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serious but that's nothing to what he was this time around he kept arguing for five minutes kept arguing with a false official. and what we played we have to remember now is that in these well cups the bench allowed to have technology so they've not actually under the bench but someone in the stands can sit with an i pad and watch the game and then the headphones they can talk to the bench sold they have been watching it and said this was a clear handle so yet again it's really feel hard done by. i thought it should have been pouncey i don't think if i have to be completely honest i don't think it is a penalty but the way that this world cup is shaping up with the with that the penalties that's been given for this was one of the clear ones and we've seen some that was nowhere near pens in my book but again we have to remember it's technology people it's people watching technology the technology doesn't tell you clear cut this is it it still goes to to someone who has for whatever he says and we all have
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different opinions i think the beauty of this group here in a neutral football fan is that any of the four teams can go through and again wasn't i wasn't expecting these to both been in the afternoon which means some teams are going to have to gamble going to have to take some chances second off should get a lot more exciting and this is a chance quite incredible if you think that mexico would just seconds away from already being in take the knockout stage that tony close free kick a minute they weren't qualified they could still go out which would be heartbreaking having come within a few seconds the thing is the way it stands at the moment it is a distinct possibility that it can happen what it takes for mexico to get knocked out is for germany to win by one clear goal and for sweden to beat mexico if that happens germany and sweden will go through and then just because we had we had a lot of fun with this days ago if germany wins one and sweden wins one then they are all on six points mexico john. any sweden they've all scored three they've all
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conceded to some so what does it go to then it goes to discipline disciplinary record bookings no it goes to head to head that's what it was called head and then germany beats week in two one for mexico only be germany won so it doesn't really matter what score that sweden teach mexico with doesn't matter because germany head to head it's better than sweden and then they are through and then sweden and mexico will then go head to head and of course in this scenario it would quiet sweden do when so then it's sweet and. i'm still not in the. thank you very much for that hopefully we will have people officials from the front stand by to clarify everything ok do you go out not only will it be extremely unlucky i think having come so close and having you know six points that would be really really a blow for that it would also be a great loss for the torment i think in terms of fans because you recognise the
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shirts that in striking up the band every game. don't just thinking either they started it's been completely quiet they started now yeah they had me call strike up the pond i've been singing along in fact they have been fantastic value for money and that's going fans are full of color and character and they came to this tournament. to follow that we've been following one of the most devoted supporters as he explores the world cup. even if i do know. i.
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thank you conveniently not i mean by saying no to me in conversation printed considered truth when the law said going to say there was nobody in could even a. few minutes back yesterday in that you can imagine that guy you all. feel that he didn't know you something that any i mean there's no place to have an image of an i want you to meet. one also of those full days thank you very much a moment in the field and also the name wasn't pretty middle name wasn't going on island on earth but i stand here. for now on sunday and remember. when eating when you think. it's fantastic isn't it you know i really do i mean i'm really split in this group
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because i am very good friends with mexico's manager frank carter was our i work with him in my last year of my career and it's a fantastic sweden of course it's a neighboring country we have a fantastic relationship we always support each other but since i was a kid i always supported germany the world calls so i have no idea who to support today. but i'm a big winner but i know i'm going to win two of my teams will go through i told us that that is unfortunately a situation that will come you can have many teams that you support the caribbean feeling only one and there's only one guy with a home that is really making the most of it let's move on to the even games nonpaying kickoffs this is in group e. now two from three can go three hey costa rica are out. but we don't know who yet will progress but serbia against brazil for us really i think the most enticing match and i believe he has a despotic stadium in moscow that's why you see so many brazil supporters around today this kind of a sea of yellow around in the center. for the head of to the guy and you know
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what's really funny is that doing everything i make the walk of and i go through all the fans and as we've talked about so many times that the times from central and south america has been fantastic but today do you sense the nervousness with the president finds and not that vocal the quiet that sort of walking towards and then i will be there on smaller groups where they've been in pick a logic group singing and dancing it's not happening today and then now this and i understand why the nervous it is i mean they play seven circa is a stop and it is a tough team to play against and yesterday we saw croatia play that day they play in a similar way but they definitely also play with a similar mentality so you know little needs a point i can't imagine that's really and then make up to go out playing for trolls and servier and stuff packaged and presumable that was going try to win this is a suit the way they play that leaves
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a bit of room for them to play and now we can imagine the struggle when this game and at the same time switzerland which i expect they will do they beat costa rica then all these yellow shirts are on the way home tomorrow. as it as a fan how do you feel about that because obviously the shoes off that it's all meant to lease purcel but it does to the excitement and some way when you get get upset surprises you just said it's a world cup this is what happens i just don't think brazil has been firing on all cylinders yet. but then again you don't expect them to do that in the first in the second game of the group phase they were hoping that you can it is a bit of of the sound of football of them exciting football with. you know more goals and i'm all convincing performances and you know what you had there was a whole lot i mean just say name. it's for me it's like an exam from today because that's just you know playing with the idea that they go out and name then played the three games the way he played has been. the third came like he played with
