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administration and i'm president of a ferry finally with two games into the tournament croatia are doing fantastically well they see it is. exactly zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero pm agreed the aim you can go to the fancy and i sending to the. croatia which things have impressed you so far that's it same ok you know and somebody ask you of course you play it you have received what he was called to be today you know we have zero tolerance on the bet things and i would like to always respond my friends but we would rather be in for this all in the stock market than to buy shirts that say well of course germany you know germans always thought it's the final i always say my finances there i would like to see what happened in this world cup but germany of course spain is my is my love i play there and fernando here is on friend and i would like to and i appreciate you know
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the best. what is more important for me is what he will do france or denmark who will be in the next crew seeing the news you know of the world who will play with us and look i just think i have the chance but now the more important questions you understand it theme is well prepared if you're physically is not well perth it's terrible i just saw the weather map all here around the behind of moscow it's twenty nine to thirty we have great ok we have greats installation in the sump it is vote it's fifteen centimeters that's mean there are fifteen cells you see this is very important to be fresh and i hope we make also great jews to go to the camp and that's part of the game thank you very much free time i'm looking from just imagining now. with the legend. sinking this bus.
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we want to concentration the seaside thank you very much you know my friends. why i am here so this mistaken for true against morocco and with some friends this is a good friend of mine from miami hello you know it's good to see you for fun this is mr crowley good to see you sir christiane i went out yesterday. the story is quite funtastic doing so for brings people together so let's go in explain to me why your family are all here on mass and friends that were there for quite some song war so we love soccer the world cup and the reigning weight of the world and we started in ninety four my dad has been to the last seven world cup i've been to five his friend terry spence of awesomeness miles we take every opportunity we can participate in the games then every single time we've had
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a wonderful experience with the credit what was the inspiration beyond going to the ninety ninety four world cup weren't a huge soccer family and i think your big sports and god what whiteside capability what was the inspiration well i'm a soccer coach and a high school level in the united states and one of the see what real professional soccer looks like and the what we want to washington d.c. and so our first game each siteman the nationalism it's just it was overwhelming we've never seen anything like that crowley is this a labor of love for you g.'s ty going to mr crowley because he's happy to do you know you actually enjoy the really enjoy the experience yeah. i got to this side of the lines always seeing the fans and the countries that we've had. seven consecutive all seven c four world cups on the spear and you can really do it your football unfortunately know you. next time are you proud of the work open.
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thank you very much for joining us i think they. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more somehow i want to be. like to be for us as a white woman for freedom or people. i'm interested in always in the lines of my. sickening. for
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a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football with you and we'll show you all the great game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the father thousand in the world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to. be r.t. teams latest edition to make up a bigger. look. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and
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better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times so if. it is from the top us the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and soon will be inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport social position or you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business.
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yes it does seem. like i said the five especially in the balkans in the rain in for here was just like people awake till five in the morning is very cultural young city i think there's a law student say there's a lot of people who. you know have such a open mindedness so well considered a little forward this is called hits and sort of all caught so i was off in really really not through. the lows of any of the women at the games but what's been interesting is i actually had a run as well so for many years there's been
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a ban on iranian women entered the site but not volleyball all the sports it's just a particular issue with what will the reason given is that the fans that are on a quiet rowdy boisterous so many years that's been one of the authorities reasons for not letting ladies into the stadium i said are you nuts to find a man sweat suit much of it just too boring but actually this time they showed some of the games on the big screen inside the stadium a tough crowd and ladies rollouts and to for the first time since i think the revolution so seen this like a bit of progress as well. but. i'm delighted to be joined on the stan collymore show savio what do you think of the size brazilian squad now come they win the world cup little mr. chavan was on the offense dudgeon will use. g.v.
