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nine. liberation. including. the speeding up. of u.s. child abuse. nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the. nation. making it compulsory for primary school children to learn both the country's national. joy. and finally the group stage of the. sixteen teams in the race to be crowned
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the champions. in the morning welcome to the program. countries have reached a much awaited compromise on tackling the migrant crisis under pressure from. central european countries europe's powerhouses france and germany have agreed to tougher regulations. breaks down the meetings outcomes. well after a night of long and terse discussions european leaders reached a compromise agreement but the fact of the matter is that there are some major changes that are now going to be implemented these include amongst others that migrants can no longer choose in which country they will live they will also be migrant centers that will be established in non european countries in this respect
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more support will be given to mediterranean countries that are also affected by the whole migrant crisis now the relocation of migrants across the european union will be done on a voluntary basis and at the same time the dublin agreement will be thoroughly reformed this is an agreement that places the responsibility on the country in which the migrants arrived in europe it places the responsibility on their country and as i say this will be performed so that what will happen is that you will have joint european forces risk use in the mediterranean sea for example and the responsibility of this will not fall as it has done in the past almost soley on the italian forces now the european powerhouses particularly france and germany are trying to present this as a victory for european union the french president as well as the german chancellor are pushing for this but what they fail to acknowledge is that they really have had to bow to pressure from italy and other central european countries you need to just
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look for example at the voluntary relocation of migrants it wasn't so long ago that the german chancellor angela merkel presented an unyielding stance on that suggesting that those countries who refused to take in new migrants would not receive the same kind of funding as those who adhere to the quota system and there was just over a week ago that we heard the french president micron lashing out at italy's new government for refusing to take in migrants from the aquarius vessel. on the system of the mechanism of sanctions which would exist in the case of also derek this is a debate we will have in the context of the financial perspective. for my part i'm in favor of having mechanism that take these into account we cannot have countries that massively benefit from e.u. soul gerrity and who massively claim they are national selfishness when it comes to the topic of migration because we often forget in the debates that we're having the realities that europe is not going through migrant crisis like it was in twenty
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fifteen this is not true of those who say these are not telling the truth even a country like italy doesn't have the same migrant pressure like it had last year for now it's ok seems as if italy has one forcing other countries to take into consideration its gripes the italian prime minister has hailed the outcome so i would say that overall we can the rule is satisfied it was a long negotiation and the from today is no longer well on thursday italy effectively blocked a statement and issued an ultimatum to brussels the situation was extremely tense with the european council president donald tusk warning that there was further division in store for europe what of course remains to be seen is how these new changes will be implemented on the ground and how in fact they alternately will pan out. prominent child abuse campaigner and nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. over allegations of paedophilia our correspondent caleb maupin reports. twenty two
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year old joel davis is outspoken in his activism against sexual violence that's what makes his recent arrest so disturbing joel davis has been arrested and it's alleged that he attempted to engage a minor in sexual activity and he's been distributing child pornography now beyond the basic charges the actual details of the case are pretty disturbing the f.b.i. picked up davis in a sting operation now they've revealed some of the text messages he exchanged with undercover agents what's about to follow is rather disturbing but it's actually not the most disturbing part of the correspondence during the course of the text conversations davis stated that he is into children ages zero plus and has no limits davis told him because the offices that he previously had sexual experiences with a nine month old boy a six year old go and a seven year old boy now according to the f.b.i.
