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business. forum dot com. and the speeding up of the extradition process. a prominent u.s. . nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. . to foster a nation of european making it compulsory for primary school children both the country's national anthem and the ode to joy. the group of twenty eight hundred. sixteen teams now remain in the race to be crowned champions.
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and must go on this friday june the twenty nine. international of very warm welcomes. e.u. countries have now reached a much awaited compromise on tackling the migrant crisis under pressure from. central european countries europe. france and germany have agreed to tougher regulations correspondent breaks down the meetings outcomes. well after a night of long and terse discussions european leaders reached a compromise agreement but the fact of the matter is that there are some major changes that are now going to be implemented these include amongst others that migrants can no longer choose in which country they will live they will also be migrant centers that will be established in non european countries in this respect
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more support will be given to mediterranean countries that are also affected by the whole migrant crisis now the relocation of migrants across the european union will be done on a voluntary basis and at the same time the dublin agreement will be thoroughly reformed this is an agreement that places the responsibility on the country in which the migrants arrived in europe it places the responsibility on that country and as i say this will be reformed so that what will happen is that you will have joint european forces risk use in the mediterranean sea for example and the responsibility of this will not fall as it has done in the past almost soley on the italian forces now the european powerhouses particularly fonts in germany are trying to present this as a victory for european unity the french president as well as the german chancellor are pushing for this but what they fail to acknowledge is that they really have had to bow to pressure from italy and other central european countries you need to just
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look for example at the voluntary relocation of migrants it wasn't so long ago that the german chancellor angela merkel presented an unyielding stance on that suggesting that those countries who refused to take in new migrants would not receive the same kind of funding as those who adhere to the quota system and it was just over a week ago that we heard the french president micron lashing out at italy's new government for refusing to take in migrants from the aquarius vessel the reality is that europe is not going through a migrant crisis like it was in prince of fifteen this is not true to those who say these are not telling the truth but even can they. italy doesn't have the same migron pressure like it had last year. for now it certainly seems as if italy has won forcing other countries to take into consideration its gripes the italian prime minister has hailed the outcome. of that overrules weaken the rule it's not a swipe it was a long negotiation and the good from today is no longer. well on thursday italy
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effectively blocked a statement and issued an ultimatum to brussels the situation was extremely tense with the european council president donald tusk warning that there was further division in store for europe what of course remains to be seen is how these new changes will be implemented on the ground and how in fact they are ultimately will pan out. let's look at some more details on this and bring in italian journalist marcelo forward joining us here on the program today great to see you today what do you make of the e.u. summit outcome is it perhaps a victory for italy which got other member states perhaps to take into consideration its concerns. well i wouldn't say victory three but i would say that italy now clearly shows that he wants to counter the need in europe who want. should be heard anytime
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and of means that you respect basically was last year's social read that he thought he'd know he's a much stronger than two days ago but the better of the agreement i would say it's too early to say that it's a victory because they depression we have is that the agreement does not really solve the problem it's about the time postpone the solution of poverty and the big question is. europe really be able to solve the huge problem you should drive know which is the migrant. crisis that you know well it certainly has been dividing various european states for quite a few years now with some having an open door policy and other ones would prefer to have a closed door policy but a cello among the measures the e.u. leaders have agreed upon is the creation of migrant centers outside of europe how viable do you think it is i mean do you actually expect for example north african
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cunt countries and states to host such facilities and if they did what could they ask for in return. this is have excellent question and i'm sorry it happened over nouriel and wise to you for you and this is something that the logic of the everybody says it's a good solution let's keep the migrants and let's keep select. them instead of here if you are up but then you have to reach agreements or you have to face corruption which is very high enough and. then takes a lot of time so i guess it's a long term project. nobody knows. well you'd be. affected now this so this compromise agreement it does call for a migrant relocation on a voluntary basis do you think that might work in reality i mean how likely is it for example marcelo that countries that have said no to taking any will migrants
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will suddenly change their minds and say oh ok then open the door. i would say this will happen probably is that everybody will milk nobody wants the migrants. so and this is something that is no use for italy but this also gives the press the excuse let's say so too you don't need to say ok we will not accept migrants anymore here because nobody has to relocate them and my impression is really that this is a very critical point and there is no share solution mongar european countries and this is one of the topic that we face very rapidly your future and will be a very important topic for the european elections next year in the league here in italy we. won't if they keep