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cain. for the d n a q more me up i assume you're. a citizen was a little commander had a somebody or coach each. its own a bunch of this woman to seek you or moldova zouma would speak that you're one of those are the brazil for you for inch. don't they don't do it on purpose of the hedge him in june even would go out in his gut though is a citizen with a it don't don't do war vote yes it was so sensitive over the lyric or so the song is of all talk which each year it was even booked there. has got that. scene if you could of that was that his son was in the early don't you know we forge which means that the arrangement for what you call it you were mange don't you making it on a cup of the palms forward it's skill saw is a classic on top of the. and which refuse. that is forwarded to form
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the main. source by all the. other maya in tumbling as it is often says you work a huge part of your superiors of mice q. chip to the top of them or you feel when there's a swiss savio thank you for joining me on the stan collymore show of one more thing we know you're around madrid layout and. there's a nice little gift we want to bring back a very famous shirt how to give year which is the current madrid squad included in the great one i'll go. or kill in the. numbers of you know eleven. a gift from us thank you very much for joining us on the stand ali moore show with all the other stone thank you. well it must have
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visible me. just this view was clearly moved camp. if luke from posing with the village well you got to put it in you keep this is i still don't like him because you thank you very much for joining us from. los. lobos. yeah. thanks for joining us i know that you're busy man as a big part of the costa rican federation why the almost revolution in central american football where is this come from there is a lot of players from central america who's playing germany spain in england all on everywhere so they'll help but help us the fact that we have the chance now
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to you know place on friendly games again and. you know the big big teams and big national teams so that give us some experience. and that's why you know you can see coast rica or mexico or. doing a good job i didn't see any any team in the world have you find the group very difficult brazil switzerland. perhaps one of the top risk groups of course in the world cup how do you think cost recruit fed so forth has been difficult is it been difficult i mean. we have the pressure of two thousand and fourteen and everyone who was staked closer especially by home you know the pen think is the action it's actually they do on the stand and they think that serbia or. are going to be easy you know but. we know that it's difficult we know they have you know great
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players and has been difficult for us i mean we are ready you know out of. oh the work. yes stuff. i mean. the players are not the same these four years all they're. you know is a great experience for the youngsters but i think it's normal you know it's normal that. now. struggling with the winner with. the results and hopefully we will come back for the next next warco. thank you very much for joining me on the stan collymore show it's fantastic to see you thank you well you still look as if you chris now is still the something really big you know has i said great haven't.
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we all the red square and with france i'm very happy person for the russian federation of qualify for the next vice and the people will go and they can be back in moscow on sunday whether going to be playing the likes him silva and see i go close stuff and by. the last day. and with deep it when
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we get what he didn't want. if. the if.
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he's become quite fashionable in the political left to call anyone you don't like a nazi or hitler why you say come to this why all the demonization after all words have meaning and much much more on this edition across. argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because they're commies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when he had a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the panel and enter
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a similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have then adoption rate in those countries wall spike as well as a psuedo store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. would you go to one of them to be of much because. the bus around. which i mean i well me and i. see. that. when i was
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a. dumb move to move to. school i'm. the spirit. of. christmas. is that. can you hear me.
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breaking news this hour here on the international correspondent has been denied entry. he was heading to a. dedicated to press freedom. is said to other teams from groups. through to the next
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round but also in some of the new. u.s. administration officials are being hounded by groups of protesters using everything from the store. to make them feel unwelcome wherever they may go. joining us here in the international just a moment we will get your world cup action shortly for now though we do start with breaking news correspondent has been denied entry to ukraine as she was stopped at the border as she was heading to a conference dedicated to press freedom right now she's currently stuck at the airport but here's what she told us. i'm sitting right now in need a pata knowledge here and i don't know what's going on and they need him around forty minutes ago they gave me my luggage and they've taken up hospital and they
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just told me to wait i have no plane booked back at the moment i was supposed to fly out tomorrow off to the concert and so at this stage i really am literally in the boat waiting to hear or see what's going on and at the moment is no border police surrounding me i arrived at about eight o'clock this morning local time am supposed to be attending a conference organized by the organization for security and cooperation in europe and the conference is devoted to chris freedom and media pirana t. in ukraine during times of conflict now it's quite ironic that i cannot even attend the conference and it's not only me there's another russian journalist who's also being detained and is being deported so while the deliberations will happen drop course of the day and as i'm speaking to you they deliberating media freedom in ukraine we stuck here they pulled unable to attend because we represent russian networks i had checked in advance if i was on any blacklist because i have reported in ukraine in the past and the information i had was that i was not so it wasn't clear that i would have possible its problems when i arrived they checked my
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possible there was obviously something that flagged an entire travel on a british passport and they pulled me aside and for about an hour and a hoss they kept me off to one when they were checking things they are asked me for my personality they asked me while i was by i was attending and i gave them the conference at james. and then just suddenly they called me into the room they stated we have all this from that you are being deported you are notion not to come back into the country for another five years and you need to sign your there wasn't any explanation given they they explained that what i was signing was essentially what they had told me the and then they bought me a hit to beat they they treated me ok except for the lack of information back and the whole experience of course is a little bit unnerving purpose of the conferences is to try and create a media climate across countries that. it is much more free and safe for journalists to work in but when i come to these comes and says i am a vehicle that other ukrainian contingent they are that we can all me sometimes and
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laugh when i speak so there is a lot of assistance to watch what russian journalists have to sincerely representatives from russia are also noted here too in the same way that the ukrainian delegation is b.o.'s c.e. has already given its official reaction expressing regret and stressing the quote all c e participating states should facilitate free travel for journalists across the region paula so it was not the only journalist who was denied entry to ukraine today we spoke to russian journalist do you have any primakov who was also turned back at the border. but or. a pill. or. who.
