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united kingdom was never going to win this negotiation and their attitude was a total in title meant like you don't understand we have got the queen so the germans are their friends they're just going to bow down and they're going to give us a great deal because we're great and everyone knows are great and i said wait a minute these are hardened the two tonic just laying german people they're not going to just throw money at you you silly couse well the next headline just shows you who. may is up against what she's trying to negotiate because a full member of the e.u. who had the euro who was a part of the european union who were actually very enthusiastic members of the european union and embraced it fully and took in all the refugees and and immigrants and flooding in throughout the because of the wars that we're fighting in the middle east while germany has made over three billion in profit from greece's crisis since two thousand and ten as keep talking greece reports this is the official response of the federal government to request submitted by the green
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party in berlin the profit was transmitted to the central bank and from there to the federal budget the revenues came mainly due to purchases of greek government bonds under the so-called securities markets program of the european central bank so here is and jill a merkel who kept on you know they cry they protested they riot in the streets of st thomas where they did all that stuff they threw molotov cocktails they did everything and you know merkel has maintained the same physical posture and face and reaction for the past ten years and continues to say no and in fact profited from it so here is threesome a i don't know why she expects as a hurry what sort of negotiating power she doesn't even have negotiating power because she's not even in the euro at least greece could kind of threaten to destroy the whole euro this is what happens when you have people of parliament and running britain that number ten who are financially illiterate so only spell out.
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quite specifically how germany is going to benefit by this by making negative bets with friends like john paulson and lloyd blankfein against greece and then go to the credit default swap and they make negative presidents grace and greece collapses and they make billions of dollars an hour by having greece be a basket case it keeps the euro cheap which helps germany which is a huge export powerhouse why that's a benefit to them now finally ten years later they say you know what germany did make billions of euros all the destruction of greece guess what germany is going to be billions and billions of pounds on the destruction of the u.k. that's big to do the k. it's the fourth reich as i said at the time it's being manifested in real time and there's recently who to crush though with more mind lou well it's worth also noting that you know you mentioned the export figures between the u.k. and europe it wasn't really that where the u.k. benefited the most where they benefited the most was as a sort of you know banking center from u.s.
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and china meets europe so they acted as a central clearinghouse for all of that and now we're seeing signs of banks leaving the u.k. but we do have a banking story in the headlines because all of those economies across europe whether it's now italy or prior to that greece they collapse because the bank and shenanigans let's call them that because of course we're talking about a british bank here and one must only say shit and sin and little mistakes. interest inappropriate behavior really terribly hard. well our friend neil mitchell is in the news neil mitchell friend of his report well lloyds under pressure as h s fraud report is published so there was an internal lloyds banking group report written by a former manager at the bank and published on tuesday alleges serious misconduct by the lender over the handling and disclosure fraud of this pos reading unit. report
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written twenty thirteen after the lloyd's manager had taken her concerns to the police alleges h. boss executives knew of the fraud as early as two thousand and four and failed to properly disclose it with far reaching implications given lloyd's takeover of h. boss in two thousand and nine it also states lawyers mishandled this investigation and disclosure of the fraud following that takeover now m.p.'s had pleaded with lawyers to please release this to the public please show the public which by the way has bailed out your bank and all the other banks and many of the other banks at least in the united kingdom in the certainly the financial system itself were bailed out by the inflation tax caused by the quantitative easing so they subpoenaed peaceful aides released that report to the public and way to go well we can't do that because of confidential confidentiality of our clients and our customers and things like well neil mitchell had the report and he released it in the matter of national interest he's a lot of you know the attitudes are the consumer in the banking sector in the u.k. straight them like mushrooms you feed them essentially feces and
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you keep them in the dark and feed them dog poop essentially that's the attitude that the regulators number ten downing street everyone who has any oversight capacity whatsoever for the u.k. banking industry treat them like mushrooms now we have chorus were reporting on this in real time we informed the british public about the frauds that were going on the massive fraud oh my little camera seems to have become flacid well put that over there first so i can maybe i'll go off the air go away camera i'm sticking with microphone a tire on it is still on but you have no bew there how about you have to watch the actual show to get the show you can just watch like periscope so there you have a ranking system that was caught red handed and we reported on this we said look this is cell lawyer. barclays all these banks are committing massive fraud and of course the biggest impediment to getting that information. to the british
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public why. yeah and the entire system there as the article in the guardian knows ok the guardian is important as i can come right back to that the report has circulated privately among regulators and law enforcement officials for years it has not been made available to the public who chose not to release that to the public from it doesn't get released to the public well because of all these regulations against that sort of speech where or basically providing information to the peasants that are the public that form of speech in other words if the when they say public they mean peasant member in the u.k. less of that's important yet the subjects so also like look at this tone here's a so-called progressive newspaper called the guardian and they're called that's the left wing of the right wing is the telegraph well look out this is their own sentence written in this article about lloyds this report released by a kaiser report regular neil mitchell this is shows you the difference between the likes of kaiser report and the guardian here's their assessment the publication of
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this report comes at a sensitive time for lloyd's as it attempts to move past the painful legacy of missteps before and during the financial crisis right. because why do people tune in to report not because it makes puting gleeful unhappy it's because they don't want to hear people say oh these little missteps and it's very unfortunate that scottish business neil mitchell released this report exposing the fraud and the defrauding of the population of the u.k. well it's that these are just missteps the deference that they show the is that the aristocracy is breathtakingly putrid and so i feel very bad about that megan miracle woman american market she married a prince she knows the live with the slime bags for her entire life and proud big spawn another slimy banking. stain. you made
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a bad choice and it's just an actress. anyway stayed over the second half a lot more coming away go away. generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist can notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions i challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. as he should be. one of the people something beyond what because. that's me what i mean i well me and my.
