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to sort of further efforts to apportion blame for incidents like the one in seoul's very earlier this year and going into that the russian side had said that it considers the proposal self-defeating it was against it because they said it gives western countries the ability to influence decision making within the organization and essentially to manipulate its opinion so for russia china syria and the countries that voted along with those countries this widening of powers they said they didn't want the technical experts becoming the prosecutors at the same time but the vote has taken place it's been decided that the chemical weapons watchdog will have these new naming and shaming powers although it's not yet clear how exactly those new powers going to be deployed and list so we heard from told us the move could ultimately undermine the role of the u.n. security council but the o.p.c. w. has a history of conducting probes without even visiting the sites of incidents. this
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is about bypassing the security council isn't it. and it's a pretty much dangerous should do the c.w. say pass a judgment that this is a culprit then we have a group of nations who can based upon such a resolution say we're going to go in and you know strike this country or that country and so on and so forth without really needing to go to the security council in a sense this is in danger to. world peace one of the remarkable things about the car attack last year which followed up with an attack on. another facility as well was the fact finding mission people never actually went to a crunch occurred on the ground they only interviewed victims people who had survived the attack. we know how witnesses can be influenced in one way or another not entirely truthful so it's really important in addition to witness evidence to
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go to on the ground soil samples and samples and all the rest of it that wasn't done in the contrary. thanks for joining us here in our international sharing of time with us we are back in about twenty five minutes with more of your world cup action and your world's top headlines. readings salutation. since the occupy wall street protest back in two thousand and eleven through the rise of the bernie sanders campaign in two thousand and sixteen
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anyone with the right set of eyes on the future could see the surprising results of this week's u.s. mid-term primaries you could definitely see it coming on tuesday night from colorado to oklahoma to maryland and landing firmly in the bronx and greens districts of new york city the winds of change were howling across the country manifesting themselves and political and cultural victories for truly progressive candidates and causes even the long conservative state of oklahoma got in on the progressive thinking train when voters there on tuesday night legalized medical marijuana across the entirety of the red state of maryland the state that hillary clinton buried bertie sanders in by more than thirty percentage points back in two thousand and sixteen in the twenty sixteen primaries just handed the sanders indorsed ben jealous the democrat nomination for governor beating the establishment pick rushern by baker by ten points and of course the biggest news out of the
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midterm primary season is the incredible victory of twenty eight year old democratic socialist alexandria ocasio bez who crushed long time u.s. house representative new york democrat joe crowley and what's being called the biggest political upset since trump beat clinton covered head to toe in corporate wall street money and indorsed by the likes of senators kirsten gillibrand and chuck schumer crowley was the establishment establishment pick if there ever was one cortez ran the true grassroots campaign and upon hearing of her victory over the nineteen year income incumbent she jubilantly explained to the voters and her supporters you have given this country hope you have given this country proof that when you knock on your neighbor's door when you come to them with love when you let them know that no matter your stance you are there for them that we can make change . change is indeed coming so now the real question is will you let change roll
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right over you or will you join the train and let it carry you along into the future the answer to that all depends some whether you truly are watching the hawks . would think. that the. real thing would be. as it were the blood of. the day like you that i got. this. exactly. welcome on the watch of the harks i am i robot and i'm having a lot less so the tab above the armies of alexandria came through and crushed the old white man on the floor of the democratic party it's true and while they said.
