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watching not. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox swiss customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite it is from is all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like pecans oh and modigliani i can't boards unsold inside this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers a deal which are naturally discreet commercially discreet strict but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets
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nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system will never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. illo.
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not. the c.e.o. believed all. right we're all set to start in five guys in the studio how does that signal little to. be slowing to talk about the no fly list just renewed right after the arse explorers want to do it would have their meeting. record.
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yourself last week. go to illustrate. welcome to sophie and tell i'm so sorry sharon not said today will got lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. renowned scientism philosopher john de with famously known as an advisor to queen elizabeth and remained a controversial figure throughout is a cult leading john d. drew much of his research through mathematics and hermetic magic developing a method for contacting angels author and journalist jason wu recently tells the
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recently sat down and tells the story of john d. and his new book john d. and the empire of angels and oki and magic of the modern world watching the hawks area down recently sat down with luke to discuss his book and how a cultist active agents to establish their new world order. so jason i want to start by talking about your new book that focuses on john d. and his place basically in modern history is in a sense one of the godfathers that say the british empire where does a cultism fit in the birthing of the modern world so the occult magic trauma ism all of these things have been involved in humanities since humans first came down out of the trees the human race has constantly been looking to change its consciousness to alter its consciousness to optimize its consciousness if you will and so magic has been involved in not just religion but also geo politics and state
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craft since the beginning of history do you as a particularly interesting person to look at in this regard because d. is the original double dose of that was his number in the british intelligence services that he helped found so di was the scientific and astrological advisor to queen elizabeth the first and he is just this phenomenally talented. renaissance man he's like adventure perhaps we're talking about the person who brought knowledge of mathematics higher mathematics to the british public for the first time laid the groundwork for the scientific revolution came up with the phrase british empire that was his and his words which he said were was were given to him by an angel when we called ritual believe it or not and he also provided all the schematics and naval technology necessary to turn england into a seafaring empire the greatest empire perhaps that the world has ever known the
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empire in which the sun never sets and so he's just this phenomenal character and then that's just the first fifty years of his life you then at the age of fifty you decides to dedicate the next ten years of his life to a cult rituals to contact enrolls and he believe that he learned everything there was to learn from people in the you know libraries and talking to mentors and things like that so he decided he was going to know anything more he had to get the straight knowledge from from angels now this is kind of i say this is quite comparable to if you imagine somebody like stephen hawking who's a scientist at the height of his career who's an incredibly lauded considered perhaps the most intelligent person in the world has the heads of the ear of heads of state somebody like stephen hawking turning around and saying you know what i'm tired of physics i'm going to dedicate the next ten years of my life to smoking d.m.t. and trying to talk to you only and so right kind of the same deal i was certain then the point is that we don't necessarily know the private lives of many
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influential people whether they're philosophers statesmen scientists i mean we could get up to the present day with the strange angel about jack parsons coming out this new series and parsons is sort of in this tradition of occultists right he's and he's a major figure when it comes to the innovations that were taking place around jet propulsion and rocketry but yet he's also very steeped in magical practices. that's right and the magical practices the specific magical practices that john d. was involved in also in the same ones this is just fascinating to me that there are these kind of i don't know these kind of holes in history if you will where these there are these strange individuals who are perhaps so intelligent that they can't be categorized or interested in science and the a colt's and nobody can quite figure out where they're coming from jack parsons is and is another one of them much like john di jack parsons of course was
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a rocket scientist in california in the one thousand thirty's forty's and fifty's he was one of the fathers of modern rocketry one of the founders of nasa's jet propulsion laboratory and the person that invented solid state rocket fuel which is the rocket fuel that was responsible for getting us to the moon and also the rocket fuel that fueled the i.c.b.m. missiles during the cold war. and yet this person was also engaged very heavily in the occult and was spending his days setting off rockets and his mates doing you know partying and and doing drugs and occult rituals and living the life of a kind of a and out there behind me and you know it's los angeles it's this kind of thing happens here but he is that he is a fascinating character and most fascinatingly for me he was immersed in what's called the nokia magic which is the magical system that di was immersed in it's the magical system that he claimed was given to him by the angels and it's fact it's
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just amazing to me to look at ok so here we have this guy john d. in the fifteen eighties who's engaged in. ship ferrying seafaring in creating a naval empire expanding to the new world doing this interview magic and then four hundred five hundred years later four hundred years later we even have jack parsons doing the same magic and expanding the boundaries of the human race into it and off the planet into space. that's that for me is fascinating and that's why i had to draw out that thread of history and john d. in the empire of angels my book that trajectory but there's also in your book you get into a bit of some of the apocalyptic thoughts of people like alice or coralie who basically believed in past lives that he was kelly who was an assistant to d. and basically that he was carrying on this lineage of as you say a knock in magic and also beyond that he really was steeped in all kinds of magical
