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keel over from a blueberry scone deficiency i don't think they could happen to you don if you don't serve them one if you work at macy's with a customer perish and if they don't get their boxer briefs with the sweat absorbent fabric. down it and if they do die from that they have problems far greater. than you could have known so that means we're all working to make other people rich because we have a society where you have to work technological advancements can do most everything that truly needs to get done nowadays and according to delight it's just started a eighty percent of people are dissatisfied with their jobs and the average person spends ninety thousand hours at work over their lifetime about one seventh of your life so if we wanted to we could get rid of like most work and have tens of thousands of more hours to enjoy our lives but we're not doing that at all and no
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one's allowed even question i think can we talk about it not under mainstream airwaves at least even a half step like universal basic income is barely talked about because. you know are they saying like eighty percent of jobs or whatever will be taken by artificial intelligence and i don't know fifty years or something you know they know that because bots are going to take those eighty percent of jobs and realize that seventy percent of them don't need to get done and then they'll just take over and they'll be like stop it. just jobs friending a seven figure a lot of cold and shards of banana republic. they're going to build statues to the bot one day and they're going to be like their heroes are great liberate are the body who told us to leave the church wrinkly. and this leads me to the largest myth of all. american society myth number one
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you are free. if you believe that i have a thriving and unbiased print edition newspaper to show you. you are not free and i'm not talking about the millions locked up in our prisons i'm talking about you and me if you think you're free to try running around with your nipples out ladies . guys guys take a dump on the street and see how free you are. now i understand there are certain restrictions on freedom we like to have in our society maybe you're not crazy about everyone leaving a cleveland steamer in the middle of your walk to work i guess again but a lot of our lack of freedom is not something you would vote for if given the chance try building a fire in a parking lot if you're homeless and trying to keep warm try maintaining your privacy for a week without a single email web search or location data set collected by the n.s.a.
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and the telecoms try signing up for the military because you need college money and then one guy just walking off the base. i kind of born out of them do this anymore . try living off the grid trying translating to see that while you don't have the green pieces of paper they want in exchange for the mashed potatoes you do have some pictures you're drawn and some napkins to give them a. try running for president is a third party candidate. jill stein is. still stunned was chained to a chair by police during one of the debates try parking your car four inches outside the line where society says you have to park your car try using the bathroom at starbucks without buying something while black. we are less free than a dog wandering the streets we live in one of the hardest working most on equal societies on the planet with more. billionaires the ever meanwhile the u.s.
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supplies ninety four first cent of the paid blood used around the world and it's almost exclusively coming from very poor people this abusive fam pyar system as if it had literally sucking the blood from the poor does that sound like a free decision they made or does that sound like something they did after economic force crushing down on them granted one could argue that sperm donations take a little less convincing my. point is in order to enforce this insanity the corrupt rulers most of the time don't need guns and tear gas most of the time all they need is a good old solid bull miss for us all the by hook line and sinker some fairy tales for adults well time to wake up. going down to the not.
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generally speaking mr trump's you know letter in this ng notably the unilateralism which we saw with regards to iran which we also saw with regards to the paris agreement regarding climate change which we saw with regards to the american embassy in jerusalem all these unilateral decisions challenge from my point of view the quality of our transatlantic relations.
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that whatever i can either. let it. out of the mouth of the money that they're getting to me. this was a good time to. try to move the right. not why not. why exxon and the old people we believe yet. but what i can say about them up to sell john if they are of the moment that have a lot of kids i get a little i'm a little like a lot of the little of the people i just want to put most of them of the blood it.
