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president trump refuses to rule out recognizing crimea as part of russia head of a summit with lot of. new leaders are reaching binding agreement on the migrant crisis but more that there is still a long way to go to solve the problem. the u.s. and child abuse and campaigner and a nobel peace prize nominee is arrested by the f.b.i. over allegations of pedophilia. or broadcast and direct from our studios in moscow this is our thomas certainly glad to have you with us now president donald trump says he does not rule out
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recognizing crimea as russian province rejoined russia in two thousand and fourteen but is still considered by western countries to be part of ukraine r.t. samir khan has more. on board air force one on friday trump spoke to reporters about his upcoming meetings with wooden when a reporter asked him if he'd recognize crimea as part of russia he said quote we're going to have to see but then he blamed obama for the entire crimea debacle saying that it was a shame that obama gave up crimea now to remind the viewers of what happened in crimea back in twenty fourteen a referendum was held with international observers present and ninety seven percent of the population voted to secede from ukraine and join russia the west refuse to recognize this plebiscite and then impose sanctions on russia and then separate ones on crimea but just this week we also heard from another u.s. official regarding crimea john bolton who said the trouble wouldn't recognize
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crimea as part of russia so conflicting views coming from the trumpet ministration which seems like basic protocol at this point but if these statements come a few weeks before trump's summit with putin that's scheduled for july sixteenth in helsinki finland but this isn't the first time that trump has discussed relations with russia during the g. seven summit trump said that russia should be reinstated let's check out what he said i would. say as opposed to this. is a more meaningful group. it's also said that he'd be discussing a range of other issues with president putin including alleged election interference syria ukraine relations with china and russia to possibly deescalate the conflicts going on in the world but until july sixteenth we won't know exactly what happened so we'll just have to wait until then. you leaders have reached
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a tentative deal on immigration after a two day summit they seem happy with the agreement but european council president donald tusk said that. timing was just the easy part. as regards charlotte do you know migration it's far too early to talk about the success. we have for managed to reach an agreement in the group your local sort but this is in fact the easiest part of the task. stored through a shot from the grove as we heard there the european union leaders have reached a compromise agreement over the whole migrant issue there are some major changes that have been put forward and these include the fact that migrants can no longer choose where they will live migrant centers will be set up in non european countries at the same time there will be more support given to mediterranean countries that are affected by the whole migrant crisis the relocation of migrants across europe will take place on a voluntary basis and the dublin agreement that essentially says that the
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responsibility for care of migrants wastes on the country where there migrant entered europe or this is now going to be completely revised and what it means is that we will see joint european forces monitoring rescue operations in the mediterranean sea and the responsibility for this not falling soley on the shoulders of the italians the agreement however is non binding and it comes in an effort by europeans to show solidarity after late on tuesday the italians refused to add here to agreements that had been made on other issues on military financial and digital issues until the migrant issue was solved today it is about from our small intermittent receiving a lot of things have based on the interest of can't really go those as soon as it was doing the whole question is essentially what does a non-binding agreement mean we are hearing from the italian prime minister who
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says to quote that italy could initiate procedures against european union members who do not respect the deal now although you have the german chancellor angela merkel in the french president. stressing that the shows you have planned unity what is clear is that they've had to bow to the pressure of the italians and other central european states what we hearing from the german chancellor is met here and said this is not the end of the vote and this is an important step in the right direction where of course not he added the end of the vote the latest spat started when italy said it would no longer take in migrants now the new agreement states that if a migrant for example is picked up on the german austrian border but was registered in greece or spain he or she can be sent back the question remains of course how exactly this will be implemented on the ground and how this new agreement will pan out. experts told us that despite the show of unity from european leaders member states are still divided for america's. political troubles we don't know
