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tv   News  RT  June 27, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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second serratia part business program interactive exhibition urban fast details on possible forum dot com. crime in the white house confirm the first official summit between donald trump and. the pressures on brazil ahead of the final game as they have to avoid the fate of fellow favorites germany who have just crashed out of the world cup. and despair in germany as the defending champions go crashing out of the world cup at the hands of underdog south korea. it's nine pm here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live with me in a day or two to welcome to the program the kremlin and the white house have agreed on the first official summit between donald trump and putin this was revealed
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during the visit of u.s. national security advisor john bolton to moscow where he met with the russian president. this summit is happening one of last minute putin aides also said that it was organized with a fool would join bolton's visit to moscow but we learned we had a few details as to why how this summit was. bolton said that don't ease for mending relations with russia despite criticism both at the broad the fact is it's important for the leaders of these two countries to know. why drange issues despite the differences between the square at those present trying to present to the sink they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea let's you know it's important that it's john bolton. saying those words
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because he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he called russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections and act of war and now he's backing donald trump saying that we do indeed need this summit that you know it will benefit it will benefit everyone especially at this stage with vladimir putin put the relations not in the best shape which is perhaps diplomatically very polite others would say that the relations between the united states and russia. are at an all time low i have to begin with regrets that relations between russia and the us in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries. also
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a number of tough questions asked of john bolton with gods in his prior position is very anti russian classic republican as some some of my colleagues called him during the press conference but he said what he said before what he wrote before was you know it got decided he won't comment on it because it happened before his current posting his national security advisor to donald trump he was also asked a funny question that you know he was treated with more respect than the po-boy anglo american jobs with germany because vladimir putin wasn't late to his meeting with. john bolton at which he. said i don't want to reply i don't want to comment on this question but let me also extend that in friendship they both reads rates at the design med relations to make he said to me i wouldn't even offer. to share
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rush's experience of hosting the world cup it was with that i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the feed for world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to learning how you handled the world cup so successfully among other things specific details that's the way that donald trump to me a good thing will meet i still secret they decided to share them synchronously the kremlin and the white house in washington to get that tomorrow decided build an ounce and location it will be russia the united states it will be a. country hosting the event in a meeting that six back to the last few hours ago and in the joint declaration. that was our top story and we will go back to it and other news later on in the program but for now let's cross live toss special. big news from the football world
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. this has been one of the most significant days in football in history the reigning champions germany been knocked out if you know the group stages of this world cup alongside the previous model it was a massive shock for the competition and this could be even more significant because brazil is just under way now and. there is a possibility people could be joining them early playing. we have to be impossible but i think for the tournament to lose germany and brazil in the same day on the same day that would be would be great. the game is kicked off the field and so if you're five minutes in and brazil's just had an increase. chance that the name of
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all players missed. he was only about six yards of side but the linesman didn't give anything and only flak from side after the goalkeeper saved and the ball went through. phases who then was in of offside position i have no idea how the ninth one could see that but the video brazil in the first five minutes play a lot better than have done all that sort of money. and you know hopefully they don't go to a lot of pressure on the name of the brazil fans have been out in force in central moscow before making their way to the spacek stadium where they say key match group a their fans nervous but you know expecting a winner of course let's have a look at how they were preparing on the way to the game. oh yeah. look.
