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the kremlin and the white house confirms the first official summits between donald trump and glad it will put. world cup day fourteen c's switzerland's and brazil qualifying for the last sixteen but there is a surprise stop sacks and group for. defending champions a german a go crashing out to south korea and while become reince trailed to qualifying for the knockouts their fans couldn't be happier.
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coming to live from moscow this is our team from the national welcome to the program. the kremlin and the white house have agreed on the first official summit between donald trump and letterman put in this was revealed to during a visit of u.s. national security advisor john bolton to moscow what i guess if reports. this summit is indeed happening what have led to me a putin's aides also said that it was organized before john bolton's visit to moscow but we learned we had a few details as to why or how this summit was organized john bolton said that don't trump ease for mending relations with russia despite criticism both at home at the broad the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two
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countries to meet there are a wide range of issues despite the differences between a square those president trump and president couldn't think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea which you know it's important that it's john bolton saying those words because he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he called russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections and act of war and dad now he's backing donald trump saying that we do indeed need this summit that you know it will benefit it will benefit everyone especially at this stage with vladimir putin called the relations not in the best shape which is baps diplomatically very polite others would say that the relations between the united states and russia. are at an all time low i have to begin with regrets oblique stating that relations between russia and the us a not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i
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think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries. also a number of tough questions asked of john bolton with gods in his prior position is very anti russian classic republican as. someone. my colleagues called them during the press conference but he said what he said before what he wrote before. it got besides he won't comment on it because it happened before his current posting his national security advisor to donald trump he was also a funny question that you know he was treated with more respect than the po-boy anglo american jobs with germany because vladimir putin wasn't late to his meeting with. john bolton at which he. said i don't want to replied i want to comment on
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this question but let me also extend. friendship they both reads rates at the design med relations to make he said to me today even offered to share russia's experience of hosting a world cup. i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the fifa world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience in the. most appreciative of your courtesy and graciousness here and i look forward to learning how you handled the world cup so successfully among other things specific details when donald trump of to me a booking will meet still secret they've decided to share them synchronously the kremlin and the white house and washington together tomorrow decide on an ounce of
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new creation it will be russia the united states it'll be a. country who's doing the event in a meeting that six back to the last few hours ago and in the joint declaration. donald trump has also confirmed that the meeting has been agreed on adding that ukraine in syria a likely to be among the topics of discussion now we asked a former pentagon official michael maloof about any common ground the two leaders might be able. defined i think first of all they'll agree to disagree on certain things for example on the alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen elections i don't think that that's uppermost in trump's mind but it's primarily business and i think that that's where things are going to be heading i think he also wants to tone down the confrontation that has been going on as a said i saw i saw today a much more tame bolton who really wanted to push nato right up to the russian
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border that seems to be something that seems to be wanting to defuse a little bit principally because the allies are not forthcoming with paying their share and secondly as he pointed out and hinted it's quite expensive for the u.s. to carry that carry that burden all the time so it's easier to make nice than it is to get nasty and and i think that that's where trump is is going to be heading balto the visit was discussed during trump's meeting with the portuguese president and of course they couldn't avoid mentioning the football. i think they're doing a fantastic job with the world cup right now. it's and russia and i will tell you the exciting my son loves soccer and he loves watching the world cup and they have really done a fantastic job as you spoke of soccer made you. make you a suggestion if you're going to meet just to put them where i was with him last
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week good. if you ask me to greet you so of course he was expecting your just but anyway. don't forget that portugal has the best player in the book that useful you know i'm sure your son knows he knows all and so and so don't forget if you were you russia during the championship don't forget both you could steal. it's really doing very well. the point you go will be facing you were on saturday after making it through the world cup group stage and in wednesday's group matches there was the one major upset well for the latest over a two hour special coverage from our t.v. studio in the heart of moscow. the raiding bowl champions full time slope west germany default we wondered if