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a soothing and i mean that's all going to fall on his shoulders and that's not something that he's going to carry he's going to carry that for for for for ever in the name i need said if you look at even just the street map of how much running he did he said he was doing more in the second game he's touching a straw as i think it really shines i mean for another name always out for several months of injury the coach is trying to say he's getting better with every game he thinks that he's going to be an even better player in this the final take much and he's going to be enough is a question it doesn't take much to improve on his performances i have to say and i hope the one thing i would say that he needs to do is to product all the craft just cut it out don't don't you know playacting try to get fouls or don't play for name don't don't try and do the difficult things you can do all the difficult things in the trickery and all the fun stuff when everything is up and running but play for you to be that player they need and you can see players like fifteen you got it suze for me when he came kate other companies come on tries you know they do it
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and they produce it think they they create chances they scored goals and they need neymar to do that is what needs to chip in i know he strode the second goal in the last game but i mean it was served on a platter for he could miss it and people you know people's criticism of him as maybe the brunt of that was taken off because he scored that goal but in all fairness they might not think good the same goes for message but yesterday we saw a messy messy step in you know in character yesterday fourteen minutes and the next he gave audience you know a very poor argentina team believe and that ended up being a two one win and i can see in the qualified which we didn't think they were but now we have to because now the sweetness you score leading mexico five one nil that means if germany also schools in the states like that we have this crazy scenario this is amazing stuff is sweet and really loves mexico on the head to head the bill . point six points
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a level on goals scored an own goal difference but they would edges on the head to head and this is the situation now where every every single goal will be crucial in that great depression now germany i mean it's about how composed yogi live is that they've got less than forty minutes and that germany had just conceded an incredible chance to south korea one on one with the neuer but the player to use his hands so it was a free kick but this is this is what the world cup is all about this last group date the third game it's so exciting you have two games playing at the same time and you can literally see seconds for second you know how it's swing one way to the other sweden leads the group so they're on the way to the next stage and you're on the way home and you can pull something out of the bag and he's got about thirty eight minutes plus of course the injury time which they make the most of so far in this competition maybe that will once again be crucial and don't bet against the vile decision i'm sure we're going to have on germany go to poor forward now in
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this game is seen as word of the sweden result he will start making some changes soon. i think he has to do that i'm just looking at the you know the second hard the beginning of the second half is not made any changes and it's it's the same thing you know germany each huff and puff but they don't really get away. ok don't forget to said we talked about the two games coming up they see things we've talked about brazil against serbia switzerland of course it's you know it's not going to be a gimme against costa rica no team has been rolling over so far even the ones that are out you've got a quite a strong connection with one of the most famous if not most famous for street level ten palawan shot you played with him at manchester city well how do you want to have made his debut for. in it all traffic and scored and nobody knew he was and then you scored. and i didn't really like him that much but then i ended up playing with him and then the year that i play with him he was injured all the time so he was in the treatment room. literally all the time and i was just old so i was in
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there as well so we had some really really good conversations and i caught up with him in the end in costa rica and that's in the peter schmeichel show for us in the clip about. it's not history repeats itself costa rica quantified again for the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia a game. for me there in the group of death for me the most difficult group of the lot of against serbia switzerland and the mighty brazil again and again it's the third time you know what it's for welcome to the yeah yeah. so you kind of find yourself in a similar position looking into the world cup but what is the most fear and the expectations this time around in the country while the space station is high you know because we've done
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a good. two thousand and four. people people don't realize you know hard to school people think that because we play a game we still have that stuff serve the e.c. . what i've been trying to say. you know everything through you just saying to them be careful. really truly. great players but you're saying. he stinks in europe i know you see people i've been trying to say to everyone that it would be tough but you know one. it's called challenges and i think every country going into the world cup will feel they have those kind of chance. and you can check out the full version of that interview that you need to be trying to show them showing on our t.v. every at seventeen thirty g.m.t. don't may start don't miss the rest of the season even football action with those things really start. get exciting now as we told you earlier sweden have the lead
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tell us about that gold plates. a con because i haven't seen it but i know i know the statistics of it so i got going to name the goal was scored by cost isn't in the fifty first minute and just to sort of recap that if this stands sweden and mexico will go through and they both have six points sweden move in the group because they had to have a better than mexico and that means that the world champions germany will go up if germany scores and states like that mexico will even join them and. it's all very complicated i think we should go and watch it and then you will come back and tell you all about it.
