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tv   News  RT  June 29, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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nine hours of deliberation leaders have reached an agreement on the. setting up of. the speeding up of the extradition process. a prominent us. nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. over. paedophilia. tries to foster a nation of patriotic european making it compulsory for primary school children to . the country's national anthem. ode to joy. also the stage of the twenty eighteen world cup in russia is over only sixteen teams now remain in the race to beat. the champions.
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mid-morning on friday here in moscow this is our international rounding up your top stories for this hour. e.u. countries have reached a much awaited compromise on tackling the migrant crisis under pressure from italy and some central european countries europe's powerhouses france and germany have agreed to tougher regulations some details on this now across live to polling places now joining us here on the program can you tell us more about what the leaders have agreed to so far. when as you say it was a night of long talks the union leaders agreeing to a compromise agreement on the whole issue of migration as you mentioned the leaders of europe's two powerhouses namely fonts and germany were visibly relieved at around four thirty. this morning when this final compromise agreement came forward
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and they are trying to put forward a face of victory for european unity but the fact of the matter is that a number of reassurances had to be tacked onto the original text for everybody to come on board we know now that the statement that has been adopted says that those countries will not be forced to take in new migrants and that this will be done on a voluntary basis at the same time migrant centers will be set up in non european union countries and migrants will not be able to choose and terms of which country they seek refuge in the dublin agreement will also be thoroughly reformed and what this means is that the responsibility for new migrants will not fall only on the country in which they find themselves and in which they reside now this is an issue that has been of course a long time coming it wasn't so long ago that the french president micron slammed the new italian government over its attitude towards migrants and of course you remember that the german chancellor angela merkel did suggest that those countries
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who do not support taking in new good migrants will not receive the same kind of funding that those who abide to the quota system do take a listen between. on the system of the mechanism of sanctions which would exist in the case of solidarity because this is a debate we will have in the context of the financial perspective because for my part and i'm in favor of how the mechanism but take these into account we cannot have countries that massively benefit from e.u. soldier at least who massively claim they are nation and so when it comes to the topic of migration because we often forget in the debates that we are having the realities that europe is not going through migrant crisis like it wasn't twenty fifteen this is not true those who say these are not telling the truth even the country like italy doesn't have the same migrant pressure like it had last year.
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now on the first day of this two day summit that is taking place in brussels italy adopted a remarkably confrontational stance essentially there was no agreement that they would come forward and sign off on and the country's prime minister has held this as a victory. to show that we can do is not the sky negotiation the good from today is no longer. into the european council has said that more tensions are likely to happen in future there are a number of other issues that are under discussion and of course power is mounting particularly from countries like italy austria and hungary we'll keep you abreast of developments throughout the course of the day. thank you. we spoke to political scientist lorenzo perkily asco the new italian prime minister was simply representing public opinion in his own country. the problem is that.
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defers found three over rivals so the entry point is generally it's early or so to solve them. which states you made a career in most of the time you probably will see no thinks that this is unfair in that it puts the whole burden of integration only to a few countries and especially it to me i think this position on the part of the time in government certainly is part of the negotiations but it is also due to the fact that we have a new. government in power and it's really and the new interior minister mr celine in is willing in a way to send a signal that it's and he's ready to block the whole sum me from the here is basically did nothing is agreed until everything is the.