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a very. severe position on this topic. now we've spoken to various international and political analysts who have said that ultimately certain central european states and others manage to pressure france and germany to really sit down nine hours of talks and deliberations italy forcing some pressure on hungry slovenia for example doesn't want any more doors open to migrants coming from north africa my question to you marcelo is off to pressure has been put on france and off the pressure has been put on germany how true is it do you think that france and germany are really listening to other members of the european neighborhood or could it just be politicking. yes splitting. for america is a. political troubles we don't know whether she will be chancellor in the next weeks and so she she was obliged to do to reach
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a compromise. mr mccrone is not consistent i thought i mean he's keep saying that the wants are morris' only. human europe but then he is the first whole blocks migrants in the war that in italy the blocks the ports. does not accept n.g.o.s vessels to arrive in french ports and this is something that really is shocking for the other counties because i said how can france good lessons to us when they are not at all an example to follow and. i for chrissie i would say from the french press in the muck wrong as not been sort of the symbol for me to my impression is that there are two options the first option is we break every think europe is over of the show going to is over my guess is over all we try to the faith is to sign
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a compromise which does not solve the problems and gives us more time to see where we can really find a solution and this topic and at the end also all the countries visigoth conference eataly did that at least europe. had a new. chance. to survive about that i'm personally quite skeptical that with this attitude with the attitude of press and mccrone. it's possible to find a compromise a stable solution. italian journalist very interesting comments indeed thank you for your time today thanks for joining us. and i would say thank you her big. thank you for joining us as well a prominent unteach child abuse campaign a nobel peace prize nominee has been arrested by the f.b.i. of allegations of paedophilia our correspondent kelly mccann investigates twenty
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two year old joel davis is outspoken in his activism against sexual violence that's what makes his recent arrest so disturbing joel davis has been arrested and it's alleged that he attempted to engage a minor in sexual activity and he's been distributing child pornography now beyond the basic charges the actual details of the case are pretty disturbing the f.b.i. picked up davis in a sting operation now they've revealed some of the text messages he exchanged with undercover agents what's about to follow is rather disturbing but it's actually not the most disturbing part of the correspondence during the course of the text conversations davis stated that he is into children ages zero plus and has no limits davis told him because the offices that he previously had sexual experiences with a nine month old boy and six year old go and the seven year old boy now according to the f.b.i. davis actually asked to the undercover agents to send him explicit videos and
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photographs of children the department of justice says they are appalled by the case conduct and as to instill davis is unfathomable as it is sickening and as this case demonstrates who are in force and keep its watchful eye on the dark is corners of the internet to print credits is justice and davis is for a long time been a very outspoken opponent of sexual violence and an advocate of human rights for two years he had a special position at the united nations he gave regular media appearances and his organization had over five thousand members and was very well funded around the world in order acted and respected in peacetime then you're not going to be able to protect them or respect them in conflict like you need to when you do need the rule of law. in so many conflicts across the globe children's bodies are quickly becoming sites of violence where rape is used to terrorize and degrade entire communities now davis went on to actually give a ted talk on the subject of expertise that it was two months ago and the video is
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now unavailable when he was giving an interview to n.b.c. about how he combined charity work with his studies he said he feels like he's living a double life those are words that would come back to haunt him able to mop up archie new york. province is trying to instill patriotism in its young the country's education ministry has made learning the national anthem the bar so yeah it's compulsory for primary school children now pupils will be required to know the history of the national anthem and all of the creation of the french flag they will need not just to learn the lyrics but also to sing the anthem at school a lion's share of the french public some ninety percent approximately are in favor of making the children learn them are saying yes. yes they should know this answer because it's the anthem of the french republic since seventy nine so they in general learned at school i don't know why mr martin
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. all children should know it's improved children should know it and it's school they can learn not somewhere else. i think it's always good to learn songs by heart as a child but personally i find the mercy is a bit bloody the text is very violent. it's no national anthem it so it makes sense for all french people to know it yes of course it's part of the french identity just like the flag the traditional french we see all in all it is the french culture we should know it well we just want to the most i think the most is a somewhat aggressive song but it doesn't really represent the values of freedom equality and brotherhood. i don't know. i don't. even. know you know it's a revolutionary song that's quite brutal if you listen to the words.
