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july seventeenth twenty second so do your part business program. forum dot com. if. everything still to play for four to get through and while for many. around seventeen thousand volunteers are working hard to keep things that way we. had lunch donald trump's national security adviser in moscow where he's already met . stories. as well.
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ok it's crunch time for groups on day fourteen of the world cup in russia as the final big should decide who goes through and who goes home wins these first two games have just kicked off over the last minute offer so everything still to play for of course in group all four teams incredibly can still qualify mexico against sweden while defending champions germany meet korea. let's take a quick look at the standings right now south korea have no points so far germany are also under pressure off to a quite shaky start with just one win and one loss like sweden mexico need to get just one point to guarantee qualification. now we tapped into the knowledge of off the top pundit the manchester united boss shows him renia who gave us his prediction for the mexico sweden clash.
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next to going through them again. always depend on what they're playing for but they're going through very complex contradictory things the organisation the profiles. many times during the qualification they know how to play technically they know how to be a team without having super creative mexico use a little bit of the opposition the actual reality of the dynamic. they have a funny way to play attacking attacking football so i think it'll be interesting call from the ideas. from the hats to the shirts not forgetting of course all the singing you don't have to look far moscow right now in russia right now even before you spot a fan of mexico come to the tournament on mass to throw their support behind the team. we're following one of their most devoted as he explores the world cup.
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i mean. i. even i want to know. loaded. i. am going to maintain order me by saying no to me in kind of the supreme think honest enough to say when everyone else is going to say it it says nobody is the same go in could even you. know it is going to be us that in the middle in that you can give a lot of that guy you all the blast even though he's someone that many people i mean when they're open it's going to have an investor may not want you to meet.
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one on for the full days then carry much of an affair you're going to keep them open for the middle going with england but i'm done with that i've done p.r. . or not on sunday and i mean more. when even when you think. explains it a playful don't forget a group of years while with three teams are still in contention for those and lustrous playoff places take a look now at the current standings in that group and get up on the screen costa rica will be heading home no matter what heartbreak for the south americans as they say while some with no points so we have three points brazil and switzerland through the with four points each to what i hope will never top off the group form of denmark number one his world cup co-host peter schmeichel caught up with his good friend apollo one show thanks head coach of the costa rica team. over the way
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. welcome to costa rica i saw so many fantastic i didn't mind just. oh you don't need an umbrella it was very nice to be in costa rica and the reason that i'm encountering it is it's very similar to denmark in terms of population. and small country with a lot of success in the world. and i kind of want to find out what what you guys are doing. that puts you in that position to. ten years of age and i want to play football so what's happening the main thing is to play it on the street i mean i grew up playing on the street and every park we were in says happens even today i mean. actually the players over here we come from from the street you know playing on the street and then after when they go when
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they get into thirteen fourteen years old they will get into clubs like you know the biggest clubs here all here in. the academy scouts do they go and see the kids in the street and everywhere and everywhere we were and how did you get found a played on the street as well and then i was in a small academy and then from one of the from when i was there for scenes i was six to twelve year old yeah but mainly only saturdays and we only practice on the saturdays every day is us playing on the street every neighborhood you will find which you will find a beach and you will find your church and you will find all the kids in the pitch and the parents in the church yes well would you say that football is the most important thing in costa rica it is it is. the first sports for costa rica. it's crazy now these days even even more. today all eyes of course are on the
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brazilian star striker on the world's most expensive football on neymar fans are desperate he'll help five them through the knockout stages the south americans take on in less than an hour here in moscow stadium salvias fans have already been gearing up for the match by hot in central moscow now. st a place that's become by the beating heart of the russian. i have thousands of files taking pictures and videos during the world cup in russia are all teas started to compile the best of them so allow you to share their experiences you can check out all of you projects on our website. was.
