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that i put that down to because like you said it's summer coverage put that down to the spirit of the place it's the manager really earning is his salary i think here you really you have to have a manager that understands what it's like to have played that kind of game to have had this kind of goal scored against you at that time it was a prop us live in the face so the manager in the next couple of days his biggest job is to recreate yet was for so that players believe that they can go out and win now a lot of managers to go we work in certain systems you know we have to so many hours after a game off light or then we have to train we have to change in this way and now and again you know it's not all it's not about that at all it's it's more and i'm going to take my players to the cinema just to say see anything just break the mold in the the very them anything to make the players change their mindset change their way of thinking change their mood and i don't know what this really is money just
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on what they clearly see was the world was ready today they were well prepared and look fresh and that's the most important thing they do really really fresh today and as i say they played a fantastic game and probably one of the best team performances in the world cup so far i think that's what they call emotional intelligence and ability to relate with people on an emotional level we didn't say. much emotion or intelligence from the gentlemen it's today yogi love kind of look paralyzed on the sidelines of a five changes it didn't work for him they lost a lot of south korea to late goals this is how the disaster unfold i. i . her.
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the law on it was. ok i was saying earlier that i thought the defeat for germany will be celebration for almost every of the team if they think one of the big teams is gone this increases their chances and why his well you're english so you explain it to us why do you have this is going so well that the german team just because a such a successful team and you get this feeling the old saying goes if you had to see them just to see what i have always supported germany in the world cup first of all i like the way they play second when i grew up was never in the world cup so i needed to find a team to support i always supported germany and sweden. i think is a sign of respect because teams know just how good they are know that you can never rule them out until they're officially out of the draw and i suspect that only if
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they can all hear the countries now will be thinking our chances of lifting this trophy just got a little bit better so i think it's going to be quite a party town in central moscow nikolsk us straight that's the place for all the fans gather and mix let's find out what are they saying our correspondent peter all of us is down there what's the atmosphere like jason what i found saying we just have to wait. i have it's a. hello neal hello how you doing then sorry about that i would lost you for just one second and what i heard you talking about if i am correct as you are going in there i think he would kind of celebrating the chairman's going out there neil how dare you i know we already know we have those historical footballing rivalries but i currently live in berlin what i must say right now and i know he is watching to my neighbor. ok that says but she's like i'll put it that. yes we've been going up and down the streets here in moskos jumping out. i've
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been trying to chase after some of those bonds and. should know they're not having any of it they are not too good to be right now as usual though is it seems up and down if it's the mexican found to be making the most noise but it's been quite an interesting evening and the talking to people because of the a lot of teams well in order for any team to go forward teams have to go out so those funds have been left and the related all disappointed it's been really nice to see them all coming together in the bars and cafes up and down here and and coming together there but the the egyptian fun sitting with the french fans the french fans with the brazilian fans the mexican vons with absolutely everybody. because that is that they have been really the standouts group of supporters here in moscow of making friends with just about everybody and getting involved in just about everything that's being going on at the panama funds brought the book con of allah to nice you know go the other day well the mexicans are saying they're bringing mexico we're here to moscow and they actually do have quite
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a belief that they could go all the way i mean i don't know sure too sure about that but when it comes to the the atmosphere here is certainly very much one of friendship consolation as well those seem sort of gone now what is really has been nice to see those teams that have gone through showing not conciliatory handshake to those funds that have gone out but yes still can't get any germans to come and speak to me i'm sure i will find some by the end of this book but yeah big shock a really big shock obviously in a footballing sense and on the field and threw up all the tournament a big showcase for the funds as well and they called sky. and you think the corresponding central moscow pain so if i can get back to texting peter many thanks and not rush things up for this i was still well known in the games and just kicked off in the second half and creepy we're going to keep across those what section bringing the goals on the final results next time.
