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magazine july seventeenth twenty second surround your park business program interactive exhibition. details on my suburban forum dot com. in the center of moscow and fans get into the world cup spirit ahead of their team's key clash with brazil on wednesday a day that will see a number of other crucial games also being played. while for many of the world cup as a nonstop carnival of footballing farm some seventeen thousand volunteers are working hard to keep it that way because shop with a fleet of helpless. and. trumps national security advisor is in moscow where he has already met the russian president vladimir putin.
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welcomes the live from moscow daniel who kings and our special coverage of course of world cup twenty eighteen russia where it's crunch time for groups and f on day fourteen of the world cup as the final fixtures decide who goes through and who goes home group feds as you can see with all four teams still battling for their lives let's take a look at the table now south korea no point so far they will be going home defending champions germany are also under pressure after a bit of a shaky start with one win and one loss just like sweden in second place as well mexico topped the table needed just a point to guarantee qualification. well we tapped into the knowledge of. the united boss. who gave us his prediction for the mexico sweep.
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next to going through them again. always depend on what they're playing for but they're going through very complex contradictory things in their organisation in that and in their profiles i saw through them many times during the qualification they know how to play technically don't know how to be a team without having super creative players mexico is a little bit of the opposition the actual reality of the fast they're dynamic. they have a funny way to play attacking attacking football so i think it'll be interesting confrontation of ideas. to the shut up together all the singing you don't have to look for russia right now before you spot a mexican file all the way to moscow to the tournament all mass to throw their support behind the team we've been following one of the most devoted explores the world cup here in russia.
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even before the move. i. didn't they not i mean by saying no to me inconsistent printed on the side of truth when everyone else is going to say it was nobody. could even. get it back yesterday in that you could get a lot of that guy you. know that's you know you somebody i mean in the open it's kind of a bit of an i want to get to me. for the full days then carry more trouble than a few of those yet. name of an. island on the.
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i mean. when even when you think. what amazing find stories that i miss plenty to play for a groupie as well of course where three teams are still in contention for those illustrious playoff places let's take a look at the current standing in that group costa rica will be heading home no matter what it's all over for them as they sit rock bottom with no points. so they have three wild brazil and switzerland tied at the top of group e. with four points each. now of course. will be on the brazilian superstar strike on the world's most expensive. sport and he'll help them through to the
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knockout. the south americans take on in less than one hour right here in moscow spartak stadium serbia's fans have already been getting into gear for the match but partying hard in central moscow is now famous nichols by a street place that's become the beating heart of the world cup here in russia. i. was close. the. thousands of fans taking pictures and videos during the world cup in russia started to compile the best of them to allow you to share their experiences you can check out off view project on our website dot com.
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the world cup is one massive party thousands from all over the globe all here to help enjoy it to the maximum seventeen thousand people from many different countries are taking part in russia's program during the world cup we had some of
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the stories. daniel has waited to long for the state to come born in spain into a truly football match family to move to russia four years ago that his childhood dream was to witness the world cup daniel to purge in last year's confederations cup in the city of crescent r. and work there as a volunteer as well how being two point visitors and the right direction. primarily it's about language support when football fans come here and they have people speaking the native language it will make them feel i'm. just one of an army of taking part and this feast of football this here is the world cup and russia has broken the previous record set by brazil for the number of those of volunteer and to help more than one hundred and seventy six thousand applications have been received and after hours and hours of interviews the hopefuls were whittled down to seventeen thousand volunteers from not so far away in neighboring by. there is no
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way to and new zealand. twenty year old all guy is one of them she's a student from rostov on don one of the host cities along with her friends she has been training at the local games to be ready to face the championship i applied for a position as a steward because i love football it's so one of their lifetime opportunity and i want to feel their mazing atmosphere and be part of such an about. many hours thing to make this world cup to remember and integration. past the hour here in moscow that means it's less than one hour before the final pictures in group f. kick off will be across all of the action for you stay tuned for our special coverage.