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so six minutes into that game at the spot track stadium we just seeing it now peter here on the attack it's already looking like an end to end game for. brazil every said they're going for the win yeah i think again just just remind you that brazil sits on four points one goal difference to switzerland and second in second place and four points as well and then serbia that brazil plays tonight has got three points of serbia to be absolutely sure needs to win this game so if you can only go through want to draw if costa rica beats switzerland and that's how they came in that group being played at the same time so serbia will try to win this game this note and i see why not i mean brazil have not been going on up and bring. and in
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this tournament so far they've been slowly building it up but should be showing themselves at the part time scene. can play in the own right but they're also of stopping team team that refuses to get beat so yeah of course they think they should go for it and much of a chip front is that handful so far in this competition also. a slight a side to this but this six players out there on the pitch you've got bookings including the big names of brazil and name so whilst also trying to keep the team in the competition they'll have one i was as a player how much attention would you pay to that you could miss the next best thing you've been you've been reminded that you have a coaching training fired by the call just to tell you she took to calm down the three players that starts with a this is it to you not mention but casimir as well who for me is hugely important to the brazil's way of playing and he's on a booking as well and should be a squad three bookings in the starting line numbers were made by the way three
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changes to the team for this game and again you know it's it's one of them you have to you have to understand what goes behind the scenes and how fit all the players are to the care a little bit to understand why he felt the need to make changes but he's the man has done that so of course at this point the match is being played in group e. single taney c. of the match so it's an costa rica initially no drop and if it comes through that switzerland is taking the lead in that match that would leave brazil knowing they're only one goal away from going out of the competition and that we will hear some response in the spotlight stadium if so then take the lead that will add to the pressure went and we we saw that in the first two games of this machine today the mexican fans actually thought they were out of the tournament and it was at that that they were defeated three nil by sweden and they just sat there that really looked like someone that needed. something extraordinary to happen and it happened in the. it's that the change was so so different. to the mood that it had
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been just a minute before but in this other game because of all. that that's about supply center has just left the page for brazil. and that's a blow because prasanna was actually with the team new for me in brazil's best players and he has now left the page injured. and myself always of course a left back but he so such an attacking force. comes running down the left hand side gets good crosses and joins up in the play really well but it is a goal for himself to shoot from literally anywhere and he gets away with scores a lot of goals so that's a big blow for brazil early on the game only less than ten minutes in but as i was saying in the other game costa rica plays switzerland switzerland again can too and it can get through the jaw but the story so far is that costa rica has had two
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massive chances a shot from just outside the pocket jens box that yan sama saved dance of his right and then. i finish within sight the box again and some i saved it and i've just very briefly seen it and it looks like maybe the save the tournament maybe so when i see that again i come back to you on that but that was some say so in you know switzerland could have been one or maybe even to know that even as we saw the course they went behind me and seemed to grow is that game went out ok simple we keep across this match you're going to go and watch the rest of the first gulf war as we were talking about brazil fans really on their way to they saying counted not everybody could make it but everybody could afford to travel to russia even back the team even with a traditional stick album. just came up with this idea. because
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. i did it because my mom couldn't afford an album when i wanted one so badly then i began to copy the album the stickers. that passionately the proposal see if she would drop the date when she finished the last piece. then he said he would take it to school and i said your school mates are going to make fun of you. first. he is very creative i would like to be as creative as he is and make my own album. so a reminder for you if you just tuned in we have had the biggest shock of the twenty
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eight hundred world cup to date the holders germany the four times champions of this competition are out after they were beaten two nil by south korea at their word though celebrations the flip side celebrations for sweden and mexico they made it through to the last sixteen and you can see that even though those things were playing against each other their fans united i think this is what they call in germany shard and freud are they united germany's demise. so there were like twists and turns as always they were injury time goals peter and i discussed the significant action earlier. the reigning champions the four times world cup winners are out they finished bottom of group earth. i. this is seen in the german capital is this fair on the
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place that found the watch that. rival defeat against south korea so already being scarred by german media is. this grace in the country's whirling history it's the first time in london since one thousand nine hundred thirty eight that germany haven't made it out of the opening group stage these are the goals they both came like any injury time to send them tumbling and. i why what. i heard. were
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what we saw them their goals coming in the ninety second and ninety six minutes if you if you arrive late to game in this world cup you're still almost guaranteed goals even if you turn from the ninetieth minute it seems very late close but i want to ask you first about the performance of one that's really could have saved his team. so so much home and didn't play in the game against whom he was one of the four players of the five player story so that the looking was changed so that the homeless are the big stars in those in that group this one that's almost in play he was starting the game today. kind of didn't really see him because in all fairness germany didn't have the most of the ball so we didn't really see him defend the we didn't really see him in any kind of action until eighty six minutes eighty six minutes he caught a full completely clear head. he's three four yards out of go and he had said over