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brazil might follow them and another big shot but it hasn't happened it's going to forming prepaid brazil brushing server side to nothing switzerland playing out a t.t. troll with costa rica what do you make of the reaction we were keeping across both of those games but brazil fairly comfortable comfortable played really well today. you know so it was a straightforward two nil win serbia didn't have what it took today to put any kind of pressure on on bristol and in fact i told a lot of the second players looked straight at. me to reach out for and was sort of acting out all the time he was fit and booked as well. because he would have missed the next came the same with manchester united's the man to match the same you know acting out very very solid it that difficult to break down he's brought back he sits and got in front of the pack full he did score the goal today it's one of the
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first times i've seen actually pregnant or they say the other half. and you know that there was old was kind of to add to nearly half an hour to go then and then you was brought up in india in the old days it would have put another strike and to go for number three and still had the problem child name who is the most expensive play in the world needed an unbelievable amount of money was paid for him to p.s.g. and he's still trying to impress everyone with his skills and nothing really is happening for a name i had a couple of chances today that he missed but also it's in the actual game where i think it becomes a problem it's like. to put the other players to think that the game so decided to decide to whenever they had the ball find a man he would do something. but they do find them out that pit that pits ok but he won't do something he it's not happening for him and i think he needs a little break he might not even be completely fit because he was injured getting
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into this tournament. but at his current stand and his current level he might not be a bad idea to give him a little bit of a break because it's not happening for him and want to keep a player like that you know a little bit of thinking time sat on the bench watching the other guy he might come on i mean might be a player that is more valuable to him and he had a good four or five chances will's most expensive player but he certainly not living up to that reputation like we said this is a much more solid looking you know the heart it's a beat at the back it was affected the brazilian celebrations i'm sure they took the great they did a pretty comfortably in the end seven points only one goal conceded this course of a chef he actually standing right next to a big group of brazilian fans and it was just chanting and dancing and being very happy about the result of the sea very comfortable win for them and i have to credit the serbian fans as well i was set just by the serbian and inside the
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stadium there were also chanting there are throughout the whole game pushing to get a team forward it didn't really work out of them but it seems that they're not we completely downbeat they were leaving the statement tell me yes they were sad but there's always a next time and they were just happy to be at this world cup having this opportunity to watch their team flight so obviously that's a lot of celebration especially it's actually a very funny thing that i noticed right before the game i was looking around the grounds of politics stadium and many brazil fans were openly celebrating the results of the germany result of south korea game. which ended germany's chance to see all this world because you just have the right on his own even if it wasn't because they're doing it yourself right guys happy. to have the right. for sure. you know you're going to be executed. and it's going to be an interesting game indeed and obviously will be on top of that as well when it has. to be
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a lot of noise i think specially from the west coast and. they will go directly to the story of infants and the brazilian fans in the same stadium and in some are oh well that's going to be something we should get tickets every day we should go for that. you get them all come let's come to lecture to crunch of the roof and do this for us yeah we talked about the brazil performance you know neymar trying to stick to his flicks didn't produce much there was one quality one time saying the first all that came can see the thirty six minutes team you know putting the bullet in the gun that have. seen you said. he was she was really fantastic when he played for liverpool and he's just improved on that since he's joining barcelona you can see when you when you get used to having players that makes those kind of runs these problems this out of the the bus alone or the playbook that then you find the players with those kind of passes as well and that was just third posse had in that first half. had one of them. and the other one
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and then the third one so time lucky it was a slow progress from brazil today to kind of strangle serbia out of this match serve it will still haul but maybe pulling off a recovery but they were pretty much extinguished on sixty eight minutes this is now a double belly kills the scale. and you know sunil we're never going to come back from that serbia but in this incident. is actually committing a felony i'm quite sure he would have been the penalty had not scored but meters got himself booked in the situation and again a stupid thing to do. and maybe a fair reflection on how serbia word see the. it was sort of a little bit of everything all the time not completely where they've been when they played to reagan's with some.
