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twenty years ago peter participated in the nine hundred ninety eight world cup against france just like you son is today french fans of course are also in russia this plenty of them on the metro to support their nation. so this without the book there's other kind of book which. we all seem to come up. with to defend it not to confuse whole playful circus was a couple to make sure this beautiful. you know it's up to much i mean i just spoke to much i mean some folks because the style you feel is you look to the school cool. you didn't like the school. but up to a scene for the money cheap. to some for the school
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should go well so if you do something to see. it which i go in the you know i assume the bus which i do keep on the discussion feet. below. fifty. feet. to the beach is also the fall before some old old old old. school board well they've all. gone up a sweat off the face of it all the things that i say i mean he kills
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a little but. it's kind of cruel but it was a little stub of a good deal is yourself. well let's have a look at the current standings in group d. as you can see croatia they lead the table with six points and they are already through to the next stage and likely to rest players for this game meanwhile niger and nigeria are second with three points bystanders in argentina have a point each scary times for argentina however today's action could change everything all three of the trailing teams all the teams in the group still have a chance to qualify for exciting stuff. in the run up to the world cup some in the british media seem to be less interested in the beautiful game and more in scaring the fans off threatening headlines warned of russian hooligans and violence during the tournament but it seems the predictions did turn out to be love accurate it goes down after takes a closer look. a celebration of unity good sportsmanship and an inspiration to
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a future generation of athletes in other words something that world cup twenty team they fear not to promise to all those english fans who were winning the options in front of them to visit russia or to stay. the whole time we've been here initially it seems there's been somebody following as at least one car sometimes three i think there's one of them so we're just off red square and russia is preparing for the party and they are they taking no chances and be letting the world though they're taking no chances but let's be frank the media is notorious for seeking scandal and shocking content but it wasn't the only voice in the scaremongering choir due to heightened political tensions between the u.k. and russia you should be aware of the possibility of anti british sentiment or harassment at this time but despite the most ominous prospects ahead of them a handful of english fans are still bought the tickets boarded the planes and integrate for the best and the best happen to be english journalists here in russia
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they backpedaled on the doomsday prophecies they previously made a team england qualified for the rounds of the best of sixteen and importantly doing so with a fraction of the support they could get from the strands i'm sad that there are more english people here sharing this wonderful football fest for because it has surprised me the efficiency the welcome just the warmth of the russian people has really really impress me and i just wish more people had a chance to experience it firsthand how so those who initially get scared off by all the alarming predictions are now scrambling to get their remaining tickets with their wallets varying the brunt of the last minute purchase so our team caught up with a bunch of a few strands to get their impressions to try and very like a cross off so i took a train across and then i would have to walk us up the visor to travel on my. a new zealand passport instead of on and on was possible because if i said that i was an
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english person i'd get a lot of hate and abuse like the russian people but that's just false i have never felt unsafe every time i say that i am english it's always been fine i was no more fearful of coming here than any any other international tournament really not any problems with the russian people they're all really friendly if we start helpful i think my mom still thinks because i have to go right to be there to fix bits of the that's going to happen but it's not going to have a druckerman people to come to the world come to russia just enjoy the football especially when england when. people are just people it doesn't matter where you're from. one language we all speak a school paul we all enjoy the game. and we unite around the heart of the team is doing well we've won two games zero two so far. you know. palace is not as bad as the media told us. it's a place with a visit it's a recall so after decades of hurt for english fans the twenty team performance of
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their team led by a hurricane gives them hope while those who have been turned away from coming here to russia have already missed out on a good portion of fun they still have a chance to shout themselves hoarse at the knockout stages done of from central moscow r.t. . and stay with us throughout the day for our well cup special coverage with plenty of action to look forward to on day thirteen and maybe the prospect argentina in my power at any way there also live text updates on our website r.t. dot com.