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right i welcome back government finance guarantee is a benchmark of a free and open society that's why we should always have easy access to public records we should also have this because there are public run cards it's like. public records unfortunate growing number of states are limiting access to those records here now to explain is our senior expose or a privates john alpo donald not the body of. a rosen of access to public information once you got oh we are way past erosion of access. at this point we're more or less completely iced out except. for one
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figurative a.c.l.u. lawyer yelling for oil. in the deep dark void. well the freedom of information act is very important as it is i would point to stands for but i thought it's for funky orgies i've attended home or i which is nobody's business by the way and neither is access to public records how can you say that especially with the trumpet ministration working like fiends to censor or not provide seventy eight percent of all record requests well i mean i don't know anything about the job and it is strange and i've i repressed all memories of it's like an orphan who witnesses parents die in a fire. i highly recommend it. but i do know in many states government information sent through personally own devices is immune from
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public scrutiny so that's good no well it's not that that means of state lawmakers e-mail back and forth on their own cell phones about policies about bills or anything government related we the people of can't ever see it well i mean what's what's the big deal i mean nobody ever sends work e-mails from their cell phone you know. emails from your work computer you said personal e-mails from your personal computer and the only e-mails you use your cell phone for are meet up invites to potential for you is my definition. is the was yeah i got that but you're wrong all right if i just i just got a working email that was an anomaly has got another one double anomaly bomb on e. let's move on one of the repression of information's going on here ok when public records are trance. words you outside non-government organisations to
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be maintained those organizations don't always have to comply with transparency was great so by outsourcing the government gets the added benefit of being able to censor that's awful that's awful. when it comes to job creation let's go with that it's. the sentence no good why are you defending this totalitarian need for privacy while our kleptocratic government steals and kills in our name because it's all big ways the time ok i mean answer the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three i did a boy or request your definition. to find out if the government had any stats on what percentage of ladies were going to do who are strongly against the war compared to dude who are on the fence about it i want to use this in voting decide which opinion i have to get laid more batteries or. but the
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documents never materialize. i can't believe i don't want to go for. access to public documents is critically important as the ruling elite they exploit us more and more they desperately need to cover up their abuses of power and criminality because their actions are indefensible that's why they look for loopholes to roll back transparency it all turns we can't let this happen it's or or we could let this sad bit and just enjoy our government as though it's one big agatha christie mystery novel. that i don't think i got that christie had foyers. early on here's some other records public servants held to keep hidden records of prosecutorial misconduct for more on this raging controversy let's go to redacted correspondent only care of an e. .
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and unprecedented law in new york could make prosecutors more accountable. no no no no no that's not spicy enough let's do it again if governor cuomo signed this bill thousands will be set free. that was way too dramatic let's. i have the documents and the criminal code but we'll get you. no no too derivative not my voice at all new york lawmakers voted a bill that would fix the most broken part of the justice system let's just go with that the bill creates the first ever independent commission to monitor this conduct prosecutors the reason why many and as a new yorkers go to prison and as a journalist i have important questions like what is
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a prosecutor there are lawyers and you can distinguish them from the other the lawyers because they're the biggest on law and order s v u. and prosecutors will do anything for that guilty verdict even break the law. breaking the law in the name of john stance so prosecutors have been known to repeatedly withhold or hide exonerating evidence or disregard confessions of guilt from an entirely different person and ignore were credible verifiable alibis and d.n.a. evidence as you know justice is blind deaf doesn't hear conflicting evidence and. science. another prosecutor from new york glenda was actually one of the few fired for misconduct after altering police notes in a murder trial but thirteen months after five cases were overturned because of his
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illegal actions could rock hasn't been charged with a single crime not fraud not tampering with government records not contempt of court he's still a practicing attorney you could hire him if you want. i guess if you need some forging done her trunk also has five star ratings on facebook google and you know. which reviews did you hide glenn i but this one this guy's lies sent me to prison and tore me away from my children one star oh god it feels good to finally get my vengeance and it's not only in new york prosecutorial misconduct happens around the country and california prosecutors for years utilize a secret jail informant program to generate questionable evidence and what was called be orange county snitch scandal and as you know.
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checks and preferential treatment from law enforcement in march the scandal took a violent turn when a local defense attorney who recently succeeded in overturning a client's conviction based on misconduct was in the courthouse by an orange county d.a. investigator. just has a black eye and needs a nice back but you know what this is actually a great picture for a lawyer you know have you been hurt or injured on the job well so have i police and prosecutor misconduct not faulty witnesses or false confessions is the primary cause of wrongful convictions in our country. here is the criminal justice system you are here if you're poor and if you're wealthy you exit here and prosecutor you always win if governor cuomo signs this bill he will actually make
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prosecutors accountable for gaming it already atrocious system you know i didn't think that there could be anything worse than settlers of catan but here we are the criminal justice system reporting from new york city this is a. caravan e. night. that's our show but this show couldn't exist without you and it's getting suppressed more than ever before facebook will let many people see it youtube unsubscribing people without their knowledge so if you want to keep finding out about our show on our web in schools is the best way is on our email list there are two ways to sign up you can do it at redacted tor dot com and if you're in the us you can also just text the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free it's quick facebook one please sign up to e-mail and. not there's anything wrong with that action.
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really i'm pretty i interviewed thirty year member of parliament george galloway on the collapse of mainstream media and much more don't miss that youtube dot com that is redacted tonight until that good guy. as he should when you go to one of yourself you be in luck because quote i'm on the bus with. just me about what i mean i well me and nothing. but the same. boat. what i was was
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a. double move. in school i'm. only in the spirit in the freedom engine instead of a watch musical blood from a system that. when to intimate oh is that and there have none he moved can you hear me shall i. they diminish the transmission. ministries police forces and city administrations
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of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't want to support the muslim god of this was not the guns not the woods as the fee that you got into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that such a security risk when you have a black box operating in the public eye to microsoft's dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that to think this could put more. recently says this is still the only one of them or. almost the whole these two. groups with. these this is. your vision starting there was a student who was a front is up and describes in the file.