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prominent child abuse campaign and nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. of allegations of paedophilia killam up on investigations. twenty two year old joel davis is outspoken in his activism against sexual violence that's what makes his recent arrest so disturbing joel davis has been arrested and it's alleged that he attempted to engage a minor in sexual activity and he's been distributing child pornography now beyond the basic charges the actual details of the case are pretty disturbing the f.b.i. picked up davis in a sting operation now they've revealed some of the text messages he exchanged with undercover agents what's about to follow is rather disturbing but it's actually not the most disturbing part of the correspondence during the course of the text conversations davis stated that he is into children ages zero plus and has no limits davis told him because the offices that he previously had sexual experiences
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with a nine month old boy a six year old go and a seven year old boy now according to the f.b.i. davis actually asked the undercover agents to send him explicit videos and photographs of children the department of justice says they are appalled by the case conduct and edged again still davis is unfathomable as it is sickening and as this case demonstrates to enforcement keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to print credits is justice and davis is for a long time been a very outspoken opponent of sexual violence and an advocate of human rights for two years he had a special position at the united nations he gave regular media appearances and his organization had over five thousand members and was very well funded around the world in order acted and respected in peacetime then you're not going to be able to protect them or respect them in conflict like you need to when you do need the rule of law and so many conflicts across the globe children's bodies are quickly becoming sites of violence where rape is used to terrorize and degrade to
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communities now davis went on to actually give a ted talk on the subject of expertise that of it was two months ago and the video is now unavailable when he was giving an interview to n.b.c. about how he combined charity work with his studies he said he feels like he's living a double life those are words that would come back to haunt him able to mop and artsy new york. so the group stage of the world cup is over only sixteen teams now remain in the race to be crowned as the champions and the first knockout games will be played on saturday argentina and france clash in cazan and then it's portugal and europe why inside and the losers of each match will be out of the tournament the winners though through to the quarter finals. our some teams and their fans have already of course packed their bags but not before capturing their experience of the
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tournament in photos and videos from all across this vast country. started to compile some of the very best you can check them out at fans eye if you project its waiting for you at r.t. dot com. i. was.
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thursday's a final group games didn't have quite as much at stake as some of the previous ones it was more a matter of finding out who would play whom in the knockout stage so very quickly a recap now of what happened. i. i. i. i. i. i. i i.
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i i talked. to give you an abbreviated breakdown of the last guy. yeah we call it all special steve because the view is special we have a special form of player. peter schmeichel who has been treated to the. fantastic games knights. they did. pretty boring first. after the break let's look at the graphic because this is what it's all about it's been going to some of the size and then just sixteen so we know and we knew there
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were three now we know the positions they finished. edging england out they take the top spot and. a playoff game last sixteen and roll stuff against japan england because they come second place colombia but they were coming here to moscow to play in the. stadium. so let's talk about that game that. belgium what it's with not a lot of quality in this match but the goal was was very good. i think i think we saw the shortcomings of of that england squad it's a very young squad and. today they did not they didn't take the opportunity that was given to them by the manager we saw any world to come up come in at the very last ten minutes i think. he has and featured it all to any world
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class player plays for aston but he hasn't he hasn't played at all and here we see the result and then losing one. and it gives a little bit more believe in the belgium team because you know when they play their best team a world class outfit so. it's for belgium today was a good day and in a kind of come to moscow they're going to play in. stadium that's going to do that on the third of july. nine o'clock in the evening we haven't seen the fence in moscow so far but we've seen the mexicans the peruvian. and the colombian and the colombian it's been fantastic and now we have we can add the english fans and i can't wait for that person. lost their opening game but only because they had a man really sent off after three minutes if they score stronger and stronger as they progressed in in that group so let's take a look at the teams that england and belgium will be playing a place in the last sixteen a little earlier today colombia top group h.