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yes one note but the french republic is first of all i must say yes. yes certainly why not here europeans to play sixty media after this cultural opening towards europe well it's a different thing a different issue because europe it was constructed well france existed for centuries and europe is a much more recent development. the lowdown as well we want to joy yes i know it but not as the european anthem did piaf sang it in french. i don't know it. neither do i and you do you know it. and while i learned to be french patriots children all severe reminded of the need to be good europeans is that also be taught to recognize the european flag from the
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oed to joy her. it's a national movement to have it we appear to learn that our previous we'll have to sing is a master yes but honestly as a knee there was no need to know anything about the so-called european scene you know that's probably isn't mr mark for smith so i'd. give you something i will never vote as he was around it forces you to accept something as you know it when you're not call friends is too small for him is a citizen of the world he is a. big fan of globalism it's a big mistake and it's a very old fish and i didn't really time where it was shia in the united states italia and slovenia in australia should influence sort of you know now shown
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a national id is back this is r.t. international it's down to the last sixteen in the world cup we've got all the details just about. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great one more chance for. the base this minute.
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all right let's get into it here on the program on the group stage of the world cup is over only sixteen teams remain in the race to be crowned as the champions the first knockout games we've played on saturday. and then it's portugal versus uruguay in. the losers reach match who will be out of the tournament the windows though of course through the quarter finals. teams and their
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fans of course already had to pack their bags but not before capturing the experience of the tournament in photos and videos taken across the country and we've been compiling some of the best of them you can check out our fans eye view project at our dot com. yes. i.
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was. right i'm now joined by our london correspondent who's been covering the world cup from the venice of the north st petersburg good to have you actually back in moscow and nice to see you face to face you've been having far too much fun it isn't petersburg how has it been yeah it's been amazing so that's my first time ever being in st petersburg i've only been to russia once before and that was two months ago when i came to cover actually another football story when arsenal drew c.s.k. in the europa league. i followed the group boston fans who travels here it was just after a bit of a diplomatic fallout between the care and russia so not many english fans came and so i followed that but i was only in moscow then so for the last two weeks i've been to some petersburg and it's just it's really shocked i have no idea just how cool a city it was how beautiful it was and. the past two weeks have been cool and the
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well how kind of people have you been meeting the i mean obviously you've got your football fans but it's a huge mix of internationals that have descended upon some petersburg yes so the first two teams to play there were iran and rocco and there were huge numbers both sets of fans probably more rain and it was just great like the russian people. involved there were also found some of the country so even though there's been a number of teams playing. i've seen mexican fans there who haven't played and a rule i would say like it's just been so much fun and actually i think we can even see like some of the probably the highlights of the last two weeks i've had. this fifty year old volkswagen beetle has been driven by mr and his friend col from brazil. the south american countries before getting the shit out of the
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ocean to come here and enjoy the world cup. let's go. there were so many other great players in the old into the schools you have to really perform today but you go. take you. look. i see you got somebody some pictures of your friends from the political situation. looking. would. you say you see. they are. the same pieces that happy with that was all they would. come to make up the funding.