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rituals but he basically was he believed he was pretending the end of the old age and the beginning of this new age that with the new age movement is really derived in a sense from crowley's thinking about how the the two world wars were perpetuating basically a prompting this new era that's that we're basically living in a expanding consciousness but this and liberty and freedom and this desire for liberation but what else is pretended by the thoughts of the so-called you know basically so this occultism so crudely is a brilliant and yet disturbing thinker he's one of the year you know one of the big thinkers and occultism from it from the twentieth century and crowley's concept was what he called the new era where he said that humanity was moving out of a period of two thousand years of superstition and oppression which for him was symbolized by christianity and moving into what he called the new way on more of a on of the crown and conquering child very to put that very simply he looked back
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at history and said that at the beginning of history we were matriarchal we were kind of if you think about. you know very major based interested and sharman is. a tribal and then we moved into the agricultural age the patriarchal age where people are interested suddenly in in agriculture. building up cities and king and then. the vision of god that people have is always of the stir putrid or cold domineering father right whether it's christ or buddha or whoever. he said that we're now moving into a third period which is called the air on a child in which the image of god was the ever growing child and what he meant by that is that god would no longer be symbolized as a matriarchal goddess or as a patriarchal sky father but that god would be realized as the divinity of each one
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of us and that we would be guided by our own internal genius that's very romantic i don't i think it has happened to a big extent if you look at when looking at works and now i mean we're looking at in the sense of this entire i'd generation the me generation from the seventy's which was basically called that me generation essentially we move down to the i phone generation the instagram's the social media everyone basically being famous in some capacity for fifteen minutes of being have been able to influence and reach people across the planet to the nth degree that no one could have assumed one hundred years ago right there in crowley's famous line is every man and woman is a star and he wrote that you know and writes you know for now and now we have you too you know you can buy or twitch you know i see nineteen year old kids on twitter making you know lawyer lawyer salaries you know streaming video games and being famous for millions and millions of people and anybody can do that now precisely as i did so basically there is this sort of occult relationship of the expansion of
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consciousness and it began perhaps with this shamanistic approach of communicating with angels or messengers of some sort to you even going back to socrates talking about his daemon right his sort of his genius and it moves evolves into the drug culture maybe of the twentieth century nineteen twenty centuries the expansion of mind through that a lot of that drug culture then sort of gives way to the visionary thinkers like the steve jobs and others who explored the idea the realm of computers and how you could open up new windows into the world. what's right different screens and the internet itself is sort of this expanded expansion of consciousness right so essentially what what is the ultimate movement as far as the you know as far as some of the apocalyptic thinking is concerned from the perspective of people culture around from the people like crawley and others what are we moving towards well i think that it changes over time and people have because magic is a response to reality as it is now so what we thought in one thousand and four
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perhaps might not be what we think today but i would say that it's you know apocalypse in greek means an unveiling don't quote me on that but it's something to back degree yes yes and my view of the apocalypse is not that it's the end of the world but it's the removing of the veil right to the constant removing of the veil from reality and we see that with the internet i mean nobody you know all secrets are out in the open now you know all the information is out in the open and we can barely handle it. and i think that the world is constantly in a process of destruction and renewal this is the conclusion that i've come to about it at least very similar to the hindu idea of. you know the three faces of god creator preserver and destroyer i think that the world is constantly ending it's constantly ending for somebody out there and it's constantly being born and and renewing and the fascinating thing about that one of the things that crowley says is that. a more current
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a more modern conception of this would be to not get too hung up on it because you know the old conception if you look at for instance the crucifixion or the dying god as we called it and it was symbolized by the egyptian god osiris. or if you look at the narrative of any hollywood movie you know it's always about the king is born and then dies and then his reporting there is always the dark night of the soul and and. one of the things that vehicle tradition says is that this comes from the period when people didn't yet understand the sun revolved around the earth that story is symbolizing or misconception of the solar system and now that we understand that the sun does not die and is not reborn that it's always there as they were born then it's better to have a conception where it's constantly everything is constantly being renewed and being and being renewed and we're constantly growing and growing and growing into the
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future. well i've got some good news for you and some bad news for you concerning our old friend antarctica and its ever melting ice the recent study led by a study author valentino barletta of the national space institute at the technical university of denmark found that the bedrock under and arctic as ice is actually rising and giving stability to the west antarctic ice sheet however that rise and stability comes at a price scientists say that antarctica has lost over three trillion tons of ice since one thousand nine hundred two this is caused the sea level to rise eight millimeters and it's expected to raise sea levels ten feet in the next century the bad news is that the study also found that the bedrock may actually be obscuring even more ice loss than previously thought but on the up side the earth below zero may be helping to fix the climate change damage from the ground up.