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and you think oh that was a big chance he's still in there no that was a big chance and that was a moment we all thought was going to come east we thought germany were going to put use ago the cross came by the way from so. you know something the two of the did something good together in this game then only a minute later kenny has a head at which he even heads even further away then there's a little chance that he gets where you can shoot but he shoot the shot is very weak it gets stopped by the defend this and then at the very very moment where they can get back to one one would still we would say about because it is a bit been about four minutes maybe left to play because it was six sided minutes but it was an injury. as it went to injury time and it took about two minutes process of so we couldn't say at that time how much time was left. but he gets this tense that he put that away well it gives him another lifeline and you know with
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germany give them you know a life and then they might just take it but so unlucky for germany that the fall so at least the three big chances they had in this game they fell for a defender who by the way in the last world cup you know scored every time you had a chance so you know but you know a fan is. going to say this to you first half of every much too many played in the group stages they will pull and i'm going to say that deserved to go out would you agree with that i agree and i don't think i know in germany they call it a disgrace now. that they haven't had not managed to qualify if since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. it's an awful long time they've been dominating in the world of football with brazil. it is it is a big big shock that they were out another manager who may have been fighting a lot a lot of hate from supporters on the media would have been a good friend of yours the manager of mexico after the. three nil defeat against
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sweden but i think he's been saved by the fact that they. could see south korea say really see the highlights of the match way it with which was why it when his when. and that's how sweden scored history goals but that's a lot more than those few goals. of asa choice and the swedes the swedish manager
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he went absolutely germany game played not this today in the press conference but they weren't given that god wasn't even given the opportunity of and you should have seen in today i think he was going to get away he was going after the system he was going on for about five minutes when he said fate and he was in in the force officials face for about five minutes gesturing in usually you know managers who behaved like that that very politely asked to go into the stand and stay for the rest of the game but this didn't happen and you know his team i mean he must be so proud of his team that was sunday night hey you know ninety six minutes and you know it's like a losing all your teeth in one goal you know you have option no idea how you're going to get on with life from that moment on and they only had one day choose to and today's weapons think that that's where the game came out of the swedes have managed to pick themselves up so well while it's very commendable that if they.
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absolutely excellent that mexico has been immaculate so far in this competition two wins from take it like to test for sweden but in the end it's what you say it's a comfortable victory. against germany the sweden or actually a good team that they way they play they do to play and play very defensively they have this bloc of of a very good back line defend this and then they're protected i can buy another block and they've done that well they played the first game against south korea like that they did the same thing against germany and they held it all the way to toni kroos scored this goal in the ninety six minutes they held it together and were very strong on the counter-attacking face god cheated off the referee in my opinion and the whole process to the penalty marcus but it was brought down it wasn't given and then a couple of minutes later they scored actually a really fantastic goal so so you know sweden they have been excellent but today they stepped it up they were fantastic today the way they say that tactically the
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date that they stood so brilliantly against mexico and i think what they did really well today was to play now i'm going to use you know that that the mexican wave you know so they are on this wave the hole at which we feel it with all the supporters as you said. is a good friend of mine you know i speak to him a lot you know that the atmosphere has been fantastic i actually went to see them and when they when they played them i went to see the training i felt the atmosphere it is a it's a very happy camp and of course having won the first two games would have brought them into some kind of frame of mind that they took into this game in sweden they read this and they played on that that was a little bit of complacency and once you get caught out with that and that's what's reagan did so well today once you get caught up then you're in trouble and they were in charge and in all fairness that that could have been false.
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the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged trump world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. had been decimated by the previous conduct as russia gate morphed into f.b.i. game. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than terms like over time stamp each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market thirty
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percent here's some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one show you can't afford to miss the one and only. welcome back to headquarters now with mean we go straight back to our top story it's been confirmed that donald trump will meet for the first official summit this was a rail during the visit of u.s. national security advisor john bolton to moscow where he met with the president and we're going to discuss this live with russian analyst mccauley martin of the program let's let's start with the expectations from meeting what can we expect.