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was it was always good seeing was it. thank you for just being getting absolutely mobbed by the fads and some pitas but the world cup the energy has been absolutely amazing now ok serious side there the games you've covered what are some of the games. so it's a peters but in addition to the run more game it was russia against egypt and it was a huge game of course because russia wyman of course the host country going through to the last sixteen in that game and it's the first time russia has been through to the knockout stages of walkup since one thousand nine hundred six so yeah this fire was amazing overwhelmingly russian crowd. the other game there's brazil costa rica but also argentina nigeria and nigerians were five minutes away from going through and when argentina school the noise in the stadium i have i like football i go to games in england i haven't heard a noise like that you have a. right it was crazy and so you know it's just what's been striking about the walk
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the football has been really good there's been one goal of straw in all of these opening games which is like i'm heard of it's just great because we've also had a good amount of drama and scandals as well germany who would have thought germany knocked out i mean i was absolutely shocked by that what about the teams that have really impressed you at the world cup so far you mentioned nigeria for example those senegal's been doing quite well any other teams yes so that was really really upset and see them go out yesterday on a technicality they went out because they had. japan did and they were really good especially in the first game that they played and they really brightened up the atmosphere the supporters were fantastic i was also impressed with a rod i'm a bit biased by bombs or radio but they played really really well against portugal and spain and just relax perhaps some quality to really go through have been fantastic the way they beat argentina they were really dug in and. so there were some good teams got the team all the big teams that actually struggled you know france just you know the first daily struggle to australia for germany had gone out
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in portugal didn't have it easy brazil was sweating in a few of their games so it's yeah it's been good it's been really enjoying a lot of surprises yesterday's games your thoughts so yesterday again you know colombia going through. such dramatic. styled they they were perhaps the least favorite of the teams in the group they started off and. in the other day and again japan going through on the yellow card it just shows like the margins have been so thin in some of these some of these groups and of course in the game yesterday as well that's been interesting in the belgian had qualified and it was interesting because almost close to wanted to lose because that meant in a sense they had an easier run that's right the semi so england won the down and they didn't look like they had that much urgency to win the game and now they've got potentially a very easy run to the semifinals whereas the other side of the draw which belgium are in could to brazil and others what about what about the people you are meeting
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there are some petersburg because you we were talking a few moments ago just outside of the studio and i live here in moscow and so i get on the metro every day absolutely crammed with with football fans and i've been speaking to some people from australia and other parts of the world who have had a really surprising experience if i had to in the metro to australian say to me we are embarrassed we are embarrassed to be here and enjoy this football world cup so much after being so convinced by the media that we are actually going to come and find trouble what was your experience i think there were a lot of people who probably felt the same way. and what i've also found interesting is that russia. has had an interesting conversation with a russian yesterday actually and he said that we have a big club football culture but as far as international football goes and supporting russia as a country we don't. have a great international team we're not really a big international football country but the way they've embraced the tournament the local people has been amazing i think it's good for russia i think it's opened
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russia up to so many new people and cultures and ideas and those people coming to russia it's opened them up to i think outside of russia we don't see in the west and again i myself you know. i mean working for r.t. for four years i have no preconceived bias about russia which has been shaped by the media environment in in the u.k. so when i come here as well it's. been a huge shock and many people have repeated the same thing they didn't expect to be so organized they didn't expect everything to be i want to be so friendly and i think that's been key and also we've been lucky the weather's been fantastic as well so it's these little things that all come together and again the football on the pitch has been fantastic as well so all of these factors have come together i think there's going to be a lot of fans who are going home. happy and probably telling their family members there was one guy who told me my family thought i was going to get stabbed killed beaten up and by the end of the conversation on what's up they were like you know i'm going to book a holiday to come so you know there are lots of kind of intangible kind of benefits
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of come out of this one of the definitely i mean it has been a good p.r. campaign for russia but you know thank goodness for that ultimately because of all this and see russia this putin that and then you finally realize that this is the beautiful game that unites people from every part of the globe listen i know you're a busy man before i let you go let's play a little bit of joy what are your predictions for the tournament who is going to win. i think i said at the beginning of the tournament. and i think the way england's draw sets up this is probably the best option if they've got four years of four young team no pressure so my daughter course is croatia really ok i'm going to hold you to it. finally here in moscow after coming back from some petersburg your coverage of the world cup i enjoyed it very much thanks a lot excellent. but i thank you for joining us here on r.t. international plenty more of your latest world cup and your world headlines in about africa.
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