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whether she will become chancellor in the next weeks and so she she was obliged to do to reach a compromise about mr mccrone is not consistent i thought i mean he's keep saying that the wants are more slowly than. human europe but then he is a first of all blocks migrants. and on the border mr lee the blocks the force without does not accept n.g.o.s vessels to arrive in the french ports and this is something that really is shocking for the other countries because i said how can france good lessons to us when they are not at all an example to follow the e.u. . made a show of unity but. show of unity became in you and then in its
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center of echoes or via so many crises but it went to to mask the fragmentation of e.u. but at the same time. this compromise when you look at the compromise east quite too weak. to say it's typical of e.u. . and be gritty east part of a compromise because he's so constructive on big ricci so everybody can agree but actually the problem is. the push to of dates and of a try to gain time but if you look at what has been agreed everything is voluntary it means on their very own terry basis there is no obligation to any decisions taken in this compromised. lattimer put in and donald trump will be holding very first a summit two weeks from now in finland this comes at
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a difficult time in relations between the west and russia over the screwball poisoning sanctions and allegations of election meddling russia's foreign minister touched upon all of those issues and in interview with a british t.v. network. can. you give any assurances that the upcoming midterm elections if you know it's time will not be meddled with by the press or something because we kill an intelligent if you scale something which is based on highly unlikely will it might be. the rest of the united states has been going for horrible in the euro because no we'll probably do indicted the internet research agency the russian troll factory has a thirty second video in that is something which requires a trail and then just. submitted their old case and they chipped quite
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a number of things which were used for the day so let's not jump the gun. it was loose carol but i don't think that the what you called the green who said sentence forced the dick later i don't think this logic is going to prevail this whole russia election meddling hysteria according to sergei lavrov is a prime example of a new and trendy mentality kind of act to accuse stand figure out later with the investigation into the russian interference in the us presidential elections still ongoing and in his opinion in opinion this approach prevails on the global geo political scene right now and they've even led to this quite peculiar exchange between him and the journalist. there are many in the west who say that the chaos whether it spreads it whether it's whether it's from the white house or good at all in the world but all of it before leaving the cycle
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he was there for good for skeptical action since rhythm that the brotherhood is also into that later but the chaos a good one to the un to me this does the chaos benefit russia as some in the west said. you have to be within the. historical free. for the logical for human because goodness it's russia a couple of weeks before the presidential elections and the months before the world what it will do you say from alleged chemical attacks in syria to the us elections i mean geographically wise sic users have found russia's fingerprints well pretty much all over the world standing out of those cases they always the case of this crippled poisoning back in march if you don't remember. a former double agent for the u.k. and his daughter were found poisoned apparently by a very powerful nerve agent in the u.k. city of the sales berry and the u.k.
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is adamant russia did it in fact they presented russia with one question was it vladimir putin who ordered the poisoning did just fly them a putin kind of lost control of the people who eventually poisoned. and his daughter so sergey lavrov was confronted in the interview without. the british state of the coverup of this whole incident i don't exclude this one as long as they don't give us information you know that about the russians it is citizens who have died in london during the posters all altered cases have been investigated in the secret for we don't understand. and if you want to know the reason. well it's you know one of the ways guys who is the. united kingdom but the political from what is going on.