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wrong. we're all just don't. get to shape our. culture. and in. one still find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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welcome back senior u.s. officials are being hounded by groups of activists there's been a sharp rise in incidents in the wake of the controversy surrounding the u.s. president's now shelved immigration policy which has seen the children of illegal migrants separated from their parents. and picks up the story. anti-government activism in the united states has become increasingly confrontational with a new emphasis on ostracizing and humiliating elected officials sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary found this out the hard way when she made the mistake of trying to eat out in a nice restaurant last night and was told by the who know right hand in lexington virginia to leave because i work for porto's and i politely left the secretary of homeland security had a very similar experience however she actually made it to her table inside the
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restaurant first however she could mean joy her meal before things got ugly then mexican restaurant of a good. family champagne. after she left the restaurant the mob set up shop outside of her home. where we all know that the anonymity of the internet brings out the best in people right well after they refused to serve sanders the red hen network has been subject to all kinds of threats and false reviews meanwhile several internet platforms are trying to stop the circulation of immigration customs enforcement employees by anti trump activists. as immigration and customs enforcement continues to ramp up its
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inhumane surveillance and detention efforts i believe it's important to document what's happening and by whom and any way we can to that end i've downloaded made available the profiles of almost everyone on linked in who works for migration and customs enforcement one thousand five hundred ninety five people in total things have gotten rough before between supporters of the administration and street activists however elected officials always step in and tell folks to be civil and respectful not anymore. and we have. to let. you use. you could you. tell us a primary. at the moment is analogies to nineteen thirty germany this policy of family separation reminds us of cattle cars of nazi germany
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when children were separated from their parents and marched to the supposed showers slave traders use these tactics not seen as use these tactics terrorists use these tactics but now the present in the united states is using these tactics bottom line donald trump increasingly looks like hitler in nazi germany like to concentrate it's really burgeoning are in a great deal unusual punishment john most would agree that's a pretty extreme exaggeration but members of the trump camp aren't exactly helping themselves when they look racist language. to your cotton pickin mind how you don't get david bossie apologized for that comment but the damage is already done and now we've got steve king referring to migrant children as gang material young boys old enough to to be. tried as adults will serve in the military and our prime m.s.
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thirteen gang material and certainly grew up in the culture of one of the top ten most violent countries in the world and nobody in this country who understands history wants to encourage anybody to move a political debate into a zone of reckless civil disobedience and violence people in the media who blow these charges up without actually dressing down those who might make those accusations are inciting. a kind of riotous debate playing out you have a duty to be fair and balanced you have a duty to seek out the truth and publish the truth and you have a responsibility not to shout fire in a crowd in a crowded theater and so we've got mobs yelling nazi internet threats racial slurs taunts and calls for violence within gradients like that the story never really ends well. r.t. new york. now let's return to our top story artie's correspondent paula slayer has
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been denied entry to ukraine she was stopped at the border as she was heading to a human rights conference dedicated to press freedom she's currently still at the airport for more on this we can cross live now to the host of r.t. show going underground as she returns the afghan thank you very much for joining us well let's look at the situation that i mean how legitimate is it to deny a journalist access like this without any explanation. you know around the world the attacks on this channel are mounting we know that in the united states you tube videos of art programs have to show that they're somehow a foreign agent trying to deter people from watching artie's programs we've seen in this country attacks on r.t. u.k. ministers shadow ministers saying that they won't appear on this channel in an attempt to the fact or close it down because of impartiality laws but this time we have a country which is back to the hilt by nato power major war powers and it has been chosen by the o.s.c. to hold a conference i should say the o.s.c.
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is bankrolled amongst others by the russian federation and yet a t.v. channel reporter from a russian t.v. journalist being denied access to media freedom summit at least some members of the o.s.c. see the utter hypocrisy of this decision by the ukrainian government but many of course believe that. it really shows the democratic principles of so-called democratic principles of this ukrainian state since this new leader has taken power after of course a coup occurred backed by the united states well let's have a look at the document trying to explain what was going on with paul i mean it says she was denied access on the orders of an authorized government body i mean who do you think that could have been and why do you think they've done it. i think obviously our journalists here journalism being attacked everywhere they have they're not given a press accreditation and paris there is as we know and as well as we've been covering who is behind this world i mean they're being very vocal remarks against
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r.t. from so many u.s. sea members but the idea that the o.s.c. which is supposed to be hold these summits which are forums for debate which they say is part funded by the russian federation amongst its other many states that are members surely must cause doubt on the existence of the o.s.c. itself as a as a independent force where debate is supposed to happen at all well actually what kind of international reaction do you expect from this event. in britain we will receive no news about this but then on the other hand britain never really covered the burning of trade union buildings in ukraine after the coup which as we know from the leaked phone calls victoria nuland assistant secretary of state the united states were firmly in there backing it not to beat around the bush surely most analysts realize that ukraine is seen as a bulwark of nato now to fight this perceived russian fret. and the fighting
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certainly we get no coverage from donetsk or in eastern ukraine you see on tweets of people living in those border areas there is no coverage when it comes to freedom of speech issues we'll hear about freedom of speech issues in countries only normal aligned to nato nations arguably and so as for paul it's clear one of if you stop reporters they'll be no reporting of this on any british news channel today indeed let's wait and see if that happens then afshin rattansi host of r.t. show going underground thank you very much indeed thank you. and these are the live pictures from red square where denmark fans are gathering ahead of their team's game against france at moscow's listening to stadium is taking place in less than three hours untasted stuff. well for more on these and plenty of other stories that go to our website r.t.
