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russia and the us confirmed that the first official meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin will take place on july sixteenth in. e.u. leaders hold a summit in brussels amid stark disagreements on how to handle migrant rights. and belgium beating england on day fifteen of the world cup as the group stage comes to an end. our broadcast one of their representatives most of this is our team international and sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us. and washington and moscow have announced that the first summit between presidents trump and putin will be taking place next month in helsinki the head of nato yon's stolzenberg has welcomed the
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news saying dialogue is a sign of strength in his views were echoed by the e.u. foreign policy chief federico greeny but not everyone in europe agrees as our team is jacqueline bogo reports but we've had official statements from both the kremlin and the white house saying that the two will be meeting in helsinki finland on july the sixteenth and the statement said that the two will be discussing relations between the u.s. and russia which of course both presidents have been lamenting for quite some time the state of them so low that they're out at this point in time and it also said that they'll be talking about a range of national security issues among that they're likely to touch on topics such as syria and ukraine now as you mentioned earlier this is the first official summit between the two presidents although they have spoken on the phone several times and they have actually met in person a couple of times as well the last was on the sidelines of an economic conference in vietnam in november of last year but this who seemed to get on a quite. well. so
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there the two were all smiles and we have only to wait and see what will come out of this meeting and if it will be productive as well the summit has been in the works for quite a while now and it was only officially announced yesterday on wednesday during a visit by trump's national security adviser here and moscow john bolton and at the time at a press conference after meeting with president putin john bolton stressed the importance of this meeting and what it signifies let's listen to what he had to say the fact is that it's important for the leaders of these two countries to meet there are a wide range of issues despite the differences between us where both president
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trump and president putin think they may be able to find constructive solutions i'd like to hear someone say that's a better idea now that almost sounds like a challenge coming from bolton and perhaps unsurprisingly people both at home and abroad are taking him up on it as fears are being raised over the meeting between trump and putin and the media is awash with articles on that topic most of the concerns seem to be coming from nato members who feel what trump might promise to do when the two of them get together the nato members surely fear that trump could call for a reduction in troops and equipment or even possibly the suspension of drills that are carried out in the region and back at home for trump he's likely to have criticism coming from people who'll say once again that they will put responsible for all the accusations surrounding the meddling and the two thousand and sixteen election will say that he is again not being tough enough on russia and it could also also possibly bring up the specter of collusion once again not that it ever really want to weigh but it will bring it to the forefront once again more than.
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likely but at this point it seems like the sun that is full steam ahead and it's much anticipated solo be watching and waiting to see what comes out of the. well despite the latest diplomatic efforts new allegations are emerging of collusion between a u.s. politician and a rush to russia this time at national security advisor john bolton is in the spotlight some commentators are describing him as kremlin affiliated after a meeting with vladimir putin. i was cross live former u.s. diplomat jim john trust jim always good to have you with us here when i think of john bolton and especially is history the last thing i think of is kremlin affiliated what do you make of these allegations of john bolton's links with the kremlin. you know it's really shot it's really hard to talk about that and keep a straight face i mean if there's anybody who's not a criminal an agent as john bolton i who who else can you think of on the american political spectrum look i mean we had such his steria in the last well well over
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a year even before the election regarding donald trump and russia tried to block any kind of normalization of ties with russia that i think some people are literally becoming unhinged there was one fellow on c.n.n. the other day talking about how putin has devoured trump i think i think mr bolton who is by no means pro russian is saying yes there is reason why the leaders of these two countries need to talk and find solutions or beautiful concerns who could disagree with that unfortunately we have a lot of people who i think are have literally become hysterical and do disagree with say so what do you think of president trump will be hoping to get out of this summit in helsinki and. on the other hand what you think putin wants. i think mr trump is focused on the big picture and that is american national interest that's one of the reasons why he met with president xi of china early on despite some very serious differences we have
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a china over trade in particular he realizes that russia is the key player not only places like ukraine and syria and also a significant influence within the korean situation but that we need to find some kind of a broader understanding with the other major power on this planet i think that's the first thing the mere fact he now feels free enough to go forward that meeting i think is quite significant as far as mr putin i think he would like to take some steps toward just normalizing our relations maybe starting to repair some of the tit for tat on the diplomatic front but i don't expect to see anything major particularly on the question of saying sions which is what everybody here in washington always raises is soon as you talk about russia so nothing happens in a vacuum of course if trump and putin do manage to build a strong relationship what about europe how do you think they'll react. i think it's important that mr trump is coming to helsinki to meet with mr putin right
