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those in the. greetings and salutation. since the advent of online in the mad explosion of on line selling and marketing that followed our personal information has become the new gold of this great digital front here which makes the production of our personal protection of our personal information online a vital importance because unlike gold which despite its value is ultimately replaceable in the nano mists our personal details and choices are not which is what may which is which is what makes this latest massive data leak by marketing firm exact is just so disturbing according to wired security researcher vinnie troy it discovered that exact estate data broker based in palm coast florida had exposed
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a database that contained close to three hundred forty million individual records on a publicly accessible server three hundred forty million individual records just to to give you an idea of the scope of that let me remind you that the amount of people currently living in the united states today is somewhere around three hundred twenty five million and while the leak at first glance doesn't appear to contain any individual's credit card information or social security numbers wired does report that the leak did contain phone numbers home addresses e-mail addresses and other highly personal characteristics for every name the categories range from interests and habits to the number age and gender of a person's children. thankfully as an ethical hacker troika did contact both exactas and the f.b.i. after discovering that the company's massive database was built visible on publicly
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accessible servers with nary a fire wall in sight he told wired that quote it seems like this is a database with pretty much every us citizen in it i don't know where the data is coming from but it's one of the most comprehensive collections i've ever seen. all just sitting there prime for the hacking as if the n.s.a. wasn't bad enough in the steps the marketing agencies making money off your life while leaving your front door locked now let's start watching the hawks. at the bottom. like you that i got. this.
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week so. welcome we're going to watching the hawks items i robot and i'm to have a fellow that's a lot of data that's a lot of it a taboo that this is to me the the new great train robbery of the twenty first century you know when they when they when they asked us politely and then essentially forced us all to put all of our data and personal details online and you know they kind of asked earlier and then it was like not are you just have to now you can't escape it now that you're an adult living with any kind of lot of come of you know mobility in this world you have to be on line and having your information there to be so easily stolen hacked all of that is truly chilling especially that much right and it's kind of what the information is and you know there's this idea that well it is that your bank account information is your credit card numbers it is that you're supposed to carry the numbers so everything else is free game it's just open season on the rest of our information that's was really sad i mean like you like you're saying there was no financial information included
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. but they say that the characteristics of the personal data could make it possible to profile individuals or help scammers steal identities the day that includes phone numbers e-mails postal addresses more than four hundred personal characteristics such as. whether a person is a smoker or plain old a dog or a cat or their religion a multitude of personal interest it's truly you know if you know everything about someone's habits what they do what they own the age of their kids that's a lot of info for just someone to snatch up out of the ether well enough sort of the thing is that we don't realize how much information we leave behind it's you know and back in the day of your receipt shred your receipt but we're not in that world anymore and the high things on line we pay for things cars whatever and it's all late and what's really compelling to me is when you look at the exact this is like this kind of marketing company that sells all this data that they acquire for research whatever how do they get this kind of info well this is
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a thing that's been going on for a very long time and this is a part of the marketing industry so this is considered marketing now and what this is is getting you know these are mailing lists these are these are potential customers and as much information as you can get about a potential customer is very valuable and that's one of those things that you sell it's right back to the days of search engine optimisation where people ran around saying i'll get you all this information and i can get you to the top the list it's usually nonsense but there's a lot of money in it even though it's nonsense so the reader where they get this this stuff is that it's kind of out there like you said our lives make it easy for this to happen marc rotenberg is the executive director of a nonprofit called electronic privacy information center told wired that while some of the data is available in public records much of it appears to be the sort of nonpublic information that data brokers aggregate from sources like magazine subscriptions credit card transactions data sold by banks and credit cards and
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that's a thing to remember is every time you. do anything on line through any online service chances are that data over that transaction is being sold either with or without your name on it everybody is so gross that really breaks my heart at the end of the day and ultimately you. so you we have to break down the walls and get someone to do something because your data should not be just being sold back and forth it belongs to you don't forget that and don't quit the check box all the time that says you got to take almost off but do we do with the as you will. one of the most powerful films to hit simplex as in the one nine hundred ninety s. with the controversial american history x. starring at edward norton the film still dramatically how in an era of rodney king the o.j. simpson trial and the los angeles riots to fatherless youths could be pushed to manipulated toward violence hate racism to the propaganda and fear of those around them now some twenty years later once again if fear of change and the propaganda of
