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tv   News  RT  June 26, 2018 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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really. good age we would use. your cell phone how to become of the dash the new direction of mosul up on. so far we've been honest motoring along. just a little bit in the. midst of. the medina but he wasn't looking at there was a tree fell and i asked him that. i'll be the. heavy one aftershock
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here. so i thought when the food position was on libya would be unlocked at that lettie. but your mission is and what we had had the. most memorable he learned enough to have been here long enough to can win as a part of the. gym at. hardee's are under sharia. the master off. the dean of the movie and it's sort of what we know. from him and what on the men and. at the houseman delic. who did.
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not call back and you've been with them up of a bullet had you dude but that little bit of awaiting. them and you should open. what political commercial or what or you should win even you are the one. shape. you shot you're going to see the centipede going to crowd into a sheet chad mission to go and look in the middle for the little sauce i think it might be enough. for the subject of the capital but there's a little south and that's all you want in the retreat. and you mean when i listen to you. if you stop now what if you end up the
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way. when i was no one would know any. or. anything. but you. keep on going around with nothing. to leave you i didn't even say. anything. oh yeah. sure isn't going to come out here no you can't believe anything you want to but i love you. that's my kid i would look. right there when he got you but they hate us i. had thought of going to join us in that us. well i'm going to just and whether you literally have to die no
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i did but that would be in the thought you had the little you got funded and then at that moment you know it. was a game of you know what the economy did but argument you know monkey. no no and initially none of the v.t. be amended in any sin and the union that got that on the most any man. in n.d. any of us that there would be in them a. if you had been in time and being in iraq a lot of id did. pick them up on the phone you get the more. remote of having that before the last about. a million city is going to the number one person's mcgrew of a few feet above the odds of. a one hundred twenty. i mean one had. a front group in math and.
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been to do you call them for you meant that he was missing them when i can hear the and. originally thought is. taken care of. you could function most of them from a completely different with just. a static. problem is that we kind of stayed within that state they called nice this non part of sweden. just looking at.
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the stuff stuff. oh. my culture it's christmas culture and we don't do things like we tell you if you do then we hate you some day hopefully you can do something about the stuff. we can not be naive about to not attract. more gangsters rapists these but it's actually that are tearing down the city we want speaking to face with this country and we want a note of the people who live here now to go back.
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it's going. to get sick sick sick. sick sick sick sick sick. sick sick sick sick. sick sick. sick sick. sick sick sick. sick. sick sick sick. sick.
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sick stood up rather than a. lot of the to. the so. called if you don't know if you don't know what the before the storm shutters are. you going to get we're going to be so good you know if you accept. that plane. you know how to not know when that that. it's let me work on that for me that you bought a lot of the lee had the but nobody and nothing would not be and cannot help the injured then what can the and what help the it and i don't mean you can have the adored her.
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this is this mustn't you know i'm stupid and. you. have a man with the bits. and yet i'm conditioning. them to. dash. dash. and you can. only. be in the. course.
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you want so he has a get your. dish leaves out of the month so i can assume that. you must know i'm going to feed him with the. dish. make him time to learn. a lot of what i mean. in. the end you had to. have a little here's the thing. i didn't know. before he. got it. he did. and there have none he moved can you. hear me. him in ash then get a muslim. come on of us with the what we need to look like in the
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people that would come to look in. well the lovely thoughts after the year some other thought it was known with certainty which you know it has been noted that it's ok. for you but you got to watch that there was one of the no look. look in the show i haven't enough evidence that's going to you're not.
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the one mission the mission. is still going to push the. button and cook it was. the first heading into place of the seven. before. and into. of me was a little oh yeah they were god when i was it was the last time and. any. she can.
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think of. three. for me as a fifth not in a how far they must. i feel me and i'm one of the of the of d.n.a. . now mcphee how. if the whole been a mom you don't you know in the left mean. to. good.
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to people if. you. can manage them from the. bengals on thought of going. for me i will give you. the field up. from a come up of the love and if he can i'll come and if you how would that mean have you come in within the few. minutes of the war with what. you have up at the. gun shops that get all feet. thought of and i would i would love i mean as i can i that can be any. of us and i was. alan is one of the thousand a kind of mini in which i was going to mean how to for that i need and then i love how being kind or couple saying no and then when man is
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a no no or kind of your calls for freeing up a cause for life well you can include him in the mean. post not the more you had. the one i. get the kids. are. going. to. look. at me funny. looks ok.
