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i am not out of luck though does that not out of the mouth of the money go there when i met him. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. not out loud get out my little body not far north then again to our son or ex chanting in the old people we believe is the beer. bottle of my kids i don't want them up a side johnny boy are you the moment i thought of mother having little accusers are there a lot of them i'm a little white community older looking at the pimp i don't want to put out a look at my watch party with i don't know them of the world it.
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i don't think that in the face of such little doubt that he. did. this right here one time i was attacked by five people and they took my bike told them the risk. and the. teenage daughters and i would like to be treated what i do effect makes this is the safest of my knife point. late last year and this is where one
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of the gang rapes took place in this. place the children actually play and it was about three o'clock in the night under aged woman yeah who was brutally raped by three a steady and. there with horror stories the movers in the city about what they did to her and i would not repeat them but there was very graphic details about this rape and one of the policeman said that he had never experienced anything like that before his night and i've never seen anything like it. sweden doesn't collect data on the background of criminals in the country and speaking out against migrants is a big taboo in here that's why journalists and bloggers who are not afraid to do some digging and speak their minds. becoming more popular hate welcome to sweden this is the number one rape capital of europe just swedes are the most self-loading
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people on the entire globe but i have never come across a country where nationalism is one of the biggest taboo stupidly where it's considered to be racist it's gotten worse in every way and we probably have before it's gotten worse well boy is become a phenomenon thanks to the variation from afghanistan and even the mainstream media reported on this because you can't really hide it anymore there's been i think fifteen gang rapes on boys so this is happening in refugee camps this is a typical image of a refugee and he really looks like he's happy screwed over sweden. there's tons of images like these her family grew it for more and it's like what is this these are these are not kids look at this guy this is not a kid these middle aged women there are a few jackson adopt refugee children and then have sex with them this looks kinky it just looks sexual it looks perverse and they all look the same but it's all like
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this is not a kid this is not a kid. let's say immigration was primarily women instead of is that of men so imagine a group of old guys flocking to get or waiting to take care of these refugee girls everyone would be talking about how disgusting and put a feely ak it is but since it's women were kind of like holding on to the idea that there seemed there's such a lack of resources that people actually dying because of that. it's very much the welfare state is crumbling you could say we're not going to have a stable social systems if it carries on in this way. the angry foreigner is highlighting what he sees as the issues journalist a great call chris says that's not enough anymore i first met her in two thousand and sixteen when she took me to her childhood neighborhood to show me how much it had changed because of integration. and
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here you see. he's always been there his sort of part of this. this was some people have always known that this is the building where is it and now because the students are taking over here they have to put something. so that they are welcoming. i mean this is part of the building what evil could jesus on the wall do to you why do we say that all muslims get offended why can't we get offended we never get to me i mean they push their rules on us they don't so then you cannot be on the house anymore. i was worried when you saw me two years ago and now i am even more worried people are really scared specially women we will be carrying a mano. in our country in there maybe in twenty years maybe you can say we are
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buying our. doctors and how someone comes there. not only so much as a golem back in a month with a lot of little senegal or. some couldn't afford the much and then you me and. they can be gassed ones going to someone something for. us on what land would be sucked. healable water. don't it's. your or england or the on the floor among. the feels about it so i. will finish that offer. but the. but who still stands i leave it to be about their first idea for a long or. they call mobley. conflict or they call.