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hate are being used to try and influence impressionable youth on university campuses across the united states artie's actually banks has more. that's right according to the league white supremacy as have targeted college campuses across the u.s. since twenty sixteen these groups go from campus to campus posting images and explicit words that include some sort of recruitment element an attack on minority groups including jews blacks muslims nonwhite immigrants and members of the l g b t community during the twenty sixteen to the twenty seven thousand academic school year there were one hundred and sixty five cases reported and from twenty seven thousand to twenty eight thousand that number almost double jumping to two hundred ninety two but we found since september twenty sixth teen there were four hundred seventy eight incidents of a white supremacist propaganda on campuses. according to the league the campuses most targeted by these groups are schools in california texas virginia florida
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washington state amp and sylvania the link see said quote we're concerned to see that white supremacy is are accelerating their efforts to target schools with propaganda and the hopes of recruiting young people to support their bigoted world view some of the most recent campus propaganda focuses on undocumented immigrants want to fire says quote keep america america report any and all of legal allianz that they are not immigrants they are criminals and recent years white supremacist leaders have spoken on college campuses spreading hate speech i spoke with activist perry rad and asked him when does free speech cross that border of promoting hate speech and hateful actions to make it real simple into the when we each runs afoul of american. values of justice while justice comes to the values of democracy for america you know the constitution is very
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clear in. the rights and so when he runs afoul of the we know that speech is you know each speech. and i covered a couple of stories in the past year where students on the american university and university of maryland college park campus says hung nooses and bananas terrorizing african-american students i then asked rather why are we seeing promises propaganda . it's not ironic it's of showing that. crimes have decreased beginning in one thousand nine hundred into up until the last four years where this mean explosion of heat crop if the percentage of those eight . percent or three round white male white folks in this country and
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one fourth of those are rejected by blacks willing to the crime statistics of the f.b.i. in the. process it's. the reason why this increase has occurred is because of the fear in white men if you are losing their position your status in this country read ads president from getting elected made a race matters a worse in this country and says if you don't stand up for prejudices now no matter your race you too may one day become a victim of racism back to you guys thank you very much actually that's that's really on point if you don't stand up to this now or you too will be targeted at some point where how you look what you do what you worship what you say will be targeted and that's a thing a people always forget that there's this idea that well it's not me it's not me what history has taught us is that when you when you love to pretend that your privilege whether it's because you're white or because you are
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a male or in whatever situation in which you have privilege over and over other people you think that's going to save you but the truth is if i use the same sort of stereotyping and rhetoric that they are you is as perry red mentioned. i would have to say maybe we should start to porting white men to start checking them for mental illness and start doing all these things and make them till we figure out what's going on you know you know we i mean that's the same mentality that if you really think it's about color skin when it's really about something that's in the heart and a lot of things as a white male i can assure you of a lot of mental instability and illness going not everybody but but you know the thing that too is that you know you mentioned american history x. you know one of the most important elements of that film is after this racist and you know guy this is your mirror young neo nazi you know ends up in jail for his hate and the amount of violence he committed black people not film he's asked a very great wonderfully with all of that hate has your life gotten better and he
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can only answer no and that's what people need to realize that the more you hate and the more that you pinpoint some part of the population or your neighbors or whoever it is with hate and violence it's not going to make your life any better at the end of the day you have to understand that hate doesn't when i can implore that to you enough hate does not win. all right as we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics you cover the bass book of twitter see our poll shows at our teeth dot com coming up we discover which ten countries around the world are truly bailing on women's rights including one that just might shock you all or not shock you all if you happen to look better than shawn stone talks ecology without nature with author philosopher to the before stay true to what you'll see.
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now that i'm going to learn how to not that i'm not out of the budget that i'm not out of the mouth of the money the daily planet i mean. this was a good time to. try to move. that out loud and get out my little money not why not act and then again why exxon and the whole people we believe just a little bit in. bottom of my kids i don't want them up with i don't have a lot of the moment i want to tell them about having a little macuser is it a lot of money and i'm a little like a monday old enough to want to think i don't want to put out a hand up to my worst party when i don't know the muslim brotherhood.