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we'll see what happens that's our show for you today remember everyone being good to each other out there on top of the law and keep on watching mosques and have a great day and night everybody. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. argentina venezuela they are mad about that because they're commies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the again the euro the panel and enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have the adoption rate in those
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countries wall spike as well as a psuedo store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable they will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. these are the top is doing us it's taken care of our cultures least as you did find most of them from a brief different cards i would just. as. the problem is that we kind of how they stayed within the state they corner nicely this non part of sweden. time want to be took some people have money no. no. it's cops let's stop stop stop stop you're no
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good my culture is christian culture and we don't do things right and we try you if you do then we hate you and somebody hopefully you can do something about this stuff. we cannot be naive about to not attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down the city he wants to be a school this country and we want to know the people who live here not to go back. to the world of russian mantras architects' prisoner stuff the largest
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international congress on the development of magazine july seventeenth twenty second so write your part business program interactive exhibition urban festival details on my suburban forum dot com. it takes too long to tango argentina dons into the next round off for a last gasp winner against sorry nigeria and croatia topped the green with a perfect nine points off the dumping and sent out of the competition. like the denmark and france found off to their goalless draw in moscow sends both sides through to the last sixteen. zero zero. zero. and in other news correspondent paula spear is denied entry to ukraine where she was set to attend a conference on media freedom. you're
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watching r.t. international live from moscow with me in india today welcome to the program coming up later i'll be bringing you all the latest news but first let's cross to our special studio in central moscow for the latest on a pivotal day thirteen at the feed the world cup which has been a dramatic want for lionel messi is argentina and apparently diego maradona in the crowd. now the day of the cold war today hello and welcome back to our special coverage of the twenty eighteen people world cup i mean. it's been such a roller coaster end of the games do you think they were going now so you officially brochure will be joined. in the first round of the highlights from those
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games on the early action as well in group c. of course one of the night it has been progressing cozy degrees of work celebration but more importantly relief on the faces of the. fans has been a certainly dramatic game us that but i want to lay out i mean we we concluded to both games where we were the argentina nigeria game i really had this transfixed i didn't seem to allow science area back into the game with a penalty in the second half and left it late to secure their place in the last sixteen so i think the south americans will join croatia also got a late winner and ninetieth minute goal. got that goal of a two one victory over understand heart break for those funds that were going to the last hope until the dying minutes i'd like so many goals in a stall and when it came about the five minutes all the extra time so remember the spain game with a raucous that i thought to go wrong seems a bit of a partner who is not keeping files in as there seems to live very last minute that
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means heading home sadly it's also the last we'll hear of the now famous viking clap on this that let's talk about that first top of the argentina nigeria game show is started off argentina started of energy a lot of expectations a lot of pressure on them especially on leno messi who has really underperformed in the first two games of the tournament but soon enough like a little messy scored that goal and really shown that type of stuff that. he's made of he is a well out class player and the fourteenth minute he really proved that when he kicked that goal into the back of the net on his right foot actually which is apparently his week of because it was fantastic to bust balls for me to win a go right from deep with. the ball will miss takes a pass the families of those shots for the full possession of the for relief on my space what a contrast. but civil east too seems to be praying. lation to to the skies second time was no less dramatic nigeria scored fifty one minutes
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a foul by musher on a yellow card could have been a red tackle. just outside the box subsequently there was a penalty for as well bosh want to get a yellow card for talking down inside the box chelsea's the most stepping up probably confidently waiting for the key promoted to the wrong way before sliding into the right side of that and subsequent press impressing with those. celebrating . and that was a draw until the dying moments of the game of course ninetieth minute window from marco roll for an assist from the front. caught a very comfortably taken right into the box. more often by the net doesn't even manage to hold on to spoilers a team of zero throwing everything they can on the camera actually came off the