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a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all suck but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go i mean
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eighty percent of the shuttle we are with you and we will see all the all the great the great good you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one come on. me to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition to make up as we go so i need to just say look. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine stamping each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to the ultra rich elite with six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year. some with four hundred to five hundred three per
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circuit for sure empirically rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remembering what one shows you know for whom it is one can only be. welcomed back to his knees headquarters with me in a day or two to on time for our news round up now donald trump has confirmed he'll be meeting of blood in the first official summit the plans are first relieved on the visit of u.s. national security adviser john bolton to moscow where he met with the russian president marc def reports. press conference that john bolton gave was pretty frank and straightforward he was asked challenging questions such as why why this summit
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now russia's changed nothing in its behavior. at which john bolton replied that you know donald trump is in favor of weld stability he's in favor of talking of negotiating and finding a solution mend relations with russia despite its two inch criticism both at home in the united states and abroad the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two countries to meet their wide range of issues despite the differences between the square at those present tramp and present couldn't think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea it's important to bear in mind who is saying these words john bolton national security adviser to donald trump now but he says that aggressive man when it comes to foreign policy it's america first thing him and everyone else second
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said that he hopes that russia and the united states will mend relations and that they'll find common goals to work towards especially given that now where we're at the arguably historically low in relations something that led to me a putin also mentioned i have to begin with regrets a belief stating that relations between russia and the us a not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between all countries both sides reiterated that while there are strong differences between russia and the united states that they both want a book together to avoid conflict and. to mend relations but also amusing moments during the press conference for example one journalist told john bolton that he had
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been treated with more owned up by vladimir putin than the pope for example or anglo merkel the german chancellor because that led to me if he wasn't late to his meeting with john bolton and the reporter asked whether you know that me approved is sort of trying to curry favor john bolton elected not to lunch so that question but let me a putin also remarked on the world cup the joint bid won by the united states to host the world cup and set the brushes open to sharing its experience with a fifth of those with i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience in the. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to learning how you handled the world cup so successfully among other things specific details that stuff donald
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trump to me a booking will meet i still secret they've decided to share them synchronously the kremlin and the white house in washington to get that to morrow decide on an ounce a new creation it will be russia the united states it'll be a third party country hosting the event in a meeting that six back to the last few hours ago and in a joint declaration. let's with former pentagon official michael maloof michael thanks for coming on to the program she will start with the expectations what can we expect from me. well first of all i thought. this was john bolton the tame from what i'm hearing this is a man who wanted regime change even in moscow one time and i think donald trump has passed the message along that he wants better relations with moscow and i think.
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that bolton is laying that groundwork where can we expect. a lot of u.s. companies i think trump who wants that spread trade really wants a big high in u.s. companies to do business with. moscow particularly in the oil and gas field i think they i think trump sees that he wants that. moscow is doing quite well with the oil and gas effort and once the u.s. companies the being gauged also i think it's going to have. some kind of a back. and impact on the europeans you'll recall that at the g. seven trump suggested that russia be admitted to make a g. eight again and the europeans balt and i think that. because he's showing he's been nice. trump has been nice toward moscow i think this is going to be even much more upsetting to the europeans considering how he. trying to derive did them
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in leaving canada and and we have an upcoming nato meeting and trump has clearly demonstrated he has no affection for the e.u. or for nato so i think the europeans are probably wondering what what's going to come of it in terms of relationships and and also a geo strategic thinking as a result of that meeting and they certainly are michael and they will be subjects that will be discussed that will be uncomfortable for both sides to donald trump has just said he thinks the ukraine and syria are going to be discussed and you've mentioned obviously. it's possible intentions of forming a business relationship what will be the common ground during those tentative discussions. well the common ground will be to i think first of all they'll agree to disagree on certain things for example on the alleged
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russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen elections i don't think that that's uppermost in trump's mind but it's primarily business and i think that that's where things are going to be heading i think he also wants to tone down the the confrontation that has been going on as i said you i saw i saw today a much more tame bolton who really wanted to push nato right up to the russian border that seems to be something that trump seems to be wanting to diffuse a little bit principally because the allies are not forthcoming with paying their share and secondly as he pointed out and hinted it's quite expensive for the u.s. to carry that carry that burden all the time so it's easier to make nice than it is to get nasty and and i think that that's where trump is is going to be heading plus he sees a direction the way the world order is heading it used to be the u.s.