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they beat senegal one nil meaning that japan went through despite losing out to poland a very relieved japanese manager a made whole. range of change going to six substitutions coming in the next survived. playing in surrounds the lead to music came back to win it a lot of pride being playful and i think he did the country's proud as a pretty good guy so let's look at this opening goal and it was one of our biggest hits it but the. biggest shot and he thinks he's scored. the flexible and so the rules if the ball would have gone in had no one touched it then hits a ball but apparently it wouldn't so it hit my. change of direction went in the back of the net so it goes down as a normal slight change i think for three years he would become a national hero i think you know how how much they appreciated the gold in the last
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game against england thinking that you need to come by they would have been favored to win this match and they showed their strength fifty one minutes then you said it must be. absolute and there's no doubt about tunisia's quality it's taken them a little bit too long to show that and you can argue that the team like panama yes it's easy to show that you a better team they came into this tournament as the highest ranking african nation they didn't show that in the first two games against belgium interest and then belgium. in the second game but in the second hand second have to they knew that they were a class act and i think he said to win the game and to see it on he said go do it the sinking feeling back to that evening to music i mean it was a last gasp when you think that how different. now is that hurricane hadn't popped out with that wind very true but what you have to remember we talk about this look at these games of the three games where you need to get four to four minimum but if
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you can get to five pounds then it's perfect so you see kind of play your way through the group rather than thinking always that it happened in the first game seven go sixteen remain and now it gets really serious that is no second chances there's no picking up but two points in the games to come and so it's part of the shut up time and they all die some may have been disappointed at losing a game but not these england fans as the team is through to the next round anyway they took part in a joint celebration with belgium fans outside the come in and grab stadium and that's the way we found a correspondent in their patrol. belgian talked through g after he won their defeat over exit and just having mark at what's happening outside the stand oh a. little over. over playing with our second team i mean if we can win today we can we don't it's
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a. language just or people standing there first me runs over speed limits video editor no supporter for belgium. is it a. man don't. you know guys sit at three live search our dad say go where the guys from belgium read them again oh it will soon fade away or to you guys oh yeah down. ok you can enjoy. the very same time for i know we kind of assume the work on these guys have. also been. going on those. who say the hang on this is it is no. oh you've just. come into our. church you know it's like there is one hell of a man and the endless chain jersey that i met earlier home was really disappointed
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today you happy you're ok with it was listen i'm on this kind of stuff in the house so we can play colombia next and he's conflicted you're just not going to watch the game or what i what it is it does willing to make it in my mom's in colombia right now like mines the state so hot that this family's going to be sending me take this movie make a movie live in this guy's missing making women say i don't need to go for sunoco wish. to try go are seen from outside the stadium and kaliningrad arrive after the group gene decider guys if you can find some sponsors to bring us back to moscow when we played a final police records. zero zero zero zero one two three four five six two i'm thinking ahead of the game against belgium english fans visited nizhny
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novgorod that they met another rival that of russian football fans is peter. so we're here invasion you know good old lovely stadium just outside of the center of the city as you can see behind me the england team being conversation right now sorting out their tactics over to mind right the team move russian english football sporting fun every sleeve there was some tensions between russian and english fans following the scenes we saw a ma say this is a bury the hatchet type of game and we'll be looking to see for paul to be the winner here. well i'm glad i'm not buying because the hate is just ridiculous. the
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long. term but not when the lots of just come off the ball their whole store wasn't explained it's great so hope it's good that way that when the ball is going out. of respect for the right for us to get back in form i shan't see good sellouts but we tend to go with. the silky skills from the england fans there just after the break there's. still to live in filth a. little tune really will turn out as a three one win for going win. writes me go it's great to meet all the local lads freights me other ringing fans well but absolutely enormous and yeah totally absolute nonsense there's going to be trouble here that it's going to be this way it atmosphere like you are the i must say only walls i was in most say it was pretty horrific will be sold there but you would be
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here for a weekend with anything along. being close to helping children very very very proudly been nothing but welcoming we met russian friends we've met found sleeping countries found so easy to be really really good about life and life open source whether that was one of the few plays over here or slightly with the english. it's really a fantastically good game. i think he'd certainly cooler. than i'm really tired but this is how it's looked to a good old it's a fantastic i know it's a cliche thing to say a festival of football but it really really is it's been brilliant to watch i'm so glad i didn't have to play critically from the road for. colombia is one of the teams through to the last sixteen fans have crossed off the wall to support their national side and we spoke to the former colombian player