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actually it's it's come to think of it it's an interesting situation whereby the country which is living in the european union has determined the european union for this sort of rush when they were ready for all you know look at all some of the europeans you know say you must expose the russians diplomats you must expel them so they did most of them some good now again official london has been maintaining that it was only moscow we had both motive and means to carry out a poisoning like this one in fact a lot of european countries sided with the united kingdom they expelled diplomats just like london did expelled russian diplomats and russia in its turn responded by doing the same and when it comes to a more generic story line of the interview for i may say so a lot of talk about the highly likely the infamous highly likely aspect of the
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rhetoric aspect of things nowadays sergey lavrov also has stressed that in his opinion we are already living in what he calls opposed to west to work and as for russia's role in this post west world he says that more school plans to play a role on equal parts an equal role with other players. in this whole thing so when it comes to some predictions for the future for some forecasting there you have it . a prominent campaigner against child abuse has been arrested by the f.b.i. over allegations of pedophilia been comet's. twenty two year old joel davis is outspoken in his activism against sexual violence that's what makes his recent arrest so disturbing joel davis has been arrested and it's alleged that he attempted to engage a minor in sexual activity and he's been distributing child pornography now beyond
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the basic charges the actual details of the case are pretty disturbing the f.b.i. picked up davis in a sting operation now they've revealed some of the text messages he exchanged with undercover agents what's about to follow is rather disturbing but it's actually not the most disturbing part of the correspondence joining the course of the text conversations davis stated that he is into children ages zero plus and has no limits davis told him because of the offices that he previously had sexual experiences with a nine month old boy a six year old go and a seven year old boy now according to the f.b.i. davis actually asked the undercover agents to send him explicit videos and photographs of children the department of justice says they are appalled by the case conduct and edged again still davis is unfathomable as it is sickening and as this case demonstrates to enforcement keep its watchful eye on the darkest corners of the internet to print predators to justice davis is
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a long time outspoken advocate of human rights he had a organization with over five thousand people it was very well funded he gave regular media appearances in our acted and respected in peacetime then you're not going to be able to protect them or respect them in conflict like you need to when you do need the rule of law and so many conflicts across the globe children's bodies are quickly becoming sites of violence where rape is used to terrorize and to great entire communities now davis went on to actually give a ted talk on the subject of expertise that it was two months ago and the video is now unavailable when he was giving an interview to n.b.c. about how he combined charity work with his studies he said he feels like he's lived. a double life those are words that would come back to haunt him able to mop and artsy new york. two palestinians have been killed in protests on the israel gaza border according to palestinian officials a teenager is said to be one of the dead the anti occupation rallies have been
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ongoing since late of march. but. there just going to. be injury after injury and as you see sense the beginning of the beginning of the protests today the fourteenth week of the great march of return at least twenty palestinians have been injured by live ammunition and tear gas canisters the israeli forces continue to use the lethal force against the palestinian protesters palestinians have been protesting for more than fourteen weeks demanding demanding the right of return demanding the right of defeating the locate that has been imposed on the gaza strip by israel since the beginning of the protest says the beginning of the great march of return one hundred thirty one palestinians have been killed and more than fourteen thousand palestinians have been injured including fifty four palestinians who got limbs amputated from the
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upper and lower body where the israeli forces have been using explosive bullets that have been fracture and fractured completely fractured bones and tissues and causing long lasting disability i'm now standing approximately two hundred meters away only from the fence and it's very clear that the israeli soldiers are have really stationed the protests continue palestinians continue to protest and it's very clear that they have a message to the world that they won't give up on their land they won't give up on jerusalem and they won't give up on trying to stick liberation. israel says its soldiers are acting purely in self-defense tel aviv considers the palestinian based organization hamas as terrorist and says it uses protesters to breach of the border . the french government has made learning at the national anthem compulsory for primary school children and pupils will be required to know the history of the
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national anthem and the french flags creation they will need not just to learn the words and sing them at school the vast majority of the french public some ninety percent are in favor of making children learn the anthem. yes they should know this answer because it's the anthem of the french republic since seventeen ninety two so they in general learned at school i don't know why mr macro all of a sudden realize that all children should know it in principle children should know it and it's a school they can learn not somewhere else. i think it's always good to learn songs by heart as a child but personally i find the musée as a bit bloody the text is very violent. its own national anthem and so it makes sense for all french people to know with us of course it's part of the french identity just like the flag the traditional french cuisine all in all it is the french culture we should know it well we just want to the most i think the most
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a is a somewhat aggressive song it doesn't really represent the values of freedom equality and brotherhood. i don't want. to thank you. i don't. even. know you know it's a revolutionary song but quite brutal if you listen to the words. yes why not but the french republic is first of all i must say yes most of them yes certainly when not where europeans to place it immediately after this cultural opening towards europe well it's a different thing a different issue because europe it was constructed well france existed for centuries and europe has a much more recent development. you know that as well
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we want to join yes i know it but not as the european anthem did piaf sang it in french. and i don't know it. neither do i and you do you know it. while learning to be french patriots children will also be reminded of the need to be good europeans as they will also be taught to recognize the european flag and anthem the ode to joy. bur. it's a national movement to have it we need to learn is that our previous we have to sing is a mass a yes but it's a nazi is a need is always no need to know anything about the so called european unseen you know that's probably not force me so i'd. give you something i know and then but i
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was always around it forces you to accept something as you know it when you're not call friends is too small for him is a citizen of the world he's a. big fan of globalism it's a big mistake and it's a very old fashioned idea. really time where it was in the united states italia and slovenia knows too ya and would influence if you know now shown and the sure knowledge that id is back. with the fifa world cup is about to enter the knockout stage sixteen of the original thirty two teams remaining in the race to beat him in the first games on
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saturday argentina and france clash into zan followed by force of will and would lie in sochi when it was a teacher match will be through to the quarter final. portugal's star player christiane all run aldo seemed upbeat in training ahead of the decisive game against or why and even showed off some dancing skills once now take a look at the world cup so far in figures.