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led the unit polar world and now it's beginning to crumble a little bit as a result of his decisions on the iran nuclear deal and and the terror said he's imposing on the europeans so i think that. he looking for successes in this this will be one way of doing it with. drawing up closer ties with moscow and it's long overdue frankly michel yeah i mean you know there's been so much as you put it the rhetoric that's being going on and this looks like a little bit of a u. turn doesn't say how productive told speak considering the history of the domestic pressure for example that time spain and not to be friends russia. well i think more and more of the. there's a desire for closer better ties with the with with russia the
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american people generally do not want to have a confrontation with moscow and you're here and you're in that primary opposition coming from the left leaning democrats in the mainstream media trump is probably doing this just to defy them. in addition to wanting to open up better business channels so i think that there's a lot more concrete things that can be accomplished certainly cooperation on fighting terrorism is going to be a big deal and and maybe mr putin may have some impact on donald trump when it comes to the harshness that he's been showing toward iran simply because. there is a lot at stake even russia has a lot at stake and he does not want russian companies to be. in any way subject to sanctions and so i think there's a lot to talk about i think a lot can be accomplished and it's it's going to be an interesting few hours in the
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certainly michael and time show the international community will be dying to know what happens to that meeting full of pentagon official michael frank is that joining us. the global chemical weapons want to start the a p c w has voted to change its remit allowing it to assign blame for chemical attacks in syria previously the organization had the most the fact finding mission artie's polyploid reports from london this is a huge development the u.n. chemicals watchdog is now taking on the role of judge essentially it will now be able to assign guilt for chemical attacks up until now the c.w. its job was to establish where and when an attack took place but it wasn't in charge of deciding who is responsible that is all about to change the british foreign secretary boris johnson he went to the hague to the o.p.c.
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w headquarters to a gathering of all the members and he called for the o.p.c. w. to be allowed to essentially name and shame perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks present. the p.c. government experts. well we'll talk. who was responsible. that must be was pretty strong backing the for that proposal or strengthens visit to the hague clearly worthwhile it certainly being hailed as a major victory here by the u.k. by france to help to spearhead the initiative but the o.p.c. w. is obviously the name of an organization that's been on many lips recently it's had rather a lot of work on its hands in recent months there was that chemical attack in june
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and also the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei script and his daughter yulia back in march that took place here on british soil and westminster blamed moscow for it so the u.k. was particularly key to spearhead this initiative in order to sort of further efforts to apportion blame for incidents like the one in seoul's very earlier this year and going into that the russian side had said that it considers the proposal self-defeating it was against it because they said it gives western countries the ability to influence decision making within the organization and essentially to manipulate its opinion so for russia china syria and the countries that voted along with those countries this widening of powers they said they didn't want the technical experts becoming the prosecutors at the same time but the vote has taken place it's been decided that the chemical weapons watchdog will have these new
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naming and shaming powers although it's not yet clear how exactly those new powers are going to be deployed international affairs commentator jonathan steele went to the n.p.c. w. has previously conducted probes without even for the thing the sights of the incidents. well i think certainly should be able to apportion blame if people refuse access and one of the remarkable things about the contrary who didn't attack last year which donald trump followed up with an attack on syrian air bases and another facility as well was that the fact finding mission people never actually went to a crime shakoor on the ground they only interviewed victims people who had survived the attack well we know how witnesses can be influenced in one way or another not entirely truthful search really important in addition to witness evidence character on the ground soil samples and samples and all the rest of it that wasn't done in
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the conscious carries certain would be good if there was a new ruling that any country or any group for this case an opposition group in syria refuses access that people should draw their conclusions why they're not allowing people. now french authorities have begun clearing out parts of a suburb of paris where local. epidemic has spiraled out of control the cleanup comes after the issue was exposed by local media and among the chinas have been reporting on the years long drug problem that's been creeping toward this region the french capital ati's scholl it depends. police have been here in the area dubbed by locals as croc hill since the break of dawn on wednesday there is a huge operation underway to clear out the hundreds of people who've been living in this for many many months as you can see shacks have been constructed and you can get