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seems wrong but i. just don't. get to see a palette to stay active. and engaged because the trail. find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. greece is still in freefall greece is still basket case greece is a is a lost cause lost country italy is about to crash because the money is being printed in the e.c.b. printed trillions of euro's it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to market it goes to the people in monaco and it goes to twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money matters for these people they get all the free money from the central bank so you see the manifestation of it in monaco.
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the news updates here on international of the kremlin and the white house have finally agreed on the first official summit between donald trump and of lot of you use came in just a few moments ago this was revealed during the visit of u.s. national security advisor john bolton to moscow where he met with the russian president. has some updates now live for us a pretty big news now a lot of speculation about if and when this would take place what do we know so far . it is it's been talked about for weeks
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but now it's one of the mere putin's advisors has revealed that this summit was indeed agreed upon john bolton trump's national security advisor even came to moscow must have been in the works for quite the world as i say. all we know is that it will happen outside of russia outside of the united states somewhere in a neutral country third party will play host the meeting is expected to last a few hours and then the joint declaration by both donald trump and putin which which. be a breakthrough given relations the day we. meet john bolton and you know it was all very official. smiles but. few words an opening statement and said that relations he was being perhaps very diplomatic he said relations out than there. are now others might say they've never been worse
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but. said that. the fault of internal u.s. politics and dynamics. have to begin with regrettably stating that relations between russia and the us are not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps. between our countries. while this trip john bolton coming to moscow has been talked about for weeks there was so much speculation about what you know what the point was given this this is john bolton himself and he's aggressive in his foreign policy he's. the sort of person that would always put america first there's everyone out second
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coming here and you know this breakthrough coming now is certainly something unexpected. the russians have walked. over the obama administration for eight years it's really been a pathetic performance if you make them feel pain and others feel pain then the possibility of deterring future conduct like this increases that's what we need to do. all that belligerence john bolton is very civil with putin even expressed hope that you know russia and the united states could work towards
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a common goal trust could be rebuilt between the two countries and let me also mention brought up that the united states had won a joint bid to host the world cup and said that russia is open to share its experience. because those two i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to hearing how you handled the world cup so successfully among those. big development they've finally confirmed that this meeting is going to happen last a few hours again it won't happen in russia with the united states but a third party a third country will play host and it's expected to enter the joint declaration
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more details we are waiting for here. john bolton is about to be a press conference as lots of questions lined up for him and his intentions here and what will come of this summit where it will happen when it will happen of that we're expecting in the minutes now indeed i'm sure get back to you for the latest updates on the top is what i've got on me now officially confirmed president donald trump and the president of a person summit coming up very soon. global chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. has voted to change its remit allowing it to assign blame for chemical attacks in syria previously the organization had a mostly fact finding mission let's go live now to london and all to support or go for the latest updates on this paula good to see you this will fundamentally change the whole fabric ones of that piece of w.