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wow i mean and the numbers those numbers are here they mean it wasn't just a little thing and i went oh a couple of points here and there now we talk about the you know trump beating hillary that was honestly and by a small margin when you lay everything out you know what i mean huge american margin in any one place and so when you look at the you see real movement oh yeah oh yeah i mean look with every vote counted you know a cacio cortez defeated crowley with a margin of fifty seven percent to forty two percent that's a shellacking and pull in politico yes that's a shellacking like don't do this to me even though. she told her supporters on tuesday i love this message she gave us she told the reporters or her supporters on tuesday night during the victory that the message that we sent to the world tonight is that it is not ok to put donors before your community. once again we see that theme repeated that's one of the big criticisms of hillary clinton twenty sixteen
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is that she put dollars before the voters is that i am going to go up and gobble up all this big corporate money and all of the big democratic donor money and not pay any attention to the voters and it has it what there was that they do is that that when occupy wall street how bad these are the same dams that didn't get on board only got on board with those people that were involved that were sort of shining yeah you know they're people who they could you know was more open to the sort of mainstream those are the only people you see on m.s.n. talking about occupy they're the only people that you saw they weren't as supportive of the occupier any of those movements as they should have been well they're not real progressive democrats at the end of the day most of them are kind of you know democrat republican and democrat quote you know as i call them establishment republicans they're basically just pro-choice your retirement democrats are basically just pro-choice republicans right when you're on something about their platform so it's there's very little but in those platforms there's nothing progressive you're not pushing progressive causes and people are saying and
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this proves once again that money does elections at all and that's one of my favorite things about this story is that it proves the point that you and i and tons and tons of other sort of you know mouthpieces on the on the news kept saying is that you cannot spend your way out of this problem and the democrats tried to spend their way out of the hillary issue about people not liking her and not trusting her instead of dealing with that they tried to buy their way out of everything like enough commercials with katy perry. well it's a lot and this proves that's not true because crowley who was pegged to when in fact you know there were strategists just a few weeks ago saying that this wasn't considered by the democratic establishment to be a competitive race and i thought there was no race i what they did he was he so he was going to take a. are they all planned as house minority leader nancy pelosi he spent and depending on who you talk to yachts mentor one point five million to three hundred
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thousand three hundred thousand move on dot org elections mobilization director. a young diverse a bold new progressive resistance movement isn't waiting to be anointed by the powers that be americans from all walks of life who demand change or are taking the reins of power and showing the democratic party what its future looks like and that's what you're seeing with people like iron status wisconsin as you're seeing this is that it's not just millennia old with their avocados these are millions of their avocados just who are on the same page as midwestern middle aged white guys who were burning supporters and more progressive democrats it is not social issues it's a great you know that there are major issues that need to be changed to stop. and then use and you see this across the board i'm told that what we're going to see in this midterm you know that's why you well that's why you see the democratic power stylishly doing everything they can to try to keep these candidates out of the
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primaries to try to keep going to try to push these candidates away because that's what the that's what the goal is right right and one of the things that you're going to see is that like when you look at oklahoma that's red state those red that's the thing you're not thinking about it it's the same thing with the tea party suddenly in a tie or movements going to come and go either get with it or you get lost it's happening to the republicans and now it's happening to the democrats watch out oh and we've. recently talked about how the tech industry claims to be supporting a pledge of money to immigrants and asylum seekers being torn apart by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement while also making lucrative money off of ice related contracts will not to be outdone in the corporate greed trumps common decency department insteps the telecom companies and the n.s.a. reports are now surfacing that eight highly secretive eighty buildings located in major cities across the. united states double as caring facilities for the n.s.a. in order to siphon data into the security agencies greedy little hands are to use
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for the job us reports it's been called one of the scariest buildings in the world but this new york city skyscraper is just one of the many buildings in the united states that allegedly act as a spy hub for the n.s.a. the intercept has identified eighteen t. own facilities across the united states that are allegedly being used by the n.s.a. to monitor internet users emails social media posts and internet browsing the centers are known as appearing facilities and process data from both eighteen t. customers and those of other u.s. internet providers as well as telecom companies from sweden india germany and italy here in the u.s. facilities were found in atlanta chicago dallas los angeles san francisco seattle washington d.c. and of course new york city built in one nine hundred sixty four this building was new york city's first major telecommunication fortress located on ten thousand new