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it because. it can almost all of. police care is for sure a bigger than say involving a list of. maybe long to fourteen record for opt for a practice you are in on the water out of the medical. world order for that to come about to get what is to go to get rid of all foreigners fools. no it's not outgo we want to be a swedish country and we want a lot of the people who live here now to go back to that is of course we don't want to get rid of all for him people we want the swedes to be in big majority because it's our country but of course no country can survive you know always people who who come in bring nice things to us. around two thirds of the people here asked us
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not to show their faces for fear of being judged or even fired speaking out against immigration remains a huge taboo in sweden but some are more fearless than others hans for example. a man so fed up with immigration he actually relocated with his wife to avoid seal foreigners little did he know that what he sees as trouble would end up right on his doorstep this is the house which. now will be open not the first of march. they say twelve young. boys from. i think it's will be muslims because it's palestinian salafist rented the house in which of the approval for running the school it's a dangerous situation looking new york at google. absolutely no good
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they're exporting problems from the big big towns big cities. unhealthy more exporting problems out to the villages so they buy. or rent apartments and they put the problems there and. make hans and his wife live in the melissa palatino one of the only places to hold an immigration referendum in which the majority voted against accept the refugees that was in the late eighty's and the band has since been overturned it's a cultural core to doc's cross and i bolted the day when we drove around town in france and we heard on the radio that two muslims attacked the church and assaulted firearms and that troth how loud slaughter a priest in an age of eighty four years i have to show from now on i said to myself why i come from my culture is a christian culture and we don't do things like that and we will tell you if you do
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them then we hate you and someday hopefully we will do something about you to stop you doing. what is someone who lived here as a neighbor there and. for example painting with jesus on a platter or you know the equivalent of like you have mom and both jesus would do with how the hell would you feel about that. people on the i want what i want. we don't care that is. backbone. that's freedom as long as it does not interfere other people's freedoms and then. we are raised with that system and also you know i mean even if there were it would be really provocative jesus on whatever i want and i wouldn't like it but i just let him do that.
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i'm sorry oh i would think i would talk some till reste i'm trying to supper time. racist must see whatever it is i have all the labels on me and i'm proud of that. the government has always been very careful not to inside racial hatred warning sweet not selling crime and migration. the people who are causing problems for us today the vast majority of them were born in sweden and that's not a notion of migration they're focusing on it's a gratian in social inclusion that appears to be the challenge but they're doing everything they can to teach newcomers their values and language and get the working as soon as possible it's about having respect for basic swedish values you have those rights duties here and also having the right opportunities to establish yourself in sweeter society we want to help us be people as we can.
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they just want to fill you up with new people and i don't know that people in fact there is this guilt you know like the germans their fate themselves. for what they did of the second world war i mean. i think. i can we believe up the steps. you were telling that we have to consider that. you will stop the deer. on the beach that they'll be a movie star. had. plenty of this a b m i live in. which is about one hundred kilometers i've been doing this for about one of them up here now i think i don't because i have kids when i
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was younger i think to be safe but you can't do that anymore especially in this is no less. helps. a lot slower while ends like the way one of those are going sky high let's say a gang rapes robbery. everything is so kind i don't think that they have resources enough to clean up the mess some of the maids. may mean in my city we have a life full bore no go zones where the police i'm guilty or go all of them that i don't believe in a very weak sick in the so along with my boy. i work a lot too but i do i work more than full time so this fellow yeah we were talking about that earlier today me and my co-leader that i have trouble we spend somewhere between twenty and thirty friends and swedish crowns all going out here and that's
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mostly us i want my kids to be safe and others kids as well and when i get older i hope someone else gets the same so i can go outside because my older relatives they don't. they don't even go shopping when the park because they have in the wrong places. you know world a big part of. ma and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth. the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you long to be called for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just go ahead i mean i list put video and put him in the neighborly is that i live explaining to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took the kite invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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fulsomely off it will open a good place. the issue should be so. also what. was pulled up off before the. awful. you know it. all most of us. but it gets boring. for him also more. he'll still be throwing up the office of opposing the from. the right. for i thought only come up something they. didn't know who you are of course yes they're both also have a good connection with the police. we turned them over time. where
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we're going to go and start and finish time so. they wouldn't admit that they were built across very god but very very their traditional. south. in so many new months. just from where walking at some point where most would say something on the door it was. just too like integrate. we receive many flyers. from. difference. let's say you know job. is. blue cross in the us as they did last will give you no loopholes in each other . enough to russ just gracious it's
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a cool free speech we in immigrants and it's we just received this is the one example. like what kind of rice is a refined. another go study you know just take the bus for me. and you know it's to tell you see me telling you off on this well you know if you sit right here but we've got to be a force of some serious injury and we need to help you we are not going to jobs. anything from them we just come here because of some problem. and we need help. sites. it's not the way you say you come here focus on safety and you want to work . out some people still leave. so not just me. or
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divest my george ninety nine percent of the people in this city just want to live normal quiet lives. and there's just a little a little few of them that are doing the rapes that are doing the shootings and we are tired of it it seems that you are targeting a particular school for example your targets. refugees are the targets in my field so it might seem so old and yes. that is where it all started from. but what we do petros even if we. if we are. doing heart. breaking. terrorist. take action doesn't matter where he's from doesn't matter if.