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and. it's audio stajan seen as the to time champions are sent packing from the world cup by a feisty frog. and the next do or die game portugal will lock horns with the euro why in an hour or so if the best strikers in the world will continue their domestic rivalry as boss the loan is luis suarez tackles cristiana run out of realm. and in other world news ahead of his summit with vladimir putin donald trump i get the sense that media into fred. after saying he doesn't go without recognizing crimea
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as a part of russia. a very warm welcome you are watching r.t. international we've got the world news headlines coming up later that's fast it's football. yes welcome back to studio in last wed haven't look like they're about it and heavy rainfall bring about a deluge of goals in. seven of the principal audience enough three bottles wolf i mean we got a lot to talk about with you enjoy the kind of just briefly you know you like. briefly briefly how can you how can you be brief when we've seen seven goals and possibly the most exciting game in and the world cup it was absolutely fantastic and today what we've seen as well is an absolute will stop being born killian the
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pup and remember that name we all knew about him from from the last couple of years in european football but today he took the pic step and was when he was the king of football. you know he was just unbelievable today because we got a penalty which has been scored and then he got himself two goals. what i want to play a calm way to see him play again well messi was the big name going into the match and he was the star though two goals for him for a for the tournament is all the action. was . it was the was when i
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was. it was the out was way it was not you all the way. so anyone who didn't watch the game may think that was pretty close four three was it always that it will come to believe in it a pit bull fights. they were in folds who up first first they were and one had often not been seen in fashion and think how to take it back in these games this was like. a very late on in the first half how did they have a completion strike by committee and you think ok fair enough the funds looked to
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be controlled they can come in and have time to convey can highlight all the good things it did in not for profit the counter-attacking to put in the vault into the space in the proper can run into it. and they defended quite well and the kept messy quiet statics cry posits if so you think you know fans comes up to come out to the second half being happy and feeling that during control of within three minutes the two one down you think wait what was happening here and now we've got this game on our hands but then just stepped into k m a pop is that then it got to two and three to unfold sue and then a counselor. you can go to a ride right of the day he shows something to the manager though that the fact that they were able to rally themselves from behind and still produce good football what it ever heinecke first of all i think that's that's really that's the shans performance today as a manager of the tactic was very clear it was evident what they were trying to do they were trying to close all the spaces for message clearly identified that if you
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can stop messi from playing when you stop watching t.v. for playing and i think there were very successful that now and again you saw the movie and now again you sosa one of two other players doing just a little pain but if you stop messi playing the stock market team and they think that's so well never panic never changed it even more to one down it was all calm and obviously when you got players the caliber of press man and the papa and even all about your roots today was wood was very good also and you had an assist who was in the top a second go. you know it was in this fronting francine is kicking into gear i mean you can you can now you can you can see this team go a long way in this one and they already a long way but you can see them because now the playoffs start and step into character the only play i would say who's not really doing exactly what we expected and often it's paul papa papa is still a little bit behind. everybody else and if you take.
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a country out of that then i think it's more exposed to kind of was brilliant yet again which he always is but. a lot of good stuff but also a lot of things that you think you know he's not really into before and so but this fancy. very exciting speaking of the big names all eyes will turn out to right now he will be the biggest of the names of hearing in portugal against your goal i insult nine kick. off the fans wherever i know that goes you'll find a whole host of security around and tons of founds as always they all just hoping to get a glimpse of him prior to kickoff. i .
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actually spoke to see. agent a few months back he said if it wasn't for and i'll die rather humbly he said. wouldn't have any security he's the reason they have all of those bodyguards he is a star. i certainly don't envy the kind of life that him may see suarez all the superstars and in sport in general they are having with the introduction of the internet obviously everything is being reported on social media everyone wants a picture everyone wants to have a little glimpse of of famous people now it's not just i mean just fame has become something which people are obsessed about and if they can get a picture next to a celebrity to post in their social media well then they do and i feel really sorry for someone like me and he can never really have a real life you know we could never walk. on the streets of moscow or have
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a sit down in a proxy you know it's always something that somebody who won something often and today. we have the ones because we won gold so often we won more goals today we want to see cavani suarez and school and treat us to a game like we've already seen today seven goals i don't think that's too much to ask for is it i don't think so when you as you mentioned the names. facing. world class strikers and their idols in their own right let's not forget these guys are huge and you're go on. the fans they flock towards them as well let's see how they react. i.
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think i'll just pull one so the last thought on the question is. what you. thought of the. song but. then i know. you know this. week we want you to leave it there would you like. to believe.
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that i. live oh yeah yeah yeah i was all my life leave me. i'm. like you. lose my. remark you know i got to you know who you. don't. tell me what you. mean to. me on. t.v. but. ok i always say you can never have too many legends in a studio the great peter.


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