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and hell's kitchen the facility is constructed out of concrete and granite the building is one hundred thirty four meters tall with twenty one floors with not a single window in its walls built to withstand a nuclear blast and according to the report the tenth avenue location is one of the eight apparent hubs that process internet traffic as a part of the n.s.a. surveillance program code named fairview the intercept interviewed several former eight hundred eighty employees who confirmed the locations of eight appearing sites used by the n.s.a. two former employees can permeate the site was one of eight primary eighteen tea service node routing complexes in the u.s. and they say documents detailing tapping into flows of data at all eight of these sites the heavy police presence around this tenth avenue for syllabi have garnered them a serious speculation especially because the controversial design bears a striking for them. to that of another windowless skyscraper also here in new york city the address thirty three thomson street in lower manhattan as the intercepts
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reported in two thousand and sixteen this facility is a major hub for routing international phone calls and appears to contain a secure n.s.a. surveillance room code named titan point that has been used to tap into faxes and phone calls according to the report and. documents indicate that the tenth avenue building location serves as the n.s.a.'s internet equivalent of thirty three thomson street while the n.s.a. surveillance at the thirty three thomson street location mainly targets phone calls that pass through the building's international switching points the tenth avenue locations appears to primarily collect e-mails online chats and data from internet browsing sessions now the telecommunications giant close relationship with the was first exposed back in two thousand and fifteen by the new york times thanks to documents that were leaked by whistleblower edward snowden now while the n.s.a. has yet to confirm or deny these allegations eighteen teahouse confirmed to intercept that they are required by law to provide authorities with information to
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a certain extent reporting in new york city job as arcade. to a certain extent grew by the words were murdered i know you are not i know so there's a lot of our say it's not a dictatorship it's not a monarchy i'm tired of hearing companies say about what we have to with up funny because there are cell phone companies out there that do not and will fight. for you get around your argument every time right how much money. in telecom companies pay our poll of polls politicians political campaigns if they truly were against what the n.s.a. does and spying on people and sucking up people's communication and all that they would pay for politicians on the campaign trail to get rid of any law that says they have to hand it over but they don't that's what it says the all these like you know all these plot of. they always get was like oh oh we have to and we wouldn't and well we got to fight terrorism of that they don't want to do that they don't
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want to do that because they're just kind of they're part of the game and they go along to get along at the end of the day but they hold the purse strings more than the voters do they could influence washington to stop this my heartbeat or they could just stop doing it in a heartbeat if they could just stop it but hey why when you can use reagan era laws' to that's the thing to win this all goes back to regular and then so many things right back to reagan a couple of bags but it was so the dative that the n.s.a. is sort of siphoning i was able to sweep up at these sites most of it you probably going like how could they do those aren't there laws. clearly i've been watching the show but there are laws but we don't complicate it. so what it is is these are problems data probably gets authorized by this reagan era executive order that was called twelve triple three and what it was is it protected the surtant gentle collection of americans data. even when americans aren't specifically target think you very much ronald reagan executive orders always
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a pleasant thing god has made all executive orders are it as we go to break mark watchers don't forget to let us know what you think about stoppard's recovered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our two dot com coming up see i was aboard john kiriakou joins us to discuss the tragic case of that was aboard reality winner of the former n.s.a. contractor is now facing five years in prison with the information they do cite the intercept stay tuned.
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former national security agency contractor reality winner has pled guilty to charges of espionage top otter's of the prosecution of whistleblowers under the espionage act was essentially an obama administration nearly sometimes quarterly event winner is in fact the first person to be prosecuted by the trumpet ministration for leaking classified information for those unfamiliar with the case when or was charged with espionage by the u.s. government for handling and handing over a secret u.s. intelligence report to the online news site the intercept the report based primarily on intelligence analysts judgments focused on medaled or on the legit russian meddling in u.s. voting systems specifically on accusations toward russian military intelligence for their alleged hacking of a u.s. voting software supplier and sending your phishing e-mails to election officials for her plea agreement winner will serve sixty three months in prison and three years of supervised release joining us now to discuss yet another life affected by the u.s.
