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does have the final decision let's take a look at that goal boy gil fees. school once again you prove that taking a penalty kick is just part of the. sport that very coolly probably take it if you haven't seen it fail or feel that he's been named the icelandic football of the if the past sixty is that he really is a standout player the second oh yeah what a fantastic goal by parasites i mean he wasn't one of the newbies in the team is a national team stalwart collected a very fun task take past that and shot straight into the back of the net but if we can show you that ninety minute again parachutes put him one on one with the goalkeeper he also seems to be leaving. no charge so actually the keeper just speak about the boston team which and of course i mean a lot of these players not exactly as much as they have day jobs through the
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manager itself themselves dentist how that sort of believe is a film director he actually maybe this is a rube could be a bit of press here but i believe he was actually like hundred kilograms at one point i did and he lost the weight of your call up to the national team i love this . given time off to go play for a national team highland see if the icelandic and you know iceland are the smallest of a nation to qualify for the world cup to say they're very talented very talented tiny nation speaking of talent let's now cross the law. across some russia. keys and the far. east. and the first of course austin's hopes of world cup glory and they're over but the stories melt of plenty of faults. yet has said the world cup has come to an end here but they didn't have put up a good. you've gone through all the details for me. when croatia got the opening
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goal i have to say when i was sat in that arena i thought that was curtains really because crazy always looked in control for me for most of this match up until that point but when news came out that nigeria had to equalise against argentina to make it one one a huge draw went around the roster of arena then it was a big viking clap as we now call it and the players responded i have to say iceland pushed on and they got their just reward with that penalty after seventy five minutes at the surface and julie obliged to convert to make it one one and then there was a frantic seventy five minutes that followed until at the end and even got that a winner to make it two one for my money croatia always the better team three wins from three i think they probably will go far in this tournament given the fact that they've arrested so many places but as a football fan i am sad today because it means that iceland are going home the reason i'm sad is evoluting they're a country what with a population of three hundred thousand and yet they still managed to hold argentina
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to a one one draw in the game and put the cat among the pigeons which i loved as a football fan and then you've gone through a list of plays you have second jobs to to the goalkeeper is a film director apparently he directed to video for iceland's eurovision song contest entry they have a man there that pak sultan reykjavik and also their manager used to be a dentist before he got his teeth into football good excuse the pun these are only stories you ever hear in the f.a. cup back in england you never hear them at the world cup until now it is a football fan i am sad that i sing the going home. where they were the winners tonight and i think you have to keep an eye on them for later too. we have a bank that added a bad five day left. there now so i don't feel that we get there. i think oh oh . also it's in your hands. if you saw
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a relief at all we saw the house and cheering up when the boston pops just down the red square was that was phenomenal like. yeah these argentinian fans really coming out with relief more than anything actually louise's. there's a big band playing music just to my right as well so that's on the top of the atmosphere for these sponsors coming up very happy to see the game of both in the past off getting off to an explosive stop a little messy getting his first goal of the tournament with a great strike across the keeper and got things on the way and the noise in the speeches by a stadium overwhelmingly argentinian support is not grounds for this evening and they really put the lid off the stadium and that point they were very comfortable in the game comes a half time just off the hoff time nigeria what a penalty that was slaughter the whole comfortably by victor moses and really for
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the rest of the second all nigeria looks very comfortable they actually could have made it to one on a couple of occasions and if you were discussing before that was a. very controversial be all decision which wasn't given for nigeria and then it was just four minutes till the end loftus road popping up with a bloody finish that any strike would really be proud of of course he has a sense of hof and so that sparked a huge sea of celebration amongst our agency the fans not just here in the stadium but across the world.
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now argentina can look forward to playing france in the next round and that's sure to be one of the real big saw is not just of the next round but also the told and so far in those he's been saying this tournament where deep into the night sky. only one goal in the straw so there's been lots of drama so far lots of goals and we're expecting to continue going forward. the festival is only just beginning still many many games to go and the france croatia games looking like a firecracker isn't it like was all just tedious he was back in full mess he's getting scoring. from st petersburg giving us the latest action. by spain a very busy day of football we've had the three day matches an earlier one we had the great scene not just let's have a look back at all the action from earlier today now.