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what it was designed to do what its powers are could have quite an impact. here this is a huge development the u.n. chemicals watchdog is now taking on the role of judge essentially it will now be able to assign guilt for chemical attacks and up and up until now the o.p.c. w. its job was to establish where and when an attack took place but it wasn't in charge of deciding who is responsible that is all about to change the british foreign secretary boris johnson he went to the hague to the o.p.c. w headquarters to a gathering of all the members and he called for the o.p.c. w. to be allowed to essentially name and shame perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks take a lesson. at present the p.c. government experts who say well with happened but know
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who was responsible. you feel sure. that must be was pretty strong backing for that proposal eighty two member states voted in favor nine countries that were against they included china russia and syria and so boris johnson's visit to the hague clearly worthwhile it's certainly being hailed as a major victory here by the u.k. by france to help to spearhead the initiative but the o.p.c. w is obviously the name of an organization that's been on many lips recently it's had rather a lot of work on its hands in recent months there was that chemical attack in june and also the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei script and his daughter yulia back in march that took place here on british soil and westminster blamed
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moscow for it so the u.k. was particularly key to spearhead this initiative in order to sort of further efforts to apportion blame for incidents like the one in seoul very earlier this year and going into that the russian side had said that it considers the proposal self-defeating it was against it because they said it gives western countries the ability to influence decision making within the organization and essentially to manipulate its opinion so for russia china syria and the countries that voted along with those countries this widening of powers they said they didn't want the technical experts becoming the prosecutors at the same time but the vote has taken place it's been decided that the chemical weapons watchdog will have these new naming and shaming powers although it's not yet clear how exactly those new powers are going to be deployed ortiz pully worker there with the latest on that
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development thanks for the. let's go live now to justin steele international affairs commentator on this very much breaking very important global news story actually joining us good to have you on look at the bigger picture here there's been accusations of chemical weapons use on both sides by damascus by asaad by rebel and terror groups but there's always been ambiguity as there are about assigning blame about finding out exactly who committed them surely these new powers will benefit that decision making process that will help bring perpetrators to justice. well the o.p.c. w. has been working with the u.n. in the past there was a thing called the joint investigative mission which was set up you know twenty fifteen by the u.n. and by the o.p.c. w. which did actually. instance if you just touched on there were three reports in two hundred sixteen and two of them the joint investigative mission showed that it was the syrian government that have used chlorine gas and no one can reach the
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terror group had used mustard gas so they have been apportioning blame under this joint investigative mechanism. and i mean. come on the criticism has been that because even without visiting the sites of the chemical incidents it's come to some sort of conclusions here without experts actually being on scene and getting the forensic evidence it needs i mean in order to assign blame wouldn't the actual fact finding mechanism itself need to be changed to enable people to visit the site and make you know scientifically factual conclusions. well i think certainly should be able to apportion blame if people refuse access and one of the remarkable things about the current attack last year which followed up with an attack on. another facility as well was the fact finding mission people never actually went to
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a crunchy coon on the ground. only interviewed victims and people who survived the attack well we know how witnesses can be influenced in one way or another not entirely truthful so it's really important in addition to witness evidence to coach on the ground and soil samples and samples and all the rest of it that wasn't done in the conscious so it would be good if there was a new ruling that any country any group discourage an opposition group in syria refuses access to people should draw their conclusions why they're not allowing people to go to some reaction from russia or one of the russian minister saying the future of. now because of the countries that because of what's happened by the countries that voted against eighty two for twenty four gates there was a majority decision here but i mean in times of the mechanism with the u.n. and the security council in particular i mean how's the security council. as a part of the u.n.
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been discredited already because of various countries moscow using its veto power with the us abusing its veto power it's sort of been held hostage by the big super powers using it for their own political geopolitical gain surely this will help to avoid that happening in future. well this joint address mechanism we're talking about was very true for russia it was unanimous decision of the security council to start it up so russia isn't always vetoing these things but of course it has cast doubt on some of the allegations about duma honshu including of course particularly the surrogates cripple the poisoning case in saul's period in britain earlier this year so there's always going to be political dispute over this and there's always going to be never be one hundred percent certainty about who did these things because it's one thing to say that a certain weapon was used or even well the origin of that weapon was but people can get access to these things relatively easily serve even if something is proved to
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be coming from a particular country it doesn't follow that country's government is necessary to blame for allowing it to happen. and still international affairs commentator thanks for joining us here with your take on that and asked. well that's it for myself on the team here at all for this hour do join us again shortly for the latest global news headlines and of course all special woke up twenty eighteen full coverage. that is female like let me see yes. yes yes.
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i'm. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football with you and the great british you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just read the review the aussie team slate.


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