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order to take them off their black armbands trying to separate themselves from the white kids had done the shooting anyways just a mess was a great story and you didn't in the unit blame those soldiers also knew for they were getting they want told anything about the society they didn't they were told they were communists they're out to kill us they didn't they weren't and they couldn't figure out these kids were not talking about the crime deal or crime of america these are their working low or working class kids met them or lowered the standards that normally would be bright enough or have not about brains about education they want to get into the army so what did they know one of the problems they had is my god these people didn't have refrigerators. i talked to forty or fifty that before i wrote myself you know after i wrote a book about this afterwards and i went i spent six eight months just flying around america talking to kids some slammed the door some did talk to me but many did and they're pouring out their heart they had a problem in vietnamese society when they evacuate one of the planes one of the things we did in the war was we would remove families from their lands that had
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been ancestral fields for their protection it was called the movement of what we call fortified hamlets which enabled us to declare the areas that they cleared free fire zones you could shoot in anything and when they have villages there were people you could do it so we had evacuated and say it's where they're good and put them in the little armed protected areas with fences around away from their fields i mean they would do but choppers in vietnam society a mother would never let a child go into a strange threshold first they would go first and the soldiers would say ok when they lined up these kids the same group they would if i could a village and they would say to the woman no children go first and the woman would not only english would would resist and they would beat him with their rifle butts and say look at these crazy woman want to go first leaving the kids behind not knowing the culture and so how can you they were as much victims in a way as as those they killed. in this going on the ground special after the break
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. we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous. he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the. great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to. go.
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along. and i'm really happy with. the special one. the latest edition of the. current american administration is raising tariffs and revising old trade agreements when america sneezes the rest of the world of. projectionist fever. welcome back we're still here with his latest book reporter a memoir is out now in the past forty eight hours israeli jets of targeted damascus i mean the war seems to be continuing all of a kind you said that there are actually two suspects for the chemical attacks that
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news of which was beamed around the world is the reason why i say britain should bomb syria why do you think any journalist would just say there is only one suspect the assad government and that would happen is the you're talking about an incident in which. use of nerve agents against his own people. which is a. that was a two thousand and thirteen was a very rich from his point of reactionary force there was very hostile to his his presidency. and of course there was constant conflict conflict it was. one of the gangs and i says later it was a stronghold as we all know now it's bob and bob the smithereens war is awful we americans should maybe be a little more tolerant made to hatred for bashar he had a war it was an awful war and you fought it awfully but so do we everybody does that's the horrible thing about wars and they're not good when it was government funding the white helmets right now that say it's one sided here it's the only can
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we trust you there's no question there's a look there i'm sure there are some people in the white home with that were very actually doing with you know trying to save lives but the it's pretty clear now that they're basically the major funding also i think america was indirectly supplying some money certainly the brits were and so certainly it was a hedge it was a propaganda organization to along with possibly doing some real good relief work but too many times you seen the same child in photographs you know year after year always covered in dust i mean there's been a lot of actually good reporting on it that they do and gauge anti assad but it's very easy here assad is hated and i get a lot of criticism criticism for saying having a different story for example about the use of sarah and i could publish what i wanted about him in america had a publisher here and a london review now all that happens is in june of two thousand and thirteen there was a very important all source intelligence report put up by the american defense intelligence agency to include it but made a complicated for me i got
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a copy leaked i guess you call it and it had a lot of signals intelligence and the one reason i sort of stay alive i only ten i don't want to write i don't want to cross up any intelligence operation that's reasonable legitimate so i there's a lot of stuff. in this particular document i didn't publish it because i didn't know how much of this stuff is is very competent we're doing us good learning some stuff about the other side i just didn't know so what i had a report that said there was tremendous concern in the community because both turkey the. paramilitary police units were driving truck folds of the chemicals that when mixed together make a nerve agent it's called kitchen sarah and it's very crude the syrian army has a very sophisticated stare and that has additives that make it more lethal more toxicity more penetration much better weapon in fact it's so toxic nerve agent you can once you meld it once you make it taken or. phosphate and.
