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if. it is day fifteen of the world cup in russia and the last teams to go through to the next round of the tournament and the fans just can't get enough of football's biggest event. and some of those you might spot among the crowds that have descended from the tournament may well surprise you. also the kremlin and the white house. officials between donald trump and. also russia says the future of the international chemical weapons watchdog. now. that's often the organization was granted the power to assign blame for the toxic attacks.
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are welcome to the program here on r.t. international with your. headlines. so what is day fifteen of the world cup here in russia and the final day of the group stage of the competition belgium england to clash in group g. tonight already through to the last sixteen. just relax and enjoy the game being played in. and for many it is their first trip here to russia. them for all the world. and so it was in my blood just to follow on from the farm for as long as i can remember really i think it was the nine hundred ninety eight world cup the reverse.
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playing. unlocking the box on themes of russia over the last four years quite frequently. some of the signs of never painted. for a hot head absolutely miles away. had those facts. well we tried. i don't really understand the safety concerns of come from this be a lot of bad press or contact you're thinking seriously i'm going to go down he's been travelling so i. like to see when i went to the confederations cup competition no fear i will be talked to a source of the no any of the police but the army's. cooperation with each other to
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collins the security measures. from the genesis of growing him because he's got weight and you know if you've read enough trying i can see you in the trial. well good luck to brian and will do to scare mongering in the media few brits about surely come to this world cup than during previous ones but as our correspondent in trying to found out some of them now wish they hadn't been quite so wary. for parents to watch their loved one star at the world cup is one of the proudest moments in life so how terrifying standing rows have been all flushed as he said this ahead of the tournament i'm not worried for myself but i told my family i'm
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going out there because of racism and anything else that may happen while the definition of racism that i know is quite different from what the russell world cup guests appeared to see and feel when they got to this country. and suggest one after spending a bit of time in this country the three lines the thunder changed his mind i'd definitely be open now to having my family out his face not yet clear and danny rose now thought self because he saw players from his team meet with their families or he just never came across issues of racism in russia anyway let's ask the fans around here if they could tell us more about their experience.
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did you have any problems because of your skin oh no no no let us you know yet we want to get to the set that in. the midst of a pickle. just like that absolutely nothing honest to god not take everyone is friendly you go to the restroom you go to the shopping malls even if you don't know but to go just call someone even if they don't speak but playing nice but they like to leave things and love it and that most of the time you know we have been trying . artsy and co m. grad the venue for the group d. decider on thursday and somewhere we haven't been able to find any traces of race as. the sun newspaper is among those spinning a narrative of russia are as dangerous violent and well homophobic but their top sports presenter martin lipton who's here in russia has a bit of
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a different tale to tell i think the the work of the russian people is being clear to everyone the organization has been super previously i've always found russian people somewhat more reserved than they appear to be at least at this moment open and friendly. people everywhere which is great to see and also i'm just blown away by how brilliantly in the transport system is because the london underground really is a disaster and this place you can get anywhere in no time it's all in a much bigger city down to my kids and my wife i'm saying to them she's fantastic it's great i think people were i think fearful they were they were put in a position where they soon the worse was always think should assume the best they will see a part of the world they never dreamed of going to and travel does board in the mind by its very nature that's going to be positive and they will go home with a very different image of of russia because they've experienced that they had heretofore based on hearsay it's been
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a real pleasure to be here not solute joy. while having fun on the streets of russia's host cities you can bump into well all sorts of interesting people one look alike of the north korean leader kim jong un is game for a selfie with chast about anyone. bust was from a time. capsule was executed i think that. i. might make my list but. oh well if i wednesday's auction is anything to go by we could be in for more surprises so here are some highlights from last night's get us.
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. wednesday's shock result could prove an inspiration to so many groups. for example colombia who can still make it through to the final sixteen if they win the match at their rivals today though have their own orchestra to cheer them on. and the. support to. cover is one of the fame. you want to bring. to this world cup.
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i see that people. you know he's a nice and i love i love this really i love the stuff. so as mentioned japan play poland on the thursday in group h. . on four points are expected to progress to the next stage i mean. the bottom of the group. the clash between the two will take place in volgograd among the
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various ways of getting to the world cup some fans have chosen a rather unusual one. martha you kind of feel. you really should try to keep. us you know pretty little it's. not true. enough already just to.