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a sense from the piles of rubbish here just what the conditions have been like it was just squire as being infested with rats and so pungent is the smell here that the offices who have been inspecting the interiors may be shocked to see but that's where basically some locals have told us that they have been crying out for help for some months to clear this blocks the supply to the community on north but i while we were working and all i can say now we are happy all my colleagues and the police came here and evacuated the drug addicts from the area. today i'm satisfied but i'm not exactly sure change will be permanent maybe it's just for the journalists who come here. i think the the media treasure on the far east and on the pitch was. too important. not to not to to react this police operation comes
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just one day after we reported on the situation r.t. . i'm on the road that skirts around port palace in the paris as you can see the slum that's emerged here is brimming with rubbish it's also infested with rats but more worryingly this has become a home sport for crack addicts and the issue is it was so severe that locals of this crack hill a little too. further up the road it's not long before we come across people who appear to be smoking crack in broad daylight others showing signs of being high often known as the poor man's drug crack is a derivative of cocaine mixed with baking soda or a mania it's the most addictive form of the drug. i've seen people come here and of
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the six months they look like the walking dead they've lost fifteen kilos it's really help for everyone else she share in the g.m. has lived here for twelve years he says that while port delish apparel has had a history of drug problems it's now spiraled out of control today the situation in port the lash up is catastrophic dorothy's of left us here with a slum full of crack addicts it's a way of the community on the hill there are five hundred people who are doing crazy things amoy the locals they're aggressive they steal we have all sorts going on here about five years ago there were around a dozen of them we saw them we knew them but today it's five hundred and the state has completely abandoned everyone stuck in traffic we see some men demanding money from drivers they claim it's for food but local say the money goes on drugs and
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despite a continuous police presence nothing seems to change some officials are now claiming this is the crack capital of france the scale of the problem is such that put the chapelle is the biggest selling point and consumers of crack in france the people who live in port delish apparel and its surrounding areas remain in fear if the crack addiction continues to explode jollity even ski r.t. paris. a group of french but chairs are demanding police protection claiming they have become a terror target at the hands of activists they accuse animal rights campaigners and vandalizing shops across the country and spreading fear along with.
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so i came here in the morning to open the shop and get to hear this and i saw the window had been smashed and was this christmas all to trust man does more wrong but then i saw the writing and realized it was an attack by. the post this is the sound specious is specious is murder for some human. period to adam let's. go by so i said that but you know now they're attacking buildings but who are they going to target next to people who work there and if the police do not protect us things could escalate so now it's deepens one thing but then at some point the
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butches we get angry too and then we could get serious. news and world cup highlights hey i'm off to international i'll be back in thirty minutes to go to stay with us. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the fruit of the poisonous tree this is what critics are calling the ongoing investigation of alleged trump world collusion with russia during the two thousand and sixteen election. in the meantime the upper echelons of the f.b.i. has been decimated over proven misconduct as russia gate morphed into f.b.i. gate.
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cross talking investigations i'm joined by my guest doug weed in washington is a presidential historian and former white house adviser to two american presidents also in washington we have richard goodstein he is a democratic political strategist and former advisor to hillary clinton's two presidential campaigns and in new york we have lionel he's a legal analyst and a news decoder at lionel media dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate line to let me go to you first in new york i was i don't usually read the wall street journal but i did come across a fascinating op ed a few days ago mahler's fruit of the poisonous tree it makes no difference how honorable he is his investigation is tainted by the bias that attended origin in two thousand and sixteen is this investigation the result of a poisonous tree go ahead and you're a legal analyst so go ahead. and the doctrine of the through the poisonous tree is applicable and also keep in mind where all of this started from was hillary clinton
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trying to explain to the world how she lost a rigged election everything that followed all of the derivative analyses all of the investigations all became relevant because of that initial attempt on her part to explain either how she lost or how the russians were somehow involved in it and then as it evolved the american people understand there are bias sees it's ok for an f.b.i. agent to have a political inclination that's one thing but this makes watergate look like a walk in the park it is contaminated it is oh she almost i laid it's rank. and that's all there for our viewing pleasure ok richard i'm suppose i'm it's really obvious i'll give you the opposing position go ahead my friend so i read the wall street journal piece that you refer to which i frankly.


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