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tv   News  RT  June 30, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a very warm welcome to the program for me and the whole crew here at r.t. h.q. in moscow thanks for tuning in. deep divisions along party lines and fears over immigration have raised concerns for the ultimate fate of the us was a third of americans polled said they thought a second so war was possible came up and picks up the story pretty hard to believe sounds almost like click or internet sensationalism but it turns out that a number of americans actually do believe that civil war is a possibility furthermore the same poll indicated that roughly sixty percent of americans believe that backlash to donald trump's policies could turn violent the debate surrounding trump's immigration policies and the media fuming over it the gun control debate and the white house and the intelligence community not getting along that has been quite explosive it times a member of the u.s. congress recently raised eyebrows when he compared the current atmosphere to the
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lead up to the u.s. civil war the way he put it the usa could be headed toward fort sumpter that was the symbolic attack by slave states this session as it launched the war back in eight hundred sixty one there's even now talk of twenty four seven security for members of the trumpet ministration congresswoman maxine waters makes no bones about the fact that she's ready to take the fight against donald trump way beyond capitol hill and the voting booth in the. city. she went. to the state. you. are you you. are you ok maxine waters herself has now been flooded with a number of threats and actually canceled several speaking events so let's see how people on the streets of new york feel about the rising polarization of american society what percent do you think said it was possible in the next five years. i would have to guess is that i've let me go fifty eight percent sixty six six think
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it was possible. thirty or forty maybe thirty percent. you're very close thirty one percent what do you think they're getting at why would they think that you know there's the such a possibility thirty one percent saying there could be a civil war maybe you because of the gun controls maybe because. i mean the racial we're having a lot of problems right now with the president with foreign policy with the immigrant children and just too much going on all at the same time and a lot of people are scared and a lot of people are anxious to lot of dissension among americans and a lot of fear. and then creates. this that kind of possibility after donald trump won the highly divisive twenty sixteen presidential election he called for unity of the american people but now opposition
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to the president has become so uncivil that it's actually stoking fears of a new civil war kaleb pop and r. t. new york. two palestinians have been killed in protests of the israel gaza border on friday according to palestinian officials and the teenager is said to be among the dead they entire occupation rallies have been ongoing since late march. to. respond. to injury after injury and as you see sense the beginning of the beginning of the protests today the fourteenth week of the great march of return at least twenty palestinians have been injured by live ammunition and tear gas canisters that israeli forces continue to use lethal force against the policy and protesters palestinians have been protesting for more than fourteen weeks demanding demanding the right of return
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demanding the right of defeating the locate that has been imposed on the gaza strip by israel since the beginning of the protest says the beginning of the great march of return one hundred thirty one palestinians have been killed and more than fourteen thousand palestinians have been injured including fifty four palestinians who got limbs amputated from the upper and lower body where the israeli forces have been using explosive bullets that have been fractured fractured completely fracture bones and tissues and causing long lasting disability i'm now standing approximately two hundred meters away only from the fence and it's very clear that the israeli soldiers are have really stationed at the protests continue palestinians continue to protest and it's very clear that they have a message to the world that they won't give up on their land they won't give up on jerusalem and they won't give up on trying to stick liberation. israel says its
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soldiers are acting purely in self-defense televisa considers the palestinian based organization hamas a terrorist and says the group uses protesters to breach the border. human rights activists are voicing their concerns over the creation of migrant processing camps something decided on by e.u. leaders on friday they fear these facilities could effectively become detention centers and lead to the violation of human rights the deal on tackling the migrant crisis struck by the european leaders may look good on paper but. explains it's anything but a silver bullet. having emerged after the nearly ten hour marathon summit e.u. leaders have been patting themselves on the back quite a lot for me this is satisfying outcome it sends out a good message that we have eventually prepared the joint text i'm optimistic that we can cooperate for them i believe that the preparatory work of president and the federal chancellor merkel has now brought
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a real breakthrough. a more responsible and more supportive europe is emerging from this european council italy is not left alone any more. but in reality the deal getting all this praise is a carefully but vaguely worded one just like so many other agreements struck by the bloc in the past but this one manages to satisfy a diverse range of views so just exactly how was it reached one challenge was to satisfy it to me who on thursday blocked all joint decisions prior to the summit in an effort to appease tensions the member states decided to stay and rescued migrants on a new territory to so-called control centers across the bloc bash and this was only to appease central european countries like the czech republic and hungary those locations are still to be decided and can only happen in countries who volunteer to have them not surprising they're not many volunteers many leaders again pushed for responsibility to fall on first arrival countries who already have enough migrants