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alcohol i mean certain specific and you mix them and the additives you have to put in a weapon because it will burn through a weapon in a day even a congress seal weapon so it's use it or lose it if you milled it and so we and the israelis used to monitor the syrian chemical arsenals and we could for once we detected a melding it that we were going to attack and israel was in this with us to israel knows the story i'm telling you and we also knew then the syrian army had a very sophisticated weapon and we also knew from this intelligence report that saudi arabia turkey were supplying the basic chemicals. which isis was in there then i was the cutting edge and so there was a tremendous yes well absolutely. we always think everything because there was a law passed in two thousand and two after the invasion that said any time the
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president could do what he wants with congress so we always called everything. i mean everything everything around him in libya it was al qaeda in africa because that gives you the cover of the law congress passed that stupid act he even push the right to in. vien anywhere without going congressional authorization is amazing piece of legislation talk about dumb anyway the point is this report troubled everybody there was a study done about what can we do about it how many people american soldiers we should we didn't want to have there is a nerve agents something comes this attack and we get a sample from the russians and it's taken to serve peter wall who is the director jeff the head of the british military the sample is taken to his people down here they could take at the port down where they conclude we know what the syria has serious been signed in a signatory to the geneva convention on chemical weapons we we know what syria has we know what it looks like and what was used in that place was not the same as in the syrian military this is told obama two times by the chairman of the joint
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chiefs before the recent. memory the red line when when the attack took place. so when the attack took place that allegedly forty now there was one tenth as many as matter when the attack took place and people were killed and the world said we did it my government said that the government knew they knew from this very important intelligence report that cause a huge study to be done inside about what to do but it would take sixty thousand troops to get into the war we were thinking of maybe sending troops on the side of bashar really to get rid of this stuff we don't want these guys they have it and of course there was too many troops and it didn't happen but they knew there were two suspects that knew a noosa had the stuff in syria the stuff forget about having it analyzed they knew right away and they only talked about one and so i got an article saying wow that's a whole lot of folks and what i also learned because i was writing once later is that the material that was taken by russia russian and challenges which is quite
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what can i tell you russian intelligence in damascus i mean without russia i don't think he could have survived i think they saved a couple you fifteen he was in trouble he might decide to anyway the army was holding forth there wasn't collapsing as much as people thought that he was having trouble. anyway and by the way i'm always taken his apologist for bashar assad only doing is telling the truth i'm telling facts period. people who fight wars all fight the with same way he's that he doesn't do anything differently than we do the hell out of people how can the united states use the nuclear bomb on hiroshima did daylight bombing of major cities in germany one thousand forty four cities you know the sent the famous bombings that everyone dreads that just fire storms we just say somebody's house this is war criminal for fighting the war they say he was in a war a real war and by all accounts the casualties were almost the same of both sides if this is an apology that's just that's just people not wanting to believe not
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wanting to believe their prefer their they're just like letting their personal dislike overcome the reality the point is that it was analyzed important. the brits had it only which is a laboratory we in america respect for those skilled in chemical weapons it was delivered to account was good liver to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff its name was norman dempsey dempsey takes it i write this categorically in the london review i write this i don't say who the source is but i say he takes it you don't hear him denying it you hear nothing said about this takes it to the president and says mr president you can't you don't have a case it's not clear it's not clear bashar did it the same day we learned later years later two thousand and fifteen. obama does a long interview with a man named jeffrey goldberg of land a monthly magazine one of his people he liked a lot twenty thousand word interview in the middle of the interview he says about that incident the red line the head of national intelligence a general named clapper air force one comes to see me and he says mr president.