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after the nato summit and what i think a lot of people would like to see from that summit is unity of nato in going then into the talks with the russians but there isn't a unity there you have a very very i would say irreconcilable anti russian position of poland the baltic states to some extent romania but with the rest of the alliance it's much more mixed with the germans for example they want to see that north stream to build and they don't want the united states threatening sanctions against countries that participated in the new italian government the new government in austria. there are governments in within nato that of course and austria not a nato member but within europe who don't want to see this pointless enmity with russia continue so i don't think mr trump will be coming to meet with mr putin with any kind of unity behind his back so trump will meet with vladimir putin after attending a nato summit is that going to be kind of
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a difficult balancing act you have in the preterit at best history with russia nato . i think mr trump will want to go to be his own drummer here just as he did not. at the g seven meeting in toronto i don't think he felt he let himself be intimidated by what the other people there as able thought whatever he hears in brussels from the other european leaders he's going to go forward with his own priorities when he goes to talk to mr putin i suspect it's going to be some issue on the american side in terms of the advice he gets from mr bolton mr pompei or other people on his team who don't particularly want to see a warming of relations with russia i think the discussion of ukraine may be very contentious on the one hand we have secretary of defense secretary of state pompei o saying that that there's no reason russia couldn't return to the g. eight even of crimea remains in russia but he's also saying that ukraine needs to
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become part of nato which from the russian point of view i think would be very very provocative to discuss that all right very interesting to hear thoughts is going to be interesting to watch it all play out former u.s. diplomat jim johnson thanks for being with us here on our to international thank you. and switching gears now day fifteen of the russia world cup decided which of the remaining teams would make it through to the knockout stage over now to neil harvey and peter schmeichel from our special studio in central moscow. yeah we call it all special steve but because the view is special we have
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a special form of play. peter schmeichel who has been treating the. punk game nights. to be pretty boring first picked up after the break let's look at the graphic because this is what it's all about it's been going to some of the size and then just sixteen so we know england in belgium we knew there were three now we know the positions they finished. tonight edging england out they take top spot and belgium a playoff game sixteen roll stuff against japan england's because they come second place colombia but they were coming here to moscow to play in the. stadium. so let's talk about that game that. belgium what it with not a lot of quality in this match but the goal was was very good. i think i think we saw the shortcomings of england squad it's
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a very young squad and. today they did not they didn't take the opportunity that was given to them by the manager we saw at the end he will pick come up come in at the very last ten minutes i think. he hasn't featured at all to any world class place for. he hasn't he hasn't played at all and here we see the result england losing one it's a belgium and what this gives. in the sort of the way ahead is give us a little bit more believe in the belgium team because we know. when they play the best team they will class outfit and so we don't know what it's for belgium today was a good day anybody stand out for you in the england eleven changes of remember it's it's really difficult to stand when one of the players i like him. a lot is. jamie
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vadi he was trying trying trying but to be on his own is it's difficult and the way that england play. it's not completely to the way that you are you want to play he wants to have them in the spaces whether the ball in the england set up was played more carry mcquire that came on i thought he was excellent when you came on and did have a chance in this game and it came courtesy of faulty very nice to play rest between three we have. the game on tuesday the train that was in the stadium in killeen cats obviously the belgian fans are freak it out in a good way. i had different reactions from the fans from england that i've been talking to me some of them are actually happy with the eight substitutions their manager made and let them have a rest some of their top players some of them actually wanted to. stop. so you have mixed reactions but i just heard i mean credible story from one little
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boy that i met in the crowd he is not happy with what the manager did he doesn't want his team to play colombia because his mom is from colombia his dad is from england and you know you can see it in his eyes they were wet he doesn't know what he's going to do and moscow during that game they have the tickets for the game and that was really a touching story this is what football is all about so i didn't want anyone to play colombia my eyes were a little wet and i'm a grown up so it doesn't matter i won't play a full minute of this is really in japan. this is a book with just noticing the place in the last. we always have to see from the positive side he's here he's easy can watch this game not many people can watch these games to take it's a sold out people screaming for things and then the going to come to moscow they're going to play in. spots like stadium that's going to do that on the third of july at nine o'clock in the evening we haven't seen the english fans in moscow so far