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same toure's all sides under the dublin regulation refugees have to buy in the first european country where they are right we are sticking to this rule and the fall is that those countries responsible for migration centers france is not the country's first arrival so almost open such senses notice in trade goes north we are not the first arrival country unless people jump with birth was in an apparent lifeline for the german chancellor angela merkel this non-binding agreement says that all governments must take measure. is to stop migrants and refugees from crossing internal borders now this is something that move called desperately needs as she's facing a two week ultimatum from her coalition partner who is threatening to impose a new border regime against whole world and list medical finds and all you have solutions. if european solution cannot be achieved we need to act on our own we
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agree on the objectives whatever approaches are different the next fourteen days to see whether we can find common ground here's another key point of the so-called breakthrough deal european leaders have also better plans to tighten the blocks borders and provide more money to countries like turkey and morocco to pervade migrants from coming to europe processing seems has also been set up in countries like egypt libya niger algeria and others but these are the kind of things that have been happening since two thousand and fifteen and they haven't managed to solve the migrant crisis so perhaps these new or not so new measures are less about helping the migrants and more about saving the hits of some european leaders. seen in. its day seventeen of the real world cup in russia and the tournament moves into a new phase the knockout stage only sixteen teams are left in the real dramas about
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to begin with every game resulting in the elimination will be two games on a day on saturday first up france take on argentina and cousin and later on portugal meet your boy in sochi the winners of each match will go through to the quarterfinals. and all the teams have been training the fans have been out showing their support r.t. has been compiling the best fan videos as part of its online fans' eye view project here's a quick preview of the rest or at r.t. dot com. yes. he.
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was the. thing. was. i. was. the first knockout game has all the makings of a blockbuster as we mentioned earlier it's between two heavyweights france and argentina clashing and alexei got a shift in the city for us. that is bouncing ahead of the big a margin seen against france this is the hotel where the argentinian team will stay
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lots of people are here to greet the heroes particularly leo messi but this hotel has a very funny thing going on. so this is what leo messi will be seeing out of his hotel room it's the hotels that you're right here so there's a mural on the wall but if you think that ends here follow me. so we go around the corner literally around the corner and there's another mural that is messy archrival kind of an elbow and not only that but look i scored four goals can you beat that leo that's some way to inspire motivation with his biggest. what are you expecting over the weekend. if again if france has a good team it's only been in how argentina wake up to that day that's my opinion
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ok so let's just call prediction. well he said. i don't know how to. get from. my newspaper to this shoe a one two one two one ok some ice is probably going to score want to. know what i'm going to wear that's a good mission. i want and who's going to score it. well. you obviously. have to say the french in decent numbers and but have been somewhat quiet on the argentinians what is the mood like. let's find out. because we have friends but. i think it's a. benefit penalty yeah and. i hope i hope we can
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we can put them in difficulty and wind take the tough game but i expect for what goes. to one two one two one one zero one zero. so who's going to score. this one and one. show me show me show me this guy right. all right. artie reporting from. we spoke to key football figures from both countries about their bets for the game people. still have a long way to go to reaching the last sixteen and facing such a strong side as france is an achievement in itself the team worked hard to prepare for the argentina have plenty of experience playing and it's possible the best is still to come from them at this tournament a good deal for the french team took the group so we're quite happy the games were difficult everyone is competing as equals there are new weak teams here football is
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a unique global phenomenon less favorite teams played unexpectedly well look at what south korea and iran did among others the world cup is now not just a sporting event it's become a real festival with a multitude of cultures giving it their all on the streets of russia. this trip where bill bennett said that you don't you.
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know you don't want to. get. more over the mexican holiday day of the dead which is normally celebrated in early november was given a special rendition in the center of moscow is alley reports. i. think you will see this is something i'll. move but actually this is one of. the. mexico bowl celebrates right.


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