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members and also by us the site claims so it remains every. year who stands behind such initiatives but the important point is that we will see no clear opus ition no peer pressure on behalf of the western governments who financed partly ukrainian government who gives back into the ukrainian government we will see this pressure which will and such actions. will of course what we got a bit of about history in ukraine when it comes to correspondents going down there certainly more than a couple of employees have have bumped into brick walls in ukraine when trying to cover certain stories up paula as when i was heading to the o.s.c. e conference on the freedom of the press and here she is working for the international what does that say to you because the state of affairs in ukraine that having an international conference on the freedom of the press and then an r.t. correspondent gets bags and then gets deported. well i think it's
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a really. desolate situation in which we now the freedom of press that is the point that the government to your credit should tackle first to reestablish also trust in its own behavior its own policies you look right but once again they cruel that they cannot really face this challenge as of course there are facts to be hidden away from the public and this is of course beriberi. sat to see that developments don't go in that direction that freedom of press is respected that the. background of the conflict is covered. and this would be a pretty set for salim intent trust building has not been promoted by this
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ukrainian government at all and re no would you expect any international reaction to this or not. well of course i would respect expect this reaction not only don't be hostile governments but also on behalf of all for example reporters without borders they should clearly make that statement that this is unacceptable that a government interferes in such a way because these conferences where standards of freedom of speech freedom of press are negotiated are basic point of departure for promoting those freedoms also in. their respective countries that need these improvements and i think that the oas c.e. cannot all be blamed or cardinal in this respect they just see security in countries where they are attentions and to seek security also means to
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bring to light in justices and who can do that if not the press and the press needs freedom to do this work and to allow policymakers to find the right josh mins to solve those problems so i think this was really very a yeah bad move of the ukrainian government will fall back negatively on them as soon as the. reporters without borders say sions that kind will come up with their statements but as i said before i do not expect that the u.s. for example the united states or that any western european government will harshly criticise the ukrainian government for doing so they are too partial in this conflict i am afraid. of political analyst joining us live here on r.t. international thank you very much for your time today. thank you. and thank you for
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your time as well it is another crucial day at the fee for well. cup in russia with four matches being played today in group d. croatia are already through to the knockout stage they will take on iceland for whom it is still possible to advance let's see what our top pundit have manchester united manager joe things to of the team's chances. if they are playing to qualify in these moments old to a competitive match. they both know how to compete. and more tactical as the more physical crew is sure with more experience we have more control because of their technical ability but i would see results being in in confrontation two of the big teams of two candidates for i would say even top eight this can be
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a good match. monday's encounters brought plenty of goals and some excellent late drama spain and portugal in group b. and russia and europe why in group a have made it through to the final sixteen portugal will now face europe wide with russia taking on spain next a former denmark goalkeeper peter schmeichel and neil harvey bringing you a round up of the football action from and. not the result they were looking for peter. but you know it was one of them games they went down pretty early on it was on ten minutes luis suarez with a free kick he is a clever little i have to say that he has an exploit every little weakness in the
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defense with a goalkeeper but the second goal obviously comfort it's now been given as an own goal. against jerry shift we thought it was and so the shot came in and it was from diego lax else this was on twenty three minutes and really didn't know too much about it could fade no chance every band start to kneel down and things would get worse thirty six minutes small because he said came in given his big chance at right back and he blew it two yellow cards and off in the first half and when we show the third goal to kill bonny go they were shouting the rest see the still chance it's not you know that the pretty pragmatic they understand the three when there's still plenty to celebrate we have to say goodbye to players now on and one of those players that we have to say goodbye to is this fellow here mohammed said i didn't play in the first game we had this show louie that he got from the germans the final. you played in the second game scored on a pencil here he shows his true class and it's just sad that you know players of