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and other headlines french authorities have begun clearing out parts of a suburb of paris where locals say a drug epidemic has spiraled out of control clean up comes after the issue was exposed by local media and our two crew was also among the journalists who've been reporting on the years long drug problem that's been gripping the notorious region of the french capital. has more. police have been here in the area dubbed by locals as croc hill since the break of dawn on wednesday there is a huge operation underway to clear out the hundreds of people who've been living in this slum for many many months as you can see shacks have been constructed and you can get a sense from the piles of rubbish here just what the conditions have been like it was just quiet as being infested with rats and so pungent is the smell here that the officers who have been inspecting the interior of these shacks
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have had to wear face masks locals have told us that they have been crying out for help for some months to clear this blocks this plight in their community on north but i while we were working and all i can say now we're happy all my colleagues and the police came here and evacuated the drug addicts from the area. today i'm satisfied but i'm not exactly sure change will be permanent maybe it's just for the journalists who come here. i think the the media pressure on the city of paris and on the cafeteria was. too important. not to not to to react this police operation comes just one day after we reported on the situation r.t. . i'm on the road that skirts around port palace in the
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paris as you can see this slum that some here is brimming with rubbish it's also infested with rats but more worryingly this has become a home sport for crack addicts and the issue is it was so severe that locals of this crack failed a little further. the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in broad daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is a derivative of cocaine mixed with baking soda or a mania it's the most addictive form of the drug division i think people come here and after six months they look like the walking dead they've lost fifteen kilos it's really help for everyone else she share in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while delish apparel has had
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a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control today the situation in port the lash up is catastrophic dorothy's of left us here with a slum full of crack addicts it's a way of the community on the hill there are five hundred people who are doing crazy things annoying the locals they're aggressive they steal we have all sorts going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we saw them we knew them but today it's five hundred and the state has completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials are now claiming this is the crack capital of france the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumer of crack in france the people
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who live in port delish appelle and its surrounding areas remain in fear is the crack addiction continues to explode jollity even ski r.t. paris. out of the headlines the u.s. national security adviser is in moscow for a meeting with the russian foreign minister ahead of trump's potential meeting with vladimir putin football for you right after this short break. i played for many years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the shaper money kill you know a loan or spend spend be true to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else going to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great chance with. the thinks
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he's going to. resist telling freefall basket case racism as a lost cause last country italy is about to crash because the money is being printed and the e.c.b. printed trillions of euro's it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to monaco it goes to the people in monaco and it goes on to twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money that's matters for these people that get all the free money from the central banks of the sea the manifestation of it in monaco. a few american symbols more aquatic than the holly davidson motorcycle.
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all that could come to an end fairly soon president donald trump has now lashed out at the motorcycle maker over plans apparently to shift production away from the united states to harley davidson is using that as an excuse and i don't like that because i've been very good to our early davidson and they used that as an excuse and i think the people that write are always are not happy with early. and i wouldn't be either but mostly companies are coming back to work i want twitter trump even threaten the company saying that if harley-davidson doesn't move it will be the beginning of the end and they'll be taxed like never before harley davidson plans to move some of their manufacturing to europe that's to avoid the newly imposed e.u. tariffs when exporting to the continent the company says the move will save nearly
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one hundred million dollars per year in taxes or the e.u. of course recently slapped to import charges on american goods that includes motorbikes that was in retaliation against trump's tariffs on e.u. steel and many of trump claimed the levels were needed to protect the u.s. manufacturing from unfair competition economist jeffrey albert talk about says american firms have nothing to gain from trade wars. this is a consequence trumps trade war and it's a classic case of how these government actions tend to have the opposite effect trump wants to make america great again what he's actually doing is causing more financial pressure for american firms that rely on imported raw goods and for american producers who rely on markets abroad to buy their products so this is very bad american companies will move aspects of their businesses abroad if it's
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a life or death issue the purpose of business is to serve the cause of business and and to and to stay profitable and to serve their stockholders the purpose of business is not to make donald trump happy. donald trump's national security adviser is visiting moscow right now john bolton is meeting vetted here putin let's cross live now to get there for more more awareness than he's met level full ready meeting still to take place with the president or yet to come just give us the details there. well they've they've met the civil list can be all very official both you know expressed a lot of hope for the future saying that perhaps relations as they are now could be improved in vladimir putin very diplomatically polite he said that relations aren't in their best shape you know some others would say that there is
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a historic low nevertheless lied to me a putin said that that is mostly a result of internal united states political dynamics struggles. between different factions within the united states he also said that expressed hoop that john bolton donald trump's national security adviser coming over for these talks you know. that there is hoop yet that relations can be repaired and salvaged and a brighter future waits a saw you also congratulated the united states on winning their joint bid for the next world cup and he said that russia is ready to share its experience on on hosting so you know those things to work on common goals to work on but. sending john bolton here that was think a message of itself john bolton is a hawk he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policies real support of making
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america great again no matter the cost to others be they opponents or allies but he said you know where we're donald trump is for stability that we're here and we're ready to meet with anyone and that's john bolton. the russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do the white house was pretty straightforward when they issued
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a statement as to why john bolton was coming in was that this discuss serious issues such as syria ukraine the developing arms race between russia and the united states alleged in the fear and by russia and the u.s. elections as they say but john bolton said during his meeting with vladimir putin that you know he hopes he expressed hope that relations can be restored and that the two countries can find common goals to work to work towards and to reestablish trust between them but of course the biggest thing that was that is being talked about than has been for now on a month now is the john bolton is here to potentially set up a meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump face to face which would be which would be a huge thing but perhaps europe is in play here as well because united states relations as we just reported earlier with europe have have chilled significantly
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there's an outright trade war going on and perhaps john bolton coming to russia was more signal to the to the europeans that either you dance to our strings or we'll make friends with russia but there's. press conference coming up will be there and we'll ask him a lot a bunch of questions and hopefully his answers will clear up america's intentions indeed so a lot of topics to cover and i wonder if john bolton will visit any any football match as perhaps we understand a lot of american fans are in in moscow so let's see if that happens as well as the if there were the latest. a group of french put shoes on the morning police protection there claiming they've become a terror target at the hands of vegan activists they accuse animal rights campaigners of via the rising shops across the country as footing fear among meat lovers.