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but we've seen the mexicans the pirouette. and the colombian and the colombian it's been fantastic and now we have we can add the english fans and i can't wait for that person it's going to be some incredible party here but but let me just go back to the game. because the goal that yanis i score i think i think we need to show that because it was a it was a moment of pure class. this is a player who has had a tough time when he was at manchester united he flew into the states everyone's saying this is a new ryan giggs a new david beckham he had all these comparisons straight away and he didn't have what it was so young by the way didn't have at the time what it took to sort of deal with it. it was in spain now that you see it and so maybe this is kind of a second wave to his cross he's been picked into the squad and when you look through the twenty three names you know every single one of them and you know where
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they play this is a really really strong squad the belgian star so for him to be in there it is really something big so when he got the opportunity and this is what i like about this young boy is when he got the opportunity he took it and he was one of the few players today who made both i think neutral football fans smile like he said this is where you find out which players can do it produce it on the big stage and i can add something maybe break their way. martin as he knows that if he gets stuck in whatever game he needs a creative player can come in and do a little trickery it just mix it up change the dynamics he's got at an ungenerous. but he can stick it in that's great great knowledge for a manager whereas before this game he made no changes to stop it starting lineup he's made one change but that's hardly making changes so he wouldn't have known you see had he had to win this game today he would have played space see him again now
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he did and so we got this up but usually it's a little bit like folk football culture had that knowledge so those two teams in the belgium looking forward to the next stage the last sixteen team saying goodbye but they went out with a flourish on a mountaineer's you know playing in surrounds the lead to music came back to win it a lot of pride being playful and i think they did the countries proud is a pretty good game so let's have a look at this opening goal and it was. given us as an own goal for the book because it's a. big future he thinks he's cool but. be flexible and show the rules that if the ball would have gone in had no one touched it then the player who hits a ball gets it but apparently it wouldn't so it. changes direction when in the back of the net so it goes down as an own goal slight change i think of a drink as he would become a national hero i think we now have how much they appreciated the gold in the last game against england then came the need to come by they would have been favored to
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win this match and they showed their strength fifty one minutes then you said it must. absolutely and there's no doubt about tunisia's quality it's taken them a little bit too long to show that and you can argue that the team like panama yes it's easy to show that you up it seemed they came into this tournament as the highest ranking african nation they didn't show that in the first two games against . england first and then belgium in the second game but in the second hand second have today knew that they were a class act and i think they decided to win the game so they got the winner in the sixty six minutes and who's vavi kaput. casserly a second of the two on the list is the second of the tournament and it was. touching but that the whole play up to that goes really good. and that will make permanent goma's story moves just as happy. so they finished didn't qualify it some
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some kind of dignity very disappointed so. they came in as i said the highest ranking team they were very unlucky to lose the very best player a couple of weeks before the world cup to an injury and a couple of weeks before then their goal scored so they've come in. and stayed out and said well just think if you think back to that evening to an easy game it was a last gasp win if england had different that would almost now if that very came hadn't popped out without winning very true but what you have to remember we talked about this and look at these who came to us three games where you need to get four to four minimum but if you can get to five points then it's perfect for you you kind of play your way through the group rather than thinking oh if that happened in the first game so even even in that game when it was one one i'm sure that southgate would have been really happy you know we get away with a point and the bonus was that harry came then scored in the last minute to give
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the three points or to get in the three points and that that of course created the situation that we've seen today with the game against belgium that would not have happened had the game state won one would have completely different approach to the game and would have played a so-called stronger team and i think the tactics would have been to go more often and to get their way and so this is this is what you do now now it's a completely new kind of game that has to be played don't give anything away and go and get something how do you do that so you have to find something that works in between those two things. and you have to be really careful because it's only. ninety minutes you don't get a ride in ninety minutes then it's on an airplane plane and go home so you've got to be very very careful in how you play these next thing and be absolutely sure about your strengths and your weaknesses so interesting i'm really intrigued about this game here in moscow on the under third england colombia in the.