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that caliber and quality that they're calling home one particular player who was very briefly but extremely brightly in this position this is the goalkeeper at el hi daddy who has just become the oldest player ever at any position to take part in a world cup at the age of forty five and this was in saving a penalty he keeps his team in the lead on his first ever game breaking world records and he pulls off a fantastic effort like that i mean that's what he will be talking about the grandkids and a great grandkids very very late into that first half was actually forty five minutes past six very late into that at his own time there was another person another penalty in this time. he could not do anything about it and there was drama to come you may have thought two teams already out of the competition the still warm warm they both would have been already thinking of packing their bags
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what are they going to be doing next week maybe pre-season training no no bit late when it went to saudi arabia this hour. knowing. this game did mean something to people you have to remember first of all it takes an awful long time to qualify for the world cup it's a truly approaches there was a lot of pride at stake today for these for these people everyone involved with saudi arabia and egypt and whatever came out on top of this also have a little bit of wrestling right in the region and i was just having a flick bank but only at the one two games previously world cup final so it is a significant one for the country and for the fans to not ship another one. spain and portugal they were the big boys of green bay and they have made it through all that it ignite dramatic fashion with some very like twists and turns
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because michael's watching it alongside me and we get lots of use in ours and it's great to see that even after having played at the very highest level in so many competitions to get say sorrells like it's been fantastic it's it's you know it's just fantastic football is just showing itself. from it's absolute the most perfect . more because of course out before these games will be played in group b. what a performance they gave us and they carried the excitement in group b. from the very moment the game started and for the very moment that the game between portugal and iran finished we had a late goals and it's becoming a regular thing now we should really expect it was ninety minutes is up expect the goals to come early goal action as well though so this is how it all started and it was a surprise lead for morocco. on forty minutes and would you fancy today one of our own oh. that's maybe how does one have as
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a goalkeeper where you were straight on the goal because there's no angles it can close down you just have to wait for him to sit through and. see what he does you can really sort of show him in the side of open the cold often away and then of course iniesta i mean one of the best players in the spain's team he got the ball on the left hand side and ages yes performing at a very high style of the whole run here but that was a fantastic one two one two one to run and he gets to the via line here and just a simple ball is still. a cool touch and then threw the ball and kicked the ball up in the top corner fans going crazy because that's thinking not only we got our first goals of the competition we've almost got three points in the back. excellent the game was excellent they've really tried to win this game of football they can go back to morocco now with a lot of pride and they can help hold their heads up high. so let's
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see what happens in this portugal a round game because they said it was like drama there as well it was going to plan wasn't it lays in the first stuff probably one of the best schools goes goes in the in the tournament was was a that the cole scored in the fifty five forty fifth's minutes plus two again so we can very late into the to the forty five minutes of this is ricardo. and that is that it's just a beauty corner. i have to say i think i think it's safe to say that iran was a better team in the game they were i was though small intend they wanted to win and they wanted to play the game or push on or another as was the talk about peace there's just this is a rule down in self not the moment maybe this explains why we're getting seventy minutes of injury time because of all the follow. it in any step so after three and
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a half minutes of discussing and giving yellow cards and the referee not handling the situation very well. well the steps and you know the cold people say so and we've seen that as well and that that misses will it's significant for now though because that would have put him next to hurricane in the golden boot competition and that is what he goes for on a personal level he's made no secret of that but he wants to win that he had the chance in the first he misses penalty and then it went to another moment and he gets a yellow card out of it once it goes too far and the referee decides that that's an elbow to the face there's only one solution to that and that's why you had a red card but it gives him again this these guys down below if they just don't give up and some of the fans why weren't you when you got to such amazing legs just to come here and see your country play check this.