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dot com otherwise i'll be back at the top of the hour with more news see we get an . average of the league to talk is brought back to. taking care of our guy just like . you did. most of them from a different culture i would just. as that a. problem that we kind of. in the state they call a nice day here in this non part of sweden. and i want to get some of those computer code of mine. no no but it's a synopsis stop stop stop stop more of your cloak over. my cultural is crisper country and we don't do for things like that and we will tell you if you do then we
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hate you and somebody hopefully you can do something about the stuff. we cannot be naive about this cannot attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down this city and we want sweden to be faced with this country and we want a note of the people who live here not to go back. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president or injury. or some want to. have to go right to be person as a white woman for freedom or can't be good good i'm interested always in the waters
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of our. best city. the book. the book. the end. seemed wrong but old girls just don't know all the bold yet to shape our. cause the been engaged because betrayal. once and many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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i'm asked geyser this is the guy's report says max this is our final episode here in dublin at kaiser report and espanol conference and we're going to turn to the second bit of that onstage thing you did with one of the heads of queen bass you talked to a great investor deval and there was a c.n.n. reporter and she had followed up on a point you had made about queen being a store of value as she was asking what are the biggest hurdles a big point to maintain itself as a store of oh i had a good answer to that let's check it out all the adoption rate you know that's what we're talking about so a couple of coin days as brilliantly created on ramp people can get into crypto
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know opening thousands and thousands of accounts and they are providing that experience i think that in the future the adoption rate will be driven as it has been since two thousand sense the white paper makes reference to the banking crisis of two thousand and eight the genesis block and i think that these banking crises will continue and that will drive adoption clearly in the french economies like argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their economies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when we have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the pound and for similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have then adoption rate in those countries well spike as well as a way to the store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable it will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species i might take a more moderate approach on that if you have a lot of accuracy said to be true how are you going to tell i'm sorry but. this is
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just like max said point based works hand in hand with government so i think one of the big things that's holding back this industry right now is lack of regulatory clarity in the you. s. were quite a base was founded and we operate in is a great example that we have four different regulators that all regulate cryptocurrency is something different the i.r.s. has its digital property in san a department of treasury calls a currency the commodities and futures trading commission calls it a commodity and now the f.c.c. is likely calling it a security in and the honest answer is that it's a little bit of all because it's a technology that allows different applications and use cases and they all resemble different forms of financial instruments so from our perspective we look at coin bases mission is to help the currency enter this ecosystem we have to be the on ramp we have to work with kind of safe trusted counter parties like banks and regulatory agencies the lack of clarity and the kind of ad hoc approach not just in the u.s. but internationally look at europe look at asia look at parts of latin america
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makes it very difficult for businesses to succeed it's ultimately achievable it's just it's going to be a hard process months at a point right so rightfully said that they work with governments and they have a great solution and an on ramp there are industry players that have chosen not to work with governments. who have chosen to not interact with regulators or to interact in the least possible way with regulators or to go jurisdiction shopping so they'll go to countries where they know their money is welcome their business is welcome and so i think there's a dynamic evolving i think that ultimately the regulators in my view in are not really going to be helpful in the development of this industry and in the strategic way and that this is a self regulating new asset class that we don't need those regulators and so.