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last their opening game but only because they had a man really sent off after three minutes that they got stronger and stronger as they progressed in in that group so let's take a look at the teams that england and belgium will be playing a place in the last sixteen a little earlier today colombia top group h. they beat senegal one nil meaning that japan went through despite losing out to poland a very relieved japanese manager a whole. whole range of change think of a six substitutions coming in the next survived so let's have a look at the goals as they went in through twists and changes in this group and here's the action for. the you of the. i was.
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was . so we go sixteen remain and now it gets really serious there's no second chances there's no picking up extra points in the games to come it's put up or shut up and do or die and we'll be following all of the knockout games with you for you to stay with us. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch the funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money killion a round of spend spend each year going to twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so well chance with. the base this minute.
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welcome back this is our team international the five people have been killed in a shooting at a newspaper office in the u.s. state of maryland and several more are injured one suspect has been arrested are to america sara montecito has details. i'm here in an atlas the capital of maryland just an hour away from washington d.c. as you can see an ongoing investigation an active shooter broke into the capitol because that local newspaper a subsidiary of the baltimore sun. fire there have been at least five confirmed dead multiple injuries many of the injured have been taken to the hospital so there were employees tweeting while they were under their desks as a shooter went through the glass and shot at least four people killed five people and that phil davis reporter here at the capitol because that tweeted this out
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there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk and then hear the gunman reload again such a tragic incident an active shooter here and a novelist a maryland there's been a tremendous tragedy here and law enforcement has come out to say how great alternative is have come together and responded in less than sixty seconds the swat and first responders did secure the building so again it is secured however this is an ongoing investigation which will continue along and through the evening the bomb squad went in on to the scene did find an explosive device not sure didn't go into detail as to what exactly whether it was needed or what happened but again the criminal investigation is ongoing and there were at least one hundred seventy people escorted outside of the building so building is secure and clear the priority was getting families reunited here at the west an awful a small and luckily a lot of them are unfortunately. several injured. i'll keep you updated.
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their ocean. has released a satirical music video about president trump the clip titled got me good features and. it is based on the story of an alleged video showing trump and a group of prostitutes in a moscow hotel room aside from the president and his portrait his daughter ivanka also before her when star struck me very much. now aside from being a pop star and in a lot of is also a businessman and the son of a billionaire singer worked with trump at the two thousand and thirteen miss universe pageant in russia he rose to international prominence after the leak of the infamous steel dossier in early two thousand and sixteen legal and media analyst lionel it was his reaction to the music critic. i can't say this enough i've learned more about the allegations from watching this video which by the way
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is a rather catchy tune that i haven't all of the testimony or what passes as testimony so far the media are hanging on to this for dear life there are people in this country who hate trump with such a passion that anything that even remotely attempts to make them look bad they will seize upon even if it's a parody video even if it's amusing video this will suffice. there are people who believe that there are people who believe this because they want to believe that anything that makes this president seem illegitimate as a commander in chief as a duly elected president anything that gets in the way of that they will attack they want to attack and attach all and you are those are for me i'll be back in about thirty three minutes of a look at your news you are watching our international students. it's.
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things like that and we will tell you if you do then we hate you and some day hopefully you can do something about the stuff. we cannot be naive about to not attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually that are tearing down this city we want sweden to be faced with this country and we want a new look of the people who live here now to go back. again this natural camera. roughly once they showed some new play you for them. uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string at. only
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