its decisions cable mop and art see new york a major european fashion house is taking flak accused of trying to capitalize on
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the migrant crisis the details when the way he returns after the break. usually when we have brought about a situation within a conflict. the. the three decides to go see the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do their departure and as soon as we deployed forces suddenly escalate the. budget. politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. wanted. to go right to be precise it's like when the full story in the morning can't be
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good. i'm interested always in the waters of. this city. hello again italian fashion giant benetton found itself in brawled in the debate over the migrant crisis it's been facing a backlash from aid groups after he used a photograph of rescued migrants in an advertising campaign pictures of a rescue vessel filled to capacity were posted on bennett's and twitter page with the company logo attached the french aid organization responsible for the rescue condemned the move as an appropriate. it is so militarily need never allow the use of these photographs for commercial purposes the dignity of survivors must be respected in all circumstances italy's interior minister reacted to the campaign
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calling it despicable benetton defended the advert those saying it could help draw attention to the plight of migrants as provocative images were part of the firm's brand there's been strong debate over the use of migrant photos before in two thousand and sixteen a bollywood actress and a fashion magazine had to apologize for a controversial cover photo the actress was wearing a top that had the words migrant refugee and outside across doubt while the word traveller stands out the magazine said its intention was to address that xenophobia best who's a former chief executive of the u.k.'s immigration advisory service told us that provocative campaigns like these can have one desired effect. the people we see who are prepared to risk their lives going for across the mediterranean these are desperate people and to use them in any shape or form for advertising products is i think obscene but i wasn't surprised because benetton scott form you know this is the organization that actually has featured a nun kissing
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a priest and the man kissing a priest people on death row i mean they go out deliberately to shock and to make people like you and i feel disgusted so we end up giving them a lot of free publicist says we are now by talking about it if they keep doing this they are going to really sicken people and we're going to end up with many people deciding to boycott their goods so we'll have the the the opposite effect of the one that they want. palestinian families say they've been prevented from entering a public swimming pool in the southern israeli city of carry out cat the reason that there was allegedly given was that they're not residents of the city but the family says they were denied access because of their identity. so. it was a holiday and we wanted to go out we called the pool in korea to get and they said we can come when we got there someone went out of the office and told us that no
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one can get inside today except for the residents of korea get young people who are in front of us arabs as well said what do you mean you said we could come in why are you saying no now and i realized that this all happened just at the time when my wife with her headscarf came in that was the moment when he decided not to let anyone in for eleven years i've been working on different projects bringing together jews and arabs and creating conditions for our joint life here for our future and it was that i don't understand why they make a difference between jews and arabs we're all children of adam yes we have different religions but we are all people as i was so upset when. did lead us in i felt that it was racist i feel that we arabs are a minority here we are outcasts we contacted the pool thorens but they didn't respond there's also been another similar case in the small israeli village of magdalene the public swimming pool there allegedly has an undeclared practice of separating jews and bedouin palestinians the regional council told us that it's the
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bedouins who asked for separate hours blaming them for the tensions it also says the request was made on religious grounds a member of the joint list which is an arab alliance of arab dominated parties in israel said to the call that he will call for a criminal investigation into what he says is discrimination locals to they're also divided over whether such a policy is right. it shouldn't be like this and i think this pool should be boycott and no one needs to go to the swimming pool if they did it. is equal for both of the sides i think you look at this area there's many people living in here and this is very very long to tell people what they should do and shouldn't do people need to leave legally without anyone telling them when and where they need to go where they can go if there is violence between the jews or the business disability and very innocence of this week. ok that's it for mainly karen is here later with the biggest stories over the past seven days is about twenty minutes
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left in the game and you katherine berg it's still one hole between japan and senegal we'll be back live in some petersburg in half an hour though for your next world cup update and all the reaction to that getting within the pace at this sunday thanks for checking in with r.t. . i strongly believe that the juice to of the humanity united states and the russian federation a lot and they want to and i strongly hope that the divisions that have existed in two countries will be overcome and that the two countries will be able to have very strong cooperation a lowing the international system to work there is no way in which an international system like ours can work without its cooperation between the two most important super.
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argentina venezuela they are mad about it because they're commies are in freefall those are prayer for all currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the panel enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen. in those countries wall spike as well as a store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unfavorable they will exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox customs. is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. it is from his office the procedures in
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place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and soon will be inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport says she will never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black books of the art business .
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this is a border checkpoint. and pakistan where these children are returning to pakistan with their families. this is probably the first vaccination they've ever had. in two thousand and fourteen the becky stanny army launched a full scale operation in one of the most dangerous and problematic regions on the planet. jax if to bring north waziristan back under control.
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over local people are the last able to go. to war and. whether they want to or not they have to build new lives for themselves and and new groups. the only way to get into his ear is to now is with the pakistani military they agreed to take our crew along but on their terms our timetable and program were put in advance and the river we went the military had to go with us for our own safety
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on the other hand no one prevented us from making our own observations. so in our military he brought us to our hotel where a lot of foreigners used to stay. even here in the city that was never on any terrorist or extremist control this is the entrance to good health looks like a lot of fuel if you love with guns actually all these hotels built as a fortress. that snap was a wrist on itself yes but a neighboring province they have brought us here to show was what they call the de radicalization center but anytime we stepped outside over a hotel we were.


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