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some teams and their fans have started the journey home but not before capturing their experiences in photos and videos taken around russia r.t. has started to compile some of the best of these and you can check out our fans eye view project online at r.t. dot com. thanks. god. i.
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was. those fans are still in russia are making their presence even more colorful mexican showed off their day of the dead style costumes in the very center of moscow. he. could be forgiven for thinking the sea is something. but actually this is one of. the. mexicans the long haul celebrates the truck was purchased the next week they brought it to the roots of this ceremony goes back to the pre-christian period in mexico but it's usually
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a good program but how about this much of the but this takes place it must go next to community. i would say that russian. always runs doesn't go there's a really great atmosphere you know it's a really nice man and i think it's really nice to have like mixing it with a sense spirit and that old russia can see a lot of things here it's. really important because it's the day when you can remember. ancestors all the. people that it's not with you anymore. body i'm everything going on the pond i'm very happy that we. are part of this exhibition includes all the work in the traditional mexican style you've got these frogs and these plates and these dishes and even some of these quite scary looking skulls but the best part. of this should all mexican food.
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let's take a quick recap of the final group matches played on thursday and the first games of the day colombia sent a senegal out with a tight one no when japan joined the coffee growers in the last sixteen and despite losing to poland and later belgium beat england one nil including grant both of those were already through to the next round and tunisia won two to one in their match with the panama but exited the tournament nonetheless. many columbia fans are visiting russia for the first time and so far they seem to have been pleasantly surprised. i.
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suspect but i believe that people dismissed. them seem to. miss you must miss. the wife and i see that it's. easy the police would leap from. some point in the ship which i'm going to. use a phrase i probably did before the police. but i was just i was quick to say i didn't say. it's. another sixteen teams have had their world cup dream has ended but not all of
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them received a warm welcome home the south korean squad were pelted with eggs upon their return even though their victory on wednesday eliminated the reigning champions germany from the tournament. came also had questions thrown at them to describe the shocking defeat handed out to germany it was not enough for south korea to go through to the round of sixteen squad still thanked their fans for support and will return to competitive action at the two thousand nine hundred eighty in january and we heard from the bulgarian football legend stories call about his impressions of the tournaments so far i am going out with so that i'm not a big fan of comparisons every world cup especially every team is special and for years a lot has happened in the last world cup in brazil spain arrived just champions but
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failed to reach the knockout stage today we see the current champions germany going home every day brings new surprises after that everyone thought it would take something extraordinary for colombia not to qualify they won but with difficulty brazil's not yet convinced me that they are a competitive team in my opinion neymar is still in shock and hasn't showed himself to be the football player i know from boss alone and it's not visible because it plays better because of the injury he doubted whether he would end we see james rodriguez has not yet recovered so there are many fact is and in addition historically europe is for europeans either does or for me have got more news in about thirty minutes you're watching international stay with us. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich
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. but you going to be press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. surface hippies very valuable and very competent so so far we go to do something to be competitive also as a footballer and therefore we know from that when we come back to the national team we brits over this know the truth and we can perform it's a. tree brags that it was all about the british might to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into a g.d.p. rocketship and take on the world cool britannia go britannia well it turns out they're all.


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