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or. now our correspondent has had to leave ukraine before time because she was getting death threats in twenty fifteen she was covering a story about wildfires that were sweeping through the area around show noble and asking people about how the situation was unfolding the ukrainian journalist that was on a happy with polo being allowed to enter the country to launch an online campaign and cold for people to kill her so off about she started receiving death threats on her twitter account and subsequently she fled the country. punching the channel exclusion zone often the accident nine hundred eighty six and here we are some thirty kilometers was sealed off so. i won't say to columbus as a function of old keith speak english. journalist to go and yet.
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we get permission. to go there. ok. so. it's closed you can actually still see some of the smoke from the fire now i have with me a gay guy account which gives us an indication of the level of radioactivity in the atmosphere and as i've. close in the direction of the fire which is some thirty kilometers from here it's increasing steadily dog we're here with. young. children live. for the people who live here the threat is ongoing the fire might
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be out but it's ashes remain in the air. r.t. exclusion zone well regarding our policy as current attention right now with ukraine international airport we got feedback from rain a rougher surgery a political analyst. it's not at all that huge amount of course but it just shows how much the product and against russian media were in ukraine in the past russian speaking media are. in that country where russian this very important language of course for half of the population. shows that the government in ukraine has not yet changed its policies. to promote freedom of speech freedom of media in ukraine is a very good initiative but of course it will aren't worth much if ukraine is not
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willing to tackle this challenge where it hurts the country most and it's very odd to see that western governments are not really seeing the government of ukraine in this point they only challenge always russia respecting. remained a corrupt but they are not putting enough pressure on the ukrainian government in these aspects. we've requested an explanation from the authorities in kiev but haven't received one yet and the ukrainian law or any foreign national may be denied entry to the country if they fail to satisfy the conditions of entry however the law also obliges officials to state the reasons for denied entry and paula hasn't received any explanation as of yet we've also contacted the british foreign office for comment as she was traveling on a british passport we'll update you on their response if and when we can. get back to the world cup footy action here on r.t.
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it is another crucial day at the fifo world cup here in russia four matches being played today in group d. croatia are already through to the knockout stage they take on iceland for whom it's still possible to advance let's see what our top pundit manchester united manager joe same with. so if the team's chances. are slim the gracious if they are playing to qualify in these moments i think ultra competitive match. they both know how to compete i stand more tactical as one more physical crew issue with more experience with more control because of their technical ability but i would see results being in in confrontation two of the big teams of two candidates for i would say even top eight this can be a good match. so monday's
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encounter has brought plenty of goals and some pretty enjoyable late drama spain and portugal in group b. and russia and europe why in a group they have made it through to the final sixteen of portugal europe why with russia taking on spain next and former denmark goalkeeper peter schmeichel and neil harvey bring you a round up of monday's match action. it's. not the result they were looking for peter. but you know it was one of them games they went on pretty early on it was on ten minutes luis suarez with a free kick he is a clever little i have to say that he just finds an exploit every little weakness in the defense with a goalkeeper but the second goal obviously comfort.


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