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out of the one hundred ninety five. countries on earth ten of them are considered the most dangerous places to be a woman by a recent in-depth thomson reuters foundation survey in the survey five hundred forty eight experts in the fields of academics healthcare journalists policymakers and eight professionals were asked to name the worst countries for women they found that the top ten most dangerous countries for women to live in are number ten the united states of america the only western nation to make the top ten and the first time the u.s. is ranked in the top ten at number nine is africa's most populous country nigeria
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the eighth most dangerous place for women of the world is the war torn country of yemen with twenty two million people on the brink of starvation number seven is the democratic republic of congo with women facing machete attacks gang rape and some of the worst sexual abuse ever number six is pakistan due mostly to the lack of economic resources in the prevalence of honor killings number five is the phobe progressive regressive regime of saudi arabia number four is somalia with syria coming in third and afghanistan and second india came in as the most dangerous place for women in the world. they were asked to base this on six categories healthcare discrimination cultural traditions sexual violence non-sexual violence and human trafficking first health care this includes not only access to it but education awareness of health related issues this survey found that afghanistan the second most dangerous place for women overall has a terrible infant mortality rate of one hundred ten per one thousand live births in
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comparison infant mortality in the united states is about five point eight deaths per one thousand live births second is discrimination for women this can mean an inability to make a livelihood job discrimination a lack of land and property rights as well as a lack of access to equal education and adequate nutrition the second worst country for discrimination of women is saudi arabia despite claims they're becoming more progressive while allowing women to drive this still can't do so without male permission nor can they swim in public compete freely in sports try on clothes while shopping or wear clothing that shows off their beauty which brings us to cultural traditions are those cultural tribal and religious traditions that are dangerous for women these include child marriage acid attacks female genital mutilation and the killing of female children and despite being ranked fifth overall somalia is incredibly dangerous for women it comes to traditions that are both barbaric and deadly ninety five percent of young somali and women ages four to
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eleven face forced female genital mutilation sexual violence includes rape as a weapon of war domestic rape rape by a stranger and lack of access to justice and rape cases it also includes how to harassment the courage and into sex as a form of corruption in this category india the number one most dangerous country for women overall also tops the list in twenty twelve he sings name was known throughout the world when she was brutally gang raped to death in east l.a. and she's only one of many in addition conviction rates for rape are extremely low and. marital rape isn't even a crime in india but don't get too comfy think of women only face this level of sexual violence in law like india the united states the wealthiest nation on earth the shining beacon on a hill for democracy lovers around the world ranks third worst in the world for sexual violence against women to put it into perspective we tied with syria for the
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third worst spot in the category that covers conflict related violence domestic physical and mental abuse known as non-sexual violence afghanistan syria and india top the list with the united states coming in six the worst overall one in three american women will be a victim of non-sexual violence in their lifetime nearly twenty people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the united states taking into account the use of and high rates of ownership of firearms domestic violence can turn deadly much quicker in the us than in many developing nations for existing human trafficking it's talked about a lot but not many still don't think it's a real issue in modern society unfortunately for one around the world domestic servitude forced labor bonded labor forced marriage and sexual slavery is a normal part of life in places like india libya and my him are the human slave trade is alive and well taking the lives and souls of women by tens of thousands
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every week three point three billion women live on planet earth they aren't safe in the two largest democracies in the world india in the united states why would we think that other nations would do better. poverty racism massaging and war are to blame in each of these countries war is ravaging the land or the economy governments are spending more to murder people thousands of miles from their shores rather than caring for the people at home and creating a democracy that's he's women as full partners senate not commodities to be traded politicized and oppressed depending on the whims of their leaders. that's an incredible point you put up because at the end of the day when a country does spend all of its money and war all of its time consumed by hate we're talking about hate earlier it is not going to take care of its people and it's not going to take care of the people the population that need the most extra protection that need that extra level because they started behind everywhere else
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in terms of rights and the ability to get good jobs and this is one of the things that i think gets lost is that what we see is not that money isn't going to fix everything nice things are going to fix everything it is it is an institutionalized feeling that women are secondary to a number of other things and i think that that's what causes a lot of animosity and a lot of the hate and that's the part we have to stop and go this isn't about who wins and loses it's about all of us it most definitely is at the end of the day and i would hope to see a country i don't see no countries on that list i would i would love to see with that spent even exist but the sad thing is it doesn't to see you know the u.s. for all of its bluster number ten and i will say this about the u.s. and in our defense one of the reasons i think that we jumped up on the list of this march especially sexual violence was in sort of a good way it's because the need to movement made it open it made us understand how bad the problem was and so in that understanding i think that's what brought us up
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on the list not that we suddenly became more dangerous it's just a people get it now you raise an interesting point with that though because that raises the question of how much is going on in other countries around the world where this hasn't come to the forefront of their culture where now everyone's paying attention to a great great piece with always excellent. with apocalyptic headlines numbers and facts about the state of our environment and the catastrophic consequences of humankind's rain on the planet being thrown at thrown at us from the left right top and bottom every day one one almost wants to just throw up their hands and discussed in defeat. according to a new book entitled ecology without nature by timothy morton a philosopher and english chair at rice university we can overcome this feeling of defeat by actually rethinking our image and relationship with nature recently watching the hawks on sean stone said battle with morton to discuss his challenging new book. jim thank you so much for joining me it's really