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we can expect i think a breakthrough because trump cannot afford to be president putin and walk away without anything it's a very high profile meeting for him so therefore he will try to make sure that he comes out of it looking very good he wants president putin to come out of a very good and therefore. this success is almost always going to lead martin why now though we've seen so much negative rhetoric from the air as to russia why now. i think that trump in fact you see three world leaders who are important to him and to america kim jong moon to shopping i mean she jump in and president putin put in and therefore he wants to meet them and talk to them and establish a personal relationship with them and you haven't been able to do that with
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president putin because all the. all the arguments about the hacking and investigations and so on have really prevented that so therefore he's taken the bull by the horns as right i'm going to see that he will put in and i'm going to meet him and we're going to do business do you think that's really the case there martin because he's always been discouraged as far as we can see to have a positive relationship with russia so how's that going to affect him now if he says ok i'm going to go ahead and do it anyway. he's that type of politician if you like he's a business man and his attitude to politics is the same as that of a business when i can strike a deal it doesn't matter what other people think they may criticize me and so on but i if i think it's a good deal it's a good idea to meet with people put in then i'll do it and it will show me i'm a world statesman and i can flow against it it's really gets the tide and i can
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turn that tide around and therefore he's got a tremendous job on his hands because the negative reporting of russia in britain in the united states is almost one hundred percent so therefore he's the one who's going to say right i don't care about that i'm going to establish a relationship and we're going to take it from there and from no on right suddenly positive about russia how if i can affect his popularity there and its own country . i think that he will in fact say that all the opposition to put in all the the miller investigations and so on they're all organized by the democrats because they can't accept the fact that he's president and therefore you should just ignore them all that negative stuff they're trying to prove that i was. i was i was corrupt and before the election we did this deal with russia which we didn't do and therefore they would see he would say to the average. american right we can
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do a deal with russia they're not the ogres that are presented in the president's own he's got a tremendous job and to do that but he actually did it was kim jong un just think about what the the language that they used six months a year before they met they were talking about destroying one another. trump was talking about reducing north korea to ashes and so on and then it all turned around and everyone now looks forward to a meeting between the two and to some type of relationship developing between those two former enemies now russia never be the no in that sense and therefore it's up to trump and his he has to demonstrate his political skill because he likes to be in the center of attention and he's a man who took a long predictable and therefore he wants a deal he will not he will not meet the. village was put in and say right i'm here to criticize you what about the bad things you've done in ukraine. and it sold with
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things like that let's go forget about the butter sanctions the sanctions in place put in bob's say what about the sanctions we would like them reduced and then put it will they will what can you offer me in return if we reduce some of the sanctions what are you could offer be returned sir if you like it is a kind of business deal what side one side will offer something the other side offer something and. possibly the little martin you talk a lot about a deal and trump being a businessman and we've seen that kind of but what kind of deal do you think has to be struck in order to placate his it public. it will take you to be a process or slow process because. there's demonology. putin has been presented as a demon in the american press american media also as
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a terrorist in the british media and so on and therefore there's a tremendous wave of opposition to actually meeting him and talking to him you shouldn't be talking to him he's a terrorist and he's a man who breaks all the laws and so on and you learn you fail if you meet him well putin's trumps those right ok people say that let's not turn over a page that's the past let's say the part the future need not be the same as the past let's turn it over let's do something positive and let's reach an agreement on something that started very very small of course. and then build on that and rebuild this religion remember that john bolton. is an out and out cold warrior he doesn't trust anyone and therefore if he goes to moscow he will talk very straight talking. we we expect this and we think we think that you have to give us
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something because if we come here. and we meet the big meet in vienna or somewhere else we meet and you don't give us anything then you'll be worse off than we are because the americans many americans will say well what do you expect from meeting riverport and so on the russian side there's pressure to deliver something give something to trump that he can go back to the united states public the average american say right we're going to start a new to a new relationship with turning over a page the past is the past the past the black we moved forward to a white page let's see if they do indeed move forward to that white page author and russia analyst martin mccauley thanks for coming on the program. now the global chemical weapons what star. has there to to change its remit allowing it to assign blame for chemical attacks in syria previously the organization had a mostly fact finding mission artie's political support for london.


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