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we don't do any crime. you could find a star family for me you know. i wonder. if me yet but the cops are coming. we're not against must once we're not the gays. we're not against serbia's against. one of you know. the guy we're told that we can do this to. say yeah. basically the employer. as you noticed first next to us through this it was we were discussing. then he has this out because. he's a migrant himself as i was explaining before we've become. a
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citizen of countries. whose days of. swedes think racism will increase in the country. right defections could help soften the swedish nationalist image. dozens arrested during neo nazi really in sweden. using hate crime laws to come to neo nazis. said i think. it's. just ridiculous so i mean i won't even call it some would say well times are changing and there's war in the middle. some countries need to accept these refugees as it may be that you're afraid of change we ask. creasy. freedom. thank you for changing yourself i mean it's just. i think that's women.
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which is a counter that has price everything for the last decade it's now almost face the truth. it doesn't work you have to have a repatriation policy some would say actually ation sending people back to work the person. they're different arguments they'll say it's inhumane or that would say you are essentially racist how do you answer that. if i got a penny every time i was called a racist i would be a millionaire it doesn't mean that i'm a racist it's just a sign of a politically correct society that as soon as anyone criticizes immigration policy they're called racist but i don't care anymore because no one cares about the racist. word anymore it's been used all over and now even the established admit that they have overused this term and i mean if you look at them i will come to sweden then come to sweden because it's
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a country that its. benefits they want to come here because of our welfare and because of the fact that they don't have to adopt our society here. since the peak of the refugee crisis sweden has introduced stricter border controls and adopted more restrictive policies when it comes to asylum seekers the government has admitted that the country has taken on too many given that saw it and an immigration overhaul is needed the number of those coming into the country is decreasing but some feel that the damage has already been done and the country has been left a recognizable. in gothenburg we have now from the sweden three hundred twenty two . state and now they're coming back to sweden of course there's going to be a problem because of hundreds of people in. this city and these are people who
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have been trained to kill to have fun but i believe a swedish government. and the swedish system. well just like in the swedish boys this truth unless i don't understand that those people who should be our leaders look our farmers and those people should protect us they're not taking our borders are basically wide open for contraband for smuggling not politics guns and also criminal horgan i screw criminals we should not fool ourselves we cannot be naive about this to not attract more gangsters rapists and these birds actually that are tearing down the city if we can see the consequences for those who commit crimes for instance send them back rape someone out to get you if you lie about to a challenge if you think michael we have i don't think people protested tom i've.
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applied for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one player. book it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what more chance with. the thinks it's minute.
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remember i'm free brags that it was all about the british my to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into a g.d.p. rocket ship and take on the world cool britannia go britannia well it turns out they're all going to be picking fruit out there in kemah very shy or. rather they see should you go to one of the former soviet union with because. the books were. just mean by which i mean are well me and i don't. see.
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when i was a. dumb move move move. in school i'm. only in the spirit in the lead image of the princes from the watch musical blood from a piece from the. winter with a mint oh is that and there have been removed can you be here michel. they diminish the spirit of most of them.
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that are going to happen are better than our good luck though because the not a lot of the money out of the money there's been a nightmare actually. this was a good time to. try to move there i'm. not that i want to give up my little money enough why not general grant our son or a changing of the old people we believe is a little bit here. all of my kids i don't want them up aside johnny boy are you the moment i thought a mother had a lot of kids are there a lot of them on the way to my building looking at the things i don't want to put out as often my worst party without all the mother blowing.
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the divisions in us society could be more dangerous than thought with a recent.


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