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it's not a slam dunk which is you know like considered to be the that libya perhaps you know it's not that you know it so he didn't do the bombing because he didn't think he could win the case in the public arena that's why i did do the bombing not because there was a deal made on getting rid of weapons he lied and so i write this stuff you didn't tell the truth syria wanted to get rid of this weapon for showers i want to go i wrote in two thousand and three for the new yorker quoting most often to last the head of the fence of. these defense minister of syria i've been defense minister for ten twenty years wrote a lot of poetry stuff and i quote him saying at one point there was a worry that america may take syria and i said what would you do then he said what could i do and i said well you could use a chemical weapons and the call it was in the new yorker and it was read to him and you know the yorker check stuff he approved it was in english he speaks english and he said to me. he said those things chemical weapons he says those things those use
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this things that the old man bashar is father want it off us he thought it was a deterrent against israel cost us the fortune teller we have to protect it. big pain he said if we use those weapons america could incinerate us with nukes and they'd be right and so crazy would be to use those weapons i said what would you do then and he said well we let america let the americans call that they come to the massacre so let's see what happens i said what are you talking about he said just like in baghdad you know when they when they when they when the knights of malta came in the thirteenth century the rivers would be full of their blood he said we have a resistance and so i remember going back and telling my general friends in washington you know this is not textbook you talk with the defense minute this is not he's not going to defend the country is going to let you come and kill you when you get there they're different i remember saying you're not going to have it's not going to be like the fight against not going to have a defense a perimeter and you're have to fight your way into the city he's going to let you in and get you when you're there it was very interesting but then he was prime
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minister here was telling us it is. the british troops should be involved we're getting huge amount of persuasion here. i mean is syria now on syria up until say you know the drought is over now and you see the kurds have cut a deal with bashar assad it's over and drums of changes policies because when it comes to doubt we've been having here a thing where russia has been accused on a regular basis in the british parliament of assassinating people in britain well that's the case is sort of falling apart there's been some reporting from europe and i should say the books as you get older you start researching on w m d contexts for stories for decades now you've. got to have do you have for example there was a story about let's get let's get to the let me just say this there was a story in the press where syria was using chlorine in. the endgame in the isis and you know this spring there was an end game and there was stories that they were using sarin gas in korean together and so here's why hellman set foot. in the
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fifty's koreans are very volatile gas and it's of great interest to the use. not a word for it and there was a story just the other day about syria drop the un report going to drop this chlorine gas bomb there's no such thing it anybody's arsenal a korean bomb you have to how much chlorine can you put into it cory's a gas it dissipates quickly it moves quickly it's not lethal you can breathe and keep on what it's not it's not a war for agent you could there's no such bomb but even more important because chlorine so reactive in the chemical corps in america when they develop those nerve agents in the fifty's they thought let's see what happens if we meld chlorine with it maybe with soup it up make it even more more efficient as a killer and it turned out the chlorine immediately first thing it did in the field reports this is published documents in the field corina immediately would go and grab all the hydrogen molecules from this era dignity disappeared so worked exactly the opposite in other words sarah and drop of chlorine would become just another
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useless gas it would be much less lethal the korean would make it weak so that you can't which isn't the way it was record you can't use air and chlorine together just about the nobody does any homework this script and we had geoffrey robertson q.c. one of the world's leading human rights barristers on russia as a positive on this killing live in a go here the m i six by. we were told in this country i mean clearly this was a little military grade. nerve gas as if you have to population you that you can have no idea of military grade military grade v.x. . you could wipe out half of london with that one i mean it's really it was well we'll call this story you'll take a look i've written about it so i ask myself that i have written the story i always had about it from my friends in america is. those two were helping your british intelligence services with information about the russian mafia that's what they
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were doing here in other words the people that would high in the list that would want to hurt them would be the russian mafia russians but not the russian got to with the screwballs well yeah i mean that was the understanding and there's also been some reporting in europe of it that it's been pretty much wiped widespread there was a story but the same after same thing that they were actually were doing work for the marriage for the british intelligence committee activities i mean there is a big russian mafia let's face it and but that is in the russian government all i would say is i think i mean tell me what i was told but i haven't done any reporting on it so i don't know firsthand i know secondhand i've been told by people in america because you ask about it is that is that most likely the most likely they they were known to have been talking to the six and five relevant six or five people that i am i five or six people about what they knew about russian corruption in and europe not in russia again you know the activities and so the only you from there you can draw your own conclusions of all who wanted to hurt him so i thank you that's it for the show his book that reporter memoirs out now that's
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it for the show will be back on monday till then you can judge by social media will see you on monday forty two years to the day the socialist republic of vietnam was reunified after losing millions of men women and children and defeated the united states in the. you know good. for. her. and that's.
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generally speaking mr trump's unilateralist notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations. remember free brags that it was all about the british my to bring back five hundred factories are going to export our way back into a g.d.p. rocket ship and take on the world cool britannia go brittania well it turns out they're all going to be picking fruit out there and can bury shyer. with the three hundred world of russian managers architects visionary stuff the largest international congress on the development of magazine july seventeenth or
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twenty second so write your part business program interactive exhibition urban festival details on possible forum dot com. the world cup in russia enters the knockout stage with sixteen teams in it to win it right now from the not been seen on doing fine tuning because down in the first so down of the day. it's out of. buffalo. you know the news the president donald. refuses to rule out recognizing crimea as a part of russia on the head of his summits with not a mere pusing. on the current divisions in the us society could be more dangerous than poles with a recent poll finding nearly a third of americans believe simple rules a possibility. a very warm welcome you're watching on t.v.