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davis actually asked to the undercover agents to send him explicit videos and photographs of children the department of justice says they are appalled by the case conduct and edge to instill davis is unfathomable as it is sickening and as this case demonstrates to enforcement keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to bring predators to justice davis is for a long time been a very outspoken opponent of sexual violence and an advocate of human rights for two years he had a special position at the united nations he gave regular media appearances and his organization had over five thousand members and was very well funded around the world in order acted and respected in peacetime then you're not going to be able to protect them or respect them in conflict like you need to when you do need the rule of law and so many conflicts across the globe children's bodies are quickly becoming sites of violence where rape is used to terrorize and degrade to untie communities now davis went on to actually give a ted talk on the subject of expertise that it was two months ago and the video is
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now unavailable. when he was giving an interview to n.b.c. about how he combined charity work with his studies he said he feels like he's living a double life those are words that would come back to haunt him. archie new york. france is trying to instill patriotism in its young the country's education ministry has made learning the national anthem of them are so yeah it's compulsory for primary school children people will be required to know the history of the national anthem and of course the french creation they will need not just to learn the lyrics but also to sing the anthem at school the lion's share of the french public approximate ninety percent are in favor of making children learn the bar say yes. they should know this because it's the anthem of the fringe republic's seventeen nineteen so
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they in general that school i don't know where most of them are. children should know it improves i believe children should know it and it's school they can learn it not somewhere else. i think it's always good to learn by heart as a child but personally i find the masi is a bit bloody the text is very violent. its own national anthem so it makes sense for all french people to know it yes of course it's part of the french identity just like the flag the traditional french cuisine all in all it is the french culture we should know it well we just want to the most i think the most is a somewhat aggressive song it doesn't really represent the values of freedom equality and brotherhood. i don't want. to. i don't. know you know it's
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a revolutionary song but quite brutal if you listen to the words. yes why not but the french republic is first of all a massive is most of them oh yes certainly when not to where europeans to play city movie after this cultural opening towards europe well it's a different thing a different issue because europe it was constructed well france existed for centuries and europe is a much more recent development. that as well we want to join yes i know it but not as the european anthem did piaf sang it in french. i don't know it neither do i and you do you know it. and i while learning to be french patriots children or loss of your mind of the need to be good europeans as the laws of utah to recognize the european flag and
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anthem for ode to joy. or. the national movement to have it we need to learn that our previous we'll have to sing is a master yes but a nazi has a need is always no need to know anything about the so called european on scene you know that's probably is a mr mark or smith so i'd. give you something on the lead but as he was around it forces you to accept something as you know it when you're not call friends is too small for him is a citizen of the world he's a. big fan of globalism it's a big mistake and it's a very old fish and i didn't really time where it was shia in the united states in italia in slovenia in austria in sweden france now shown
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a national id is back. a new report from british intelligence to shed light on the widespread torture of terror suspects by the u.s. and u.k. though in the wake of nine eleven a pony boy critics of the story. eventually it's a very big truth of information it was eight years in the making and it's all about british spies and their involvement in torture and rendition all rather the extent of british involvement in torture and rendition in the years after nine eleven during the so-called war on terror the report says that the u.k. tolerated inexcusable treatment of u.s. detainees and that although there was no smoking gun per se the policy of the u.k. side and pierced have been to simply close their eyes to what the u.s. was getting up to with detainees the phrase used in the report is that agencies
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deliberately overlooked reports of mistreatment and rendition as a matter of institutional policy now to reason may has already responded to this these reports publications she said that u.k. personnel were working in a very new and challenging environment at the time which in some cases they weren't prepared for and it took too long the prime minister said to recognize that guidance and training for staff was inadequate and that detainee related work remains important and at times difficult but that intelligence and armed forces personnel are now much better placed to meet that challenge and also perhaps given the content of the report and how much it relates back to what was taking place in the u.s. at the time or what was being done by u.s. agencies there have been rumors swirling around this week in some of the papers that the u.s. government tried to censor the publication before it came out that was something
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that was denied by the heads of the committee that published the report dominic grieve and i've also got to say the u.s. is yet to comment on the publication that was made by the british government today now according to former british ambassador. kuantan m o b detainee they think britain was just looking others do its dirty work. well complicity and top target doesn't require you to be tortured in the course of we were complicit in people being sent to band the world in order to be tortured we paid the committee found we paid for people to be sent to build to be tortured the committee also found that on thirteen to fifteen the case of those. british agents present in the room actually while the torture was taking place the other point is that no top doesn't get too good usable intelligence hundred torture people will say anything
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to get the torture to stop it doesn't give you the truth it gives you what the torture wants to hear and that is not the same thing i thought if you meditate any crime what is simple it is the person that pulled the trigger literally that i played with bill is this the guy who just had a taste. of the person's mood and is a guy who drives the car everything britain did almost everything other than physically carry out the torch and in fact a lot of the torture only happened because the british made sure that these people ended up in guantanamo because they furnished that information to the americans in my case we're going to know what was it going to be to america but america came to me and only came to me because what the british told them this is our international still to come on the program we are down to the last sixteen in the world cup or bring in the scoop and just.
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we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question. who's going to be our coach. he's a huge star and. you have to be the center of the. you are the rock at the back. we need you to. go. along. and i really. appreciate. the review. as we go.
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all right let's get into it here on the group stage of the world cup is over only sixteen teams now remain in the race to be crowned as the champions for the first knockout games will be played on saturday argentina and france. and then it's portugal versus europe why in sochi the losers of each match will be out of the tournament the winners though through to the quarter finals now some teams have already of course already well packed their bags but not before capturing the experience of the tournament in photos and videos taken from all around this vast country and we've been compiling the best of these and the fans i checked online right now dot com.
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i. live. i. i i mean i live. i be live. so those days the final group game seven have quite as much at stake as some of the previous ones it was more a matter of finding out who would play whom in the knockout stage so very quickly here's a recap of what happened. live. live
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. live live live .