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so what you say you said to see major encounters which will determine what are the teams from group c. and d. apart from france and croatia go through to the next round australia facing peru denmark france nigeria taking on argentina and croatia will challenge iceland and
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here's what group c. looks like at the moment now france topping that with six. points. with four points . in australia. with zero points though has no progressing in the tournament now the team is being supported by the world cup host peter schmeichel his son is the goalie ultimately following in his father's footsteps twenty years ago peter participated in the one nine hundred ninety eight world cup game against just like today and as for the current standings in group d. . we are ready through to the next stage and it's nigeria with three points. just a point each hour for today's pitch change everything with all three still having a chance to qualify. stay with us if you can for all the very
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latest. look forward to seeing all the action as it happens. to some of the stories for you now here on the channel senior u.s. administration officials are being hounded by groups of activists with a spike in incidents in the wake of the controversy surrounding the u.s. president's shelved immigration policy which has seen the children of illegal migrants separated from their parents. investigates. anti-government activism in the united states has become increasingly confrontational with a new emphasis on ostracizing and humiliating elected officials sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary found this out the hard way when she made
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the mistake of trying to eat out in a nice restaurant last night and was told by the who know what happened in lexington virginia to leave because i work for poor and i politely laughed and the secretary of homeland security had a very similar experience however she actually made it to her table inside the restaurant first however she could mean join her meal before things got ugly and then the chain restaurant claimed a ham. sandwich champagne. after she left the restaurant the mob set up shop outside of her home. where we all know that the anonymity of the internet brings out the best in people right well after they refused to serve sanders the red hen network has been subject
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to all kinds of threats and false reviews meanwhile several internet platforms are trying to stop the circulation of immigration customs enforcement employees by anti trump activists. as immigration and customs enforcement continues to ramp up its inhumane surveillance and detention efforts i believe it's important to document what's happening and by whom and any way we can to that end i've downloaded made available the profiles of almost everyone on linked in who works for migration and customs enforcement one thousand five hundred ninety five people in total things have gotten rough before between supporters of the administration and street activists however elected officials always step in and tell folks to be civil and respectful not anymore. we. think we.
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should. leave you could you. tell us a primary. at the moment is analogy. germany this policy of family separation reminds us that cattle cars of nazi germany when children were separated from their parents and marched to suppose showers slave traders use these tactics not seen as he has these tactics terrorists use these tactics but now the president the united states is using these tactics bottom line donald trump increasingly looks like hitler in nazi germany like to concentrate. on are integrating the unusual punishment john most would agree that's a pretty extreme exaggeration but members of the trump camp aren't exactly helping themselves when they look racist language. to your cotton pickin mind how you don't get david bossie apologized for that comment but the
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damage is already done and now we've got steve king referring to migrant children as gang material young boys old enough to be. tried as adults will serve in the military and our prime m.-s. thirteen gang material and certainly grew up in the culture of one of the top ten most violent countries in the world and nobody in this country who understands history wants to encourage anybody to move a political debate into a zone of reckless civil disobedience and violence people in the media who blow these charges up without actually dressing down those who might make those accusations are it's citing. a kind of riotous debate paying up you have a duty to be fair and balanced you have a duty to seek out the truth and publish the truth and you have a responsibility not to shout fire in a crowd in
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a crowded theater so we've got mobs yelling internet threats racial slurs taunts and calls for violence within greetings like that the story never really ends well . artsy new york. has to remind our breaking news story this hour here on our to your correspondent a paula has been denied entry to ukraine and banned from entering the country for five years and she was stopped at the border as she was heading to an o. s. c. e. conference dedicated to press freedom she was given no explanation for the entry denial and says she was forced to sign a document which stated that the entry denial was ordered by quote authorized to governmental authorities we've requested an explanation from authorities in kiev nothing received yet paula isn't the only journalist who has denied entry at the airport border today a russian journalist was also stopped. c.e. freedom of the press conference was organized in kiev i want to participate in that
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event despite having received confirmation from the o.e.c.d. about participation when i arrived passport control denied me and three and explained to me that i am a threat to the national security of ukraine and that i have been banned from entering the country for five years so right now i'm waiting for my flight back those guys took my passport and promised to return it right before the flight so that i wouldn't run anywhere. i just are wrapped up the program for this hour here on r.t. international though many more stories and updates for you at the top of the. financial survival. ring first to. three different. is a good start well we have our three bags. something you're going to america something over the cayman islands and it will all these banks are complicit.
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ok let's see how we did while we. watched. all beautiful jewelry. again from you know what money. thank you so much. you know world's big partners through the blogs and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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bush as kofi but they have all the fight for the second stage of the free for all cope and they smile and would have been mightily afraid the greit they have yet seen the only goalkeeper ever to weigh in the bylong dual names logged in the city in moscow on our travels this week we're going to simply just bird say brazil against costa rica we're being say some of the fun times to alton galleries and we've got a shot with him on that one the world cup gold and between ninety and ninety ice his team is still very much in it they're playing some great football that's croatia enjoy the sun calling will show.