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groupie mice that was played tonight and this is testimony we've said it before though teams that are already out of the competition they're still giving their all it means a lot to them to be this world cup and twice costa rica when they hiding in switzerland twice they take them back to to it and this and it's a pretty good game. to have to put the ball and connect with them but i'm. just thinking don't think about it don't give anybody a chance to put a foot or anything i suspect he doesn't score see many goals because you clearly relish the opportunity to do you do you think the celebrations were growing i enjoy a good need jesus. that's how i would be doing it if i was going to smash it and really revel in that my kindle washington we've heard of this what but it was the last and he could ice for costa rica and then we had a game and it was it became a game costa rica really went for the win fantastic and it needed
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a fantastic finish to have really well playing on the swiss school he was excellent in the first five minutes here two massive saves. and one of the. i'm putting my neck on the line here i haven't i've only seen the watch i watch it from here and broadcasting but it looks to be one of the saves of the the tournament so i get back to my hotel i will see one more time and then i'll let you know if i still think that tomorrow but in the first five minutes costa rica could have gone easily and easily have gone to you know. and they didn't but then. i was want to point out i like to watch the celebration that we took off probably knowing it's a booking if you take it off so you just gave everyone a flash of office to. so clever thinking they were going on what looked like it would be the way to eighteen minutes switzerland's back in france yes it is it is fun to write out of these just. fresh off the pension i
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don't think he's had many touches it comes in and the finish and i'll tell you people don't know how difficult that was the technique that required to put the ball with that pace with the size foot on the ball that comes to shoot with that accuracy that was and that was a fantastic finish and when fifa changed to all the old rules first of all the referee was quite happy to give a tendency to. a one two minutes before he actually cancelled out for side eventually they got the pendency you know when it comes off the ball and hits a goalkeeper in the head and it goes in what is written down as a goal and on goal by the goalkeeper and when you read back in two weeks you probably can't remember that he had the power to sing though did he make a mistake so you see brazil very very comfortable going through this group that was a difficult start for them they played one one which was in the first game and everybody so well for so they're going to struggle here for that to happen seven
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points switzerland i mean they've really had to mess up today. we've got these final great matches and that's just quickly now filling up with teams that have qualified like the look of them if you could only have tickets to one game which would it be of the games yeah. laughs the site is obviously going to say that. i actually think i would i would go to the spain russia game just seem to have the atmosphere in the news media i was there yesterday for the france denmark game and it was a bit of a flat experience no goals last twenty minutes here that he could have stopped the games i think in twenty minutes before. to be nice to to experience lose. in full flow with with two teams and we have to remember it's a knockout game so it has to be settled the drama that can create in that arena
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couldn't even intrigue is that spain i think is the team i would say that you have lit up the most when speaking about youth believe that they have complete quality throughout the team in that playing the host nation will have a huge very very supportive crowd behind them so it's going to be something special i didn't get it was going to and i think for russia the way that that you know they were crushed for the group of spain portugal the way it always panned out it's good for the alternative would have been to play portugal and such now. would you do that would you think that i mean you do talking plus what thirty thirty three degrees you play in portugal who it's a different team you don't really knows turning up you know now there's going to be difficult they win all the way to the final of the euros two years ago without winning a single game they won them on penalties when they needed to two to decide the game
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and only in the final and that is in extra time as well only in the final did they win a game so we have this kind of team we don't really know so if i'm if i was a russian play i'd say i prefer to be in my home initially at eighty thousand people supporting me at this first going to be fantastic and i know i'm playing spain but i'll take my chances with you know you're a player at home so that goes a long way in football is mine. too to produce that little bit extra and you just very quickly we're other states now we're going to lose we're all going to least some big names we've got france taking on argentina uruguay against portugal there's no hiding anymore no no no all this is going that the world cup so fast in france. the atmosphere in the streets of moscow i think most fans they use moscow as a base in the travel out to the to the cities where the games have been played so this place has been absolutely heaving and people had left it but it's been the group
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face now it's a big boys everyone who is strong enough to get through that so it's a tournament squad and half the sixteen teams going home by the time you start these games and sixteen teams are still in it and every time we have one round it's going to go half and you know you really have to be at your game you have to be performing at the highest of your ability to get through to the next and so. you know it's no surprise you have all these games became tomorrow you know a really really picked game but when the draw was made everyone pointed just portugal spain and then. on the third day with angel and playing field you know and it's it's not irrelevant but it is in many ways is a pole through. and i'm just wondering how tactical will it be you'll have noticed on our draw many shown it to you with the four spaces still available that is the teachings from j.t. teams from h. we will see the three page action play out first so i would hope poland around
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little bitty teams out of colombia and japan and senegal and by the time england play belgium in that much anticipated encounter those sides will know who they can face if they finish top or bottom the level on goal difference level on points level on goal scored if it's a draw it will come down to the fair play the yellow and red cards in every moment at the moment there are only separated only in time of that group because they've only got two yellow cards to belgium's three so this is where i could get so. if it's a cio and they end up getting the same amount of have the same amount of. yellow ones. after after the game because to draw lots and it's open it's a problem. oh no i don't even know what books are in this nation age will be something electronic is it going to be who's got the longest stick of the flip of a coin it will be i have an idea that you pick three or four players and then you
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go to the ritz. and you actually play for that play soccer with i'm sure that will be better than what actually actually now as we've said both teams a story. stop and it shows a marine one to have known this when he made his predictions on the game head of the match but he weighed up the strengths and weaknesses before and let's say his thoughts on the game. well all of these meds. to decide something because if these match decide something will be a match full of friends because the majority of the belgian players they play in england in the same teams as the english players will be a match with teams and players that know each other amazingly well they know everything about about each other and lots and lots of quality in both in both teams so if this match means something for relief occasion this is
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a measure of i don't want to lose. one team who won't win it and who all celebrating germany the biggest shock of the day indeed of the world cup so far the first time they've been knocked out in the early stages is nineteen thirty eight but their devices brought a smile to fans from other nations than the germans dimentia a respectful balm for us. both.
