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he's he's going to school right exactly i think argentina have been in pubs rely little bessie's to step up too much but there are so many other great players in the argentina squad you have to really perform today i'll bet you go a lot. of the guys. are they good. to take you yeah exactly. that. yammer about ten minutes into that game between argentina and nigeria right now i think it's fair to say that argentina are playing quite aggressively and indeed they do have a lot a lot to play for in this particular game because if they lose it would mean they going home right and little messi is why a lot of pressure on his shoulders as we store in his last game against croatia i think it was his head in his hands to sort of before kick off looking a bit more positive before this game but still i think he has a lot on his mind with this game now there are rumors that the coach
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a whole gay son paoli has lost control of the dressing room players have resulted in fact and will be picking the team then south this however has been denied by javier mascherano who gave out don no goal scorer last time argentina won the world cup in one thousand nine hundred sixty says the players don't have the balls to much press pressure on messi and too much emphasis on results and not playing football the argentina way and of course you know argentina argentinians they have such proud memories of you know that that that goal that you know you've been called the most impressive goal ever in the hands of god gold so if you're in the pressure as a team and of course the swan song for missy i mean when all of this is considered by many analysts. for the world cup the next one will be in. the mid thirty's for two players that. you know how are. it's could be very hard
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for them to have another shot to make an impact but as you said so far. about twelve minutes in now and iceland. of course playing pretty much with their second team changes they've made five changes to dollars in team a team couple arrow dropped from goal off of that terrible era which gave away one of those three goals against croatia. in replacing i go where oh. back in the lineup as well starts for a full minute such as well let's you can see on the screen that some recap from the action earlier today a group c. from that group with seven points that models remaining on five they go through the roof finally getting. right back has to be said with their three points and two goals against australia hope right for the socceroos one point two goals from the finalists why. is showing.
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going home as well as about this first let's take a hard line from those games i can't remember who actually got the score let's take a look at his goal. or an. act that was there. for anyone who's. had a bit of a busy day of football daniel has been to. forgive perhaps this final charles yellow card to me from record of the first coldest match of the world cup after thirty five games the danes had a four run four game run of defeats against france point that was all they needed to see them through to the next round. yes cost lives our way through our
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correspondence like he. was following the much anticipated not between france and denmark alexy have you managed to speak to any of the players after the game. yes indeed i spoke to probably the happiest man to be on the pitch that's obviously . son of one and only peter schmeichel actually asked him first whether the game twenty years ago in one thousand nine hundred eight when the situation in the group was exactly the same at the one thousand nine hundred. injured this game but he said that he didn't even pay attention to that game because he was focusing on the job at hand which was to secure qualification and possibly not to lose to one of the strongest sides in the tournament one of the favorites to lift the french national side so i also asked him about the video assistant referee system which was introduced in this world cup and in fact michael has already been on the
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receiving end of two cases of interference in the previous two games let's listen to what he had to say. so this was the first game that you have played in this store and without any kind of foreign interference did that make you feel better oh i think i probably should have been suvorin variances from my welsh today looked like we should have a super but. where do you stand on the do you think it's a good time there's a. lot of fun. right the final one so you're probably playing creation the next round. very potent forward line what do you think is some scary or calm collected because you've said. well let's see if it is it's likely very likely to be but today we just enjoy this result we enjoy the worry that we're into the next round and then some more we start focusing on next game.
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so quite interesting there on a vase on the one hand he feels that there should have been two penalties on the other hand he says he's not a fan pretty much just like his father peter schmeichel nonetheless tonight we will find out who the opponents of denmark would be in the last sixteen looks looking likely that this would be creation but again we'll find that out but it seems that the team the denmark team is really determined to take ratio on the manager of the national team actually spoke to the press just before kasper and he said that they are now actively studying creation even though it's not one hundred percent confirmed yet whether they would be facing them in the last sixty. one update for you as well as through denmark could actually face in those the knockout stages because we have a goal in the. game and it's one nil to all of them taking it seems their president also as you said make a long pause from deep in their own half of when to go over to messi and the white flag dribbled into the box on the right st paul's that infamous shot into the
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bottom left corner very little chance for the people there first goal for messi in this tournament often missing the penalty crucial so far three points frozen so you know if things stay as they are that would mean croatia and tina go through to look at this stage the last of course there's some surprises which this tournament has been pretty full of here's how the knockout stages are shaping up you're a go i will take on portugal and than on saturday will know who france will play in the next couple of hours since they seem to find that out and sane and rational will go head to head on the first of july and the russians of course hoping that the result be different from the euros two thousand and eight when of course they defeated the netherlands very famously are getting a goal not making the danish. adults goalkeeper before being knocked out before four one by spy and russians they're hoping to avoid a repeat of that so now twenty minutes into our final game this evening at the twenty eight team. that big. goal in the early lead in the big game argentina
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taking the lead through that magical man messi as we described earlier argentina as you said go through gracious the littlest days factor you playing with a second team that could change of course just getting some reaction in the screen will give you hope for the haul out of that goal as it comes in we're back at half time for the hearts and alice is in about half an hour to join us again in that. as he should be. one of the more so if you be in luck because. the bus.