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that we have the final standings ingrates the it's france and then mock us to the last sixteen as you can see france went. with seven point zero defeat denmark i think to win two draws was the schmeichel jr did a fantastic job between mistakes peru gave the fans also something to cheer about eventually he would have to win over australia break those two too late too little for them both countries heading home and what's been an intriguing and very much every one of the seats let's have a look at some of the highlights that way. recorded
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the first told us much of the world cup the five games very high scoring as we discussed it with the danes they did a four game run of defeats the. point was all that was required through to the next round. like the game and he even managed to grab a reaction from a danish keeper how special michael that name sounds familiar his key figure out the family tradition being this one of our very own co-hosts peter. pace spoke to probably the happiest man to be on that pitch that's obviously michael the son of one and only peter schmeichel actually asked him first whether the game twenty years ago in one thousand nine hundred eight when the situation in the group was
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exactly the same at the one thousand nine hundred. ninety pressure on kasper going into this game but he said that he didn't even pay attention to that game because he was focusing on the job at hand which was to secure a qualification and possibly not to lose to one of the strongest sides in the tournament one of the favorites to lift the french national side so i also asked him about the video assistant referee system which was introduced in this world cup and in fact schmeichel has already been on the receiving end of two cases of interference in the previous two games so this was the first game that you have played in this tournament without any kind of foreign interference does that make you feel better. well i think it probably should have been suv or interferences. like we should have but. where do you stand on the do you think it's time to. all. right final one so you
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probably playing creation the next round. very potent forward line what do you think as i said that's some scary or calm collected as you've said. well let's see if it is crozier it's like you very likely today we just enjoy this result we enjoy the word we're into the next round and then some more we start with focusing on mexico and quite interesting there on a virus on the one hand he feels that there should have been two penalties on the other hand he says he's not a fan pretty much just like his father peter schmeichel. ok here's how the knockout stages are now shaping up you can see on the screen in front of you will take portugal in the southern sunny part of the resort of salty that's coming up this saturday france will face argentina. and russia on sunday at spain and russia going head to head in moscow russia of course hoping to avoid a repeat of the two thousand and eight when they got knocked out for one by spain's
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side and hoping that the result be better this time. up against denmark in the north korea. and it's not just about football they think that it isn't all about football because on my show because we've got a restaurant as it was we've got people dancing in the street down there outside this post so i think it's but me i really think it's about the world coming together and making friends absolutely it's fantastic seeing fans from so many countries all across the world here the sound of. the sound of drums. in a pub. it's truly surreal to see all this happening in moscow and it's really as much about bringing the world to russia as it is russia to the world that it's going to get. many of the media expectations to make a real festival of football and speak your festivals of football of course coming up the thirteenth of june i believe july i believe is going to be the final the big final in. new key and if you haven't got your tickets you have a chance to get some tickets and that is done by. taking a photo if you're
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a football fan with another football fan who is usually your rival maybe england france for example or other teams. get hash tag rival hogs put it on social media and you may get a chance to win ticket to the final hours or sick call the case is a little go this is it it's very it's very simple really if you're going to be going to jail maybe we can get it so we're going to show you stand. a chance to get all road tickets for the fall. just to give you doubtless fear of what has actually been like in the city here in moscow just down the road from red square where we are now on the cold school street one of the central streets it's been such a street party it's like multiple carnival every single day down there take a look at what it's like. this. is a scene of the beat the world cup has come to an end and so has asked special
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coverage from this spectacular studio here in moscow we can confirm at this point argentina and screw a share will progress one the south americans will play france in a mouthwatering tie in the last sixteen while denmark will take on the impressive throw away show good luck to them but another day of loss for drama has no goals penalties very much relief for argentina for messi as well of course tomorrow dawn of a legend let's hope for more of the same small room from me that all kids and they think yeah. this is all t. international time for a news headlines and stories with me. artie's middle east correspondent has been
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denied entry to crane she was stopped at the border while heading to a human rights conference on media freedom here's what she told us shortly after arriving in berlin. flights here from kiev four were pretty uneventful this of course was after spending around eight hours today in the departure lounge at the airport in kiev i arrived there in the early morning and initially my passport was flagged at customs they then took me to a side room where they kept me for around an hour and a half without giving me any kind of explanation eventually when i asked what was happening they called me and they sat me down and they said that i had been found to not be allowed to enter the country they wouldn't give any kind of reason they said it was an order that came from above and they are me to sign something that confirmed that i understood that i was not being allowed into the country and that i was being banned for the next five years and as i say no explanation given after that i was taken to the departure lounge to be honest the treatment by the border
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police was ok there wasn't any kind of harassment or talking to me badly in any way and they left me to my own devices a few hours later they came with my passport and then i was allowed to board the plane i was attending a conference in key if that is organized by the organization for security and cooperation in europe the o.e.c.d. and it's a conference that was devoted to media pirelli t.v. and media freedom in ukraine and that's the irony of the whole situation is that i was meant to participate in the conference to talk about all the the problems we as journalists face particularly in conflict zones and the very authoritative we're holding that conference refused me entry so it says a lot about the way the ukrainian authorities view press freedom not allowing journalists to attend a conference on press freedom the last time i was in kiev was back in two thousand and fifteen at that time i was reporting on fires that have broken our channel and i started receiving death threats on my twitter feed and an online witch hunt was