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supporters from around the world are enjoying the world cup atmosphere here in the russian capital artie's peter oliver was in the city center and even played some football with the fans so fun sometimes here in russia over the world taking over nicole sky streets here this is amazing is i feeling moscow like in belgrade. yes. who've it's amazing. to have you guys been able to travel around much here you go yes into gaza. for the use of us our restraint which if you took us to see our train from near nice where would you end up like yelling no no. we are having a great time beautiful atmosphere we don't care about any results and we win if you think belgium will it that's right that's the first time we've heard that on this program the people have been doing they were booing at the front gate what was
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going on that i was a p.t. matching the work to the rules to make up for that could you do so little favor because we didn't see you play any football yesterday comfortable. five six seven eight. zero. zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero . thank. you and we're moving on to there in use the u.s. is withdrawing two million dollars of funding for the united nations' counterterrorism office callup moppin is in new york with the details. now the usa
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has withdrawn two million dollars from the un office of counterterrorism the reason given by nikki haley the un representative of the united states is the exclusion of interest groups and n.g.o.s from an upcoming conference of the united nations about combat and terrorism now it's important to point out the interest groups the n.g.o.s have not been excluded from the entire conference however at the conference that opens up on thursday there will be a session to sessions it regarding the issue of sharing information and expertise in combating foreign fighters and n.g.o.s are not participating in that part of the press is also excluded nikki haley referred to this as abuse and said that this was not acceptable this isn't this is an abuse of the un's new candidate terrorism office and a stain on the un's record on transparency and civil society inclusion this is not the first time the united states has diminished its role in the united nations
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recently we saw the usa withdraw from the human rights council of the un prior to that we saw the united states withdrawing from the un body for organization education culture and science so the usa is reducing its role in the united nations and this withdrawal of two million dollars from the counterterrorism office seems to fit a pattern of the united states in regards to the un i personally think that this is primarily a security issue involving into governmental affairs and you know to have closed sessions on an amount of this is not unprecedented that the u.n. and if you go by you know post nine eleven did bin number zero close ations we do you u.s. is sponsoring is an element of. hypocrisy did interest groups and the n.g.o.s are participating. these conference happening in new york
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today and tomorrow. used very lame excuse to knock down conduct terrorism office the us isn't happy with the fact that a russian diplomat is heading that of theories and is basically using any cheap excuse to knock down the un has an ideological bias against the us and this is just the latest financial list reflects that ideological bias that will see a continue most likely for the foreseeable future. libya is being torn apart by rival armed groups seven years on from the fall of qaddafi and the city of daraa is on the frontline of the civil war the libyan national army is now chloe's closing in on the city and has reportedly captured one district from militant forces the allen a operates in eastern libya and read tax at the internationally recognized
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government in tripoli. was. to him thank you thank you. thank you. i was. here watching r t international and to stay with us we'll we'll be back with more right at the top of the hour.
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greece is still in freefall greece is still a basket case racism is a lost cause last country italy is about to crash because the money is being printed and the e.c.b. printed trillions of euro's it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to monaco it goes the people in monaco and it goes up to twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money that matters for these people that get all the free money from the central banks of the sea is the manifestation of it in monaco. is very. very competent so so far we go to do something to be competitive as a footballer and therefore we know from when we come back to the. rich. and we can perform.


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