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artificial mortgage through carried away that's cause report. i. the final sixteen of the. roller coaster. that was then this is now. portugal and spain are playing in the group. and away from all this monday morning the leaders leave an informal summit on the
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crisis empty handed growing between several of the blocs member states. good morning just ten ten am here in moscow this monday the twenty fifth of june when i was kind of annoying here with this morning's round of the world news and of course another sunny summer day here great day there for the fourth. day twelve of the fee for world cup championship and all four teams from group will be out on the pitch later the year acquired russia game will determine who gains first place in their group and see what our top pundit thinks of the team's chances . can be a big match. can be a match just because both go to the next round depends on what happened before
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but if this is a match where a result is needed i can imagine a competitive match the home team has also behind a huge huge support. of their own country but you know why they have the know how how to compete how to be clever how to to try to influence the game with the emotional side of your souls can be a big match. but let's just recap sunday for a moment what a roller coaster ride that was for supporters from crying polish fans to a devastated part of the six one thrashing by england here are the highlights from a world cup team. if you just put your foot to the floor you can probably feel the seismic trim is
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coming from this me not dropping good foundation because the down the property can go to win the world cup now peter england six animal wall. well england no matter how much they hope to believe today i could never imagine a school this many thoughts despite the fact that they got all these goals despite the fact that very case could only the third ever finding them play in a world cup at the jefferson gary lineker despite the fact hurricane is now leaving the golden big i said right now that. there's one goal that was more important of this it was the last one i went to panama philippe below in the seventy eight minute pizza to take us to discuss a white significant well i think it's significant because belgium as it stood. there play two games they got six points and their goal score was eight six two now at this point they didn't were leading the group so they obviously playing the second game they would get the six points and at that time the goal scoring was a two one so when philip when i scored this goal. it equaled the bow and then you
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know and this is significant in terms of who's going to win the group so who's going to play the run us off from the front page and who's for freedom of two who's going to play the winners from group h. essentially because he's in the dungeon level on points level on goal difference level on goals scored they are at the moment completely all square and it's take you three so the goal action so is the big defender he's got to be the pharaoh much of england goals and this thing is work really how terrific no one looked at the johnstone's and no one the exploited the big gap because you're looking at harry kane and harry maguire the two big guys the two strong strong guys and then we have for me a little bit of. i doubt about a penalty and that's the chess and then god who was who called that pushed a pole down what you are i don't even know to be complete break up and see if you
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think oh that's a bit brave the king would also put it out there no doubt about the finish again fall though slightly disappointing isn't that we were hoping for the contribution from the i think i think what happened with here is they actually checked it and they showed that the referee had made the right decision the one goal that really had no dispute about it whatsoever came in the thirty sixth minute this was all just feeling god the first goal is the thing in school from formal play and it's it's it's a cracking this is you know this is deafening go all over this he's got he's done this for manchester united on many many occasions and he's a guy that has he's got the knack of turning up at the right time scoring important goals and he's not everybody's favorite player it's just it's weird but he isn't in the forty's minutes and this time i go i actually believe. that they said that this is one of the best goals some of the goals that we've seen in the tournament clearly. that the training page had the way the role the pulled out the cross
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everyone was ready everyone made the right the right movements and it was just very very good time we had our own englishman watching that game looking down at the state another the one three men the people of adjoins as a dominant when storing glints takes one demolition of part of the. speed of a very hot day in the state of the case but also very home for the fans front of us lowering the funds out of interest what something like today believable i think it's. sort of exceeded our expectations i rethought i want to nail the six one like of a. five nil halftime you have to slow down to be five you know how i mean it will cope so we say the absolutely brilliant so you. promise me it was just basically joined now by two from the many and fans most of you saying you've come here to russia to bring khan of all to russia you've certainly not until how do you guys keep on
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going with such energy and culture it's cultural it's our culture we're happy people that we are to be the happiest people on the word we are now i've never seen a player walk out of the stadium as happy as philippe following after being beaten six war peace and national hero now he said hero right now in the national hero. oh boy now there are many group of sons that would beat this boy tough to what was really a comprehensive defeat but the panamanian funs they're not like noble funs they're better than noble sons but what tell us what do you think about this while we how were you able to have so much energy so much to you look at historically first time in the war cause we we are enjoying it we therefore also it's very important to be in a match where the players score the ball and for all she's doing the work oh. surely you know he's still a bit paranoid about to be made to the national hero the president is even to thank
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you for having. the best hero is the best ever in this moment that you know. that. you know. that you. just have to the match ozil to catch a quick wood with a couple of england stars from this six one victory they told me that this is given a boost to a team that already has morale and team spirit the sky high we did everything we needed to do in. a lot of rules and lots of plays and promise and force and over helps the funds it was well and we were crowned. that was the most important thing and we wanted to do that you'll go be happy with our host of things we can improve
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on performance of it was good but again we're going to keep keep improving improve and keep the rhythm core because both sides will need to be ready. for lots of kids all over the world the world cup is how you do first get into football i know for me italia ninety was where my love affair with the sport started but nobody i've ever met has a story half as good as this one i'm joined by alicia singh and her father ravi you know alicia brought the ball out onto the pitch here in issue no crowd to play we'll come to you in a moment and find out about that but we'll start with dad ravi how did this come about this must have been a fantastic opportunity i was just one of my friends facebook me and said i was a competition football condition good fun scenting a dog and i thought well why not give it a go and we just did a video on you tube video don't long before their doings of scales the organizers had a facebook page where they just said tell us why your kid should be chosen to be a much more carrier so i just basically said she used to be into fairies used to be
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into dolls she's now into football football crazy and here's a video and they see this must have been a fantastic experience what was it like walking out onto the field today well it was really exciting as really excited and it was like interline to people he didn't know is going to be that which people think sometimes stadiums are packed and in front really i have to myself out win this competition and think you have older people that are going to be watching in the t.v. like oh my family my friends in t.n.a. everybody i did in the hands of the plays and when i walk down the line. who's your favorite players so this time we came in and nachash ashford the choice of song choices. what an experience to have to say i saw all the journalists you know what an experience.