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government's use of the espionage act is former cia whistleblower and co-host of latin clear out sputnik radio john kiriakou welcome john things good to see you again john i know really doesn't know you are in the worst way just awful john i mean obviously you followed this case because it very closely mirrors you know what happened with you what what was your initial reaction thoughts when you heard this plea deal come down i was shocked at the severity of the sentence here in the eastern district of virginia where most of us have been charged and tried. everybody's convicted because it's considered to be the espionage court that's what they call it but the sentences were like thirty months for me forty two months for jeffrey sterling but jeffrey for example went to trial and was found guilty of nine felonies reality winner took a plea to one felony. and she did. not turn over any information that contains sources and methods as you pointed out that this was an analytic piece so nothing
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was was exposed and she got sixty three months and it's not just the sixty three months she gets three years also supervised release she has to permanently give up the electronics that the f.b.i. seized from her apartment they'll be destroyed and she is forbidden from appealing her conviction and she is forbidden from ever filing a freedom of information act request on herself. it's not talking about that seems democratic and i think it is your right to the foul and there's all the things that come with being extracted foul and chill never work again and i mean not have any meaning for that's what's really curious is that she's not allowed to get for your requests about herself which to me smells very fishy you are i discussed this with my attorneys and they said the same thing this is that this happens all the time in national security cases but it's never been challenged constitutionally and so you're in this catch twenty two where you promise not to appeal and then you can't
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because you promise not to appeal and the only way you can get relief is if you appeal so let me ask you this because i keep saying this and we know that in our criminal justice system here in the united states i mean there is a backlog but i don't know how there's a backlog when every da just please everything out because everybody wants to do the work they just play everything out and the point two percent of cases are pleaded out and yet we have a court back with you so exactly and in your case you took a plea agreement on your case back in two thousand and twelve and i just wonder what what how how bad is the pressure to just pulling it out and i'm sure it's you know you're going to go away from hundreds of years and you'll never get the light of day yes or you can just say that i was threatened by the justice department with forty five years in prison and they told me that i might live to meet my grandchildren probably not. and so i could either roll the dice knowing i have a a one point eight percent chance of winning according to probe. or i could just
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take the deal and the deal would have me serving less than two years well i was convinced of my own innocence and so when it was you know the day to make the decision i called my attorneys and i said i'm not going to take it i'm going to go to trial as soon as they get in front of a jury they're going to see how ridiculous this is and my attorney said and i'll never forget it he said this can be a blip in your life or it can be the defining event of your life he said make it the blip we're not going to win the case because nobody ever wins the case he said just take the deal and so i did but another thing that they do is they'll charge you with a whole bunch of felonies to start with the know we ten or twelve months until you go bankrupt and then they'll come back and say we'll drop all the charges but one if you take a plea to an espionage charge or an equivalent felony so what you going to do you're broke you already know your attorneys a million dollars if you go to trial it's going to be another two two and a half million here so you take the deal it becomes an economic decision it does it
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really does and i think i think you saw that play out exactly with with her as well absolutely and you know what was worst with her case is all the rest of us were released on bail or on our own recognizance was there she was being literally had her in chains in shackles and because she had written. hash tag resist on facebook out at the judge said that she hated america because she hated america she was a flight risk and so she's been in prison for a year and a week so far that is most ludicrous thing and i just want to say we're a quick read here and i'll let you go but the idea that you hate america so much that you want the american people to know when anti-american things are being done by your government exactly put him in jail. and speaking of the first amendment but i thought we had a reality when. isn't the first whistle blower kind of gone after by the trumpet ministration you also have terry alby f.b.i.