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mom always was. that he moved me to. the school i'm. only in the spirit in the reasons as you say some people watch musical blood coming from the.
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winter with him and he that. no you moved can you. hear michel i remain as clear to most i'm. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to return to our conversation with simon dixon he's a over there on the isle of man of course of bank to the future author of the same book banks of the future so i mean welcome back thanks i mean back again all right now simon in our first part of this conversation you know i heard again in your voice a very passionate description of the disruptive disruptive qualities of bitcoin encrypt down and you know so often in this industry people get caught up in the
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little petty kind of little wars and go on this coin versus that coin and they lose sight of the big picture how disruptive this is to banking and to fee at money so you know i think it's important simon to once again preach the gospel to the people about how this is disrupting global banking you were a banker you came into crypto now you're riding the wave of this disruption preach brother preach to preach to the people. is really important because we've had so much internal politics as you know max within our industry our industry is kind of person on the shelf with our internal politics but we do need to remember to put all the back foot forward and i'll bet forward is exactly what this industry is doing the fact of the matter is when we first saw the cool thing about this thing when you had. guests on and you insist. you know going to the world on
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national t.v. you know we were a tiny little thing we had so many things going through so likely to fail we both spoke about going conference but yet here we are today where pretty much wherever i go in the world no matter how many people or what type of b.p. they need the bit that may not. what it is they may not know how to use it but almost everybody in the world has heard a big calling that means now there is something that everybody has heard of that they are going to discover a different point why they need it you know the people in cyprus to know that they needed coin until the banks stole the money the people in greece didn't know they needed to quit until the a.t.m. said there's no cash the people in india didn't know that they needed quite until they had to queue outside that bank with their life savings in the bag and risk getting killed for their life savings because they had to put it through the bank mexico didn't need that they needed bitcoin them to boma trump became president and crash the value of twenty five percent the u.k.
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didn't need to know that they needed bitcoin until breaks it happened our current savings depleted twenty five percent in the international market we now have the prairie first pawns the ability for you to take you know to have to fiddle cash to own your own money spend your own money and have a monetary policy that rewards the save a rather than rewards the people taking on debt with traditional money now within that we've got lots of politics we've got people that believe that bitcoin is a savings account we've got other believe that should be used as tests and then you've got people coming along and sample we can do this cheaper faster and better but the point of the matter is the queen is the only one that's actually a store of value that the centralize is able to actually fulfil that sort of value role and if something came along and create cheaper faster cash then great. that's the innovation that we're having a syrian comes along and creates a small confab platform that turns out is absolute different things the i.p.o.
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market was free in silicon valley that doesn't mean that it competes of bitcoin this is all part of a great ecosystem and then it came to them and says that we can do this cheaper you know false better more decentralized lefty centralized the point of the matter is that we handle risk as a vehicle in this store of value and we've got all this innovation. being built around it and that is a completely free market capitalist environment the regulators when they try and control it it ends up going somewhere else so you know governments are making decisions all around the world how they're actually going to react to this technology and that means the ball is less important in the world than it was because a bit coins because of a theory i'm the i.p.o.'s silicon valley a moose tree a less important in the world than they were before and now on a global scale people can participate in this this movement this disruption and various different levels people all around the world are going to be involved at
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different phases for different reasons but the fact of the matter is we have global competition and some of the most entrenched interests that were built in the financial system now need to be more honest compete better put together better systems and then you know look at the when we have the next financial crisis if we have a crisis this time that not too big to fail you can replace them money with the fed going to work with the currency created a central bank and that could compete with bitcoin because when to when because it's a decentralized one that allows you to only spend that and it encourages savings but the fact of the matter is you now have all this disruption you have all this competition and when you first started to call it a report max and you would you know bringing telling the world about all this corruption and problems well we now have the ante for us and that is the crypto industry yeah i think.


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