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instigated against me in the decision was taken for me to to leave as soon as possible. all of this is particularly concerning because of course it sheds light on the very real situation in terms of press freedom media karate that is happening right now and here there was a response from the o.e.c.d. they said that they were greeted what had happened but of course saying one thing and having a conference on media freedom while you have myself and another russian journalist who was also prevented from entering the country while we were in the terminal and this conference was happening what words seemed to mean very little actions of course will speak louder. as paula said she wasn't given any explanation as to why she's been denied entry however under ukrainian law foreigners must be given a reason if they're denied access. we've asked the ukrainian foreign ministry to clarify their stance on the situation and we're still waiting for a response that we did get
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a response from the british foreign office commenting on the case of paulus lear who has a british passport they said it wasn't something they could help with they suggested speaking to the u.k. embassy in ukraine. r.t. has also requested multiple press freedom organizations to comment on the situation with paulus lear most of them have not yet responded but here's what some of them told us the international federation of journalists said kiev's actions completely contradict democracy while human rights watch said any dissatisfaction with the work of journalist does not justify it barring them from doing it. and of course the incident was mentioned at the media freedom conference that paula was heading to however the panel change the subject when it was mentioned don't you think that ukraine should step away from the policy that we condemn and russia i'm think full to the speaker for condemning the decision of the ukrainian authorities not to allow russian journalist of guinea permaculture and r.t. correspondent paula slayer to come to crane favor by preventing them from
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participating in this conference thank you. an open question more for the audience not necessarily for the expert panel here so i'm sure that will be discussed during the break i have one with one last question we calling a day. now ok listen thank you very much to my panelists is quite a man who asked the unanswered question the russian foreign ministry representative maxine black edge. alone pretty well and the minister of foreign affairs at the time would be to promptly on another fact of where lucian of the rights of us and we do in ukraine. be rid of this or for international audience to relive and angels to react as well. leaves some room for amelioration i would say but. we can see now that the more and more this reaction gets first a more accurate and more. russian foreign ministry spokeswoman areas ahead of us as
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the international community's lack of strong reaction to the collapse mistreatment of journalists only encourages it and pull it wasn't the only one tonight and treating ukraine on tuesday we spoke with russian reporter. who was also turned back at the border. patrick hanks then the executive editor of the twenty first century wired dot com
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has questioned the choice of ukraine as a high city for a conference on media and i think the choice of the ukraine is a venue for an event like this certainly you can make a case that maybe this is a country where press freedom isn't really at the top of the list in recent years maybe not the best venue for an event like this but nonetheless the organizers have made a statement and have seemed to have condemned the decision by ukrainian authorities to deport these two journalists but beyond beyond this i think the important other point is polis lior for instance is one of the top war correspondents across any network has worked in russia or not in the ukraine per se although she's worked in these countries but she's in israel she's in syria she's in other war zones so certainly this is somebody who you want to be speaking at a conference like this who has a lot of experience internationally as an individual and as a great reporter just the fact that she happens to work for r.t.
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is neither here nor there she could be anybody on her badge but as an individual she's an outstanding reporter so that's kind of really disappointing by the ukrainian authorities. and i'll be back at the top of the alamo so stay with us. when lawmakers manufacture to sentenced him to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final the merry go round lifts only the one percent told. us
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to ignore middle of the room signal. the and the real news is. the world. right i'm asked geyser this is the guy's report says max this is our final episode here in dublin at chris kaiser report and espanol conference and we're going to turn to the second bit of that onstage thing you did with one of the heads of queen bass you talked to a great investor deval and there was a c.n.n. reporter and she had followed up on a point you had made about queen being a store of value as she was asking what are the biggest hurdles a big point to maintain itself as a store of oh i had a good answer to that let's check it out all the adoption right you know that's
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what we're talking about so a couple of coin days as brilliantly creative on ramp people can get into crypto know opening thousands and thousands of accounts and they are providing that experience i think that in the future the adoption rate will be driven as it has been since two thousand sense the white paper makes reference to the banking crisis of two thousand and eight the genesis block and i think that these banking crises will continue and that will drive adoption clearly in the french economies like argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because their economies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the euro the panel and a similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have then the doctrine right in those countries wall spike as well as a way to store a value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable it will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species i might take a more moderate procida attitude and
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a lot of aspects could be said to be true are you going to tell i'm sorry but. this is like mexico and beast works hand in hand with government so i think one of the big things that's holding back this industry right now is lack of regulatory clarity in the you. yes we're quite a base was founded and we operate in is a great example that we have four different regulators that all regulate cryptocurrency is something different the i.r.s. says its digital property in san a department of treasury calls it a currency the commodities in futures trading commission calls it a commodity and now the f.c.c. is likely calling it a security in and the honest answer is that it's a little bit of all because it's a technology that allows different applications and use cases and they all resemble different forms of financial instruments so from our perspective we look at coin bases mission is to help currency enter this ecosystem we have to be the on ramp we have to work with kind of safe trusted counter parties like banks and regulatory agencies the lack of clarity and the kind of ad hoc approach not just in the u.s.