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i can't get into the shop and get you can't. have been smashed. my rotary but the right. to post this is. specious is mysterious of human. period to adults.
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now there are buildings there who are going to talk next to people who work and if the police do not protect us things could escalate but now it's deepens with maybe some point the future is we get angry too and then we could get serious. this year marks the hundredth anniversary of the end of the monarchy in july the romanov family were executed by the bolsheviks running a special social media project telling the story of the country's last royals through their own photos of these pictures were taken by the family during their trip to moscow in april nineteen zero three recognizable sites they're looking quite different lead the red square moscow river christ the savior cathedral as well now at the end of the trip nicholas the second expressed in his diary his sadness about leaving the city for more photos of the hash tag one hundred social media.
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that's it for the team and myself for this how do you join us again at five pm moscow time for the kickoff son of course saw a special fee for twenty eighteen world cup coverage here in russia see that. i. had the decency not in all the things you've done i think. i. know your job. you can't give me the duty to give each person must at least.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you there. the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged trump world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. have been decimated proving misconduct as russia gate morphed into f.b.i. . rather than a as he should be. one of the people so he'd be in luck because. that's me what i mean i well me and nothing. but the policy of.
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what i was was. the who moved me to. the school i'm. only in the spirit in the prison instead of instead i'm in a watch musical blood from a piece from the. winter
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with a mint oh is that and then have none removed can you. hear me. him in a trance most of the. others are they just thought is drugs texting i suggest taking care of our cars just please stop me from seeing most of them from a completely different cause i would just. as direct. the problems that we can of how they stayed within the state they call a nice it's not part of sweden. i want to talk to some people and my doctor. will know and take up some stop stop stop stop the bullshit oh oh good. my culture is a christian country and we don't do things like that and we will tell you if you do
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then we hate you and some day hopefully people do something about this stuff. we cannot be naive about to not attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down this city we wants to be a sweep is currently and we want to know the people who live here now to go back. oh and welcome to the peter schmeichel show the group face on the early dawn of this fifo well cup two thousand and eighteen here in russia two more days of play
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and we know who all the sixteen teams that would play in the next stage of this tournament. and by the end of today follow more teams would have qualified. another four teams will be on their way back home for the day it all begins in group s. and that's where mexico they play sweden and germany they're up against south korea and both games kicks off at the same time five pm moscow time so who will go through here well the short answer is that everybody can mexico who have won the first two games can still end up going home after today and south korea has lost both of their two games they could still be in the tournament if they beat germany with more than three goals and sweden at the same time they loose is to make soko it can get very complicated if germany and sweden win their games one nil that would leave mexico germany and sweden and six points each all having scored three
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goals and conceded two and in this case the rules are not that clear i've checked this with fifa germany and sweden they will go through and mexico will be out and that would be very very harsh since they were literally in the next round until twenty cause the german super star scored in the ninety six minute to make it two one to germany with sweden in the game on saturday so incredible amount to look forward to in this group and i said the two matches are kicking off at five pm this afternoon. and then at nine o'clock tonight it's a conclusion of group be the group of death and it certainly has lived up to that name here brazil play serbia and custer rekha play switzerland and let's just take a look at the group table brazil hour and four points they lead with the smallest of margins.


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