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instead of celebrating coming back to a vital point after the two all draw with senegal funds were making sure they had tied up after themselves in the stadium it's the second consecutive game their fans have done a spot of post match keening and the respect they've shown as this is to russia has been praised on social media. it's a massive win for colombia but the three nil loss means that poland are out of the twenty eight team world cup well let's have a look at some of those goals then absolutely amazing story to tell and we we knew that poland have to get a victory we knew that colombia had to get a victory and probably it was but i put the story attempting crossed by hammers rodriguez and your immediate roast tries to not pass the keeper into o.t. a few minutes meanwhile right now found out he made it to nil in the seventy's twenty one in stereo with the use of a cross to make sure that krakauer got his well. and then found rather odd though
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observe the simple slicing pass made to springdale in the seventy fifth minute to send those columbia fans absolutely wild and not so much joy for the poland fans as they'll be packing their bags the. the. the in. the in the amazing stuff well as we say about colombia fans and latin american fans themselves they've been absolutely brilliant they've brought plenty of color and noise to the world cup and those colombian fans were in high spirits no surprise singing and dancing even ahead of the game and then. i have plenty of reason to continue the celebrate.
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so group b. teams are some major matches the monday as described to decide places of the stage rush is going to face you require the somare arena both through to the knockout phase but today's set to decide who takes the top slot for that group then this saudi arabia testing egypt and its superstar player mohamed salah. to run against portugal and spain morocco all today's games a crucial as to who goes through to the final sixteen is the current standings and in group a rusher and he require a level with six points each qualifying for the world cup final sixty egypt and saudi arabia are bought to get the points south american spirits nonetheless though haha yeah of big russia clash and some are it. is enough here that i look at that.
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as for the current standings a group the leaders portugal and spain have for four weeks rans making up last three little could of course change later on today fighting for first place in the group and qualification for the playoffs rocco's try to right now we can. go and around shaping up ahead of that crucial evening game or monday then securing a win is the only way for iran to get to the playoffs we caught up with some iranian fans here moscow. actually i could imagine the rush hour was going to be this hot and i felt a lot of like one probably. be thankful for she is famous for being cold so it's
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good to be just a safe flight if you don't need it it's an amazing bet that. having the wrong be. made to the hour i said i love. her you got. double life you have a little bit. of. a problem with people. oh good if yours is like complete truth and off the wall the same place tomorrow. you know brazil was the you to fall it was good here is the life two three levels up percival so it was very easy to travel everywhere.
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i could not find anything in my mouth but the rest for a few months ago three but this. was. not. so now. i've found people you know find your reputed pictures of. them and know. that you both are young. these are not acceptable to mention no one would think that much about you. that was the cutting was going. to see.