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cupid grew up on a. local. college. i'm
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. argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their countries are in freefall those are prefer currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the panel and enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen will have then adoption rate in those countries while spike as well as a psuedo store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable
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they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. with the three hundred world of martian manhunter some architects visionary stuff from largest international congress on the problem of maggots in july seventeenth through twenty second so write to your part business program interactive exhibition of urban details on my suburban forum dot com. breaking news this hour here on r.t. international correspondent paula slate has been denied entry to ukraine she was heading to an o. s. t. e. called for instead it catered to nothing other than press freedom. day thirteen of the fee for world cup is set to determine what all the teams from group c. and d. apart from france and croatia go through to the next round but in some other news
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for you here on our international senior u.s. administration officials are being hounded by groups of unteach from protesters using everything from the stalking to chanting to make them feel unwelcome wherever they may go. all right now coming may day here in moscow thanks for joining us on our three international we do begin this hour with breaking news correspondent paula has been suddenly denied entry to ukraine as she was stopped at the border as she was heading to an c.e. conference dedicated to that of press freedom that's crossed live now to paula who's standing by for us at the moment a cold a good to see you can you tell us what's happened at the border. so. much. so this one. talks about how it's all about
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minutes ago i don't actually know it's that old state. and that moment just played on this point i don't know much supposed to happen. on top of that they can then there's no one around that's what they said was late sometimes it's the only compliment and then it's something on the. phone but they said they will come in with a nation i don't know we're going to. have it out with long and it will be some of the pain. patient and wait almost the most amount and full amount of time yes and this is something that i have even though the. it was. a weapon on. the way it didn't take. the.
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current c c h one n one. and they got off a game so that. the full as you say your at the departure lounge now you're sitting in limbo they've taken your possible you said the gods were not too unfriendly but you also mentioned they made you sign a document a written in ukrainian they force you to sign the document that they offer you a translation. he won a second off but on facing the label concede that was that it is no other alternative the official meeting with the a.c.c. say yes it's a bit of a come from the stanford health or the summit at the time is basically states that i have it states the economics i don't take any opportunity if you keep going to fight hiv aids i am what i find the answer to the cop he explained what the top of that they've been i often hop all the way to consider if not then take off and what
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some say is that from the fought him off the conflicts now there's no one of our options so i think things are said on the sample of the border gods they told you that this is coming from above they explain what authorized the governmental body that has denied you access for now they didn't tell him i wasn't sure how many of the things you claim because i was on a bluff p.c. because if you hold we can toss the dictionary on the walk listen i'm nothing like that which is why it won't be a case in the u.k. and i haven't been efforts to counter the feeling that now i think that the modem or the software where i'm not home and watch what must be in place and get in the seat in the t. and is equal to it and out of washington the front row seat to the full time off even in which he does his marching orders he was lucky tokidoki anything that he was told that he now can walk in the kitchen of alcohol in a calm and i got off lucky going on with this happening this constant waiting and
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waiting while he's offered me that he has come to feel it all to get high above the earth now a chemical that nothing should take. on one of us the whole time that i was to inch from him now that patient and then hits him songs that if he could take a listen to the one that song that was on line you see things that i could take my body it could be david in the days that i think that they would find that they can go to find the sound films. in front. of you will be on the. album. now but not. so blacklisted for another five years as you say you were just describing what happened to you back in twenty fifteen in ukraine where you had some interesting experiences do we know what's what's going to happen next paul you're sitting there in limbo your possible is no longer and you'll physician possession what what's next for you. out.
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on. an operation that's a. good open number to look up to the old. box and. i'll. talk about that. the fact. that i'm a little bit older than i am old. but i posted. on. the face of the problem. and i think you don't want to hold. the head up in the mouth. let's talk. about them
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that's going to. help them but it's a little bit on the plate down. ultimately stuck at the kiev international airport now how possible it has been seized and well the issues in the midst of being deported so bizarre especially when you think about it she's actually there to attend an o. s. t. e. conference on what press freedom let's get some reaction on this iran iraq geo political analysts now are joining us live here one international thanks for jumping on so quickly how legitimate is it to deny a journalist access like this without even providing an explanation. well that's not at all let you do much of course but it just shows. how much the corrupt and against russian media has were your cry in the past the russian speaking media. in that country where russian this very important language of course for half of the population and it shows that the government in ukraine has not yet
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changed its policies and the o.s.c. e to promote freedom of speech freedom of media in ukraine is a very good initiative but of course it will not work if ukraine is not willing to tackle this challenge where it hurts the country most freedom of speech also for russian based media and for russian language media and it's very odd to see that western governments are not really seeing the government of ukraine in this point they only challenge always russia. yeah. respected in minsk remained a corrupt but they are not putting enough pressure on the ukrainian government in these aspects while a person has repeatedly called on various european officials to pressure kiev to
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implement further aspects all of the minsk accord as you just mentioned there now policy it was saying in her state of deportation that her she was instructed to us sign a document that was written in ukraine the document saying ukraine i should say the document saying that she was denied access on the orders of an authorized government body but that was all with no name or anything and who might that of bain and why do you think. well that's not clear to me which government body this could have even i myself have been placed on them you know supported kill list in twenty seven. after my this is to cry and you have been insolent after i had given a press conference there and this wanted list for example is composed by private initiatives but we just closely linked also to the ministry of interior and it has the backing of some parliament members and also by us the site
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claims so it remains every. year who stands behind such initiatives but the important point is that we will see no clear focus isha no peer pressure on behalf of the western governments who finance partly ukrainian government who give backing to the ukrainian government we will see this pressure which will and such actions. will of course. we got a bit of a bad history in ukraine when it comes to correspondents going down there certainly more than a couple of our employees have have bumped into brick walls in ukraine when trying to cover certain stories up paula as when i was heading to the o.s.c. e conference on the freedom of the press and here she is working for the national what does that say to you because the state of affairs in ukraine that having an international conference on the freedom of the press and then r.t. correspondent.


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