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a pleasure to talk with you it's an honor thank you for having me of course and i want to start by asking you because of this term ecology without nature even a book by that title i want to understand what does that mean to you you know some people think it means that doesn't believe in coral you know doesn't believe the dolphins exist but my whole point is that i really believe in that you know and i sort of believe that this concept of nature is kind of getting in the way of us make a humans actually joining them in some kind of solidarity because really when you think about it nature is always somewhere else right it's like it is on that here somewhere it's on the floor like it's over there in the mountains you know it's never exactly right here we sort of use it in a way to structure a world right so i'm suggesting that we drop this concept as we enter into the ecological age for me ecology is pretty dreary they say and they say economics is the very science but i think ecology is even more dreary and yet having studied
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environmental science in school it's like you basically just you just over it over the head over and over again wow humans are so bad what humans are polluting we're destroying we're doing this and that the other end how do we stop it while you've got is basically killing humans because there's really nothing positive coming out of human beings and so basically how do we transform the way that we see the world without recognizing that yes we have these problems but with more optimistic approach rather than just the person is in love you see the plastic all over you see the pollutions this is horrible it's just tragic and you feel terrible and then for activists those serious compassion for to you can burn out who can happen you know i myself can't really think about these issues properly for more than about one second a day without will need to cry and just like curl up in the fetal position and die you know and so the trouble is if you're in the fetal position dying you're not really being much help to the polar bear. and so on. sort of how do you scrape yourself off the floor dust yourself off and i get ready to help right. so i feel
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like my job is a little bit like sort of grief work in a way like i'm trying to get people over the sort of shock and denial moment in the trouble is that part of the shock and to nominate is as you so rightly say how we like to talk to each other or how we think we like to talk to each other about ecological issues you notice open a paper and you'll see this kind of do you have happening between the front page and the editorial section the front page is going to be like a whole bunch of statistics you know twenty five two hundred thousand six like every day there's a whole bunch more and it's like a sort of p.t.s.d. ng ourselves about it right and then in the editorial section there's some kind of apocalyptic jeremih are the sum of all the end of the world is nahyan of this has nothing to do with polar bears this has to do to me with retreating a kind of religious sort of structure that's very sort of deep in our sort of
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post agricultural society ways you know and if we're actually going to transition to a world in which for example something like i agree culture has been massively transformed the way we talk to each other about this is going to need to change you know there's going to need to be a lot more of a feeling of smile and i don't mean that in terms of you know put on a happy face even though it's terrible although there is although i have a lot of sympathy for the dandy you know like my world is falling apart but at least i'm wearing a brilliant suit you know kind of thing it's more to do with again this kind of feeling of being caught in your own what's the right word i don't know karma fate what we've been doing to you know that the very attempt to escape the web of fate has resulted in humans drilling down ever deeper quite literally into it as it were for the last twelve and a half thousand years and so you know that's the big picture right and the smaller picture which is the drug. through proceeding you know. the fossil fuel issue
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and so sort of very much my job is just like how to allow people to have that kind of at least ironic smile but the more they try to escape this thing called. you know philosophically socially physically the more they can find themselves kind of tied to it and maybe it sort of starts that but hopefully the the ironic smile turns into a softer kind of smile because i firmly believe that. when you can smile then you can cry for real. our brains they won't work the same way in space as they do on our it's a researcher from france the european space agency are using what is called the gravitational references for sense of motor performance reaching a grasping experiment also known as grasp and then using virtual reality as a way to investigate how our brains process sound light and gravity in space the hope here is that will be easier and better to treat issues of balance dizziness and vertigo and space and here on earth one of the greatest iconoclasts and
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writers ever harlan ellison passed away today at the age of eighty four known for being one of the greatest minds that science fiction and horror has ever known he sued james cameron for using one of his t.v. scripts as the inspiration for the terminator and one oh wait he also marched with martin luther king in one thousand nine hundred sixty five from selma to montgomery and today his wife susan announced the writer's death with these final words from harlan. for a brief time i was here and for a brief time i mattered beautiful beautiful and beautiful ending all right everybody that is our show for you today and remember everyone in this world we are told. so i tell you all i love i am i robot on top of the quality keep on watching those hawks another great day and let everybody.
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economists try to measure the impact of the old pups and one thing that we know is that if they make people they make people happy the world cup was intended to have a profit for the national government is its own the project than things approach some projects and brings people to help in this it seems to be profitable because football in general is very profitable but of close if you're quiet huge investment on the government side they do is that this will slow development of football culture in egypt. remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all in public life remember when the mainstream media called for the same the tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be a turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults harassment and
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even violence. i.
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russia and the us confirm that the first official meeting between donald trump invited me to take place on july sixteenth in helsinki. e.u. leaders hold a summit in brussels amid stark disagreements on the migrant crisis. and belgium beat england on day fifteen of the world cup as the group stage. are broadcasting live the rest of this is our team international certainly glad to have you with us and washington and moscow have announced that the first to some of between president putin will be taking place now.


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