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obviously some have been somewhat disappointed at losing a game but don't these england fans says that team is now through to the next round anyway i took part in a joint celebration with belgium fans outside the kaliningrad stadium and that's where we managed to find our correspondent in the upper track. fountain talked she after he won their defeat over exit and just have a walk at what's happening outside the stair. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh the plane went over seconds here i mean if we can win today we can we need some. language just hear people say first round so to speak let me put it all together here now to put it for belgium. to the.
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guys in the three line swords are that same go with the guys from belgium we may be . a way to you guys and eventually they can enjoy. for the foreseeable time on ok obviously they will come to the skies of. course of the. most. seafood share you all over this is no zero zero zero zero zero zero to. come. but there is one man named james blish came jersey that i met her earlier was the really disappointed today the happy you're ok with it was bliss in the moment the stuff. so you can play colombia next and he's
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conflicted you're just not going to watch the game or what. what are you going to think in a month in colombia right now monster still so hard families going to be sending. me the movie like. this guys will say making women say i only did nothing a wish. to try go are seen from outside the stadium and kaliningrad arrive after the group gene decider if you can find some sponsors to bring us back to moscow when we play the final police records. rule one two three four five six i'm thinking ahead of the game against belgium english fans visited nizhny novgorod and there they met another rival russian football fans as our correspondent peter on a. so
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we're here in beijing you know good old lovely stadium just outside of the center of the city if you can see behind me the england team the in conversation right now sorting out their tactics over to mind right the team move russian english football sporting fund every sleeve there was some tensions between russian and english fans following the scenes we saw a ma say this is a bury the hatchet type of game i will be looking to see for pole be the winner here. well i'm glad i'm not buying because the hate is just ridiculous. the long. term but not when the lads just come off the ball their whole sound like their store was an experience for a so-called but it's good that when the ball's going out. of respect for the right
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for us to get back in form i shan't see good sellouts but we tend to go in with this. sort of silky skills from the england fans there just after the break. still to live in fairly. well to really well turn out as a three one win for england. writes me go it's great to meet all the local lads great to me other ringing fans well but absolutely enormous and yeah totally absolute nonsense there's going to be trouble here there's going to be this this weird atmosphere like you are the i must say only walls i was in most saying it was pretty horrific will be sold there but you would be here for a week and would not see anything along. being close to happening old still very very very friendly been nothing but welcoming we've met russians we've met found
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sleeping countries the fans always been a really really good side has been our problems that we've got one of the few plays over here was like play with the english lads oh it's a really fantastic good game. i think he'd certainly cool. i'm really tired but this is how it looked. good old it's a fantastic you know it's a cliche thing to say a festival of full force but it really really is it's been brilliant to watch i'm so glad i didn't have to play in the crippling he south from the road for take. off all the egyptian team the quest to lift the goal trophy is over but i found spirit still remain high as they continue to explore the cities of this vast country. i don't opt out a nickname i wouldn't. like to comment on the computer. is
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i mean that i have never. said i love. me a very. much. i wouldn't i mean. this is something i like it but we have been almost something. drawing.
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a lot meantime sophie shevardnadze spoke to french world cup when i questioned her humble who shared his view on the tournament and on football in general and you can watch the full interview a bit later on this john. we want to win and i want to lift the trophy. and so far i see one commitment in your life you need to try to reach this one and to go for it and what we are learning is trying to be successful and to avoid failure better is the failure is also. says something to push you to be on the your road to a new pathway to reach the goal and success at that too many obstacles there are too many temptation in your way and you need to avoid that you need to be very
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precise and to achieve this goal and daily need to work and to have also the commitment we do tend to make because the teamwork and you need to be with them together as one yeah. in and. began the new. well i thank you for sharing some of your friday but us here on international we come to you live from moscow with many more stories at the top of the hour. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guys. football
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so will transfer. and thinks it's going to. hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle
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remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all and life remember when the mainstream media called for the same tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be at a turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults harassment and even violence is a new civil war on. cross talking political civility i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post in west palm beach we have dr gina loudon she is a psychology expert and host of america trends with dr gina and in los angeles we cross to wrongful cone he is a comedian frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate gina let me go to you because i know your political stripes pretty well and reflect upon
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what i had to say in the introduction to mean if you don't agree you face insults harassment and bile and ask representatives beliefs about what it means to be on the receiving end of violence it seems to me and i don't want to overdramatize things but over the last few weeks it seems to me that part of the political spectrum wants to normalize political violence in terms of speech at least go ahead gina in west palm beach it's discouraging because i think that my whole political life my thing has been that sometimes i'm wrong and i hold myself out to the fact that i may be wrong. wrong but i enjoy the civil discourse as some of my favorite things to do have always been shows like yours where you can have a conversation in a civil dialogue without ridiculing the other person without calling them names without accusing them of some form of bigotry but the left has taken a tack you call it a civil war i'm calling it an uncivil.


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