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road on a just pops a few moments before he made some interesting gestures let's say until he does here and finds. for you always been a character or is a very little asian train the camera on him throughout the game to you and to see what he's doing interesting for you it's such a passionate game for both teams and i mean you know the emotions really were stunned the faces of all of those fans in the stands especially the argentinian. when that second all went into the back of the net ten years we still more than one in here so you see there was no emotion oh those technical changes seem to work didn't they the manager as we said there was a lot of speculation about disunity in the changing room some sort of conflict the players taking control choosing their own team. disputes he said that's a load of media speculation load of rubbish the team is playing together there is they're sticking united and it seems that's what argentina finally showed today the
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expectations placed on them thanks and placed on messi as we said earlier they can this was a really charles frozen team to make a comeback from being the finalists back in brazil missing out messi swansong see him next world cup that has now been. glued along through to divide of sixteen with. haps that prayer from marathoner in the first half there is a direct. draw treatment from from the manager that looks he looks like a guy you would want to mess with he won't want to let down we. were going to go very soon to the farm to get an update on the the game before that of course game ended in a two one victory two for away show breaking icelandic hearts their fantastic ninetieth minute goal by paris which for get to perhaps see it very soon your screens collected
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a very well executed pass put one on one with the goalkeeper took the opportunity like a pro shot straight to the middle of the goal past the keeper there you have it i find it very bravely. self put it quite a few shots actually mickey if you were watching the game together to. say from the bar as well they played with passion with spirit i don't think the fires can blame them they really did. although you could it just was a little silly just wasn't enough for those games confirmed who will go three from group d. and to write their final round of sixteen of course we can head over to st petersburg where all the action is happening ali is there for is and of course we've got our correspondent andrea rostov on don he's been covering the iceland croatia clash will be going to them shortly but let's chance to quickly discuss more about that iceland crazy class you had to clash you had your eye on the match what more can you tell us do you think they played to their full ability do you think the fans
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were pleased with the performance. the money was clearly. they came out with back to you playing a second team changes they made in fact moderates the midfield general was very came all off the last game of thrush of croatia pretty much resting the whole team for those upcoming games against france interesting to see how that's going to pan out. without penalty penalties by the way scored in the suits the v.o.r. the video assistant. correlation causation disputable remains a fact there has been a record number of penalties in the early stages of the storm but compared to the others a lot of calls for the. referee and a lot of pressure was in the absolutely i would you know the referees gets a bad rap no matter what happens but this whole movie i v.a. our introduction has just changed everything isn't it there's more anger directed towards the rest you know how does he make his decision is it by himself now is he
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depending on the v.a.r. it is a total game changer and totally controversial as well for many people for the fans for the players for the referee and south so it's been quite an unusual world cup this time around less than the best ever because the games have been so spectacular and so surprising but also because of this new technology that we use they call this world cup. it's a really extraordinary time very unusual as well in the game today we saw a penalty was awarded to nigeria off the ledge had. seen him play which was awarded just last night in the believe morocco sorry iran iran portugal game was two games lost difference in his role in portugal that penalty was awarded to iran after a very similar handball off somebody whose head was awarded here which just shows actually what a tough job the referee has and of course it doesn't the side anything of itself
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the referee does have the final decision let's take a look at that goal boy gil fees. school once again you prove that taking a penalty kick is just part of the. sport that very coolly very probably take it if you haven't seen it fail or feel that he's been named the icelandic football of the if the past sixty is that he really is a standout player the second oh yeah what a fantastic goal by parasites i mean he was. one of the newbies in the team is a national team stalwart collected a very fun task take past that and shot straight into the back of the net but if we can show you that ninetieth minute again. put him one on one with the goalkeeper he told you to leaving how the sun no charts actually the keeper just speak about the dog.


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