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i think that's a that's an issue going forward obviously that's a bit of a controversial issue. and i sin and again claim bases are brilliant company and they do brilliant work and. i think that there's ongoing tension between krypto and regulators would you like to be the judge of this debate should we bring the regulators early on to make sure they don't come in later just i mean if i were him and i have been. educating regulators people consider that a bit of an oxymoron but for the last few years around the world and i think it's better because i they are going to stop and i think the industry showed last year that they were very good at self-regulating that starting to correct but given the i.c.a.o. scams of last year that really woke up regulators who may have been more quiet on that front so i do believe that there is
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a push and haul though and if you see cases like china which shut down. krypto apparently i mean great you go there and there is still a lot of mining and trading happening through other means i don't think you can just shut this down it's like this whack i'm all you know it's like you whack in one place it's going to pop up somewhere else is better to involve the regulators in the building process of well i don't know if the building process necessarily i mean they're not technologists i think we need to educate them on what this is about and the fact that they can ultimately control that so i mean this is the centralized this is global i was an i mean i remember i was in india during the monetization and the price. point was like a thousand and back then the price wasn't that high it was a thousand dollars more and he had just because of what max said the demand when people stop trusting their governments and that happens on
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a regular basis they're going to go to an option like that is the answer is through two points one is it's on it's uncontrollable and then lot of what is the second point is that the regulatory community hasn't really earned our trust you show me a regulator and i'll show you an extremely corrupt organization i mean look at the banking system in the u.s. banks like wells fargo openly steals from millions of customers are going to slap on the wrist j.p. morgan hundreds of billions of dollars worth of fines for outright fraud no regulators bernie madoff was reviewed by the u.s. you see three times they saw nothing wrong these regulators are weak they're captured they're ineffectual they're corrupt you show me a strong regulator maybe i'll talk to them but the reason is created is because there is no strong fair regulator there are they all stink so that's it's thank god because he's here to take the economy past the corrupt regulators and the factories . i can see there's not very many regulators.
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what all the big players the big banks they've been rejecting big corn for a long time. and then come december last year suddenly they wake up so there has been a lot of corp where do we. the traditionally a big players in the financial market getting into the space of this from what we're seeing the coin base i think largely the conversations been around public block chains like a ferryman vehicle and private block chains and what we saw banks kind of notably did in two thousand and fifteen sixteen seventeen is move forward with private watching instances and while we think that's ultimately a good thing i don't think it's going to be nearly as impactful is open or public block seems like there will be for the exact reason the internet's been far more impactful than private internets have been again they can it's not either or they're going to complement one another but i think that's kind of been the first conversation the second one the one that we spend a lot of time thinking about is the institutionalization of the space and that is the large banks the hedge funds the sovereign wealth funds of the world now
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beginning to move capital into this new asset class and a lot of the work we do a coin base is building not just the products the qualified custodian the reliable exchanges the prime brokerages but also having the right regulatory licenses so that capital can move into the space so what i see coming from banks right now is maybe a little bit of energy being taken out of the room on these private block chain instances that may still develop but are not going to revolutionize their work overnight but beginning to look at crypto as a new asset class that ultimately their clients when exposure to yeah i think there is that it's come from the ground up it's clients that have been asking for exposure to this asset class and banks have kind of been dragged into it jamie diamond two thousand seventeen september a call that a fraud and then two weeks ago just hired a head of strategy and that's happened over and over again a look at goldman and so and it's because of that demand from their clients that's
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not a top down strategy that's bottom up and that goes with. what crypto. and blocking as a bow marks i have an idea what you think about that but do you think they have something to break this base or should date just not know the data they really nothing no value to add to it to the space and was the financial times this morning said half banking jobs are going to be eliminated came up all the back office ship blah chambersburg going watching is great for banks because they take all those back office jobs of matching trades i was a stockbroker for many years and the whole antiquated system of matching trades and clearing trades is unbelievably byzantine and so this is all going to be done away with with block say ok so that's half the banks gone what about the front office the guys who just sit there all day and just collect ron t.a.a. like fees for overcharging customers and and doing the various things what about
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those guys well they will have a war of attrition where more and more their customers disappear and so vengefully there's nothing left so how many bookstores are there in a free standing mom and pop bookstores are there you know after amazon came into the space very few they came and they're just there's the there's stores there's no room for them the answer is no no that's my short answer. so last one on bitcoin the question everyone is burning to oscar price in a year in five years where do we stand i kind of want to see it get to the that price at which john mcafee says he'll eat his own. but i thought what was that why is that hundred thousand i think that was a million dollars only in the line of i mean i'd like to see that and i can't have it on my show and i'd love to have an eight on my show and then i'd write a lot.


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