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but internationally look at europe look at asia look at parts of latin america makes it very difficult for businesses to succeed it's ultimately achievable it's just it's going to be a hard process months at a point right so rightfully has said that they work with governments and they have a great solution and an on ramp there are industry players that have chosen not to work with governments. who have chosen to not interact with regulators or to interact in the least possible way with regulators or to go jurisdiction shopping so they'll go to countries where they know their money is welcome their business is welcome and so i think there's a dynamic evolving i think that ultimately the regulators in my view in are not really going to be helpful in the development of this industry and in this strategic way and that this is a self regulating new asset class that we don't need those regulators and so.
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i think that's a that's an issue going forward that's a bit of a controversial issue. and i sin and again claim base is a brilliant company and they do brilliant work but. i think that there's ongoing tension between krypto and regulators would you like to be the judge of this debate should we bring the regulators early on to make sure they don't come in later just i mean if i were him and i have been. educating regulators people consider that a bit of an oxymoron but for the last few years around the world and i think it's better because i they are going to stop and i think the industry showed last year that they were very good at self-regulating that starting to correct but given the i.c.a.o. scams of last year that really woke up regulators who may have been more quiet on
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that front so i do believe that there is this push and haul though and if you see cases like china which you know shut down. krypto apparently i mean great you go there and there is still a lot of mining and trading happening through other means i don't think you can just shut this down it's like this whack a mole you know it's like you whack in one place it's going to pop up somewhere else is better to involve the regulators in the building. well i don't know if the building process necessarily i mean they're not technologists i think we need to educate them on what this is about and the fact that they can ultimately control that so i mean this is the centralized this is global i was in it i mean i remember i was in india during the monetization and the price. point was like a thousand and back then the price wasn't that high it was a thousand dollars more and he had just because of what max said the demand when
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people stop trusting their governments and that happens on a regular basis they're going to go to an option like that is the answer is through two points one is it's on it's uncontrollable and then lot of words the second point is the regulatory community hasn't really earned our trust you show me a regulator and i'll show you an extremely corrupt organization i mean look at the banking system in the u.s. banks like wells fargo openly steals from millions of customers are going to slap on the wrist j.p. morgan hundreds of billions of dollars worth of fines for outright fraud no regulators bernie madoff was reviewed by the u.s. you see three times they saw nothing wrong these regulators are weak they're captured they're ineffectual they're corrupt you show me a strong regulator maybe i'll talk to them but the reason is created is because there is no strong fair regulator there all they all stink so that's it's thank god because he's here to take the economy past the corrupt regulators and the factories . i can see there's not very many regulators.
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and what all the big players the big banks they've been rejecting big corn for a long time. and then come december last year suddenly they wake up so there has been a lot of corp where do we. the traditionally a big players in the financial market getting into this space so this from what we're seeing the coin base i think largely the conversations been around public block chains like a ferryman vehicle and private block chains and what we saw banks kind of notably did in two thousand and fifteen sixteen seventeen is move forward with pride watching instances and what we think that's ultimately a good thing i don't think it's going to be nearly as impactful is open or public block seems like the coin will be for the exact reason the internet's been far more impactful than private internets have been again they can it's not either or they're going to complement one another but i think that's kind of been the first conversation the second one the one that we spend a lot of our time thinking about is the institutionalization of the space and that
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is the large banks the hedge funds the sovereign wealth funds of the world now beginning to move capital into this new asset class and a lot of the work we do a coin base is building not just the products the qualified custodian the reliable exchanges the prime brokerages but also having the right regulatory licenses so that capital can move into the space so what i see coming from banks right now is maybe a little bit of energy being taken out of the room on these private block chain instances that may still develop but are not going to revolutionize their work overnight but beginning to look at crypto as a new asset class that ultimately they are their clients when exposure to yeah i think there is that it's come from the ground up it's clients that have been asking for exposure to this asset class and banks have kind of been dragged into it jamie diamond two thousand seventeen september call it a fraud and then two weeks ago just hired a head of strategy a.


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