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that's me might want to i mean i well me and nothing. but the fancy. boat. when i was a. dumb move to move to. the school i'm. only in the spirit in the freedoms as you say i'm a watchman of blood coming from the.
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fall into retirement is that and there have none removed can you hear me shall i. argentina venezuela they are mad about it because their colonies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the pearl after a similar crisis which i believe will happen. in those countries wall spike as well as a way to store a value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable it will exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species.
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welcome back to our to international time for a new stories now a prom across the globe with me. parties middle east correspondent there has been denied entry to ukraine she was stopped at the border while heading to a human rights conference on media freedom here's her latest report. so the good news is that i have finally been given my passport back and my boarding card so i'm actually going to start right now and make my way through to the boarding gate i have been stuck here at the international departures lounge for the last eight hours and there's been no more explanation given to me as to why i'm here and why i was deported and why i'm being refused entry to claim other than that it was an order they came from above now i do understand that this essentially means that
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they see me as a threat to state security and that's often the reason that is given as an explanation but how they could be true in my case is beyond me because i was essentially coming here to participate in a workshop dedicated to the work of foreign journalists now you can see behind me there and i'm moving the camera at the departure lounge is really quiet and then as i say this is where i have. for the last eight hours this is the piece of paper that they had me sign it is written in ukrainian and it essentially says that i am prevented from coming back here for any other five years now the o.e.c.d. has issued a statement saying that they regret the fact that myself and our russian colleagues of mine have been denied entry to what was essentially a workshop conference that is open to everyone but it remains to be seen if anything comes out of that other than a statement now to be fair the police are basically left me learn aside from bringing me my party was a short time ago basically in there for the last eight hours to burn this part of
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the airport as i'm speaking to the station happening right now and then the c.e.o.'s did ok to to safety of journalists and it's quite ironic that as people they are deliberating over this and i'm stuck here in the departure of more than i'm able to take on this issue that i really wanted to participate in because i believe it's vitally important that journalists from across the spectrum give their input as to how journalists can work safely in dangerous areas as you see behind me this is the queue that is starting to fill so my flight is starting to board and i want to say thank you to everyone who stayed in messages of support where them on whatsapp where they're on yes i do appreciate them and i'll catch base with all of you on the unassigned has been out as paula said she wasn't given any explanation as to why she's been denied entry however under ukrainian law foreigners must be given a reason if they are denied access. we've asked the ukrainian foreign ministry to
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clarify their styles on the situation and we're still waiting for a response that we did get a response from the british foreign office commenting on the case of. a british passport they said it wasn't something they could help with they suggested speaking to the u.k. embassy in ukraine. paula's had to leave ukraine once before when she received death threats in twenty fifteen she was covering a story about wildfires we've been through the area around chernobyl and asking people about how the situation was unfolding ukrainian journeys unhappy with paulo being allowed entry to the country launched an online campaign and called for people to kill her well she then started receiving death threats on twitter and subsequently fled the country. the incident was mentioned at the media freedom conference that paula was heading to however the panel changed the subject when it was mentioned. don't you think that ukraine should step away from the policy that would condemn and russia i'm think full to the speaker for condemning the decision
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of the ukrainian authorities not to allow russian journalist of guinea permaculture and r.t. correspondent paula slip to come to crane favor by preventing them from participating in this conference thank you. an open question more for the audience not necessarily for the expert panel here so i'm sure that that will be discussed during the break or have one was of one last question we calling it a day. now ok i will listen thank you very much to my panelists. russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as the house of us as the international community's lack of strong reaction to it have mistreatment of janet any intelligence that i point to slip money any want an identity ukraine on cheese day we spoke with russian reporter the afghani primakov who was also tend back in the puerto.
