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is it the black p.r. business. elite is day fifteen of the world cup here in russia and i will find out the last team to go through to the next round of the tournament and the fans just can't get enough of football. and some of those you might spot among the crowd sort of just for the tournament might surprise you. donald trump have agreed to hold a summit with europe already and troops about the possible outcomes. i'm british authorities are reportedly planning to ted. i mean the russian president says contaminated offer is poison. russia says any such action would amount to the destruction of evidence. are your top headlines and the latest from
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the world cup welcome to the program here one hour to you. so what is day fifteen of the world cup in russia and the final day of the group stage of the competition belgium and england who clash in group g. tonight already through to the last sixteen so basically fans can just relax and enjoy the game as it's being played. for many it is their first trip to russia. follow them follow up. and so it was in my blood just to follow on from the farm for as long as i can remember really i think it was the. reverse.
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playing. on locked in the fog on themes of russia over the last four years quite frequently. some of the science i've never seen it. for a hot head absolutely miles and while i'm going to. have those facts of things you have to willfully try to act. i don't really understand the safety concerns of come from this beloved bad press or contact you're thinking seriously i'm going to think it's been happening so i. like to see when i went to the confederations cup competition no fear i will be top police officer nor any of the police but the army's. cooperation with each other to
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install the security measures. from the genesis of bro i am big guy wait and you know if you read enough trouble i can stay in the truck i'm not going. well good luck to brian and will that do just scare mongering in the media few of brit's of actually coming to this world cup and during previous ones but as i trying to found out some of them now wish they hadn't been quite so wearing. for parents to watch their loved one star at the world cup is one of the proudest moments in life so how terrifying standing rows have been all flushed as he said this ahead of the tournament i'm not worried for myself but i told my family i'm
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going out there because of racism and anything that happened while the definition of racism that i know is quite different from what the russell world cup guests appeared to see and feel when they got to this country. and suggest one after spending a bit of time in this country the three lines the thunder changed his mind i'm from the now having my family out here it's not yet clear and danny rose now bad self because he saw players from his team meet with their families or he just never came across issues of racism in russia anyway let's ask the fans around here if they could tell us more about their experience.
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did you have any problems because of your skin oh no not from. the us you know yeah we went into the sit. in. some of the. just like the whole absolutely nothing honest to god not to take everybody friendly you could both rest when you book the something most even if you don't know but to go just someone even if they don't speak up a bit like telling things i love it. i think about that you know you've been trying . go r.t. in kaliningrad the venue for the group g. decided on thursday and somewhere we haven't been able to find any traces of grace as. the sun newspaper is among those spinning a narrative of russia or is a dangerous violent homophobic place with
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a top sports presenter and lipton who is right here in russia as a bit of a different tale to tell. i think the the work of the russian people is being clear to everyone the organization has been super previously i've always found russian people somewhat more reserved than they appear to be at least at this moment open and friendly. people everywhere which is great to see and also i'm just blown away by how brilliantly in the transport system is because the london underground really is a disaster and this place you can get anywhere in no time at all in a much bigger city down to which of my kids and my wife i'm saying to them she's fantastic it's great i think people were i said fearful they were they were put in a position where they soon the worst was i always think should assume the best. but there you go and danny danny's family of seven racism in london in don't cast them play with the same bust of a moscow. that whatever it might be they will see
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a part of the world they never dreamed of going to and travelled just pulled in the mind by its very nature that's got to be positive and they will go home with a very different image of of russia because they've experienced that they had heretofore based on hearsay it's been a real pleasure to be here not to the joy. of a lot of effort and who was no stranger to sport has just visited the fifo world cup football park in red square just outside his office in the kremlin and even showed off some footballing skills. that. are correspondent in such an office at the same fever park right now on a beautiful day to be the ego to lots and lots of people around you to match in the atmosphere is pretty amazing anyone else besides the president who tried his fancy footballing skills. well rory latimer putin was of course the
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biggest political star on the pitch by far but speaking of footballing legends well there were plenty of those first and foremost in one of the posts defending one of the posts was real madrid's football genius it character serious also of course known as the twenty ten world cup winner the champion of the world with team spain interestingly enough he's a former national team's teammate if i may say so defend his defend poor catalyst puyol was playing against him in this game which by the way and it in adroit ended in a tie also there on the pitch was brazil's rinaldo and i remember how i was chasing down you know those stickers with his photographs back in the ninety's and now he's on the red square here playing a friendly. i mean a bunch of bunch of children. bunch of kids so you have that also president jonny infantile you know made
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a bit of an address before the game started you can have a listen. unbelievable great celebration great matches perfect organization hospitable country you just walk around the city you can see men women boys with different shirts from different countries around the world celebrating together this for you have a. now this game of course was not broadcast to every other bar and pub here and most were in russia and abroad but just the very opportunity that the kids had to play it to mingle with the stars of such scale with the footballing stars of such scale will sure do a lot of good for the development of football in russia for the popularity of this sport in russia and of course the generally showcases how deeply the world cup fever has rooted itself here in moscow all right all too easy down off having too much fun enjoy yourself. thanks for joining us so far while while having fun
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on the streets of our russia as host cities you can bump into all sorts of surprising people one look alike of the north korean leader is game for a selfie with just about anyone. executed. right. by me. just like this. so if i wednesday's action is anything to go by we could well be in for more surprises today here are some highlights from last night's games.
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i i. i. i i i. i. i i. wednesday's shock result could prove an inspiration to some and a true up thing today for example colombia who can still make it through to the final sixteen if they win that match their support for the. somewhat interesting. buy up when it goes case i have one of those they. told me so st. oh i think you will see i think you need. a. very.