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put some secure out from under me about. a very unique subject. just which is about. why you'll. check. our a. car on. and with thousands of fans taking pictures and videos during the world cup and
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russia has started compiling the best of them you can check out all fans i view project on our website aussie dot com and here are some of the fans that will be cheering on that team. today. thank you i am.
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just about a wraps up of the world cup coverage for this hour here on r.t. international but time to get in some of your news stories that will be after a very short break. race is telling freefall greece is still a basket case racism is a lost cause last country italy is about to crash because the money is being printed and the e.c.b. printed trillions of euro's it doesn't go to help these economies it goes to monaco it goes the people in monaco and it goes the twenty one twenty two trillion dollars estimated offshore money that's matters for these people that get all the free money from the central banks of the sea the manifestation of it in monaco. to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. want to. have to go right to be
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press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first. quarter past the hour here in the russian capital the kremlin and the white house have agreed on the first official summit between donald trump hooten and the date of the meeting at the location not yet revealed but it is known that a third country will be the host of the summit was announced during the u.s. national security adviser john bolton's visit to moscow i might add has details.
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this summit is indeed happening what have led to me a putin say aides also said that it was organized before john bolton's visit to moscow but we learned we had a few details as to why or how this summit was organized john bolton said that don't trump ease for mending relations with russia despite criticism both at home at the broad the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two countries to meet there are a wide range of issues despite the differences between a square those president trump and president couldn't think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea which you know it's important that it's john bolton saying those words because he's aggressive when it comes to foreign policy he called russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. elections and act of war and dad now he's backing donald trump saying that we do
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indeed need this summit that you know it will benefit it will benefit everyone especially at this stage with vladimir putin pulled the relations not in the best shape which is baps diplomatically very polite others would say that the relations between the united states and russia. are at an all time low i have to begin with regrets a belief stating that relations between russia and the us a not in the best shape and i said it many times and i want to repeat it at the meeting with you i think this is a result of acute internal political clashes within the u.s. but your visit to moscow gives hope that we'll be able to at least take the first steps toward restoring full relations between our countries. also a number of tough questions asked of john bolton with gods in his privacy issues very anti russian classic republican as some of them. my colleagues called him
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during the press conference but he said what he said before what he wrote before. it got besides he won't comment on it because it happened before his current posting his national security adviser to donald trump he was also asked a funny question that you know he was treated with more respect than the pull the american jobs with germany because vladimir putin wasn't late to his meeting with. john bolton at which he. said i don't want to reply i don't want to comment on this question but let me also extend. the friendship they both reads rates at the desire med relations to make peace and good and even offered to share russia's experience of hosting. it was with i want to congratulate you on winning the right to host the feed for world cup in twenty twenty six we so far managed to organize the world cup
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appropriately we'll be happy to share our experience in the. most appreciative of your courtesy in graciousness here and i look forward to hearing how you handled the world cup so successfully among others. bolton's visit to russia was discussed during trump's meeting with the portuguese president conversation inevitably football's biggest event portugal's stop laughing. i think they're doing a fantastic job with the world cup right now. it's in russia and i will tell you that it's exciting my son loves soccer and he loves watching the world cup and they have really done a fantastic job as you spoke of soccer let me know you well make a suggestion if you're going to me to put them where i want to be very good. so of course it was expected. but anyway. don't forget that board your hair is
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the best. school. i'm sure your son knows he knows all about and so don't forget if you. were russia during the championship don't forget pull. the trigger doing very well. a brand new report by online news site the intercept sheds light on the alleged collaboration between american telecoms giant eighteen c. and the u.s. spy agency the n.s.a. which unable to mass snooping on private e-mails and phone calls apparently eight of the phone companies buildings across major u.s. cities are being used by the n.s.a. for its surveillance activities according to the report the agency collects a large amount of eighteen t. customer data with traffic trawled daily as evidence for the alleged collaboration of presents classified n.s.a. documents public records and interviews with eighteen c.