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you. about to go let me go. so quickly and. see if this. was. going to be one of the best like i'm going to put what. i'm on like. six months or so. i'm now time i expect and i love my touch. yeah the adventure continues stay with us for a world cup special coverage throughout the day life from russia make us should number one choice to cover this huge sporting event whether you're watching the. eleven
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. argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their commies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the again the euro the panel and enter
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a similar crisis which i believe will happen will have then adoption rate in those countries wall spike as well as a way to store a value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. some of the world news this monday morning and even lead to see no closer to finding a solution to the migrant crisis gripping the block talks at an informal summit in brussels on sunday failed to deliver anything concrete it comes amid an escalating row of a refugee policies that's put several you countries at olds with each other no quarter reports. well markel was originally looking for a european wide solution to the migration crisis but she's since gone back on that
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now she's looking for a bilateral and trilateral agreements between the e.u. member states we know that at the european council unfortunately whom i get get a comprehensive solution to the migration problem and that is why by trilateral agreements are mutually beneficial europe is very divided over the migration crisis and any agreements that are made between the e.u. member states are bound to be met with contradiction of the czech republic slovakia and poland they outright refused to attend today's summit they said it was a power move by merkel to control their domestic political situation and then you have other countries that are refusing to take in migrants outright italy last week refused a migrant vessel that was forced to land in spain while just a couple days ago malta also refused to another migrant vessel and you know these actions they're not going on notice to e.u. leaders like emanuel macron i'm in favor of having mechanisms that take this into
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account we're going to have gum trees that massively benefit from each use of the dead sea and who massively claimed their national selfishness when it comes to the topic of migration now at the conclusion of the summit merkel said the e.u. needs to focus on their agreement with turkey as a framework for agreements with other migrant origin countries but let's not forget how much this cost the e.u. it was three billion euros this sternly still a lot at stake for merkel because she actually just had a political standoff with her internal minister he wanted to turn away migrants at the german border even though they had been registered in other e.u. countries so it division apparent across europe it's hard to see how individual agreements between member states and more spending is going to do anything other than drive a wedge deeper within the heart of the e.u. . more than a year after liberation from militants things are slowly getting back to something like normality in the syrian city of aleppo some parts of that city still in ruins
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though now less locals are trying to find ways to overcome all the huge difficulties. that is different to safety when we walk in theory or see if the hajj is a safe and back again. that's for the western media i think they're being unfair to us because they still show bare for the children in the streets the state of homelessness and beggars they treat the lepers if it is still in ruins and i think that. we are the people of the country and it is really who are going to restore it and make it grow the west says everything is destroyed but no one cares about this country except for us
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the people of. saudi arabia is reportedly mulling plans to isolate cats are from the mainland by digging a canal at its border that would eventually turn the gulf state into an island he goes down of from port. there's been a major rift between saudi arabia and qatar for a year and now it's growing literally riyadh has embarked on a project which will see this neighbor carter turned from a peninsula into an island through the construction of a sixty kilometer long can now worth about seven hundred fifty million u.s. dollars the saudis are not settling down for anything but the best your marinas and beachfront resorts are said to be built along the canal after all tourism promotion
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is how were officially explained the project covers opinion of all the commotion on its border is on nobody's list of concerns does the construction of the canal contradict international law decide to review have the right to wreck to military base there does it have the right to install a nuclear reactor there and to organize a nuclear waste dump of course it has ten thousand percent right to do so that sovereignty in its full sense. and it's difficult to see this canal as anything else a bud saudi arabia having your tea nother dig at its neighbor in june last year the gulf kingdom and its best buddies announced a full blockade to qatar accusing it of sponsoring terrorism then they confronted doha with a list of quite humiliating demands that included severing ties with iran and shutting down the t.v. station which costs are rejected with the canal in place cancer will lose the only
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land link it to has on top of that can now might not be the only plan saudi arabia has for the border area some reports suggest that riyadh adding insult to injury intends to build a military base on the side of the canal that's closer to qatar while also using parts of that side as a nuclear waste dump so in this way they're just trying to launch even more escalation saudi arabia the u.a.e. along with their allies this time it's not just political but i think it's physical or geographic a way to further isolate qatar but again i don't think that this would be a very successful as world war i don't think the societies that are right to use it would achieve their goals because copper house and other allies in the region first and foremost turkey and also iran so i think this would have only further lead to divisions within the gulf it's often even amongst g.c.c.
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countries i don't think you have to call a. necessarily a view of it such a hostile way like the u.a.e. and saudi arabia does the saudis apparently aiming for the troll of the year award are hoping for the canal to be operational as soon as next year as for cancer it can't do much here apart from getting used to the island mentality and looking at this as a free market. this lovely story next the ellis well some are coming to russia for the football extravaganza this summer others don't need a special occasion to travel around the world's biggest many would say best country one canadian ladies provan the adventure has no age limit at all. i came by to visit my motorcycle because i think it is the very best way to
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feel a concrete to discover a country it is like imax cinema when you are sitting on the more the cycle. i have been riding a motorcycle since i was sixteen years old when i get on a motorcycle i become the wind. there draws. he couldn't believe it they thought i was crazy and that's fine i'm quite happy to be that way to. top of the pyramid was my arrival in vladivostok we were on the edge of the ocean with our feet in the water and they gave me
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a bouquet of roses i think russians are so sweet and gallant. keep on rolling entre safe travels right will it twenty minutes past ten that's kevin thank you for watching us iraq has some of the world news this monday morning from moscow of course another huge day the football coming up for you full big games russia face. all the action though about stories as they happen. to on the t.v. for the whole thing so have a good football day. right
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we're also starting to drive guests to the studio has a signal. he's not going to talk about the no fly list just reviewed right after the morris explores one new bit of their new. record. to set last week. ok let's. told them to sophie and co-op sophie shevardnadze and today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. little rock little.
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hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm teetotal of well it's become quite fashionable in the political left to call anyone you don't like a nazi or hitler why is it come to this while the demonisation after all words have meaning and much much more on this edition of crossfire. cross talking political insults i'm joined by my guest mark he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have. he's a political analyst with sputnik international and in cyprus we cross to alex cruciform he is he is the director and writer.


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