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live. as mentioned in the play poland group h. japan are currently on four points and are expected to move up to the next stage meanwhile poland all currently at the bottom of the group the clash between the two will take place in volgograd and among the various ways of getting to host cities some fans have chosen rather unusual one.
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months to come a few. years. ago would she. know pretty or. not true. enough already to sue. him from the mirror. every week something. which is wrong. that's why you'll. check.
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our own. and with thousands of fans taking pictures and videos during the world cup in russia we've started to compile the best of them you can check out all fans i view project online that r.t. dot com. all the fans that will be cheering that seems today. i think of. life. please.
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liz. liz. more news after the break. it's.
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actually going to be. before. more people are. interested always in the water. thanks for joining us here on the program today the kremlin and the white house have agreed to the first official summit between.
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europe. joins me live with more details on. what do we know about this. well the actual time and location of this meeting has yet to be announced we are expecting to hear that today simultaneously from both the russian and the u.s. government now yesterday a senior russian official did say that this meeting is likely to take place in the third country somewhere like vienna or helsinki and that will be taking place in mid july the meetings expected to last for a few hours and the two presidents well discuss a range of issues and then of course a joint press conference is expected to take place after the to do meet will be the first time since they've actually met sense the g twenty summit last year in july in hamburg and talks of this summit have actually been in the works for a while now but it wasn't officially announced until yesterday when trump's national security advisor john bolton was here and moscow and he met with president
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putin at the time of the state of affairs between the two countries between the u.s. and russia the state of relations at this point in time and said that bolton's arrival has given russia hope that things could turn around at this point out a press conference after they did meet bolton stressed the importance of the two presidents meeting let's take a listen to what he had to say. the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two countries to meet their wide range of issues despite the differences between us where those present trying to present to think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a bad idea. so we have both the u.s. and russia saying that this is important this needs to go for the two leaders need to meet and discuss what how they're going to move forward in the future but of course not everyone's exactly excited about the idea because the timing of this meeting is important to expected in mid july but also mid july on the eleventh and the twelfth in brussels we have
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a nato summit taking place and many in europe will probably be worried about what trump could possibly promise putin when the two do meet of course trump has. long talked about how he dislikes the costs that are involved in participating in nato and for putin's part he has objected to the buildup of nato forces in eastern europe so there's the possibility of fears that there could be a repeat of what we saw when trump had that historic summit with kim jong il and right after that he canceled joint military exercises with south korea and that was actually surprised to even people in the united states and so there are fears building up what could be promised when trump decides to make deals with putin as he loves to do so what could be discussed during that meeting and what that means for nato members and europe at large and all teams are talking just outside the kremlin downtown moscow thank you. bolton's visit to russia was discussed during
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trump's meeting with the portuguese president though the that's where the conversation inevitably turned to football's biggest tournament and portugal's star player i think they're doing a fantastic job with the world cup right now. it's in russia and i will tell you that it's exciting my son loves soccer and he loves watching the world cup and they have really done a fantastic job as you spoke of soccer let it be enough something well make you a suggestion if you're going to me is the book and what i want to do with him last week yes and he asked me to greet you so of course he was expecting your views but anyway. don't forget that portugal has the biggest blow. that useful if you're not sure your son knows it was all about and so don't forget if you. were russia during the championship don't forget but you're still there i. think we
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are truly doing very well. reports of a motion in the british media claiming that the u.k. government is going to spend a million pounds to buy the house so former russian double agent sort of a scrap owl who was the target of a nerve agent attack in march and if the newspapers are to be trusted it's the taxpayers that will have to foot the bill artes and i see it is assessing the story . reactions or confirmation or denial of these plans is yet to come but we do know that indeed there have been some reports circulating in the british media saying that the british government plans to essentially buy off the property of former double agent sergei script as well as his possessions and the home of the police officer who was affected in the nerve agent nick bailey and it's been reported that the cost of this deal could be up to one million pounds of taxpayer cash and again the british government is yet to confirm or deny those plans but we have heard from a government body in charge of working on the clean up process in seoul's bre tell
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us that quote we should respect mr screwballs privacy it would be inappropriate to comment on personal matters so there you have that but we have heard from the russian embassy in london who have said that quote any action taken in relation to the allegedly contaminated premises in seoul is very will be seen by russia as part of london's premeditated attempts to make a transparent and joint investigation with russia on board impossible and just to remind our viewers of course russia said many times over and over again that it would like to be part of the investigation while of course it's also been denying that it has anything to do with the poisoning of surveys protocol and his daughter yulia back in march if you remember it was on march fourth when all of this started when the pair were found slumped on a park bench and sold very it was later said that they were poisoned with a nerve agent told novacek immediately fingers were pointed at russia the british government said that it's highly likely that it would only be russia who would have
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the means and the motives to carry out such a thing but russia of course said no we have nothing to do with that the two were held in hospital for a little while but both are now well and out of the hospital at this point they were released from their discharge from in may and april and so for an investigation continues while the script balls are somewhere that. it is yet to be clarified with many questions about whether or not any actual official investigation results will eventually be released while it is still ongoing and russia this whole time has been waiting for evidence to be provided in terms of exactly what happened and just last week we saw the prince of wales charles and the duchess of cornwall camilla travel to souls very to sort of boost morale on the ground but it seems that this whole story has slightly left public consciousness here in the u.k. despite all the damage it has caused in relations between russia and the u.k. while still of course we're yet to see officials find official findings of the
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investigation that is continuing. libya is being torn apart by rival groups seven years on from the fall of gadhafi the city of dirt in the is on the frontline of the civil war the libyan national army is now closing in on the city and has.


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