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patrick having finn the executive editor of the twenty first century wired dot com has questioned the choice of ukraine as a host country for a conference on media freedoms i think the choice of the ukraine is a venue for an event like this certainly you can make a case that maybe this is a country where press freedom isn't really at the top of the list in recent years maybe not the best venue for an event like this but nonetheless the organizers have made a statement and have seemed to have condemned the decision by ukrainian authorities
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to deport these two journalists but beyond beyond this i think the important other point is polis lior for instance is one of the top war correspondents across any network has worked in russia or not in the ukraine per se although she's worked in these countries but she's in israel she's in syria she's in other war zones so certainly this is somebody who you want to be speaking at a conference like this who has a lot of experience internationally as an individual and as a great reporter just the fact that she happens to work for r.t. is neither here nor there she could be anybody on her badge but there's an individual she's an outstanding reporter so that's kind of really disappointing by the ukrainian authorities. because in a paris say the drug problem that has spiraled out of control and they keep the government of doing nothing a pilot it's solid to penske has the details. i'm on the road that skirts around port helen in the paris as you can see the slum that's emerged here
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is brimming with rubbish it's also infested with rats but more worryingly this has become a hot spot for crack addicts and the issue isn't so severe now that locals have this crack hill a little further up the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in broad daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is a derivative of cocaine mixed with baking soda or mania it's the most addictive form of the drug division i've seen people come here and after six months they look like the walking dead they've lost fifteen kilos it's really hell for everyone she share in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while pal has had
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a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control. the situation imported electra powell is catastrophic the authorities have let the place turn into a slum full of crack addicts it is ignore way the community on the hill there are five hundred people who are doing crazy things and annoying the locals very aggressively steal all sorts of things going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we knew who they were but today it's five hundred the state is completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials are now claiming this is the crack capital of france. the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumer of crack in france there are no
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demands for an emergency plan to be instigated to combat the problem so for those crisis not been huge hit by the government nor the local authorities and for now the people who live in port delish apparel and its surrounding areas remain in fear if the crack addiction continues to explode. paris. presidential elections in turkey have revealed support for incumbent president won among the turkish community in germany is even higher than in turkey according to initial results around two thirds of turks living in germany voted for boosting his overall result about forty three percent of german turks are eligible to vote took part and became a crucial source of vote for turkish politicians after victory speech on sunday night hundreds of his supporters in germany took to the streets to celebrate the celebrations provoked heavy criticism from some german politicians. sorry but that
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makes me sick let's face it the celebrating german turkish odu and supporters not only celebrate their autocrat but also express their rejection of our liberal democracy we discussed the turkish elections with a renzi arrow founder of the alliance of german democrats he thinks german politicians and media should concentrate on their own country and not get involved in other states affairs. turkey and the turkish people are not following the lies by german opinion makers who who knows what the choice people in democracy the people have decided but the good choices so the germans also know what the good choices for russia are they know what the good choice is for united states they know everything and so i think the people in germany and also in the media should concentrate on their own country and not give advice as to other countries that are powers of kilometers away what is a good choice for the people. back in
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a few minutes after this break. additionally the top is brought back to us it has taken care of our cars just as mean you could punch in most of them from a call before the first garbage i would just. as static. the problem is that with kind of how they disposed within the state they call a nice day here in this non part of sweden. want to get on the computer to have money. no no ok sign ups that stop stop stop stop the bullshit go go go go go my culture is crisper country and we don't do seems like that's a musical you if you do then we hate you and somebody hopefully you can do
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something about the stuff. we can not be naive about just to not attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down this city and we want sweden to be a swedish country and we want a note of the people who live here now to go back. to. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get except the reject. so when you want to be president. or some want to be preached. to going to be press was like before three in the morning can't be good good i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should.
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the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. have been decimated proving this conduct as russia gave morphed into f.b.i. . argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their commies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when we have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the pound enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen. in those countries wall spike as well as a way to store a value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species.
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let's go back to all things football and maybe fighting for their world cup survival as we speak but back when i qualified for the tournament last year for the first ever. witnessed the event from the touchline. so how did this tiny nation climb to the summit of world football what's the secret
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of their success i want to say for myself. your son the government's about ten fifteen years ago decided the role of an kids playing for. cheese once or twice the way they wanted to fit healthy nation everybody of the ability to apply the beautiful guy a football. amazing indoor astroturf pitches were basically rolled out right across the country. i'm sure the whole concept of cities one of the cultures
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here is quite incredible facility at breidablik because it made us use a little bit of background use to have. developed these kind of facility we have been printing the six seven houses around iceland for the last ten fifteen years and it's in the states in its stand in appeal to house so the club has not been to the house so they come. it is paying for it and so every kids can play football so the rule in iceland is that every kid in national can play football doesn't matter how good you are fifteen twenty years ago we only could play football once a week. but if this facility says well us with some artificial cross outside and small artificial five just five artificial cross pieces we can play a lot so that every kid in iceland play football five six seven times a week long. only will get it in this club i think we have almost because club and you know you have fifteen hundred kids and in
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a stupid half sister sixty seven kids. all of them can play inside the kids from fifteen can train inside to a few times a week we also need to train outside. the remote calls of. all the. around every school in iceland it was spent fifteen years ago i think. and almost every school year in every small when it's in iceland with two hundred people living there or two thousand it doesn't matter you only have one or three pieces in place so every keep in iceland it doesn't matter where you may if you can play football all year long. have you. looked great boost because because the parents they can see what can be done and the kids can see what
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can be done so they can improve themselves because you don't need any coach to tell the kids to train extra hard the kids can see what it means to train extra hard to see the big stars so we might well be sitting next guilty so yeah probably he was brought up here really this is. three or four years that. i stand even. isn't a statistic she's got she's picked she's at schools it's now bearing for a season of just about professional football is. the already enjoying their sport. is what we are introducing now and it's been happening over a long long periods it is an investment guts municipalities on the clubs have come to gather on to realise that it just makes sense it's it creates preston livingstone that's what the top so doing for the kids straight out of school they
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go gold to collapse and they can use the facilities and what is happening in the social life is also reflected by their participation in different sports over time that has been more and more of a corporation between the municipalities this states the football association and the clubs to build those facilities and i believe you will not find anyone in the world the same density of indoor football pitches. us to fishtail grass as you will find in iceland. national same school as pulled this game swayze you're ready for the guy even told on what it was a hundred of the studded jealousy of cold front that's what which means twelfth man of course yet as you are the twelfth man you've been a since the very beginning.


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