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jorge but about his impressions of the world cup so far. the world cup is perfect the thought of arrival we had some doubts about its location in the long distance between all countries and how safe it would be deborah thing is all right i feel safe and not only me but dollar team and people who came here. who lucky to travel to moscow we also visited soran square went to the match with colombia and now we. continue the fascinating journey through the cities of russia together with the national team just about one minute and we're right back. she is very valuable and very competent so so far we go to do something to do
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because it's the food and therefore we know from when we come back to the next we. know the truth and we can perform it's. you know world a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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thanks for joining in for the program. is trying to instill patriotism in its young but the country's education ministry has made learning the national anthem. compulsory for primary school children now pupils will be required to know the history of the national anthem and the french flags creation they will need not just to learn the lyrics but also to sing the anthem at school and the lion's share of the french public some approximate ninety percent are in favor of making to children learn the mouse say yes. yes they should know this anthem because it's the anthem of the french republic since seventeen ninety two so they in general learned at school i don't know why mr macro all of a sudden realize that all children should know it in principle all children should know it and it's a school they can learn not somewhere else. i think it's always good to learn songs
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by heart as a child but personally i find the musée as a bit bloody the text is very violent. its own national anthem and so it makes sense for all french people to know it yes of course it's part of the french identity just like the flag the traditional french cuisine all in all it is the french culture we should know it well we just want to the most i think the most a is a somewhat aggressive song it doesn't really represent the values of freedom equality and brotherhood. i don't want. to thank you. i don't. even. know you know it's a revolutionary song but quite brutal if you listen to the words. yes why not but the french republic is first of all i must say yes most of them yes
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certainly when not where europeans to place it immediately after this cultural opening towards europe well it's a different thing a different issue because europe it was constructed well france existed for centuries and europe is a much more recent development. you know that as well we want to joy yes i know it but not as the european anthem i did piaf sang it in french. and i don't know it for me look neither do i and you do you know it. now while learning to be french patriots children will also be reminded of the need to be good europeans as i'd also be taught to recognize the european flag on the anthem the ode to joy.
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it's a national movement to have it we need to learn that our populace we have to sings about ca's there's a nazi is a need is always no need to know anything about the so-called european unseen you know that's probably is a mr matthew smith so i'd. give you something i know and there that. forces you to accept something as you know it when you're not call friends is too small for him is a citizen of the world he's a. big fan of liberalism it's a big mistake and it's a very old fish and id is really time where in russia the united states italia in slovenia you know is too young to influence now shown and the sure knowledge id is back. russian azerbaijani pop singer even a lot of those released a satirical music video about president trump it's called got me good it's based on
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the story of an alleged video showing trump and a group of prostitutes in a moscow hotel room aside from the president actors portray his daughter ivanka and also the porn star stormy daniels now aside from being a pop star even aguilar off is also a businessman and the son of a billionaire a singer actually worked with trump at the twenty thirteen miss universe pageant here in russia i got a lot of rose to international prominence after the leak of the infamous steel dossier you know early twenty's sixteen are some media outlets have branded the video a blatant piece of trolling illegal and media analyst lionel's says the real power eighty is the dossier. i've learned more about the allegations from watching this video which by the way is a rather catchy tune that i haven't all of the testimony or what passes as testimony so far the media are hanging on to this for dear life there are people in
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this country who hate trump with such a passion that anything that even remotely attempts to make him look back they will seize upon even if it's a parody video even if it's so music video this will suffice anything that makes this president seem legitimate as a commander in chief as a duly elected president anything that gets in the way of that they will attack they will attack and that tad challenge we are back with paul. remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all in public life remember when the mainstream media called for the same tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be the turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults around and even violence.
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hello welcome to sophia mccomb sophie shevardnadze as they see fellow world cup two thousand and eighteen is in full swing here in russia streets are flooded with interest especially here behind me in a red square but what does that mean for the players on the ground while i ask a legendary french football player a winner of the world cup and the euro cup.


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