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yes as you know is another victim of this kind of you have heard your old archaic law and terry i'll just give up right as soon as they rested we just gave up he said i'll take a plea whatever it is what is interesting between the two cases that they're both connected back to the intercept they both gave information to the intercept that suddenly you know fumbling or whatever you want to call the allow them to be caught or sources yes has intercept to your knowledge changed any of their practices or journalistic procedures after now being tied to two sources being exposed to three to three the the journalist who was responsible for exposing reality winners identity was the same journalist that was single handedly responsible for sending me to prisons correct that is matthew cole now these guys the intercept purport to be national security journalists specialists in national security but they play fast and loose with their sources and they give up names readily and you know when push comes to shove and they feel threatened they're happy just to turn everything
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over to the f.b.i. and and run for the hills that's what they did with reality winner reality winner allegedly sent a document to matthew cole at the intercept matthew cole sent the document to n.s.a. and said is this a real document well in the intelligence community anywhere in the intelligence community if you print a document it embeds your name and your employee number in a period in the dot of an eye just so people can be identified with your national security journalists you should know these things he apparently did and so he faxed it over to n.s.a. and reality winner was arrested two hours after the article was published wow and so irresponsible and that's the thing i think that we have to remember when we get so idealistic about you know our great. progressive papers there are several there are. journalists and everything in and i'm not trying to bag on the intercept but
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they get this whole like they're so progressive idea but when i see things like this that's progress if at all you believe that this is wrong you should do everything in your power especially as a journalist to shield that person from prosecution you that's why you're exactly right you're exactly right and in the in the days after her arrest they made the right noises at first they didn't say anything but people were really beating up on them on twitter and facebook and so they said ok fine we're going to set up this fund and we're going to help reality winner pay her legal bills that lasted a couple of weeks and then it just went away quietly but yeah the student was run by like a millionaire billionaire right right that billionaire right exactly there and i'm sorry speaking of that it's like that i kind of want to john having been in her shoes you know how supporters of reality winner and people out there what you know you know what's the best thing that people can do to help her now that she's going to go away for five years the thing that helped me the most was just receiving
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letters from people on my very first day in prison i had been in prison about five hours and we had roll call and i got a postcard from a lady in ringgold georgia and i thought that was so nice that i decided that day that if somebody would take time out of their day to write me a letter an old fashioned letter i would respond to it and i ended up answering seven thousand letters and twenty three months wow it every day i look forward to mail call and some days i would get fifty or sixty letters in a single day and that's the thing you talk to politicians and they're like well i'm up for people who told me some things i'm changing a lot when when you're getting seventy letters a day say to someone in prison by their own government that should tell the government something that should tell the people in charge and you know you're right and that helped me in a very important way to i was writing this. series from prison called letters from the red oh and it was driving the prison administrator is crazy and so a friendly unit manager pulled me aside one day and said listen they're talking
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about putting you in diesel therapy i had never heard the term before i said what's that mean he said they'll put you on a prison bus and send you to the penitentiary in canaan pennsylvania where they'll hold you for a week or six months and then they'll send you to harrisburg and then atlanta and then oklahoma city and it's cetera et cetera because when you're in transit status you are not allowed access to a phone to a computer or to a pen and paper and you're always in transit status where they can hold you for two years in transit status so i wrote that immediately and i had it smuggled out of the prison so a couple of the hollywood people john ku's ect being the most important one tweeted hands off john kiriakou he tweeted at the director of the bureau of prisons sixteen hundred people called the bureau of prisons director and said leave him alone and
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they backed off and i think if you allowed enough even one little thing that you can make that difference they will notice yes that's we have to do it you can't be quiet you have to most definitely do and there's nothing and un-american. i want to thank you so much for coming out today what i do have to be it's always on always a pleasure a big picture. in the ancient sanskrit guide to political and military military strategy of the earth the shock it is said the enemy of my enemy is my friend they say translated and whether it's in world war two or in the fight against cancer that ancient wisdom still holds true scientists conducted a small study for sixty one patients who had reoccurring and treatment resistant brain tumors known as glioblastoma researchers a dark university genetically altered the once deadly polio virus which was given to patients to assess the body and fight. off cancer cells all by replacing one piece of the genetic structure with a simple cold virus twenty one percent of those treated with the modified polio
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virus were still alive three years after treatment while only four percent of those who did not receive the treatment live that long and while the study focused on brain cancer the national cancer institute and do our conduct a second study on adults one huntsville dran with additional studies underway to see how the modified polio virus might be used to treat breast and skin cancers so while the u.s. eradicate polio in one thousand nine hundred four it looks like we could use a cell in the fight against cancer you know the merely enemy is my friend sometimes rather it loves them so we're right back because that's a cool story that deserves over your debate and remember everyone in this world we are not told that we all love the nuptial and tell you all i love you i am tired rolled into and out of the law let's keep on watching those hawks in the great mother who.
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join me every thursday on the elec simon show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports this knows i'm show business i'll see you there. group.


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