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stuff. another intercept report about the alleged collaboration was released in twenty sixteen this concerned the titan point building it's a skyscraper with heavily restricted access that's able to withstand an atomic blast it's an eighteen c. facility but is reportedly used as one of the main centers of the n.s.a.'s surveillance program a former n.s.a. technical director and now whistleblower william binney things such spying does violate the law. the agency can neither confirm nor deny its role in alleged classified intelligence activities what eight hundred he called peering sites the eight eight peering sites inside the united states at eight hundred eighty s. those are appearing sites or in the states where they have multi networks come together and they they put together you know protocols between one another so they can transfer data between each network and the real issue is the other eighty some tapping points that they didn't talk about then those are the ones that are
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actually targeting the united states citizens and you know that's the violation of the constitution rights of every citizen in the united states and they've been doing that since two thousand and one and they aren't even addressing the european law for example the the e.u. clearly says that the data that any third party holds it belongs to the person involved and they want to share that with anybody they have to get the permission of that person so they've been violating european law so they need a class action lawsuit in europe against the eighty in t. in any of the companies it's easier to shoot sue them and more pertinent to do it that way rather than you know try to sue the u.s. government because they'll drag it out in international court for years. russia has warned that the future of the international chemical weapons watchdog that of the o.p.c. w. now hangs in the balance and moscow strongly opposes new powers granted to the organization allowing it to assign blame in cases of a chemical attack a change was put to the vote by the u.k.
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and supported by a majority of members on wednesday russian officials say moscow won't recognize the new mechanisms legitimacy a poly boycott breaks down the story. this is a huge development the u.n. chemicals watchdog is now taking on the role of judge essentially it will now be able to assign guilt to four chemical attacks and up until now the o.p.c. w. its job was to establish where and when an attack took place but it wasn't in charge of deciding who is responsible that is all about to change the british foreign secretary boris johnson he went to the hague to the o.p.c. w headquarters to a gathering of all the members and he called for the o.p.c. w. to be allowed to essentially name and shame perpetrators of chemical weapons attacks present. the p.c.
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government experts who say. well with the time. who was responsible. that must be pretty strong backing the for that proposal or strengthens visit to the hague clearly worthwhile it certainly being hailed as a major victory here by the u.k. by france to help to spearhead the initiative but the o.p.c. w is obviously the name of an organization that's been on many lips recently it's had rather a lot of work on its hands in recent months there was that chemical attack in june and also the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei script file and his daughter yulia back in march that took place here on british soil and westminster blamed moscow for it so the u.k. was particularly keen to spearhead this initiative in order to sort of further
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efforts to apportion blame for incidents like the one in seoul's very earlier this year and going into that vote the russian side had said that it considers the proposal self-defeating it was against it because they said it gives western countries the ability to influence decision making within the organization and essentially to manipulate its opinion so for russia china syria and the countries that voted along with those countries this is why doing of power as they said they didn't want the technical experts becoming the prosecutors at the same time but the vote has taken place it's been decided that the chemical weapons watchdog will have these new naming and shaming powers although it's not yet clear how exactly those new powers are going to be deployed. more news for you at the top of the hour.
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of welcome to worlds apart for some in the west of russia staff a nation with large sporting events comes down to not afraid of getting a glossy facade on an otherwise ugly reality instilling some money in the process but someone russia it's a crutch just says the country's out of its chronic i did development and enjoyed the party putting the co-leader aside will the world cup have any durable imprint on russia's economy and its society it will to discuss that i'm now joined by a prominent russian economist and a professor at the university of chicago constantine soni and mr sun is good to talk to you thank you very much for your time from him now i know that your a big football buff and i know that you are very enthusiastic about the world cup in russia not as a way of bringing russia to do world by there's a way of bringing the world to russia particularly the provinces do you seeing all these openness all this hospitality the smiles bildad all disappear in a few weeks or do you think it will be more lasting economists try to measure the
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impact of three world cups and one thing that we know is that they make people they make people this company this will fade away maybe in a couple of months or maybe a year but two people and i think any example of open some tolerance brought tour. is a good thing even for two weeks now like most economists i know you're quite skeptical of the state's massive presence in the economy because it's supposed to be. more corrupt and i suppose less efficient and yet the few. take the example of the world cup. was primarily organized by the state it was a huge logistical challenge it is also a massive security operation it's a major hospitality test and yet so far all those conflicting priorities i think have been balanced rather smoothly what's your own take on how has the russian state fair it so far as an organizer. was. intended
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to have a profit for the russian government it's not a project to prove that it's in project for people happiness it's extremely profitable because football in general is very profitable but of course huge investment on the government side is that this will hope development of food culture in the regions but what i was asking primarily about is the is the way the russian state manages the challenge because there are lots of studies for example suggesting that russian managers tend to be authoritarian they subscribe to the authoritarian style of management simply because it's easier to manage things this way but when it comes to the world cup i think you have to be far more flexible than that so do you think it's a challenge anything when. it goes great i think people who are responsible for security. sometimes are very close. more schools that normally should.


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