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i. little. the world cup is one massive party and thousands from all over the globe were here to help them enjoy it to the maximum small army seventeen thousand people from many
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countries are taking part in russia's volunteer program that's airing the world cup we had the story of someone. like daniel has waited to long for the state to born in spain into a truly football match family he moved to russia four years ago that his childhood dream was to witness the world cup. in last year's confederations cup in the city of crescent r. and work there as a volunteer as well how being to point to visitors and the right direction. to go. primarily it's about language support when football fans come here and they hear people speaking their native language it will make them feel. just one of an army of taking part in this feast of football this year is the world cup and russia has broken the previous record set by brazil for the number of those of volunteer in to help more than one hundred and seventy six thousand applications have been received and after hours and hours of interviews the hopefuls were whittled down to
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seventeen thousand volunteers from not so far away in neighboring valerie's all the way to new zealand. twenty year old all that is one of the she's a student from rostov on don one of the host cities along with her friends she has been training at the local games to be ready to face the championship i applied for a position as a steward because i love football it's so one of the lifetime opportunity and i want to feel they're amazing atmosphere and be part of such a. many thing to make this world cup to remember one question. well let's give you a quick score update so much is right now in those group games no goals yet between mexico and sweden just to get a call back to the first minute for mexico's chris was gullible and the same in korea germany just to get a card in the opening minutes for south korea's will keep you updated of all the
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goals fall outs of course and i'll ask this as well you can join our special coverage with neil harvey the great dane himself denmark international goalkeeper peter schmeichel they'll join you all beautiful moscow skyline studio. and donald trump's national security advisor is visiting moscow john bolton is meeting that amir putin let's cross live now to our tease for more a lot to talk about obviously what topics do you think will be on the agenda today . well the white house made clear why john bolton national security advisor was coming in was to discuss difficult and outstanding issues between russia and the united states syria. developing arms race as well as relations which are at an all
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time low but when vladimir putin and john bolton met today was all very civil very official and both expressed hope that you know tomorrow would be brighter than it is today putin opened up by saying that he was being diplomatically polite that will. in their best shape but he said that is more the fault of internal u.s. struggles political struggle here dynamics. but it would have to begin with regrettably stating that relations between russia and the u.s. are not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that will be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries and that was the
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takeaway is that now that john bolton's visit is highly significant because it opens an avenue an avenue for dialogue like me or putin said that russia never never you know never sought to. confront or animosity with the united states that russia is always open to dialogue and improving relations but sending john bolton here was you know and some see as a message in and of itself because john bolton is a hawk almost militant grest given his foreign policy putting america first and everyone else second. here.
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the russians have walked all over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do. nevertheless all his would talk to john bolton was very civil he expressed who prove that you know that the new avenues new common goals that russia and the united states could work together towards and that would improve trust between the two bridge the divide the chasm that's. developed that amir putin also congratulated john bolton on the united states winning the jointly winning the world cup bid and he said that russia is ready to share its own experience. with it was. i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in
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twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately. the visited self has been understandably incredibly resonant it's called everywhere in the press it's been talked about for weeks and will probably be talked about for weeks but of course the meat of it is that everybody everybody believes that john bolton was here to organize to potentially talk about a meeting face to face meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin which would be a breakthrough obviously no details on whether that was discussed yet or whether that's happening when where if nevertheless john bolton's holding a press conference later today will be there we'll ask him a whole line of questions lined up and hopefully get a clearer picture of what his intentions are here in moscow indeed to do
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that more guys if there were the latest on that visit. to moscow. on the outskirts of paris moving to clear an area which is home to aspiring drug epidemic record more on that for you right after this short break. greece is still basket case as the last last country italy's about to crash because
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the money is being printed in the trillions of euro's it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to market it goes to people in monaco and it goes to twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money matters for these people they get all the free money from the central banks are the manifestation of it in mali. international french authorities have begun clearing out parts of a suburb of paris where locals say a drug epidemic has spiraled out of control the cleanup comes after the issue was exposed by local media and crew was also among the journalists who've been reporting on the years long drug problem that's been gripping the notorious region of the french capital. has more. police have been hit in the area dubbed by
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locals as croc hill since the break of dawn on wednesday there is a huge operation underway to clear out the hundreds of people who've been living in this slum for many many months as you can see shacks have been constructed and you can get a sense from the piles of rubbish here just what the conditions have been like it was described as being infested with rats and so pungent is the smell here that the offices who have been inspecting the interior of the shacks have had to wear face masks locals have told us that they have been crying out for help for some months to clear this blocks the plight in that community on north we were working and all i can say now we are happy all my colleagues the police came
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here and evacuated from the area. today on such a swine but i'm not exactly sure whether this change will be permanent maybe it's just for the journalists who come here. i think the the media pressure on the city of paris and on the cafeteria was. too important. not to not to to react this police operation comes just one day after we reported on the situation. i'm on the road that skirts around port palace in the paris as you can see the slum that's emerged here is brimming with rubbish it's also infested with rats but more worryingly this has become a home sport for crack addicts and the issue is so severe that locals of this crack hill
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a little further. up the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in broad daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is a derivative of cocaine mixed with baking soda or a mania it's the most addictive form of the drug. i think people come here and of the six months they look like the walking dead they've lost fifteen kilos it's really help for everyone else she share in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while port delish apparel has had a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control today the situation in port the lash up is catastrophic dorothy's of left us here with a slum full of crack addicts it's eating away at the community on the hill there are five hundred people who are doing crazy things annoying the locals they're
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aggressive they steal we have all thoughts going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we thought them we knew them but today it's five hundred and the state has completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials are now claiming this is the crack capital of france the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumer of crack in france the people who live in port delish appelle and its surrounding areas remain in fear is the crack addiction continues to explode jollity pinsky r.t. paris. out at speed power and above all noise helping the harley davidson motorcycle to become an iconic symbol of america.