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international with me mickey aaron because the world headlines coming up for you but first it's football. yes the world cup in russia has ended in the knockout stage with just sixteen teams left as the drama deepens and each clash sends a country packing there are two matches on saturday from just kicked off against argentina and it's still a male male at this point and later portugal meet you were white in sochi the winners of each match go through to the quarter final analysis get a glimpse of what it's like to because on which is hosting that first game france versus anjan tina our correspondent said ski is at the scene for us. while sixteen is obviously the stage which is where no compromises can be made some say it's the most cruel part of the tournament all teams are there to defeat the other team so
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it's either win or lose you're out of the tournament and the first game of the last sixteen probably is the biggest one if you take the names and the teams into consideration that is of course france against argentina the army all of these men and obviously the men of leo messi the atmosphere and goes on has been absolutely scintillating and largely thanks to the celeste of fans is a genuine argentinian invasion of this russian city they are here in thousands the voice is very loud last night i was roaming down the central part of course on nearly way. and deaf from all the singing by the argentinian fans on top of that just check out what happened to me at one of the early of broadcasts with when argentina and fans came here.
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i. don't. think the boys so much fun right even for you till you almost want to argentina to get to the final because of how good and how jolly the fans but jokes aside let's be serious the game is definitely a massive one and interesting enough both teams some say have underperformed in the group stage in fact argentina barely made it out of the group and yesterday i took to the streets of cousin to speak with the fans about their expectations and have to say they're both expecting a very very tough day let's watch that report. because that is bouncing ahead of the big game anjan seen against france this is the hotel where the argentinian team will stay lots of people are here to greet the heroes
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particularly leo messi but this hotel has a very funny thing going on. so this is what leo messi will be seeing out of his hotel room it's the hotels that you're right he has so there's a mural on the wall but if you think that ends here follow me. so we go around the corner literally around the corner and there's another mural that is messy archrival shot of an elbow and not only that but look i scored four goals can you beat that leo that's some way to inspire motivation with his biggest. what are you expecting over the weekend well it's going to be if you go again if france has a good team it's all depending on how argentina wake up to that day that's my opinion ok so let's just go prediction. well he said if i buy them i don't have
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are the ones who are from. my newspaper to this. one to one to one ok so messi is probably going to score one of the last. good hour that's a good choice. the. power and who's going to score it. well i think this guy is going to hear me see. i have to say the french in decent numbers and sound but have been somewhat quiet on the argentinians what is the mood like among the liberal let's find out. we expected a victory of runs but. one zero i think it's going to be a draw and then i'll be going overseas yeah and that's. quite tired so i hope i hope we can we can put them in difficulty and win the much i take the tough game
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but i expect for in sweden what goes on. to one two one two one one zero one zero it's a good score for them so who's going to score. this one and one. job to show me show me this guy right man is yes all right. let's see reporting from. all the fun zone in moscow is currently closed due to severe weather conditions but the rain isn't stopping argentina founds from supporting that team many have even invaded what's known as the national house of mexico in central moscow here's how it looks. stopping that enthusiasm there well ahead of that country's crunch match we got the thoughts of a former argentina great as well as the president of the french football federation people going to give argentina still have a long way to go but reaching the last sixteen facing such
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a strong side as france is an achievement in itself the team worked hard to prepare for the game argentina have plenty of experience players and it's possible that the best is still to come from them at this tournament but given the often people mean the whole french team took the group so we are quite happy the games were difficult everyone is competing as equals there are no weak teams here football is a unique global phenomenon little less favor teams played unexpectedly well there look at what south korea and iran did among others while the world's best footballers showcase their skills on the pitch the fans are setting an incredible new good artes compiling the best videos as part of its online fans' eye view project here's a quick preview the rest are at r.t. dot com. i. was. was. i was. i.
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was. i the i was. i. was. later on this evening portugal clash with you or go i insult she you require fans have already followed their squad to a number of russian city the only one of which seems to have made an especially good impression.
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i. think i'll just put one so one last thought on the question of. what you. thought of the. song. then i know. you know that. we
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want you to love it the more you play a bit. from your. life . you live oh yeah yeah yeah one spot why. i'm. not. my. remark you know i got that you know who you listen to the love you listen you know in the mail with this illness i tell you that it we'll.


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