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as one of the great strikers it's where football big stuff will. thank you for joining me thank you fantastic that he was spoken a couple of times already oh so you think if the ways to go still play yes they should croatia we all two gangs into the. two wins. you make it look too easy. to look it's volk up it's first of all football is down school competition of course everyone come vale for perth thinking how he will win how he will be how he will play the row but what is more important we have. unity we have personality we have good school qualities quote what they mean of course you can play but you can beat everyone with mentality if you emitted it
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eleven against eleven why we cannot beat germany why cannot beat england why you cannot beat argentina ok we have i think we put something nineteen eight in the syndrome of history of creation football for the duration of food ball and of course we have more the rich mundra teacher racket to each parish which look world class players and just go out and play everybody said is this the tournament well you know messi wins the world cope and defines himself as the greatest player ever which i think is very disrespectful to play lights and maradona it's worked a lot suppliants book croatia didn't just win they demolished argentina but today you can not go and said you can but maybe it's not clever think we will win world cup it's big heart bottle so many people and on the end who invest more. work hard work preparation they sneak unity to do team i saw more of
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the gene eighty six minutes jumping on the head and jumping for one ball that's for me mining we already prepared for the world cup did you see some big favorite playing. not nice of course why is that it's not because most of them play in europe long souls and it's like you're a long piece and i know it difficult it's looking lead you into the club f.a. cup of course television rights demand more games where fluffy favi make more world cups of all champions league games more league of nations but of course money is very important but to raise that and i'm for the chairman of ford will call me to know if i'll be just looking raised and of the so many friendlies so many games no one no where is the end where do you think that balance between rightfully getting the money and developing the game across the world to be as he was a player that says right i need to rest now we are sick one study and now you
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haven't seen the world cup two thousand and twenty two of the real maybe stop premier league for one month in france for one month spanish league italian league small countries is easiest to spoke to but this country is usually playing television rights around the world and that after that we will see and i'm sure we will know what exactly one football player can have in the game to do it and do you . tell me about what it's like to win the golden boot how important was it for you to say to yourself i am the best striker on the planet salute the dream of the one kid and i would like to say all kids need to. talk to see if there's the card there is little this kid from atsic dreaming how i can play in big the big clubs maybe for
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national team and i would like to suggest the kids dreaming playing hard work one day the true dream come true and of course. going to lay for you you have a great wonderful job you made great and i will always when you have time for me please come to croatia after world cup coming joy. you guys. we will smoke one i said you have one thing out of every jump on the sea and we will have the more fresh organic world food food and of course the whole cup is the dream of her is the oscar of the oscar of the hollywood and it will sell for years also look when it when i counted in one thousand eight i just work hard to be on wall cup when i'm score first gold your dream coming and you know but what is more important very nice course is goals my team is confident egos themis love and believes boban percentage sandwich errancy give the ball up for front he will score and that's you
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know that's the more important when you have the confident guy up and of course he can score a goal and later he's run second third for maybe it's more important goal is against romania you know if you miss the penalty all round the world we root remembering paid our goal to train the penalty kicks you know and that's that guy in the football and of course six goal maybe against france we have one meal up we can go to the final but these the wall clap didn't change your life. no i'm always saying you know i think home education is more important what you family give what your mother and father give you in the childhood that's for all you know my life my life cannot be changed to go on car to be the one apartment to my friends i'm rich with the friends friends in london madrid mosco friends and so we'll all round around play and you know unit your food bill and now i'm enjoy. my privilege now and i'm you know administration and i'm president of
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a faith finally with two games into the tournament. doing fantastically well they see this play. thank you no. you can go to the fancy you and i sending to the streets if croatia which things have impressed you so far that's it saying ok you know and somebody ask you of course you play if you have received what he was called to be today you know we have zero tolerance on the bet thinks and i would like to only sort of phone my friends but we'd rather be in full day so in the stock market then you buy the shirts that say well of course germany you know germans always quote it's the final i always say my finances there i would like to see what happened in this world cup but germany of course spain is my is my love i play there and for a hundred year exam friend and i would like to and i appreciate you know the.


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