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that could all soon be over now president trump has lashed out at the motorcycle maker over plans to shift production outside the united states darling davidson is using that as an excuse and i don't like that because i've been very good to our early davidson and they use that as an excuse and i think the people that write are always are not happy with early. and i wouldn't be either but mostly companies are coming back to work on twitter trump even threaten the company saying if it moved it will be the beginning of the end and they'll be taxed like never before harley-davidson plans to move some of its manufacturing to europe to avoid new e.u.
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tariffs on imports the company says the move will save nearly one hundred million dollars per year. the e.u. research of course labs imports charges on american goods that includes motorbikes in retaliation against trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum trump claimed the levels the levies rather were needed to protect u.s. manufacturing from unfair competition economist jeffrey albert tucker though says american firms have nothing to gain from trade was. this is a consequence trumps trade war and it's a classic case of how these government actions tend to have the opposite effect trump wants to make america great again what he's actually doing is causing more financial pressure for american firms that rely on imported raw goods and for american producers who rely on markets abroad to buy their products so this is very bad american companies will move aspects of their businesses abroad if it's
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a life or death issue the purpose of business is to serve the cause of business and and to to stay profitable and to serve their stockholders the purpose of business is not to make donald trump happy. group of french butchers are demanding police protection they claim they've become a terror targets at the hands of vegan activists they accuse animal rights campaigners of vandalizing shops across the country and spreading fear among meat lovers. so i came here in the morning to open the shop and get the characters and i saw the window had been smashed so first i thought it was mandela's more i roll very but
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then i saw the writing and realize i was attacked by the guess. the first this is murdoch the sound suspiciously speciesism earth first humans who think they're superior to any of us. i said that the vets you know now they're attacking the buildings who are they going to target next the people who work there and if the police do not protect us things could escalate so now it's deepens we're going to the dentist some point the butchers will get angry too and then we could get serious. abuse they see and hear all the time so i shall we have more news coming up here just after a short break here but.
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well that is the no white supremacy have not. come up not because. they are. hot. i. love.
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is very valuable and very competitive so so far we go to do something to be competent also as a footballer and therefore we know from when we come back to the national team we are rich all this knowledge and skill and we can perform that's. what politicians do sometimes we think. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich. but you going to be for us it's like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters and out. west sydney.
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welcome back to our to international. and expected outcome of tuesday's primary elections in the u.s. state of new york twenty eight year old socialist alexandria this child is the incumbent democratic party candidates want to seat in congress as more. the country is reacting to the results of the primary congressional elections that took place tuesday in five u.s. states now the media has focused on the fight between donald trump and his critics but below the surface another fight is boiling the fight for control of the democratic party in new york city's borough of the bronx a ten term democratic congressman faced off against a twenty eight year old for the nomination of the democratic party because you cortez accused her opponent representative crowley of being quote bankrolled by corporations she made clear she wasn't just taking aim at crowley but at the leadership of her own party commands a very questionable political. have presided over
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a lot of at around corporate now the political newcomer in the bronx is not alone the theme of arresting the control of the democratic party away from a corporate elite is becoming a pretty common theme in the lead up to the november midterm elections the hillary clinton wing of the democratic party is facing an uprising of sorts of minutes own ranks now at this point average democrats among the rank and file may not really approve of the party elite however they have a pretty solid base of funding billionaires like howard schultz the former c.e.o. of starbucks michael bloomberg and george soros are pouring in money meanwhile the former starbucks top boss is saying he's deeply worried about the bernie sanders way.


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